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PhdChat contributors

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Research  Area and Keywords
Contact details
Nasima Riazat

Working title: 'Grounded theory: middle leader motivation to contribute to whole school policy and decision making.'  


Using a predominantly Glaserian gounded theory approach (inductive) to uncover key concepts and categories comparing middle and senior educational leader's perceptions of contributing to whole school decision and policy making.

Twitter - @NSRiazat

Academia Edu: http://open.academia.edu/NasimaRiazat/About


Blog - http://riazatnasima.blogspot.com/


Blog EdLdrs: http://edldrs.blogspot.com/2011/05/edldrs-trying-out-new-chat-thread-on.html


Liz Thackray

Working title: "Exploring learning journeys of those involved in caring for and supporting children and young people with diagnoses of Aspergers or high functioning autism"

Main methodologies are narrative inquiry and biography - I am collecting stories from professionals, para-professionals, parents and other carers of how they have learned about autism and the support infra-structures. I am also using a systems approach to mapping the infrastructures and will be monitoring online information resources during the new year.

Keywords: Aspergers, formal learning, self-directed learning, learning in the wild, metaphor of struggle, community of practice, inter-agency working

Twitter -lizith

Skype -lizi-t


Blog - http://lizit.me.uk/

Eleanor (Ellie) Jackson

Researching what motivates academics to engage in entrepreneurial and external knowledge transfer activities. 

Conducting semi-structured interviews, including 2 card-sort exercises, with at least 20 academics from UK universities. Focus is on academics engaged in KTPs.

Using thematic analysis to review the data. Conducting cross-case analyses, and then writing up a series of short case studies.

Twitter - @electicism10

Email - e.j.jackson08@gmail.com


Blog -  http://virtual-doc.salford.ac.uk/phdyear3/




Part-time PhD student at University of Southampton investigating ethical issues in knowledge exchange, specifically in the impact of personal and organisational values on practice. 

Working partime.

Email:  LBBaines@gmail.com 

Twitter: LBA_OX12

Skype: linda-baines

Andy Coverdale  Social Media (Web 2.0) & Doctoral Practices 

Blog: http://phd



Twitter: andycoverdale 

Ian Robson
Early stage part time PhD student (and Senior Lecturer) at Northumbria University, NE england. Focus is narratives of professional identity in 'emerging' forms of children's services. I'm interested in utilising theory frames with differing degrees of relation to pragmatism: symbolic interactionism, Cultural Historical Activity Theory and so on, emphasis is on interactionist perspectives which consider how individuals relate to their environments. Love visual methodologies.

Blog:  http://changingpractice.blogspot.com

Twitter: ianrobsons

skype: ianrobsons

Ailsa Haxell 

Performing change: Emergent technologies in a youth counselling centre 

Site of study is Youthline NZ, a youth oriented crisis helpline 

Started off as a fascination with change processes, growing out of my inability to make change happen (in the form i intended)  in a higher ed setting.

Youthline were happy for me to study change processes they were engaging with- the use of email , 2nd life, social networking sites, text messaging....for counselling.

My study is informed by Actor-network theory.

Following the actors involves interviews and workplace obs involving Youthline staff, voluntary counsellors, young people who make use of the service, technicians who develop and maintain the software and server...artefacts of counselling, policy documents, telecos who provide means, philanthropists through to the fickleness of good weather :)

Am studying this PT through Deakin Australia, Fac of Arts and Ed;  while concurrently working FT at Auckland University of Technology in NZ, in a Health and Env Sciences Faculty 

The writing is up to about 6 chapters out of 8; data is presented using a fractional montage writing style: slices of practice; a little visual imagery; a little imagination, "scientification"





email: ailsa.haxell@aut.ac.nz


Bex Hewett

My research is about the relationship between methods of rewarding staff at work and the quality of their motivational experience. I am interested in self-determination theory which proposes that, to thrive, people need an environment which supports their needs for autonomy, to feel competent and related to the world around them. I want to examine how different approaches to reward might do this.


I'm a part-time PhD student in the Department of Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London. I'm an HR Manager by profession.


Keywords: motivation, organisational psychology, reward, work, part-time study

Twitter - @orgmotivation

Blog - orgmotivation.wordpress.com

Heather Davis 

I am investigating appropriate leadership literacies for the knowledge era and testing whether they are currently being practiced and/or theorised in universities in Australia.  I am a full time PhD scholarship candidate with the School of Management at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. 

Keywords: leadership, knowledge era, researcher as research instrument, qualitative inquiry, practice-led researcher

Twitter - @heatherdavis

Blog - leadershipliteracies.wordpress.com

Skype - way-heather 

Email - heather.davis@rmit.edu.au

A.E. (Tony)


University of Leicester, Beyond Distance Research Alliance (BDRA), in the UK. Part-time and distance from Edmonton, Canada. PhD in E-learning and Learning Technologies, studying informal and self-directed work-based learning. Current work is self-employment as an independent life and health insurance broker.

Twitter - @aeratcliffe

Blog - http://TonyRatcliffe.com/blog

Skype - TonyRatcliffe

tweet me for email

Sarah-Louise Quinnell
Completed PhD in Geography at King's College London in 2010. Interested in social media (web 2.0) use in research & researcher development. Developing courses for KCL Researcher Development Programme. Managing Editor of www.phd2published.com online resourse for early-career researchers on academic publishing. Also blogger / contibutor for www.thesiswhisperer.wordpress.com on supervision issues and the Guardian Higher Education Network

Twitter - @sarahthesheepu & @phd2published

Blog - www.sarahlouq@wordpress.com

Email - Sarah.louq@gmail.com

Stephanie Conn

ABD PhD trying to finish this year- Ethnomusicology at University of Toronto. 

My work concerns Gaelic singing in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (Canada); I'm interested in individual creativity, the role of memory as a dynamic tool in this musical practice, and the implications of an increasing dependence on archival sources.

Feelign the pain of the "final' (? I hope) stages of 'disserting' and wondering how on earth to get a job.

Keywords: song, memory, Ricoeur, place, archive, dissertation

Twitter: @MeezStephanie

Academia.edu: http://utoronto.academia.edu/StephanieConn/


Naomi Lawson Jacobs 

PhD candidate at Sheffield and associate lecturer at Derby. I'm researching disability and Christianity, in an interdisciplinary study that draws on sociology, disability studies and biblical studies. Working title: "Uncovering the roof: An emancipatory perspective on the relationship between disabled Christians and their churches." Second year of PhD - have gone part-time now. I am attempting to set up an accountable, emancipatory study that fully involves (other) disabled people as co-researchers. In my other life I deliver disability equality training and occasionally write for the Guardian's 'Comment is Free' online section.

Keywords: disability studies; biblical studies; sociology; society and belief; emancipatory research; participatory research; researcher position and role; power and community in research; frame analysis; discourse analysis

Twitter: @naomi_jacobs

Academia edu: http://derby.academia.edu/NaomiLawson

Blogs: http://naomijacobs.wordpress.com/ and http://phdnotebook.posterous.com/

Tweet me for e-mail 

Martin Paul Eve

Researching the interaction between various schools of European philosophy (Wittgenstein, Foucault and the Frankfurt School) and the fiction of Thomas Pynchon at the University of Sussex. My work has been published by Textual Practice, Rupkathka, Berfrois, Liberal Conspiracy and I have a forthcoming book chapter from Presses Universitaires de la Méditerranée and a forthcoming journal article in Pynchon Notes.

Keywords: Thomas Pynchon, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Michel Foucault, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, English Literature

Twitter: @martin_eve

Web: https://www.martineve.com

Email: .

Find me on academia.edu, LinkedIn etc.

Carly Tetley

PhD student and Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Salford, researching the social behaviour and personality of captive cheetahs in the UK and Europe. I'm particularly interested in how behaviour and personality affect the welfare and breeding success of cheetahs in zoos, with a view to making recommendations for the optimal housing conditions for this species in captivity. The project follows on from my MSc research on the behaviour of related and unrelated male cheetahs at Chester Zoo.

Keywords: Animal behaviour, conservation, cheetah, personality, captive breeding

Twitter: @ClaretCarly

Web: http://virtual-doc.salford.ac.uk/cheetahphd

Email: c.l.tetley@edu.salford.ac.uk

Caroline Cage PhD Candidate in Development Studies at London South Bank University. Researching how umbrella organisations as representatives of slum communities in Kisumu, Kenya can build horizontal links within the community (Horizontal Social Capital) and links to outside the community - i.e. government, development partners (Vertical social capital) in order to influence decision-making processes and access resources.
Keywords: Social Capital, Social Networks, Urban Slums, Kisumu, Kenya, CBOs, Umbrella Organisations, Local Governance

Twitter: @C_J_Cage

Web: http://www.carolinecage.co.uk

Blog: http://ccageresearch.blogspot.com/


Robin Johnson Doctorate of Strategic Leadership student at Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA. Studying how leaders can lead their organizations more strategically. Focusing on strategy-as-practice, which is how leaders actually "do" strategy.

Twitter: @savvyOD (was Dr2b_Robin)

Blog: http://www.facesofaturnaround.blogspot.com



sava saheli singh phd student in nyu's educational communication and technology program. interested in the communication tools academics use to create and maintain online communities (of practice?) @savasavasava
David A Ellis Based in the School of Psychology at the University of Glasgow, my doctoral research examines people's everyday relationship with time. I also have secondary interests in social media analysis, personal development and motivation.

Twitter: @davidaellis

Web: www.davidaellis.co.uk

Jill Kirby

Second year DPhil at Sussex University researching the social history of stress in 20th Century Britain.  Emphasis is on day to day experience rather than institutional or medical/psychological history using resources such as oral history recordings, Mass Observation archive diaries and directives as well as popular cultural materials such as magazines.


Twitter: fjk42

email: f.kirby@sussex.ac.uk

Jeffrey Keefer

I am studying toward a PhD in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning at Lancaster University in the Educational Research Department.


My thesis is tentatively titled "Navigating Liminality in Distance Education: The Experiences of Research and Professional Doctorate Learners."

Twitter - @JeffreyKeefer


Blog - Silence and Voice

Liz Gloyn Classicist. I graduated with my PhD in May 2011 from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. My thesis title was "Seneca and the Ethics of the Family," examining the philosophical works of the Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca. I'm now working on several articles, and then plan to develop the thesis into a book. I'm particularly interested in #phdchat as an example of a learning community.

Twitter - @lizgloyn


Blog: http://lizgloyn.wordpress.com/

Helen Hickson I am a PhD Candidate at La Trobe University in Bendigo, Victoria AUSTRALIA. I am a social worker and my research is exploring how social workers use reflective practice. I am interested in how social workers use social media for reflection.   I am planning to submit in August 2012, and I am working on a PhD by Publication.

Twitter - @helenh2695

Email - hhickson@netcon.net.au


Steve Moss

I am a PhD student at The University of Hull in the UK. I started in September 2010 and work as part of the Evolutionary Biology Group. My research centres around computational evolutionary comparative genomics. The focus of my PhD is to understand the evolution of genome architecture and those genomic changes which underpin organismal adaptations. I take full genomic sequences and perform automated analyses on them using a novel, custom made computational pipeline. The comparisons I make and conclusions I infer allow us to better understand evolution within a genomic context.


I am also particularly interested in the use of technology and computational tools to increase productivity and decrease negative impacts on the environment. Since starting my PhD I have been completely paperless (apart from the use and purchase of some books) and developed a workflow that allows me to perform all my work electronically. I should like to encourage this sort of approach for anyone working in academia.

Email/GTalk: gawbul[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Twitter: @gawbul

Skype: gawbul

Blog: http://stevemoss.ath.cx

Eleanor (Ellie) Martin

PhD candidate in the Informatics department as University of Sussex (UK). Started in October 2010, on a project to create an online, African-based version of the Indian-based board game 'Green Revolution'. (http://www.informatics.sussex.ac.uk/research/projects/greenrev/)


My research is looking at the interplay of game rules and social rules/norms in online multiplayer games.  

Twitter: @Martian1977

Personal website: http://www.martiandaze.net

Uni page: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/profiles/196717


Jenna Condie I am currently in the third year of my PhD exploring living near railways from a narrative-discursive approach.  My main research interests reside in environmental and community psychology.  My other interests are academic enterprise, social networks/media, community engagement, and qualitative market research. 

Twitter: @jennacondie

Blog: http://virtual-doc.salford.ac.uk/jennacondie/ 

Sarah R-H

I had a long hard slog to get my PhD, and PhdChat was critical in helping me keep going when things got tough. 


I now design and deliver a diverse range of development and coaching programmes for researchers across the South East. Having completing my PhD in psychology, I cut my teeth in researcher development at Sussex and as the Vitae SE Hub manager. Moving into consulting has meant I can now focus on what matters to me most: supporting researchers to develop beyond their expectations. I hold a Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, and am a full member of the British Psychological Society's Special Group in Coaching Psychology.

Twitter: @SarahR_H

Website: www.robinshobden.com 

Find me on Linkedin





I am a part-time PhD student (now in 2nd year) at University of Dundee. I am also a Lecturer and Researcher in Infection Prevention and Board member and National Lead Co-ordinator for the Infection Prevention Society, Education and Professional Development commitee


My Phd is around understanding risk perceptions and responses of the public, healthcare and media professionals in relation to the Healthcare Associated Infection Clostridium difficile. I have undertaken a media coverage analysis of a C.diff outbreak, conducted focus groups with public and healthcare professionals in two contrasting geographic areas (one where there has been an outbreak and one where there has not), and finally, I conducted interviews with journalists and editors of local, regional and national newspapers.

Twitter: @emmaburnettx

Blog: http://emmaburnettx.wordpress.com/

Website: http://www.dundee.ac.uk/nursingmidwifery/staff/raps/emma-burnett/

Karen McAulay

I graduated with PhD in Music from the University of Glasgow in 2009. I'm a subject specialist librarian (my official job title is Music & Academic Services Librarian) at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama, soon to become the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. 


Besides musical interests, I'm interested in information literacy (digital and otherwise), and research support.  I contribute to the Australian research support blog, TheThesisWhisperer.

Email: K.McAulay@rsamd.ac.uk

Twitter: Karenmca

Websites: WhittakerLive (performing arts blog); 


Contributor to TheThesisWhisperer

Adeline Chua

Having just finished my viva in May 2011, I (finally!) graduate with a PhD in Marketing Management from the University of Otago this Dec 2011. My area of expertise falls in Web 2.0 social media marketing research, particularly the utilisation of corporate blogs by companies in co-creating value with their online audience (customers). To be exact, my thesis explored the utilisation of corporate blogs as an online marketing and communication tool in offering value propositions to customers from a Service-dominant Logic of Marketing (S-D Logic) perspective. Based on the findings of a sample of 16 New Zealand-based companies, I delineated the types of interactive company-customer exchanges that occurred on the blog, and revealed various methods and corporate resources used by companies to convey trust and ensure ethical employee blogging behavior online. Lastly, I looked at how companies assessed the corporate blog's ROI value in terms of hard and soft returns. Both interview and blog data were analysed.


Keywords: Web 2.0, social media, blogs, online marketing, marketing communications, service marketing, e-commerce, service-dominant logic, co-creation of value

Email: addychua@gmail.com

Twitter: addychua

Website: http://about.me/Adeline_Chua

Ahmad Salih A Doctor of Business Administration student at Walden University. Using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, I am interested in exploring the lived experiences of middle managers in corporate strategy implementation. The title of my doctoral study is "A Middle Management Perspective on Strategy Implementation." I am suing Activity Theory as my conceptual framework.

Email: dba.q88@gmail.com

Twitter: @dbaQ8

Dee Clayton

PhD candidate at University of Exeter, UK, starting October 2011. Full-time study and in receipt of ESRC studentship, as part of the South West Doctoral Training Centre.


Initial working title of study: Can the competitive advantage of festival organisations be improved through knowledge management and HRM practices?


Previous background: BA (Hons) Business & Finance; MA Industrial Relations; 15 years work experience in large, international FTSE 30 organisations in HR Reward/Compensation and Benefits; MSc Intl Festival & Events Management.

twitter: @deeclayton

uni email: dc340@exeter.ac.uk
















2nd Year P/T PhD student at the Institute of Education and F/T Exec Director (Enterprise) at Kingston University


Current working title: Professional identities in knowledge transfer


Main focus of the study is about how 3rd stream knowledge transfer professionals construct their identities, and exert their agency to shape their representation in the knowledge transfer process.  Am using a case study methodology with 4 HEIs selected by their mission group category and am hoping to do 25 interviews. Am looking to Foucault and Bourdieu for my conceptual framework.


Keywords: Knowledge transfer, professions & professionals, identities, knowledge & power, habitus, capital


Uni email: D.Lock@kingston.ac.uk

Email: DeborahALock@gmail.com

Twitter: @DeborahALock


Kath Atkinson

University of Leicester - Centre for Labour Market Studies (UK).
Working Title: Expansive learning: are there similar opportunities for older (ie aged 50 years+) knowledge workers in UK public sector compared to their younger colleagues?

Exact focus of research question is still being honed as I read more around the subject!


Studying by distance learning and part-time (I work 4 days a week).

Twitter: @Kath_Atkinson
Ryan Hamilton

School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University, UK


Working Title: The development of novel clay-based antimicrobial wound dressings.


Research focus: Utilising the properties of clay minerals for healthcare applications, especially in the field of skin and soft tissue infections. Currently developing candidate wound dressings using clay-drug-polymer hybrids.


Personal: Pharmacist who sits on the Education Advisory panel and Social Media guidance panel of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Keen on encouraging research activities across the pharmacy profession and developing the workforce of the future (student numbers and future clinical roles).

Twitter: @RyanPharmilton


e-mail: hello@ryanhamilton.org.uk


web: www.ryanhamilton.org.uk



Gemma Tombs

Learning Innovation Applied Research Group, Coventry University, UK


PhD Working Title: Pedagogical Design for Virtual Worlds in UK Higher Education: A Case Study Approach (anticipated submission early 2014)


I'm a research assistant by day and PhD student by night (and morning, and lunchtimes...). My research focuses on the design of pedagogy for innovative technologies in higher education, specifically looking at practitioner perspectives and experiences. At the moment I'm looking at the use of virtual worlds (PhD topic) chatbots/pedagogical agents, and social media.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gtombs


University email: aa8943@coventry.ac.uk

Sarah Copeland

Leeds Met University - the rather fluid school structure that includes Information related studies, UK


PhD title "Digital Storytelling as a Community Informatics Approach: Informal Learning and Activism in Rural Communities of Place"


This is a multi-facted study, and I have tried to encapsulate the key areas of research in the title, but namely: Community Informatics; Digital Storytelling; informal learning; networked activism; inter-generational learning; critical pedagogy. My study focus is rural communities of place.


I'm coming to the end of a 6+ year journey as full-time mum where studying, teaching and other PhD activities have all vied for my time.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/XarahC 


Blog: http://xarahc.wordpress.com/ 




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