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Data Analysis

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Framework Analysis

Just wondering if anyone else is using this form of data analysis?  It was developed by the NCSR.  I am planning to use it.  http://onlineqda.hud.ac.uk/methodologies.php#Framework_analysis


Empathy as a Social Science Method

Some notes from William Kelleher

Comments (2)

Kelly Sloane said

at 12:32 am on Jan 25, 2011

I'm using something similar in a longitudinal study right now. Formally adopted NVivo for team work but finding paper analysis, discussion and movement toward electronic before report writing helpful.

matthew512 said

at 7:22 pm on May 20, 2011

Hi... Heather asked me to drop a line, not sure what to say...basically I'm looking at 'Thick' narrative analysis - I would define it as a blend of narratology, CDI, grounded theory - with an emphasis on sense making and social constructionism...not too complex eh?

I've identified a core element of interpersonal relationship between entrepreneurs and their families and friends that I want to analyse...I negotiated 3 case studies with different entrepreneurs. In each case I've interview multiple individuals surrounding the entrepreneur at set intervals... I’m then filtering this material for critical moments / events and areas of consonance and dissonance.

From here I am going to create a multi-point narrative focused on the case study and a graphical representation of the data – possibly as a form of helix...well that’s a bit rambling so any questions?

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