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Strategies for effective PhD time management

Page history last edited by Steve Moss 12 years, 10 months ago

'Strategies for effective PhD time management'


#phdchat tweet log - 13th July 2011


@NSRiazat - Welcome to tonight's #phdchat - topic is 'effective PhD time management strategies'

@aeratcliffe - The other side to Twitter and other SM :-) RT @PeterFlomStat: Of course, I did my PhD before twitter. That helped! #PhDChat

@LBA_OX12 - What tip on TM would U give 2 part-time PhD newbies? #phdchat

@akroundtree - Right.Pick your most productive time. Or "clock" in a certain # of hrs per wk. RT @PeterFlomStat: Tip #3 Find 1 time to work. #PhDChat

@weeladybird1981 - #phdchat sounds obvious, but when you've so much to do that you don't know where to begin...just begin. somewhere, anywhere, but just begin!

@PeterFlomStat - I have a tee-shirt that says: Top 10 reasons I procrastinate: 1. #PhDChat

@PeterFlomStat - @LBA_OX12 In classes or doing diss? Very different #PhDChat

@SarahR_H - Has anybody tried Neil Fiore's 'unshedule'? Good tool: map the 168 hours in yr week then block out sleeping, excercise, eating etc. #phdchat

@ScholarAtLarge - sometimes it's just difficult to get one's head into it...then whole day goes down the drain and no time management can help #phdchat

@PeterFlomStat - Time management tip #4: Remember: A page a day is a book a year. (or a disseration) #PhDChat

@LBA_OX12 - @PeterFlomStat @LBA_OX12 Will be doing thesis over several years on distance-basis #phdchat

@PeterFlomStat - @LBA_OX12 My tip #3 is key for that case: Pick one time of day to work. Whatever time works for you. #PhDChat

@akroundtree - Does this count time editing, scrapping pages, too? RT @PeterFlomStat: Tip #4: A pg. a day is a book a year #PhDChat

@LBA_OX12 - @PeterFlomStat @LBA_OX12 Thx Has 2 be after work & part of weekends #phdchat

@PeterFlomStat - I knew one guy who wrote papers from midnight to 3AM. He was about 60 and had HUNDREDS of papers. #PhDChat

@PeterFlomStat - @akroundtree Yes. One FINISHED page per day. That's 365 pages in a year. Few dissertations are longer. #PhDChat

@SarahR_H - @PeterFlomStat what about us mere mortals though? :o) #PhDChat

@SueFolley - @PeterFlomStat @LBA_OX12 that is not possible for us part-timers as work during week :( #PhDChat

@PeterFlomStat - @SarahR_H Pick a time that works for YOU. *I* can't work late at night. I do better early AM. #PhDChat

@caromoeckel - #phdchat oh, it's Wednesday night again?!? time management could be better right now, but then again, maybe I am honestly not trying...

@NSRiazat - @SarahR_H 'unschedule' wouldn't work for me. I work full time. #phdchat

@gawbul - Sorry for missing #phdchat the last few weeks! Been busy with my paper and now my first year report! Should be around next week :-)

@LBA_OX12 - @SueFolley @PeterFlomStat @LBA_OX12 Also work full-time... #phdchat

@SueFolley - @LBA_OX12 I would break your progress down into 6 month long segments and just try and achieve each smaller chunk... #phdchat

@ScholarAtLarge - i've tried to tinker with different times for optimal work with varying success #phdchat

@julialeventon - Hello - lurking today. My TM tip is not to stress about it too much - some days will be unproductive, its brain-processing time. #phdchat

@PeterFlomStat - /shamelessplug See if you can use a consultant for some of what you need to do. /<shamelessplug #PhDChat

@SueFolley - @LBA_OX12 me too :) #phdchat

@SarahR_H - @NSRiazat me too - Not for all, I agree we select what works best for us. For me, it made me aware of how much time I *don't* have! #phdchat

@aephd - Still trying to figure out for myself #phdchat I've tried a page/day (does nothing but frustrate me). What's next???

@PeterFlomStat - @LBA_OX12 @SueFolley @PeterFlomStat I did diss. while working 3 days per week and had a little kid at home too. #PhDChat

@SueFolley - @LBA_OX12 I do 2 evenings a week and try and do easy tasks that don't need too much brain work - like transcribing #phdchat

@akroundtree - What's the consensus on the crux of the prob: Managing time to write or time for everything else life brings? #phdchat

@annmariastat - @Comprof1 #phdchat I wrote after the kids were in bed. Also, I'd work on my laptop at McDonalds while they played in the PlayPlace

@SueFolley - @LBA_OX12 and then use weekeend times to do harder stuff like writing/thinking etc #phdchat

@weeladybird1981 - @PeterFlomStat midnight to 3am is when i'm most productive too.:D #nightowl #phdchat

@SarahR_H - @akroundtree all of it, for me. Competing priorities that are so different (family, research, etc). Must be common methinks :o) #phdchat

@ScholarAtLarge - @akroundtree sometimes i feel like i manage the phd around everything else...probably not the best scenario #phdchat

@caromoeckel - @akroundtree #phdchat hard to say isn't it... probably managing time to write... it's more the other things trying to get in my way

@SueFolley - @caromoeckel and sometimes I wrote more and sometimes less but tried to average it out #phdchat

@PeterFlomStat - Tip #5 Count good stuff. I consulted with a teacher who was pregnant, had 2 year old, and worked FT. She said...... #PhDChat

@PeterFlomStat - .... (cont) "I'm healthy, my kid's healthy, I'm happy" #PhDChat

@NSRiazat - @SarahR_H: - Not for all, I agree we select what works best for us. For me, it made me aware of how much time I *don't* have! #phdchat agree

@SarahR_H - @SueFolley sounds good advice! average better indicator than each session - I like! #phdchat

@caromoeckel - @ScholarAtLarge @akroundtree #phdchat the problem is also that I find switching from phd to work or time-off and vice versa not so easy

@SueFolley - @SarahR_H yes because you always have good days and bad days - but as long as you are making progress :)) #phdchat

@ClaretCarly - Evening all, sorry I'm late :-) #phdchat

@annmariastat - @aephd Try to do SOMETHING on your dissertation every day, collect data, write a page, read article, type references #phdchat

@ScholarAtLarge - Completely agree! - RT @caromoeckel: problem is also that I find switching from phd to work or time-off and vice versa not so easy #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - Trying 2 get back into doing stuff after hols is v. hard. I have 2 go easy 1st week back #phdchat

@julialeventon - @PeterFlomStat @LBA_OX12 @SueFolley Perhaps people are better time managers when they have to be (parents, part-timers)? #phdchat

@SarahR_H - @caromoeckel the doctorate becomes part of life it seems: no hard edges to it, hard to switch it off: perhaps its part of the deal! #phdchat

@respros - @LBA_OX12 #phdchat Learn your procrastination techniques and try to control them. If cleaning/ironing starts to look attractive this is bad.

@annmariastat - @Comprof1 I just made a rule for my kids - after 10 pm unless you're bleeding, I don't want to see or hear from you. I have to work #phdchat

@SueFolley - @LBA_OX12 yes totally agree with that - I find the first month hard going after the summer hols :) #phdchat

@sarahthesheepu - @SarahR_H I believe so but its nothing to worry about in my opinion #phdchat

@PeterFlomStat - Tip: Use LaTeX if you can; much more efficient than Word. http://ow.ly/5DOKQ #PhDChat

@SueFolley - @julialeventon @PeterFlomStat @LBA_OX12 yes you might be right - no choice other than being organised :)) #phdchat

@SavvyOD - @julialeventon I can see that. I find that I'm more prdctve on wkday aftr wrk than I am on wkend, when there's nothing else to do #phdchat

@PeterFlomStat - I am NOT organized except for my time. #PhDChat

@sarahthesheepu - good tip split your day in2 3 parts morning, afternoon, evening only ever work for two out of the three #phdchat

@ClaretCarly - @SarahR_H @caromoeckel Yes, I've found that. Even when I have a day "off" I still find myself thinking about PhD #phdchat

@SarahR_H - @respros Yes! v. good point. must think: "My CDs and DVDs are already alphabetically filed - what the hell am I doing?" #phdchat

@protoscholar - I have written extensively on time management during a PhD. Checkout my blog (protoscholar.com) #PhDChat

@LBA_OX12 - @SueFolley But find I need the break & spend quality time with family #phdchat

@SarahR_H - @annmariastat love it! #phdchat

@PeterFlomStat - You can sleep when you're dead; you can get organized when you have your doctorate. :-) #PhDChat

@sarahthesheepu - @PeterFlomStat i think that was my startegy! #phdchat

@SueFolley - @LBA_OX12 yeah need to have time with the family too :) #phdchat

@PeterFlomStat - Grad student motto: I was going to procrastinate, but I put it off. :-) #PhDChat

@PeterFlomStat - @sarahthesheepu @PeterFlomStat Startegy! Most excellent typo of the year! #PhDChat

@SarahR_H - @LBA_OX12 I think that's essential - getting back to what matters most in between research bursts. #phdchat

@aephd - @annmariastat Yeah, the question is what..so much needs to be done all at same time..easy to be paralyzed in nothingness.. #phdchat

@akroundtree - #phdchat Tip: Use a really good knowledge system, i.e. software for tagging, archiving ideas (developed & under development) efficiently.

@PeterFlomStat - Einstein made a foot pedal for his baby's cradle, so he could rock baby while reading (or so I read) #PhDChat

@SarahR_H - @aephd +1 on knowing that feeling. Hard to re-start once stalled by the onslaught :o) #phdchat

@PeterFlomStat - @akroundtree I like good old fashioned index cards. #PhDChat

@SarahR_H - @ClaretCarly oh yes :o) My favourite (apparently) places to have 'breakthroughs': the bath, middle of the night, when I'm driving #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - What about the idea of using a notebook & carrying it with U 2 jot ideas etc down? #phdchat

@protoscholar - I scheduled EVERYTHING for a while - sleep, exercise, etc. It was too easy to skip things not on the schedule. #phdchat

@SarahR_H - @LBA_OX12 golden idea. It's a must, really. Have resorted to a digital recorder for car journeys too :o) #phdchat

@akroundtree - I'd have a house filled w/ index cards! Also, index cards less searchable than digital archive. RT @PeterFlomStat index cards. #PhDChat

@SarahR_H - @protoscholar me too. 'Life is what happens when you're making other plans' (can't remember ref, sorry) #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - Scrivener has the electronic version with corkboard. #scriRT @PeterFlomStat: @akroundtree I like good old fashioned index cards. #PhDChat

@ScholarAtLarge - @SarahR_H that's John Lennon #phdchat

@protoscholar - @annmariastat #phdchat something daily works well if you aren't working FT. If you are, at least read blogs and news on your topic daily.

@ClaretCarly - @SarahR_H @LBA_OX12 Yes, having a notebook really helps. Haven't got a dictaphone but that might also be useful! #phdchat

@PeterFlomStat - @akroundtree I don't like "knowledge systems"; plus I finished diss in 1999. #PhDChat

@mkooleady - @protoscholar #phdchat Did you find that it was too much scheduling? Did you schedule some unstructured time?

@SarahR_H - @ScholarAtLarge Thank you - I remembered quote but not source - good to know at last who I'm plagiarising :o) #phdchat

@respros - @LBA_OX12 #phdchat Set up an RSS reader so you get new articles all in one place and can read it wherever you are.

@protoscholar - @LBA_OX12 #phdchat I carried a voice recorder as well - that let me record detailed thoughts nearly anywhere (my phone could do it now)

@SarahR_H - @LBA_OX12 both. On-the-fly notes are recorded or pen & paper; then transcribe into thesis as comments or notes (I use Scrivener) #phdchat

@ScholarAtLarge - @SarahR_H Not a problem. It's one of my favourite quotes actually, so was easy to recognize. It is so relevant. #phdchat

@protoscholar - @mkooleady #phdchat I definitely scheduled downtime - For example, after 9pm weeknights and most of one day each weekend were blank for me

@protoscholar - @aeratcliffe @PeterFlomStat @akroundtree #phdchat Scrivener has a windows beta now!

@akroundtree - You're right. Knowledge systems aren't perfect. Just one way. Different strokes! RT @PeterFlomStat: @akroundtree #PhDChat

@aeratcliffe - @protoscholar Yes, I used the #scrivener Windows beta before buying a Mac. #phdchat

@ScholarAtLarge - @protoscholar the full windows version for Scrivener is coming out in August if I'm not mistaken #phdchat

@allonsdanser - @protoscholar Agree! Scheduling things helps me be organized. Otherwise it all goes to pieces. #phdchat

@allonsdanser - Lots of good tips on time management in #PhdChat today!

@protoscholar - @ScholarAtLarge #phdchat Scrivener for Windows will give Mendeley a run for it's money. I can't wait!

@protoscholar - It's not exactly time management, but having a writing group was invaluable to me even if all we did was drink beer and whine. #phdchat

@mrgunn - @protoscholar @ScholarAtLarge I thought Scrivener was more for writing, not managing research libraries. #phdchat

@SueFolley - I also record progress and look back - things like number of words written, no of mins of audio transcribed - it all adds up #phdchat

@SueFolley - and any progress is progress - which gets you nearer to the end :) #phdchat

@allonsdanser - Nice articles! RT @protoscholar: I have written extensively on time management during a PhD. Checkout my blog (protoscholar.com) #PhDChat

@ScholarAtLarge - @protoscholar @mrgunn I think it is mostly for writing as well. I think the two can be rather complimentary #phdchat

@protoscholar - @mrgunn @ScholarAtLarge #phdchat it is, but for me I integrate my notes into my reference management system and Zotero doesn't do notes well

@akroundtree - Thx #phdchat @caromoeckel @annmariastat @ScholarAtLarge @PeterFlomStat @SueFolley @protoscholar @aeratcliffe @SarahR_H

@PatParslow - @SueFolley Well, effort is effort and gets you further from the beginning. I'm not convinced about the 'nearer to the end' bit :-) #phdchat

@protoscholar - @SueFolley #phdchat the only good dissertation is a DONE dissertation!

@SarahR_H - @protoscholar was that a freudian "whine"? or did you mean "wine" :oD #phdchat

@allonsdanser - @mrgunn #phdchat @protoscholar @ScholarAtLarge DeVONthink manages research libraries & notes.

@SarahR_H - @SueFolley great advice: a 'ta-daa' list of things done rather than need doing: motivating for sure #phdchat

@SueFolley - @protoscholar yep very true! :) #phdchat

@shaileshak - I use #pomodoro technique; 25 mins work + 5 mins break; then repeat; good time management; via @thesiswhisperer @librarygirlknit) #phdchat

@SueFolley - @PatParslow I am trying to be positive :) - yes not all effort is productive, some is wasted but often part of the process #phdchat

@janiewoodsie - @ScholarAtLarge Yup - thinking takes me so long I can almost hear the cogs grinding in my brain. Now sooo bored with writing thesis #phdchat

@ClaretCarly - @PatParslow @SueFolley Definitely feels like "further from the beginning" for me right now, hope that changes in a couple of years! #phdchat

@ScholarAtLarge - @protoscholar @mrgunn I too integrate my notes into the management system as well. Use both mendeley (prefer) and zotero #phdchat

@ScholarAtLarge - @allonsdanser I've never heard of DeVONthink; will check it out #phdchat

@allonsdanser - @shaileshak It's great for studying and reading too. #pomodoro #phdchat

@SueFolley - @SarahR_H I have both (I have a bit of a list-fetish) :))) #phdchat

@shaileshak - A free #pomodoro software http://keepfocused.codeplex.com ; Apps are also available for iPhones and Androids #phdchat

@SueFolley - @ClaretCarly yep the middle bit does feel like a long way from both beginning and end - just keep plodding - you will get there! #phdchat

@SarahR_H - @ScholarAtLarge It rocks. I've had it a year, and haven't even got *close* to what it can do. Wld like to hear how others use it? #phdchat

@allonsdanser - @ScholarAtLarge I'm just starting to use it. S. Johnson mentions it in "where good ideas come from". #phdchat

@protoscholar - @SueFolley @PatParslow Absolutely. You may think you aren't moving forward, but you will be a better scholar for that wasted time #phdchat

@allonsdanser - @webnemesis AM works best for me. I've always been a morning person. #phdchat

@SueFolley - @protoscholar I once tweeted that I had faffed all day -and someone reassured me that faffing was an essential part of the process #phdchat

@protoscholar - #phdchat unfortunately devonthink is mac only

@ClaretCarly - @SueFolley Plodding is the right word! I do feel like I'm making progress but it's taking time. The nature of research I suppose #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - @ScholarAtLarge @allonsdanser DeVONthink seems to be only for Mac? No Windows version? #phdchat

@SarahR_H - @SueFolley oooh, me too! Is it accompanied by a stationery fetish? I have embarrassingly huge number of pristine notebooks. ahem. #phdchat

@ScholarAtLarge - @LBA_OX12 @allonsdanser seems to be only mac based #phdchat

@SueFolley - @SarahR_H lol I wondered that - I would go for a wine and whine :)) #phdchat @protoscholar

@SarahR_H - @SueFolley Once you're half-way through a wood, you switch from going 'into' it, to 'coming out' of it ;o) #phdchat

@ScholarAtLarge - it seems to me all the better software tools are on mac. I am more or less convinced to buy a mac in time for starting fieldwork. #phdchat

@SueFolley - @ClaretCarly yes I kept thinking if I kept plodding I must get there eventually - now I can see the end in sight (still a year off) #phdchat

@protoscholar - @SueFolley If it makes you feel better, I lost a year on topic waffling before cranking out the whole thing in under 6 months. #phdchat

@allonsdanser - @LBA_OX12 Errr, sorry, it looks that way. Devonthink is mac only #phdchat

@SueFolley - @weeladybird1981 I was too - I have spent many an hour/day faffing :)) #phdchat

@protoscholar - @SarahR_H @SueFolley #phdchat LOL me too - I love nice notebooks, then I don't want to wreck them by writing in them

@LBA_OX12 - How do U keep yourself motivated? #phdchat

@shaileshak - @allonsdanser I only started to use it a few weeks ago. Works for reading, writing, managing emails, etc. #pomodoro #phdchat

@allonsdanser - @SarahR_H People laugh at me when I use these kinds of tools but I'm intrigued w/having that much control over my time. #phdchat

@SueFolley - @SarahR_H oh definitely - love stationery too :)) #phdchat

@protoscholar - @LBA_OX12 #phdchat usually by reminding myself how far I had already come and how quiting now would make it all a waste.

@weeladybird1981 - @SueFolley me too! and then feeling really guilty afterwards... #phdchat

@SarahR_H - Inspiration! -> RT @protoscholar: "I lost a year on topic waffling before cranking out the whole thing in under 6 months" #phdchat

@JeffreyKeefer - Able to come in at the tale-end of #phdchat

@gawbul - @LBA_OX12 I use iPad Evernote app, Penultimate and my mobile voice recorder! Post it all to my Posterous electronic lab notebook #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - @SarahR_H @SueFolley Love buying notebooks (& pens!) #phdchat

@protoscholar - @LBA_OX12 #phdchat or as my husband said, protestant work ethic (lutheren father) and catholic guilt (mother)

@SueFolley - @protoscholar wow that is remarkably fast - and good to hear!!! (there is hope for us all yet!!! - yay!) #phdchat

@respros - @LBA_OX12 #phdchat Meeting with supervisor has been the most motivating experience during the PhD. So keep them regular and make good use.

@LBA_OX12 - @gawbul Penultimate? #phdchat

@SarahR_H - @JeffreyKeefer Hi Jeffrey, welcome back :o) #phdchat

@SueFolley - @protoscholar I totally get that!! #phdchat

@ScholarAtLarge - @protoscholar @SarahR_H @LBA_OX12 Notebooks and notes are awesome! But am trying to be more technology-based #phdchat

@allonsdanser - @shaileshak ahh, yes, I could use it for all of that too. I do schedule time to go through my RSS feeds. #pomodoro #phdchat

@JeffreyKeefer - @ClaretCarly @SueFolley Then again, doing original work takes time! #phdchat

@protoscholar - @SueFolley #phdchat I was so sick and tired that I HAD to finish. Plus my adviser was going to spain on sabbatical.

@allonsdanser - @webnemesis I'm working on breaking that soc net/email habit. #pomodoros have helped greatly! #phdchat

@SueFolley - @weeladybird1981 yep.. me too, some days I am more productive but I am never totally happy with my progress... #phdchat

@BenLitherland - Guardian comments section - avoid at all costs #phdchat

@protoscholar - @respros @LBA_OX12 #phdchat Absolutely - when I wasn't talking to him regularly was when I wandered down dead-ends...

@SueFolley - @protoscholar yes I could see that working as motivation :) #phdchat

@JeffreyKeefer - @SarahR_H Nice to make at least the last few moments; the #phdchat conversations are so many now that it surpasses the Tweet stream memory

@protoscholar - @ScholarAtLarge @SarahR_H @LBA_OX12 #phdchat which was why I started my blog. Trying to go paperless for classes this fall EEP!

@ClaretCarly - @JeffreyKeefer @SueFolley Agreed. Have to remind myself of that on days when I don't feel I've made progress #phdchat

@JeffreyKeefer - @protoscholar @respros @LBA_OX12 Do you only talk when you plan an agenda of things to talk about? #phdchat

@allonsdanser - @protoscholar I sch downtime also. All day Friday (usually) & after about 9 pm during week. I announce it to my family also. #phdchat

@weeladybird1981 - @SueFolley i'm the same. i'm always counting up the hours i've put in and it never seems enough. #phdchat

@SarahR_H - @allonsdanser me too, I find analysing my time *almost* as rewarding as planning it :o) #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - As PhD newbie. I've yet 2 work out things with sup. 1st meeting's early next month & I've worked out questions 2 ask #phdchat

@janiewoodsie - @protoscholar @SueFolley I'm in a similar position - thesis bugging me so much now I can't wait to see back the of it #phdchat

@protoscholar - @JeffreyKeefer @respros @LBA_OX12 #phdchat No, but I do block the time to talk AND the time to prep for it if I will need some

@respros - @JeffreyKeefer #phdchat Using the agenda helps you remember what you discussed later. If you have conversations outside always keep notes.

@SarahR_H - @LBA_OX12 sounds like a great plan being organised enough to have a 'supervisor' list of Qs and ideas: go for it! #phdchat

@JeffreyKeefer - @protoscholar @SueFolley Do you recount anyplace how you managed that in only 6 months? #phdchat

@SueFolley - @LBA_OX12 I do a gantt chart to help me see an end date and set myself small weekly targets and bigger 6-monthly targets #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - And do U keep a log of what U've done when? #phdchat

@ClaretCarly - @LBA_OX12 Expect to think of hundreds more Qs as soon as the meeting is over! #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - @SueFolley Brill idea #phdchat

@JeffreyKeefer - @respros I keep and submit my notes into a university system; keeps everybody honest. I do at times struggle with agendas up front #phdchat

@respros - @SueFolley #phdchat I do this too. I start to panic if I can't refer to the bigger picture as well as the task at hand.

@mrgunn - @allonsdanser @protoscholar @ScholarAtLarge Mendeley handles notes and annotations really well, just doesn't do writing for you! #phdchat

@SueFolley - @JeffreyKeefer well I do have the stats for my last 6 months - but not been good keeping that info from the start :) #phdchat

@protoscholar - @janiewoodsie @SueFolley #phdchat its amazing how much energy that will give you. I graduated in May and am SO MUCH MORE RELAXED now.

@JeffreyKeefer - @SueFolley @LBA_OX12 I started to do the same; finally found a project management application I like on the Mac #phdchat

@protoscholar - @mrgunn @allonsdanser @ScholarAtLarge LOL nothing does... #phdchat

@SueFolley - @protoscholar that's great! #phdchat

@allonsdanser - @mrgunn Darn! First one to discover the tool that writes for you should post it promptly on the PhDchat wiki! :) #phdchat

@mrgunn - @protoscholar @allonsdanser @ScholarAtLarge I'll tell them to get to work on that ;-) #phdchat

@protoscholar - @JeffreyKeefer #phdchat I talked about it on my blog. The key is that I did a quantitative dissertation and used a national data set.

@SueFolley - @respros I think it is important to think of the end and bigger targets as well as the smaller ones :) #phdchat

@ScholarAtLarge - @protoscholar @mrgunn @allonsdanser Please do ASAP! I've got less than 3 years to complete this phd. #phdchat

@SueFolley - @JeffreyKeefer I just use Excel for gantt chart and to-do lists for weekly targets etc... #phdchat

@respros - @LBA_OX12 #phdchat Not a such. But I do keep a 'day file' in chronological order of any papers, notes, library receipts, printouts.

@gawbul - @LBA_OX12 An app for hand writing/drawing on iPad! There are better, but it's free #phdchat

@SueFolley - @LBA_OX12 attending #phdchat makes me motivated too as see people who have got to the end or nearly!! (and I want that!!)

@SarahR_H - @LBA_OX12 Yes: I kept a 'research diary' where I scribbled everything I thought and did. wasn't always legible (or coherent) tho #phdchat

@JeffreyKeefer - Alas, have to run again, but glad to stop by to say hello and learn a touch in the process. Until later, #phdchat colleagues.

@janiewoodsie - @SueFolley @respros #phdchat definitely because your thesis has to tell a cohesive joined up neat story with a clear vision for what you did

@allonsdanser - @LBA_OX12 Me too, notebooks, pens (I have a Pilot Q7 that I guard) and also software & Apps (digital stationary?) #phdchat

@SarahR_H - @JeffreyKeefer bye Jeffrey, promised blog post will be apparent by end of this week too :o) #phdchat

@protoscholar - #phdchat and remember, the dissertation should be the WORST piece of research you ever do. mine certainly is.

@lecmsr - @mkooleady #PhDchat Email the editor - I've had manuscripts lost and sometimes feedback/proofs miraculously appear within days...

@SarahR_H - @protoscholar And the longest ;o) Everything after that is mere abstracts! #phdchat

@pennybridged - Me too! RT @SueFolley: @LBA_OX12 attending #phdchat makes me motivated as see people who have got to the end or nearly!! (and I want that!!)

@LBA_OX12 - Thx for great session tonite. Will B quiet 4 next 2 weeks - summer break #phdchat

@SueFolley - #phdchat - one of our tutors recommended doing something everyday towards phd - even if just 20 mins - good advice I think :)

@janiewoodsie - @protoscholar #phdchat that's sooo reassuring! many of my experiments didn't work and it's so tedious writing about them.

@respros - @allonsdanser #phdchat Is there some way you can break the ice with your supervisor. Maybe do something together (un)related to PhD?

@SueFolley - @LBA_OX12 have a good break! :) and good luck with the phd :) #phdchat

@SueFolley - @pennybridged how far are you into your phd? #phdchat

@protoscholar - @janiewoodsie #phdchat i ended up with 50% missing data on my core question. Still finished. Couldn't say much, though.

@pennybridged - @SueFolley in my third year, trying to get stuff done over the summer with no classes to teach #phdchat

@SarahR_H - G'night/morning/a'noon [delete according to timezone] all, thank you v much for #phdchat - excellent stuff :o) & to @NSRiazat for hosting us

@ScholarAtLarge - well I must go for tonight. Thank you for all the great tips and motivations! #phdchat

@janiewoodsie - @protoscholar #phdchat Have you completely finished? . . has anyone got any advice on the viva?

@SarahR_H - @janiewoodsie two posts by me and a colleague might help? http://bit.ly/nbaz6Y and http://bit.ly/r0vyDX #phdchat

@SueFolley - @pennybridged great - good luck :) #phdchat

@shaileshak - @janiewoodsie heard of a book by Vernon Trafford and Shosh Leshem http://vernontrafford.com/9.html #phdchat

@protoscholar - @janiewoodsie #phdchat I have completely finished. Start thinking about your CV early and fill it out with small papers and presentations

@SueFolley - @SarahR_H have a good evening - nice chatting with you :) #phdchat

@SarahR_H - @SueFolley you too! Great to chat with you, thank you :o) #phdchat

@allonsdanser - And now I must go to Test/Measurement theory class. thnx #PhDchat for all the great tips on Time Management. I'll catch up on the wiki.

@janiewoodsie - @shaileshak #phdchat thanks, will read the book it looks very useful

@janiewoodsie - @SarahR_H @protoscholar #phdchat thanks for advice - will read the posts - they look very helpful

@respros - @allonsdanser #phdchat Definitely talk about it. Far too important a relationship. It must be nurtured like any other.

@ClaretCarly - @SarahR_H @SueFolley Good chatting to you, now I'm off to watch The Apprentice and not think about PhD (too much) #phdchat

@SueFolley - @ClaretCarly that's the spirit - using your new time management skills to schedule a break - I think I may do the same :) #phdchat

@janiewoodsie - this is the first time I have been aware of the #phdchat as I'm relatively new to this twitter lark. How often do they occur?

@SueFolley - @janiewoodsie weekly for synchronous chat round a specific topic - but 24/7 for casual chat... #phdchat

@ProfessorIsIn - Fantastic post on tenure. "It's Your Fault." http://t.co/92PdyFM #tenure #phdchat

@ai1sa - am doing a late reading of phd chat, slept through it today, time mgt includes self care. #phdchat

@cambgirl - Now catching up on #nhssm and #phdchat. Looks like they were two very interesting chats I just missed (meetings!) :(

@NSRiazat - @SarahR_H: G'night/morning/a'noon [according to timezone] thank you v much for #phdchat - excellent stuff :o) & to @NSRiazat for hosting us

@Janshs - missed #phdchat - sorry

@cambgirl - @NSRiazat Are you placing up today's #phdchat up some where? There were so many tweets, that I can just about read half of today's chat.

@shelzangel - Good info #phdchat RT @ScrivenerApp: Thank you Jason Shafer for your blog post 'Why Scrivener?' for academic writing http://t.co/XEeZVRd

@NSRiazat - @cambgirl I think the main points are collected together at some point and posted on the #phdchat wiki? Will send link in a short while.

@shelzangel - Good info #phdchat RT @ScrivenerApp: Thank you Jason Shafer for your blog post 'Why Scrivener?' for academic writing http://t.co/XEeZVRd

@NSRiazat - @cambgirl I think the main points are collected together at some point and posted on the #phdchat wiki? Will send link in a short while.

@cambgirl - @NSRiazat Thanks, look forward to reading it. So the complete chat isn't archived? #phdchat

@naomi_jacobs - .@JeffreyKeefer Postgrad disability research conf. Critical disability studies is alive & well (& interdisciplinary and embodied!) #phdchat

@NSRiazat - The link to the #phdchat wiki - http://bit.ly/lOsQrF @cambgirl

@NSRiazat - @Janshs Grateful thanks for the additional 'supervision session' yesterday - so far so good. ;-) #phdchat

@srossmktg - Damn, I missed #phdchat

@NSRiazat - #phdchat #phd 'RT @ScrivenerApp: Thank you Jason Shafer for your blog post 'Why Scrivener?' for academic writing http://t.co/XEeZVRd'


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