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Ensuring Progress with your PhD

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'Moving Forward and Ensuring Progress with your PhD'


#phdchat tweet log - 19th October 2011


@NSRiazat - Welcome to #phdchat - the topic for tonight is 'moving forward and ensuring progress with your PhD'. #phdchat #phd

@lizith - @NSRiazat hiya - looking forward to #phdchat this evening

@debbiefuco - In order to move forward and ensure progress, do you set a schedule or is a schedule set for you? #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - Are we talking about planning & goal setting? #phdchat

@ekvraga - @debbiefuco In my department, it depended on the adviser. I set my own deadlines, colleagues had deadlines set for them. #phdchat

@RuthFT - #phdchat Deadlines are always my best way of getting motivation but must be external, supervisors don't work for.me.

@wispywinds - #phdchat - I think, if you can, getting things done a bit early works. Then you leave yourself a lot of time for revision, which I needed.

@onepercentyello - have been wavering between external/self-produced schedule ultimately it must work for me AND i must get it all done #phdchat

@ekvraga - At all stages of academia, I like using conferences for deadlines. Have to get done; reward is fun conference & good feedback! #phdchat

@weeladybird1981 - @debbiefuco i set my own deadlines. my supervisors are very laidback lol...so i set my own in order to keep myself on track. #phdchat

@lizith - @ekvraga @debbiefuco I mainly set my own deadlines, but some are set by institution, like annual review deadlines #phdchat

@debbiefuco - @ekvraga How did you set your own deadlines? @weeladybird1981 #phdchat

@lizgloyn - #phdchat Being aware of the overall timeline (e.g. deadlines in graduate school, department etc.) meant I could plan effectively.

@profkrg - Hi, #phdchat! How are you fabulous people?

@mapetite - @ekvraga great tip! #phdchat

@RuthFT - @ekvraga ooh good plan! Articles or publications also good #phdchat

@debbiefuco - @lizgloyn So working backward from set timeline? #phdchat

@profkrg - +1 RT @ekvraga: I like using conferences for deadlines. Have to get done; reward is fun conference & good feedback! #phdchat

@ekvraga - @debbiefuco Lol - using conference deadlines for submission. Dissertation & otherwise, they make great goals. #phdchat

@profkrg - My chair hasn't set any deadlines, so I guess I need to set them for myself, huh? I'm spinning my wheels now. #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @debbiefuco Exactly - you've got so much time, so knowing what it is makes life easier #phdchat

@weeladybird1981 - @debbiefuco just deciding what dates i wanted to have e.g. particular chapters done by&letting supervisors know what my plans were #phdchat

@profkrg - I see two issues. First, making myself stick to deadlines. Second, convincing my chair to stick to my deadlines. Thoughts? #phdchat

@srossmktg - Did anyone say anything about the #PhdMastermind group? #phdchat

@ekvraga - @profkrg Not having adviser-set deadlines is mixed: at first hard to get motivated, but more flexible & more like academic life. #phdchat

@andycoverdale - Supervisions have been my main deadlines - negotiating the work that is to be done / submitted for each with supervisors #phdchat

@debbiefuco - In the same boat. RT @profkrg: My chair hasn't set any deadlines, guess I need to set them for myself. I'm spinning my wheels now. #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - @srossmktg What is the #PhdMastermind group? #phdchat

@debbiefuco - No. What is it? RT @srossmktg: Did anyone say anything about the #PhdMastermind group? #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @profkrg My supervisor was very keen to follow a plan I gave her - she was glad to have structure given to her! #phdchat

@lizith - @RuthFT @ekvraga confrences, articles, etc are good, but it is also keeping an eye on the overall timeline for the thesis IMO #phdchat

@profkrg - My adviser (justifiably) sends everything back for reworking. This results in a great product but stalls advancement. #phdchat

@srossmktg - @LBA_OX12 @debbiefuco We started setting weekly (if not sooner) goals, via Google+ Hangout. @aeratcliffe @mapetite @samatterings #phdchat

@salma_patel - @ekvraga @debbiefuco Setting deadlines is a great idea. Make a 3 year outline plan and a detailed 6 month plan. Get sup to approve. #phdchat

@lizith - @lizgloyn @profkrg I suspect most supervisors are - and it does mean we are owning our own work #phdchat

@cgenter - so any tips for setting realistic deadlines? #phdchat

@profkrg - I was typing this ask you asked! RT @cgenter: so any tips for setting realistic deadlines? #phdchat

@weeladybird1981 - @debbiefuco @profkrg i found telling supervisors i'd have certain things done by a certain date made me stick to deadlines i'd set #phdchat

@wispywinds - @profkrg This happened to me too. If I'd known this in advance I think I would have left time for this. #phdchat

@lizith - @profkrg that is what I am looking to my supervisors to do, especially now I'm 'writing up' #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - Hi everyone, sorry I'm late. Got caught up with updating software! #phdchat

@profkrg - @weeladybird1981 yes, I would stick to a deadline he knew about for sure! #phdchat

@debbiefuco - @srossmktg Sounds motivating. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @lizith - Hi Liz :) #phdchat

@weeladybird1981 - @lizgloyn my supervisors were the same - appreciated me setting deadlines and telling them my plans #phdchat

@srossmktg - Tentative Google+ #phdchat hangout: Thursday, Nov 3, 20h00 UTC (time clock http://t.co/lyabyqU7). Add me: http://t.co/OeTqPIQN #phdchat

@ekvraga - Hardest part is knowing what's "realistic" - check w/ colleagues for do-ability. MT @cgenter: Tips for setting realistic deadlines? #phdchat

@gawbul - @ekvraga I've struggled with motivation & gone of on a tangent on side projects a bit in 1st year! Trying to plan better this year! #phdchat

@profkrg - @gawbul I'm trying so hard not to do that. There are three other things I'd like to work on for conferences! #phdchat

@lizith - I've started sending my supervisors a weekly progress report with copies of whatever I've written for feedback #phdchat

@profkrg - Great idea! RT @lizith: I've started sending my supervisors a weekly progress report w/ copies of what I've written for feedback #phdchat

@profkrg - Is today's #phdchat slow is is my TweetDeck failing?

@RuthFT - #phdchat Don't find supervisors deadlines useful as nothing happens if I don't meet them so external or personal motivation much better.

@lizgloyn - @cgenter Realistic deadlines rely on knowing how your work pattern works - so you set realistic targets #phdchat

@ekvraga - @gawbul But side-projects can be great - help you find new questions & perspectives for the dissertation! #phdchat

@srossmktg - @profkrg Twitter is being fail today. #phdchat

@gawbul - @ekvraga I'm often too optimistic and try push myself too hard, then end up stressing myself out by falling behind on my plans #phdchat

@profkrg - Side projects are good if you have time to do them, not if you are lagging behind in your main project. @ekvraga @gawbul #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @gawbul You need an academic otters document for side-tracking ideas! http://t.co/CYpn0f4E #phdchat

@weeladybird1981 - i sometimes need to set what other people might consider to be unrealistic deadlines in order to get my ass in gear lol #phdchat

@profkrg - @gawbul @ekvraga I do this too. I'm amazed at how long every step of the process takes! #phdchat

@gawbul - @profkrg I'm interested in too many things for my own good! Could spend all my time on side projects, lol :-S #phdchat

@ekvraga - @lizgloyn @cgenter @gawbul Easier with experience to know realistic, but always a struggle! Be patient with self or will burn out. #phdchat

@cgenter - @lizith is that something you would recommend from beginning of phd or just for writing up? #phdchat

@NSRiazat - #phdchat - not home so will have to catch up with tweets tomorrow evening. Thanks in advance for taking part in #phdchat. :)

@EmmaBurnettx - @ekvraga definitely agree - I am always far too optimistic! #phdchat

@Lemness - all the mid-term grades are done - now time to #phdchat

@lizith - @weeladybird1981 I do that too - it works for me, but perhaps not for everybody :) #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @profkrg so glad someone else does too! #phdchat

@srossmktg - The last Hangout was actually pretty ridiculously cool. #plug #phdchat

@Lemness - @srossmktg that's exciting about the google+ hangout. looking forward to that #phdchat

@ekvraga - @EmmaBurnettx @gawbul Me too! So much I want to do - but trying to give myself a break. If push too hard, lose passion for it. #phdchat

@lizith - @cgenter I think the pace changes at different points on the journey - at some points a fortnight or month might work better #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - #phdchat instead of working on my thesis as i was supposed to, i'm working on 3 side projects & contemplating how to storify this chat :-/

@EmmaBurnettx - @ekvraga @gawbul Definitey agree! #phdchat

@lizith - @cgenter in the middle, I found fortnightly too frequent - it put pressure on to deliver before I was ready #phdchat

@gawbul - @ekvraga I need to keep myself focused though, otherwise end up following all the cool stuff that my tickles my mind's fancy! #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @lizith: @cgenter Then the risk is not achieving quality cos it's rushed too much... #phdchat

@ekvraga - @ltrprmvrn @emmaburnettx @gawbul Pushing too hard=occupational hazard?? #phdchat

@lizith - @gawbul @ekvraga I followed some cool stuff and changed my topic as a result #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @gawbul: @ekvraga Ha ha - that was me today with iSO5 updates!! Took up too much of my day! #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - Credit to @ai1sa for joining another G+ Hangout yesterday, and to @savasavasava and @srossmtktg for good intentions to join. #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - Oh yes! RT @ekvraga: @ltrprmvrn @gawbul Pushing too hard=occupational hazard?? #phdchat

@lizith - @EmmaBurnettx @cgenter or of not having the thinking time needed to contextualise #phdchat

@weeladybird1981 - @lizith yup, other people are often horrified but it happens to be the (mad) way that i work! #phdchat

@RuthFT - #phdchat Can't imagine expecting anyone let alone busy supervisor to read drafts or crack down on deadlines less than a month apart.

@srossmktg - @aeratcliffe Waiting for ICS on my phone so I can do phone-based Hangouts ;) #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - Yes,then can make you feel v stupid after a session! RT @lizith @cgenter or of not having the thinking time needed to contextualise #phdchat

@salma_patel - @mark_carrigan I think sometimes it is good to get a break and come back to the thesis feeling refreshed! :) #phdchat

@Lemness - @emmaburnettx but at least you have iOS5 #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - @aeratcliffe How do we join G+ hangout? #phdchat

@lizith - @aeratcliffe I think there are lots of things we can do to support each other - #shutupandwrite perhaps too #phdchat

@ekvraga - @lizith @gawbul My topic didn't change, but was able to make better connections across theory b/c of side-projects! #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @RuthFT I got round that by having fortnightly check-ins/updates and only submitting when I had a full draft #phdchat

@Lemness - @aeratcliffe so when's the next hangout? #phdchat

@laurapasquini - PHD Comics: Dress Codes http://t.co/dMP2FRIa #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @RuthFT I think my supervisors would run for the hills if I wanted to see them too often! Lol #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - @LBA_OX12 Someone starts a Hangout in G+ and invites others or posts link that is created! We are still learning. #phdchat

@srossmktg - @LBA_OX12 Someone sets one up and either invites their Circle, invites you direct, or you can see in their stream. @aeratcliffe #phdchat

@salma_patel - @RuthFT I agree. You are the project manager. But it is good to share project plan with them so you are reading same page. #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @Lemness glad it's done now :) #phdchat

@gawbul - @ekvraga Yeah, I did! Had week off after 2 years, then sick for 2 weeks! Pushed myself too hard! Certainly need to plan chill time #phdchat

@gawbul - @lizgloyn Cool, thanks :-) #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @aeratcliffe @LBA_OX12 I'm probably the only saddo not to have used G+ yet! #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - @Lemness I think that @samatterings is going to call one in the next day or two. Anyone can start one! #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - have prepared 1st draft project plan & sent it to supervisor - waiting for feedback #phdchat

@profkrg - @salma_patel I have a three-year research plan. It's not overly helpful because I don't give myself enough time. #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - @EmmaBurnettx I need to get to grips with it! #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @EmmaBurnettx I'm not on Google + either, don't worry about it! #phdchat

@lizith - @EmmaBurnettx @aeratcliffe @lba_ox12 I closed my G+ account - just couldn't see the point :) #phdchat

@profkrg - @gawbul Me too! #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - @EmmaBurnettx No, no, you are not late. We have just jumped on it, and many haven't! #phdchat

@srossmktg - @profkrg I'm on a 25 year plan. @salma_patel #phdchat

@gawbul - @ekvraga These chats really help, makes you realise you're not alone in how you're feeling! #phdchat

@profkrg - @ekvraga I think it's realistic to do two full papers a year, but not much more. #phdchat

@ekvraga - @gawbul Oh no! Hard for us academics to remember chill time a must, not lazy - probably why so many #phdchat on work/life balance!

@cgenter - @lizith thanks I'm at beginning, working from one monthly deadline to the next #phdchat

@debbiefuco - Misery loves company. RT @gawbul: @ekvraga These chats really help, makes you realise you're not alone in how you're feeling! #phdchat

@Lemness - Thanks for the heads up. RT @aeratcliffe: @Lemness I think that @samatterings is going to call one in the next day or two. #phdchat

@profkrg - I wish there was some kind of a general guide of how long things should take. #phdchat

@lizith - @LBA_OX12 Even though waiting for feedback, worth planning what you can move forward waiting - danger is being sup'r reliant #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - @lizith G+ offers free group video chat. It has a point! :-) #phdchat

@srossmktg - For those interested in Google+ (and subsequent #phdchat(-based)) hangouts, here's a primer: http://t.co/E3D8Lv0d #phdchat #phdchat

@profkrg - I don't see how that is possible because I was absent ;) RT @srossmktg: The last Hangout was pretty ridiculously cool. #plug #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @profkrg Even then, it depends on discipline - a paper a year is roughly what we're told to aim for in classics #phdchat

@RuthFT - #phdchat Oh we have a schedule. Have to fill one in this dire online log. Doubt i'll make any of it though, not for want of trying!

@ekvraga - @profkrg @lizgloyn It depends so much on type of research, number with co-authors, etc. - hard to set any rules. #phdchat

@profkrg - @mark_carrigan do you have questions about Storify? #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - @lizith Not sure that I'm tackling things the right way this early on in PhD #phdchat

@srossmktg - @profkrg You were probably off wining.... #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @lizith@aeratcliffe @lizgloyn @profrg phew! Makes me feel much better :) #phdchat

@Nicky_Garland - I do enjoy side projects / conference papers / publications etc but find it slows progress for my main thesis #phdchat

@profkrg - @gawbul OOOOO... shiny! #phdchat

@debbiefuco - Agree. Like circles and hangouts sound interesting. RT @aeratcliffe: @lizith G+ offers free group video chat. It has a point! :-) #phdchat

@Lemness - @profkrg can't your suprvisor set that for you? it's so true. i would've keep reading if someone didn't say enough #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - Oh yes, and @gawbul had good intentions to join the Hangout as well! Just remember, I believe the max is 10. #phdchat

@profkrg - @RuthFT So consider a month for each step in the draft process? #phdchat

@ekvraga - Lol. +1 RT @debbiefuco: Misery loves company. MT @gawbul: These chats really help; realise you're not alone in how you're feeling! #phdchat

@lizith - @aeratcliffe I think I find more valuable what some of us did on Sunday - we were all working, but checking in from time to time #phdchat

@profkrg - I think we need to have a Ph.D. productivity support group! #phdchat

@cgenter - @ltrprmvrn thank you for the tip #phdchat

@debbiefuco - This is mine! RT @profkrg: I think we need to have a Ph.D. productivity support group! #phdchat

@Lemness - @srossmktg is it possible to see previous "hangouts?" is there such a thing? #phdchat

@srossmktg - @profkrg We started that... #phdmastermind @aeratcliffe @mapetite @samatterings #phdchat

@profkrg - +1 RT @gawbul: @ekvraga These chats really help, makes you realise you're not alone in how you're feeling! #phdchat

@gawbul - @lizith My topic is very broad & not set in stone! Need to focus myself to ensure I don't keep changing direction :-S #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @debbiefuco Snap!! #phdchat

@srossmktg - @Lemness I don't think it is, but they show up in a user's stream as having hung out. #phdchat

@profkrg - @lizgloyn It seems that data collection wouldn't be possible for more than one study a year. #phdchat

@debbiefuco - An archive would be helpful. RT @Lemness: @srossmktg is it possible to see previous "hangouts?" is there such a thing? #phdchat

@profkrg - I sound like my students, wanting exact dates or timelines! #phdchat

@Tomi_Ola - my first deadline is December...after that, the race really begins #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @gawbul a bit similar my end and now back tracking a little to try to be more focused. Wish I had done this earlier! #phdchat

@debbiefuco - We've been conditioned. RT @profkrg: I sound like my students, wanting exact dates or timelines! #phdchat

@lizith - @gawbul I think, depending on funding and topic, you can move around a bit, but then have to have tunnel vision later in process #phdchat

@srossmktg - @debbiefuco I don't believe google is archiving them since live and multi-user video. #phdchat

@debbiefuco - Could be cool, though. RT @srossmktg: @debbiefuco I don't believe google is archiving them since live and multi-user video. #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @Tomi_Ola Top tip - use this time to reflect on what works and what doesn't - will be invaluable for rest of the process #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - With #phdchat, Skype, G+ Hangouts, and more, we have so many options--depending on what 'turns your crank.'

@srossmktg - @debbiefuco I'm planning on moving forward either way... ;) #phdchat

@gawbul - @lizith My funding is via the university & not a research council, so have a lot more freedom! Makes planning harder though :-( #phdchat

@Lemness - @tomi_ola where are you in the process? just curious what the race really begins means? #phdchat

@lizith - @gawbul I'm self-funding which definitely enabled flexibility #phdchat

@mumakeith - #phdchat and how far with the deadline? RT @Tomi_Ola: my first deadline is December...after that, the race really begins #phdchat

@Tomi_Ola - @Lemness: @tomi_ola where are you in the process? just curious what the race really begins means? #phdchat I'm a 3 week old baby here :)

@SStanlick - Jack Kent Cooke Dissertation Fellowship for study of high-achieving, low-income students: http://t.co/AlyKdEI0 #phdchat #education

@srossmktg - @Tomi_Ola Not quite sure why the race begins in December...? And it certainly never ends. @lemness #phdchat

@Lemness - @tomi_ola ah-the race has already began. you'll be running in no time #phdchat

@debbiefuco - @srossmktg I'd like to try a hangout sometime. #phdchat

@Tomi_Ola - @lizgloyn thank u for the tip #phdchat

@gawbul - @lizith Ooh, but more stressful? Because so many things fascinate me I need to focus myself otherwise flexibility takes over, lol #phdchat

@Tomi_Ola - @srossmktg: @Tomi_Ola Not quite sure why the race begins in December...? And it certainly never ends. @lemness #phdchat LOL noted!

@srossmktg - http://t.co/YTn6sEV1 #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - Spencer started a Hangout! RT @srossmktg: http://t.co/ylz3H9wE #phdchat

@lizgloyn - #phdchat Best way of ensuring progress is to build in structures of accountability. Don't give yourself space to slip w/out noticing.

@Lemness - @lizgloyn can you give us more - structures of accountability? what does yours look like? #phdchat

@srossmktg - With Extras! RT @aeratcliffe: Spencer started a Hangout! RT @srossmktg: http://t.co/BTMQqWpB #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - Don't forget to do Linkedin connections. I will accept. Show as 'friend' and mention #phdchat. http://t.co/wGlImNWD

@Nicky_Garland - #phdchat realising that the progress of the work is entirely in ur hands is scary but essential in order 2 progress

@cgenter - @lizgloyn sounds good any brief examples? #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @Lemness Mine was regularly scheduled e-mail; had to write what I 'd done. If I didn't e-mail, I got chased. Left space to think. #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @Lemness But need to find what works for you in terms of method and frequency. Face to face might be better for some #phdchat

@laurapasquini - @lemness Glad I could share! There are tonnes of great ones on @PHDComics #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - I'm in the Hangout! http://t.co/ylz3H9wE #phdchat

@Lemness - @lizgloyn i always felt better after the face to face conversation with my supervisor - you're right. we have to find what works. #phdchat

@lizith - @lizgloyn @lemness that is very much the system I've set up now with my supervisors - I am accountable to myself and to them #phdchat

@lizith - @Lemness @lizgloyn it may depend on the work you are doing or discipline too, some things you need space and sometimes talk best #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @Nicky_Garland working full time in the same institution also keeps you committed to progressing! #phdchat

@Lemness - @lizith how much more writing do you have to do? #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - I have to dash away now. Thanks for a great discussion as always! Enjoy the rest of your evening :) #phdchat

@lizith - @Nicky_Garland you can say that again - but at the same time it is step to being a grown up academic or whatever :) #phdchat

@lizith - @Lemness I've got a first draft so I have several months editing and re-writing ahead - plan to submit some time March onwards #phdchat

@Lemness - @emmaburnettx thank you #phdchat

@cgenter - So does anyone ever get ahead of their deadlines, or if you do is that just bad planning? #phdchat

@lizith - @EmmaBurnettx been good having you around - enjoy your evening too #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @cgenter I do, but not very far! Normally a couple of days. But then I've got quite good at knowing my own patterns at this point #phdchat

@Lemness - to think that our dissertation is the worse research that we'll ever do #phdchat. have a great day everyone! thanks for the insight.

@srossmktg - Google hanging out.... with @aeratcliffe http://t.co/YTn6sEV1 #phdchat

@debbiefuco - Thanks for the great #phdchat everyone!

@gawbul - @ltrprmvrn Yeah, I've been looking at doing that, any recommendations? #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Thanks to everyone for participating in #phdchat tonight - sorry I missed it. Will catch up tomorrow.

@gawbul - @ltrprmvrn Sorry for delay, little one was bit upset, long day for her too and she very tired, lol #phdchat

@lizith - @NSRiazat sorry you were not able to be around - there has been some good discussion #phdchat

@lizith - @Nicky_Garland lol! but it does feel good when you realise you actually can take charge - honest! #phdchat

@lizith - @CorAtCurrix @debbiefuco @aeratcliffe I'll believe you, but think I'll steer clear of G+ - at least until thesis done and dusted #phdchat

@profkrg - I'm so sorry that I missed the end of #phchat. Silly job getting in the way! See you next week! Be productive! #phdchat

@gawbul - @Lemness I always seem to double my todo list after meeting with mine :-S lol #phdchat

@lizith - signing off now for rest of the evening - been good chatting #phdchat

@gawbul - @lizith @coratcurrix @debbiefuco @aeratcliffe Social media distraction... Now there's a whole different kettle of fish ;-) lol :-S #phdchat

@gawbul - @aeratcliffe Same here :-) http://t.co/EqCdHjDB #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - The fact that I logged on to join #phdchat an hr ago but got distracted by other things...

@CorAtCurrix - @gawbul @lizith @debbiefuco @aeracliffe Ha! Good point. Pretend I never said anything. ;o) #phdchat

@HelenHickson - i find it's the things without deadlines that are the hardest to finish. RT @cgenter: so any tips for setting realistic deadlines? #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - Our use of G+ is related to getting it done! :-) RT @lizith: I think I'll steer clear of G+ - at least until thesis done and dusted #phdchat

@HelenHickson - excellent idea. i'm going to try it. RT @Lemness You need an academic otters document for side-tracking ideas! http://t.co/uXw470W8 #phdchat

@HelenHickson - i have found a break away is essential, preferably near a cocktail bar by the beach! RT @ekvraga: Me too! So much I want to do #phdchat

@cgenter - @HelenHickson thank you, that's a really good point. Need to set deadlines for everything #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - I want to do a site like this but with prolific / engaging researchers - would anyone read it? http://t.co/7hMtAFKA #phdchat #theorychat

@HelenHickson - it's like a handover but you do have to take charge about your thesis. it feels good when you realise you actually can- honest! #phdchat

@Lemness - @gawbul jim collins in his book Good to Great talks about a "Stop Doing" list. We need one of those when thinking about research #phdchat

@Lemness - @lizith that sounds amazing. is several months to edit your schedule or your supervisor's schedule? just curious? #phdchat

@klbz - @srossmktg Tx for the G+ info. Sorry to miss your hangout- the GVoice plugin just kept appearing so I went back to reading.... #phdchat

@gawbul - @Lemness Lol, good idea! I'll have to check that out :-) #phdchat

@AYakas - Einstein's paper had NO references! Would it be accepted today without any refs? #phdchat

@ChrisSPlant - One day later than I hoped but new #blog post up #slpeeps #phdchat

@Rhiannon - What kind of gift says "You are the best ever and I will be indebted for your help and guidance for the rest of my life"? #ineedone #phdchat

@srossmktg - @rhiannon Expensive booze. #phdchat

@catspyjamasnz - More talk about digital curation. My phd topic is hot, I'd better get my rear in gear... #phdchat

@laurapasquini - Free reference manager and PDF organizer | Mendeley http://t.co/54UL713a create your own portable library. #phdchat #elearnconf

@laurapasquini - Great session for #phdchat & researchers => Facilitating Action Research with Web 2.0 Tools at #elearnconf

@aeratcliffe - After working at Vancouver 2010 Olympics in management role, seeking similar for London 2012! Doing app now! #phdchat

@salma_patel - @aeratcliffe Good luck! Do you know @jennifermjones? She knows a lot about the Olympics. #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - @salma_patel Yes, I do know her. Met in passing at Vancouver airport :-) #phdchat

@laurapasquini - Hey @nsriazat I just shared how great the #phdchat group was during a session at the #elearnconf about social media. http://t.co/nKCZNKDX

@salma_patel - @aeratcliffe Great! I didn't know you were an Olympics expert too :) #phdchat

@SecuritySheep - @emmajrwalker yeah spent the day reading in my pyjamas. I now know what Exceptionalism is in relation to counter terrorism #phdchat

@lizith - @Lemness my schedule - I've even built in up to 6 months slippage - not unusual I'm told #phdchat

@laurapasquini - In @klconover #elearnconf session about Developing Online High Quality Doctoral Programs http://t.co/nXDvdtbX #phdchat #gradchat

@emmajrwalker - @SecuritySheep - very deep. I wrote my academic profile and made myself and my work sound wonderful #phdchat #polishingaturd

@samatterings - Next #phdmastermind meeting on G+ on Thursday, October 20 at GMT 20:00. All #phdchat peeps welcome for goal setting and accountability.

@samatterings - Add Samantha Dieckmann on Google+ to be invited to the next #phdmastermind session, taking place 22 hours and 20 minutes from now. #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - Another Hangout #phdchat! RT @samatterings: See you on Thursday October 20 at 4pm New York time, 2pm Edmonton time and 3.00pm Chicago time.

@laurapasquini - Pip Bruce Ferguson on Getting Published a workshop for PhD students and staff http://t.co/tGkYGfbv via @PhD2Published #phdchat

@diannedNipu - "@PhD2Published: Pip Bruce Ferguson writes about her recent publishing workshop: http://t.co/iyvJJDaD #phdchat" thanks!

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