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2012 phdchat resolutions

Page history last edited by Kirsteen Grant 12 years, 7 months ago

This page comes from our #phdchat xmas social on 21st December 2012. If you want to participate write your 2012 PhD / post-doc resolution for 2012 and we shall look back at them periodically here and on twitter to see how everyone is doing with their goals for 2012.


Sarah-Louise Quinnell (@sarahthesheepu): Complete and have my book with Inger @thesiswhisperer published and become a permanent full-time member of staff in the Researcher Development Unit at Kings.


Steve Moss (@gawbul): Publish two more papers, one in a bioinformatics journal and one evolutionary genomics based. Get through my huge reading list! Complete the second year of my PhD without losing any hair :S


Tony Ratcliffe (@aeratcliffe): Good draft of literature review completed by Feb 15. Pilot study by April. APG transfer by August. One visit to UK, and one conference in Europe (PLE in Portugal).


Sue Folley (@SueFolley) To complete my thesis, submit, have my viva and do any corrections and finish by the end of 2012 - wish me luck :)


Karen LaBonte (@klbz): Finish writing & defend my proposal by Jan 31. (IRB approval) Data collection by July 31. Analysis & writing after. Graduate May 2013.


Helen Hickson (@HelenHickson):  To complete my thesis, submit and finalise any corrections before the end of 2012. I want to Graduate in 2013.


Marisa:     To finish my thesis submit by September and be celebrating at the end of the year


Liz Thackray (@lizith):     To regain composure and momentum and submit thesis. Also to write at least two of the papers I've got on the back burner.


Debbie (DeborahALock):  To get all my interview data collected by July 2012, and submit one conference paper (and get it accepted)


Karen McAulay (@Karenmca): Write the extra chapter and submit my book ms early (preferably), if not on time (end April 2012). 


Linda Baines (@LBA_OX12):  Narrow down scope of and finalise my research topic, refine research questions and complete first draft of literature review.


Kirsteen Grant (@KirsteenG): Submit thesis in late summer 2012.



Comments (2)

Sue Folley said

at 8:21 pm on Dec 21, 2011

Good luck everyone with your goals - and hope you all have a very productive 2012 :)

Helen Hickson said

at 4:15 am on Dec 22, 2011

Good luck everyone. I will keep an eye on you - can you please keep an eye on me and let me know if I find my way offcourse!

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