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Posters, Publishing and Conferences

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'Writing Posters, Publishing in Journals and Attending Conferences'


#phdchat tweet log - 1st February 2012


@NSRiazat - Welcome to #phdchat - the topic tonight is 'writing posters, publishing in journals and attending conferences'. :) #phdchat #phd

@NSRiazat - Welcome to #phdchat - topic tonight is publishing in journals, writing posters and attending conferences. #phdchat #phd

@PhDPostDoc - @NSRiazat: Welcome to #phdchat - the topic tonight is 'writing posters, publishing in journals and attending conferences'. :) #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @NSRiazat Hi! Do you have any advice on getting book reviews published in journals? #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @NSRiazat For those who missed it: me on tips for conferences: http://t.co/jac4IYKq & writing conf abstracts: http://t.co/wrC8h9CF #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @LouiseABoyd Lots of journals have books received & an editor to write to; approach and ask if there's a book interesting to you. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @LouiseABoyd - had a few emails about doing book reviews but finishing thesis first. #phdchat

@lizith - @NSRiazat @louiseaboyd working on a book review with colleague at present - he approached journal editor in first instance #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @lizgloyn thanks for the tip. I've been doing it the wrong way round! writing review for a book then approaching journals about it #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @LouiseABoyd Oh! No, you definitely have to find a journal with a book it wants reviewing, not the other way around. #phdchat

@profkrg - How beneficial is it for your vitae to write book reviews? #phdchat

@SteveCooke - @LouiseABoyd - yup, wrong way around. The journal should be supplying you with the book! #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @lizgloyn I'm a PhD newbie (just started in Oct) so still trying to get the hang of things! #phdchat

@SteveCooke - @LouiseABoyd ask your supervisors if they can recommend any good journals for book reviews. #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @profkrg I'd say they're a good start to show you're serious, but after a while you should focus on article manuscripts #phdchat

@lizith - @SteveCooke @louiseaboyd you may find that some of academic staff in your dept are on editorial boards of journals speak to them #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @SteveCooke oops! I wrote a review as an academic exercise. My supervisor said it was good & I should try to get it published. #phdchat

@profkrg - @LouiseABoyd it's great that you found this group so early! #phdchat

@SteveCooke - @profkrg I'm not sure there are downsides to having extra entries under publications, & it makes you read a (free) book carefully #phdchat

@gawbul - @LouiseABoyd I'm in my 2nd year and still trying too, lol #phdchat

@profkrg - It seems to me that most book reviews are written by well-known scholars in the area. #phdchat

@SteveCooke - @LouiseABoyd I doubt you've wasted your time - some journals do accept unsolicited reviews - check their reviews policy. #phdchat

@profkrg - @SteveCooke good point. I guess the only argument is that there are only so many hours in a day. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @gawbul @LouiseABoyd - Same - am saving posters, conferences and publishing until finished thesis later on this year. #phdchat #PhD

@profkrg - @LouiseABoyd did your supervisor give you an idea of where to attempt publishing it? #phdchat

@gawbul - @LouiseABoyd Could always stick it on your blog if don't get accepted anywhere? Still exposure :-) #phdchat

@SteveCooke - @profkrg I think the key is to tie it to your research. I asked to review books that I wanted to read & use in my PhD. #phdchat

@ClaretCarly - Evening all, sorry I'm late! Looks like a good topic this evening #phdchat

@SteveCooke - @ChrisSPlant @LouiseABoyd good point. A postgrad journal might also be a good place to sent it. #phdchat

@ai1sa - Ive found conferences and book chpaters good for forcing me to get succinct and get clearer on conclusions #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @gawbul I never thought of that (although I don't have a blog). Does it get any easier in 2nd year? #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @SteveCooke Yes, this is definitely the approach I take - if a book comes up for review that I'd want to read anyway, I ask for it #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @ChrisSPlant @SteveCooke @LouiseABoyd couldn't agree more with this. I've found this sort of publishing incredibly valuable #phdchat

@profkrg - @SteveCooke two birds with one stone, right? #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @lizgloyn @SteveCooke Ditto. I find the review process, as well as feeling ok drawing all over the review copy, makes me *learn* it #phdchat

@profkrg - @LouiseABoyd it being the phd process? #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @SteveCooke @ChrisSPlant It has been accepted for my uni's postgrad ejournal but my supervisor wants me to try for other journals. #phdchat

@ai1sa - But for a publication history for work I now only put in the time on a conf paper if it gets published in proceedings #phdchat

@RuthFT - @mark_carrigan So true! Nothing like reviewing a book to really make you read it hard and critically. #phdchat

@RukshanFr - just got comments from my committee about my data and results chapters. still on track to defend this spring! #phdchat

@srossmktg - Oopsie doops, I forgot about #phdchat, was just meeting with the advisor. Restructured Essays 1/2. Still pushing for March propose. #phdchat

@rjhogue - hi everyone .. how many conferences do you typically go to in a year? #phdchat

@ai1sa - But for a publication history for work I now only put in the time on a conf paper if it gets published in proceedings #phdchat

@RuthFT - @mark_carrigan So true! Nothing like reviewing a book to really make you read it hard and critically. #phdchat

@RukshanFr - just got comments from my committee about my data and results chapters. still on track to defend this spring! #phdchat

@srossmktg - Oopsie doops, I forgot about #phdchat, was just meeting with the advisor. Restructured Essays 1/2. Still pushing for March propose. #phdchat

@gawbul - @NSRiazat @LouiseABoyd I'm publishing as I go with my #PhD! Just writing my second manuscript now :-) Not done a poster yet though #phdchat

@ai1sa - @rjhogue just 1 They get expensive, and Im only ever funded if presenting a paper #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @rjhogue I find they always seem to come in clusters, never sure why. Sometimes go to few in one month then in many months none #phdchat

@SteveCooke - @LouiseABoyd check if your postgrad journal keeps copyright - some allow you to publish elsewhere in addition #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @ai1sa @rjhogue I've only ever gone to one conference where I didn't present. Given logistics + finances don't see point otherwise #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @profkrg yes does being a PhD student get any easier in 2nd year? Do you have a better idea what is expected of you? #phdchat

@rjhogue - how much can you re-use content? Like, if you do a poster, can you still publish a paper based on the content at a differnt conf? #phdchat

@srossmktg - Been to 5 conferences, work in 3. Up for 3 more this year (one is hiring conference). #phdchat

@ClaretCarly - @gawbul @NSRiazat @LouiseABoyd Same here, although mine are still under review. Hopefully accepted soon! #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @gawbul Does depend on field whether or not you do posters, though - in classics, for example, they're not common or prestigious #phdchat

@srossmktg - @rjhogue You could re-use content, but it depends on what value is added. There are diminishing returns on re-using too many times. #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @rjhogue definitely! large chunks of my presentations get carried from one to the next. find it a very natural way to develop ideas #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @rjhogue I'd say you could do a poster as a paper at a diff conference; problem comes when you give same paper multiple times! #phdchat

@srossmktg - @LouiseABoyd I found my second year was worse than my first year. But then, I'm in a 4 year program. And no year truly gets better. #phdchat

@gawbul - @LouiseABoyd Set one up! I love @posterous :) I think it gets harder, lol! But you realise more that everyone thinks/feels the same #phdchat

@RuthFT - @rjhogue I have done. Particularly if your ideas develop, as they probably will :) #phdchat

@rjhogue - I can't image my ideas staying static .. I find they change between the time I submit and the time I present! #phdchat

@ChrisSPlant - @rjhogue I've seen papers totally repeated at different events so I don't think it's a problem esp if slightly different audience #phdchat

@gawbul - @ClaretCarly @NSRiazat @LouiseABoyd Hope so :-) I've been very fortunate (I dislike using lucky) with mine I think #phdchat

@SteveCooke - @rjhogue I've gone to 3-4 conferences per year during my PhD, privileging ones close to home where possible. #phdchat

@rjhogue - @LouiseABoyd I found second year better (I'm just starting it now), but I have a better relationship with my supervisor now #phdchat

@profkrg - I only attend conferences where I present, unless they are professional and local. #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @rjhogue Went to 5 in year before I started PhD haven't been to any since. Like buses all came along at once! #phdchat

@rjhogue - @SteveCooke funny, I seem to be privileging ones far away :) ... #phdchat

@SteveCooke - @rjhogue I'd have thought that was the point - do a poster, get feedback, write paper, present paper, get feedback, try to publish..#phdchat

@profkrg - @LouiseABoyd I wouldn't say it gets easier. The challenges are just different. #phdchat

@srossmktg - Much harder in US than UK. RT @profkrg: I only attend conferences where I present, unless they are professional and local. #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @SteveCooke @jhogue Exactly - never do anything unless there are pay-offs or developments that'll lead to publishing #phdchat

@profkrg - @rjhogue the poster should have been based on a paper, so it needs to be repurposed a bit. #phdchat

@gawbul - @lizgloyn I guess there is a lot of variation in how people approach or what is considered the right approach in different fields #phdchat

@ClaretCarly - @gawbul @NSRiazat @LouiseABoyd It's made me think more about my research so it's been v useful, but I'd love to see them published #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @ai1sa @rjhogue me three! :) #phdchat

@rjhogue - @srossmktg really? what makes you think that? #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @lizgloyn @SteveCooke @jhogue That tweet makes me sad. I largely agree but depressing when stated that bluntly #phdchat

@profkrg - And @srossmktg is not the guy to talk to if you want to feel better, apparently! @LouiseABoyd #phdchat

@rjhogue - I'm not sure I'm likely to do a poster again .. unless I'm too late for a paper ... seems like a lot of effort for little payback #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @gawbul All the more reason to talk to supervisor and others to find out what the field norms are so you play by the right rules! #phdchat

@srossmktg - @rjhogue Distance. What's max travel in UK, 4-5hr drive? Max travel in US, 4-5hr flight (and more expensive!_ #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - What about international conferences? I went to my first (in Oslo) last september and loved it. Shame it's so bloody expensive... #phdchat

@srossmktg - Hey, Mrs Buttinsky... RT @profkrg: And @srossmktg is not the guy to talk to if you want to feel better, apparently! @LouiseABoyd #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @mark_carrigan Really? I find it exciting to think I can develop *anything* that interests me to publication via conferences! #phdchat

@rjhogue - @srossmktg ahh... I'm in canada, so I take it for granted that I'll have to fly to get to a conference ... #phdchat

@SteveCooke - @NSRiazat I've tried have 2 publications by the end of the PhD so that I can count towards REF ratings & be more employable. #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @srossmktg 6 hour flight from NY to California... (Having done it last January... Was presenting though!) & that's without layovers #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - Just had an idea: is there a role for multi-author blogs in providing a publishing outlet for research posters? #phdchat

@rjhogue - Here, USA conferences are not considered international ... so funding depends on NA or international. #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @rjhogue I do agree. Posters are fun to do from time to time but quite time consuming for little return. Prefer oral presentations #phdchat

@srossmktg - @rjhogue Lol, yeah, for you, maybe to Montreal. Possibly Toronto. I could hook Boston or NYC without flying. #phdchat

@profkrg - My program only funds one (maybe two) a year, and only when you're presenting. @rjhogue @srossmktg #phdchat

@rjhogue - @lizgloyn That was one slow plane .. I can get from Ottawa to Vancouver in 5 hours ... and that is further! #phdchat

@srossmktg - @lizgloyn Ya, I did Hartford to San Francisco. It was about the same. And that's domestic. ;) Doc consortium in Seattle this June. #phdchat

@srossmktg - Ditto. And not fully. RT @profkrg: My program only funds 1 (maybe 2) a year, and only when youre presenting. @rjhogue #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @profkrg That's nice way to put it to avoid scaring newbies like me! It's ok I'm expecting it to be hard work, esp publishing #phdchat

@ClaretCarly - @EmmaBurnettx @rjhogue Yes, I've done 2 posters and not spoken to half as many people as I would if I'd presented #phdchat

@profkrg - I'm fortunate because my program hosts the major assoc's mid-winter conference. Cheap and easy way for us to present, if accepted. #phdchat

@gawbul - @lizgloyn Definitely, although personally I'm not a fan of doing things for the sake of tradition! Can sometimes be a hindrance #phdchat

@ai1sa - @rjhogue hahaha NZ means almost all confs are a significant financial cost. Lived experience of knowledge production biases? #phdchat

@coocho - does a poster count as a publication in ur field? my flatmate's a chem engineer&pubs in his CV r all posters, apprently its normal #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @lizgloyn Because it's subjugating everything to publishing...? A reality, sure, but an undesirable one. #phdchat

@profkrg - @LouiseABoyd you understand being a phd student much better, but you're realizing how much more you need to learn in your area. #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @SteveCooke @NSRiazat REF really important consideration. Aiming for good journals and at least 3* paper #phdchat

@rjhogue - So should I be targetting publishing on conference proceedings or articles in journals? #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @coocho Doesn't count in mine, although some conferences offer option - plus it's jolly difficult to do well, as I work on texts! #phdchat

@ai1sa - @coocho kudos of posters has plummetted for my professional life, not sure if its profession or my uni #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @mark_carrigan I guess I like the idea of getting my work published and out to an audience - but this may be discipline-specific #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @lizgloyn My personal view is peer reviewed journals #phdchat

@profkrg - @coocho it counts as a conference presentation, but not a publication in my field. #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @rjhogue Journal articles if you want speed. Conference pubs are held back by slowest contributor. #phdchat

@ChrisSPlant - @coocho I don't see a problem with listing posters in CV. Increases the longevity rather than just being used once or twice #phdchat

@srossmktg - @rjhogue Articles in journals. Though depends what your post-grad goals are. Higher schools -> lower tenure requirements #phdchat

@profkrg - @rjhogue journal articles #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @LouiseABoyd welcome Louise :) #phdchat

@srossmktg - @coocho Poster can go on CV, but doesn't do much for your hiring. #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @EmmaBurnettx @SteveCooke @NSRiazat excuse my ignorance what is REF? #phdchat

@rjhogue - @srossmktg I don't understand higher schools -> lower tenure requirements? #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @LouiseABoyd Ahahaha. Research Excellence Framework. UK funding exercise. My blog will be talking about it soonish. #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @lizgloyn Yeah so do I! But think there are LOTS of activities that are worthwhile, even if no publishing pay off. Plus the REF... #phdchat

@ChrisSPlant - @profkrg @coocho I would just be explicit in CV: paper presented to ...; poster presented to ..., and list articles etc seperately #phdchat

@srossmktg - @rjhogue R1 schools wouldn't count conf proceeding much for tenure; teaching school might say it suffices. #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @lizgloyn systematically distorts the professional value of your publications. Which for me takes away from some of the fun... #phdchat

@shaileshak - @LouiseABoyd Research Excellence Framework http://t.co/ldpbeTFQ #phdchat

@RuthFT - Don't forget there's also books, books with collected chapters. If you know the editor you can sometimes get in #phdchat

@coocho - @ChrisSPlant @profkrg ah ok I see your point now #phdchat

@rjhogue - What about conferences who also publish papers associated with a journal - isn't that the best of both worlds? #phdchat

@ClaretCarly - @rjhogue I'm targeting journals, but I think conferences are valuable for developing presentation skills prior to viva #phdchat

@ai1sa - Being sighted , cited and sited= ways to win friends/influence people in academia; value in posters, in visibility in the workplace #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @lizgloyn well I will definitely keep an eye out for your blog post then! #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @mark_carrigan I'm doing my best to ignore the REF and just get on with it. Thankfully my plans seem to fit the REF cycle nicely. #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @lizgloyn sorry Liz, I replied to the wrong tweet! #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @mark_carrigan (I got the PhD at the right time to make getting the book out for the next REF my goal, and it's my goal anyway!) #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @RuthFT I'm cautious about edited books now. Best thing I ever wrote went in edited book & so wish I'd submitted it to good journal #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @RuthFT Also worth looking for calls for collected chapters to see if your work would fit with them. #phdchat

@srossmktg - @lizgloyn Research Excellent Framework? @LouiseABoyd #phdchat

@rjhogue - @lizgloyn whats REF? #phdchat

@profkrg - @rjhogue only if they're highly regarded and peer reviewed. #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @profkrg @rjhogue definitely agree - peer reviewed journals #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @rjhogue Yes, but again, you need to know that's a likely outcome in advance, that journal is respected & that process will b quick #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @shaileshak thank you for the link to the info on REF, will read it once this #phdchat is over :)

@mark_carrigan - @lizgloyn Same true here largely. Worried that unless I'm careful I'll start properly internalising the REF's view of world though #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @srossmktg Did I typo? research ExcellenCE framework. Evil invention of UK government to determine university funding. #phdchat

@gawbul - @shaileshak @LouiseABoyd Grr @ REF, lol #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @ai1sa There's a tension between cite and site though... http://t.co/ofOfaUP6 #phdchat

@srossmktg - I'll be biased, I'm finding the British doctoral system strange. ;) #phdchat

@profkrg - Our program has encouraged peer-reviewed journal pubs above all other options. #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @mark_carrigan Being aware of the problem is first step to cure... Plus it's good practice in strategic thinking, which we'll... #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @mark_carrigan ...have to do anyway in academia, or any other job #phdchat

@ai1sa - @lizgloyn NZ equiv is a PBRF to determine govt funding/ or absence of it. Employability very much rides on this #phdchat

@srossmktg - ...and that's what it's all about! RT @profkrg: Our program has encouraged peer-reviewed journal pubs above all other options. #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @srossmktg Any particular reason? Should point out the REF is for academics post-PhD, not PhD students! #phdchat

@srossmktg - @lizgloyn Meh, who needs accountability in funding... :P I suppose maybe like an NSF grant, but I'm not typically subject to them. #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @lizgloyn Worried that unless you balance out strategic thinking it ultimately consumes you though :-/ #phdchat

@gawbul - @lizgloyn @srossmktg Definitely evil! The evil invention of evil :P #phdchat

@rjhogue - Ok.. gotta get back to marking (yuck). Thanks for the chat! #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @srossmktg Since unis are all publically funded here, as opposed to only state unis in the US, it's a different set of requirements #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @lizgloyn @srossmktg ah! that would be why I'd never heard of it! Was beginning to feel like a bit of a dunce. #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @mark_carrigan But there's always that fear - e.g. we'll be eaten by admin or teaching rather than doing research. No escaping it. #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @lizgloyn @srossmktg also for full time academics doing a part time PhD #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @LouiseABoyd Crikey, not at all - at your stage in the PhD, no reason at ALL you should have come across it! #phdchat

@srossmktg - @lizgloyn Lol, not just the REF, but the processes as well. I'd also split that across disciplines as well. ;) #phdchat

@srossmktg - @lizgloyn I'm not sure that state unis are susceptible to anything similar. I'm at one now and I don't think they have anything. #phdchat

@gawbul - @LouiseABoyd I'd only heard about it because the academics here complain about it so often, lol! I feel like a dunce everyday ;-) #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @srossmktg I did PhD at a state uni, and they had to make a bloody hard sell for why they mattered in each year's state budget. #phdchat

@mark_carrigan - @lizgloyn Fatalist :p #phdchat

@srossmktg - @lizgloyn That must definitely be a discipline thing. Most b-schools are independent, even at state uni, are externally funded. #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @srossmktg Frankly, it may also be a New Jersey thing... but yes, business schools have a life of their own. #phdchat

@lizith - @gawbul @louiseaboyd REF not totally irrelevant to PGRs http://t.co/wvI8n197 discussion I'm involved in #phdchat

@lizgloyn - @mark_carrigan Optimist! My glass is definitely half full. With gin and tonic. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - 8.30pm brings us to the end of #phdchat for tonight - thanks to everyone for valued contributions. :)

@srossmktg - @lizgloyn Oh well now that you brought Jersey into this, the credibility gap widened back up... ;) #phdchat

@Nicky_Garland - Crap, with all the excitement of this mornings Aussie #phdchat i forgot about the usual one, sorry!

@gawbul - @lizith @louiseaboyd Cool, I'll have a read of that later :) #phdchat

@srossmktg - Classmate doing same. Looking at it in consumer/online context. RT @Tweet2Thesis: PhD on Procrastination http://t.co/KbHgiKd8 #phdchat

@LouiseABoyd - @profkrg sorry just saw this. yes she gave me suggestions but they say they don't accept unsolicited reviews. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - #phdchat sorry I missed it. Teaching full time, finishing up dissertation, and family has made me crazy last 2 weeks. Looked interesting.

@NSRiazat - "@EmmaBurnettx: @lizgloyn @srossmktg also for full time academics doing a part time PhD #phdchat" - agreed. :)

@GraceBall - #phdchat I would publish at any opportunity - got my 1st publication in 1st yr & presented at international conference. Both learning exp.

@NSRiazat - @ahmadshauki - #phdchat is a community of #PhD researchers and #postdocs - 24/7 informal hang out and a live chat every Wed 7.30-8.30pm GMT

@UbConf2012 - Open invite to join #Ubiquitin Conferences on #LinkedIn http://t.co/m7ZtgLoU #proteasome #autophagy #biotech #phdchat #scio12 #openaccess

@NSRiazat - "@MakeLearn: Don't forget to submit your paper by 15 Feb: http://t.co/3BNAeN1f #MakeLearn12 #KM #KMers #learning #innovation" #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @gawbul @LouiseABoyd - working on completing thesis and keeping publishing on a back burner for the time being. #PhD #phdchat

@catspyjamasnz - @cdtavijit @thesiswhisperer looking fwd to seeing how this #phdchat data can be used. @laurapasquini may have some tips for us...

@ianrobsons - clearing email backlog after 2 days research leave: honestly, perhaps it's better just to try to queeze it in?!! #phdchat #worklifebalance

@imakec02 - Well, I've just found something that has completely saved my ass. #phdchat A piece of matlab code that will save me if all else fails.

@thesiswhisperer - Round of applause please for @cdtavijit who made a 44(!) page PDF of the live Australasian #phdchat session last night http://t.co/igCpyalY

@LouiseABoyd - @gawbul wow, that sounds complicated but intriguing. I like how #phdchat brought together students from all research areas.

@LouiseABoyd - @NSRiazat @gawbul Do you think it is better to keep your focus only on your thesis? How far are you from completion? #phdchat

@kyliebudge - @thesiswhisperer can't believe i forgot the 1st Aus #phdchat session last night! gah! will read over the pdf by @cdtavijit many thanks!

@gawbul - @LouiseABoyd It certainly keeps me entertained :-) Yes, it's an amazing community and great resource for learning! #phdchat

@LottaFriedner - @MichaelCCoulter thanks for the reminder! I def need to plan my time better. #phdchat

@SteveCooke - @LouiseABoyd @NSRiazat @gawbul I see the PhD as a way of teaching you to write - everything that helps that (like papers) is good! #phdchat

@gawbul - @LouiseABoyd @nsriazat Depends on your type of research? It's best to discuss with your supervisor I think :-) #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @LouiseABoyd @gawbul - am final year PhD. I work as a teacher full time and do research part time - not enough hours to publish too #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @SteveCooke @LouiseABoyd @gawbul - practising writing using blogs at the moment but saving publishing until graduated #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @gawbul @LouiseABoyd @SteveCooke - good suggestion from @gawbul to seek advice from supervision team/supervisor. #phdchat

@PygmyLoris - This was refreshing to read, I feel like this all the time. Dealing with Imposter Syndrome http://t.co/Ffs4bLbF via @CamilleCocaud #PhDchat

@LottaFriedner - @NSRiazat @gawbul @SteveCooke @LouiseABoyd also thinking of publ my thesis material as articles simultaneously. Different crafts. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @LottaFriedner @gawbul @SteveCooke @LouiseABoyd - busy at moment with writing thesis/working FT - no head space to write papers. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @LottaFriedner @gawbul @SteveCooke @LouiseABoyd - everything thesis-wise seems to take twice as long in the final months. :) #phdchat

@LottaFriedner - @NSRiazat @gawbul @SteveCooke @LouiseABoyd oh. Have to write papers anyway for examination - might as well try to publish them!:) #phdchat

@MitulS - @coocho Where abouts are you? DM me if you prefer . My proofer was good and experienced with phd stuff. Rates affordable. #phdchat

@CraigMMacDonald - Great advice for doc students: Do not make grand plans. Just make every day count. #phdchat http://t.co/hia8AmjQ thanks @thomasheverin

@kyliebudge - my belated aus #phdchat tip: apply for all scholarships even if u don't think u have a chance. + make yourself known to your postgrad office

@HendraAgustian - @srossmktg How is it so? #phdchat

@EdTech_FTW - We use 'what' and 'If' all day long. #GradSchool is where we try using them together. #PhDchat

@kurisu - So, just how many people here are meant to be submitting a phd soon? #classof2012 #phdchat

@LornaQuandt - Passed my prelim today!! #phdchat #whohooo

@mkooleady - Back to work after a year of research & study leave. Started the year off right with a lovely yoga class this afternoon! #phdchat

@witty_knitter - @kyliebudge Interesting. Postgrad office? We don't really have one. For what purpose? Would it be fac or central? #phdchat

@mkooleady - #phdchat Just applied for an academic position for the first time. Good experience preparing an academic CV, etc.

@laurapasquini - @catspyjamasnz I think @KevinRGuidry might have a suggestion or two on how to code the #phdchat data as well. {dynamic topic analysis}

@morsla - .@thesiswhisperer Here's a 23 page PDF of the Oz #phdchat tweets from @cdtavijit's archive, in chronological order. https://t.co/d6ze02Ji

@flergh - Post Grad Philosophers may find this interesting, a podcast symposium: http://t.co/rQQvDUCU #postgradphilosophy #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - A great rant: "Unemployed PhD for hire: Doing everything right and still not getting a job" http://t.co/Q3Fl14Jg #phdchat

@MitulS - @kurisu Did mine yesterday ;-) #classof2012 #phdchat

@BrianSMcGowan - Some thoughts on getting academic types (including physicians) to use twitter - nicely done: http://t.co/n2yHIK6r #phdchat #CMEchat #hcsm

@ScientistMags - @thesiswhisperer How did the Ausspie #phdchat go. I'm sorry I never got back to you.

@katierosemary12 - Oh God: Unemployed PhD for hire: Doing everything right and still not getting a job" http://t.co/GBWldm3n #phdchat

@lygidakis - MT @BrianSMcGowan: Some thoughts on getting academic types (incl. physicians) to use twitter: http://t.co/Ybgrh3HE #phdchat #hcsmeu #hcsm


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