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Publishing your Work

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'Publishing your work: What are journals looking for'


#phdchat tweet log - 4th July 2012


@NSRiazat - Welcome to #phdchat - the topic for tonight is 'publishing your work: what are journals looking for'. #PhD

@ianrobsons - 3 out of 4 children in bed. Cup of tea drunk. Can I pull it together to finish this note on my narrative analysis? [slumps] #phdchat

@srossmktg - Oh wow. With the holiday, I forgot it was #phdchat time... #phdchat

@yimeizhu - I would love to know what journals looking for. as PhD student, I find this is what we need to learn urgently! #phdchat

@Donna_Peach - I'm a novice but I guess they are looking for research which makes a new contribution to knowledge #phdchat

@srossmktg - Journals? Looking for one thing, *really* looking for another. #phdchat

@Donna_Peach - I think its important that the methodology is sound and can sustain rigorous examination #phdchat

@AndrologistUK - #phdchat journals normally publish their scope in their information for authors.

@NSRiazat - @Comprof1 ~ look forward to catching up with you on tonight's #phdchat a little later on. :-)

@NSRiazat - Recognising realistic opportunities to be able to publish work is a good starting point...but how to choose...? #phdchat #publishing.

@aeratcliffe - I wish I could join #phdchat today, but I have a deadline for tomorrow evening. Hello to all.

@NSRiazat - In order to get my own work 'out there' and beyond supervisor audience is to dessiminate it via publishing either journals/blogs #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Anyone familiar with that saying....'publish or perish....?' #phdchat #PhD

@savasavasava - @NSRiazat running out to 4th of July BBQ, but wanted to say hi to #phdchat <3

@DrSustainable - Yes. Not helpful. Creates fear which leads to poor papers..@NSRiazat: Anyone familiar with that saying.'publish or perish?' #phdchat #PhD

@sakinasofia - Some say dont go for high impact journals as we are newbies.. so journal selection is important #phdchat

@merry30 - Hurrah! Have actually made it home and to sofa in time for (most of) #phdchat !!

@AndrologistUK - "@NSRiazat: Anyone familiar with that saying....'publish or perish....?' #phdchat #PhD" I had an idea that was for academic staff!

@Donna_Peach - @NSRiazat Although I think peer review is important, I applaud the moves to enable increased dissemination of good research #phdchat

@merry30 - @sakinasofia But (if you're in the UK) (and if you want an academic career) at least one high impact pub is very valuable #phdchat

@yimeizhu - instread of thinking what the journals are looking for? have you thought about what we are looking for in a journal? #openaccess #phdchat

@bevgibbs - @sakinasofia Hiya-Whats the rationale for avoiding high impact journals? #phdchat

@AndrologistUK - How do you find the submitting process @NSRiazat ? Do you have many rejections? #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @merry30 ~ a publication is more important when faced with job interviews and PhD people who have published. #phdchat

@lizith - @bevgibbs @sakinasofia I think it is find the right journal, rather than avoid high impact #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @savasavasava @aeratcliffe ~ have a great evening at BBQ and meeting deadlines. Am catching up with work emails. #phdchat

@srossmktg - In our field, thesis time is best time to shoot for top journals as most eyes are on it before submission. #phdchat

@yimeizhu - if the journal is open access or allow u self-archive in OA repository, will it increase readership,thus citation? #openaccess #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @DrSustainable ~ haven't been pressured to publish. Am aiming to publish once thesis has been written and submitted. #phdchat

@aeratcliffe - @NSRiazat @savasava Thanks. Would prefer to be going to the BBQ :) #phdchat

@merry30 - @NSRiazat Yes. That's what I said, I think! What I meant, anyway... Even early career job adverts are asking for "REFable" #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @AndrologistUK ~ submitting once thesis has been finished ~ know that getting thesis into an article will be challenge. #phdchat

@Katherine_McDon - @NSRiazat Conference proceedings can be a good way to go. #phdchat #publishing

@ianrobsons - https://t.co/CUGgzKos < what my brain is working with tonight #analysis #phdchat #narrative

@NSRiazat - @AndrologistUK ~ challenge when turning a thesis into a journal article and writing succintly and still within a proprt context #phdchat

@londonaesthetik - yup, i managed to forget all about #phdchat

@sakinasofia - @lizith @bevgibbs agree but with REF & all...HEIs & jobs looks at impact factor ;( #phdchat

@AndrologistUK - I think a thesis could yield several papers, I know mine will. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Do people think that the journal article shoud follow/contribute to the wider 'conversation' of fellow publishers? #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @AndrologistUK ~ mine will result in a number of papers possibly too. #phdchat

@lindalevitt - @Katherine_McDon @NSRiazat Also book reviews and online peer reviewed journals for short pieces if appropriate to your field #phdchat

@srossmktg - @NSRiazat Our field's norm is multi-essay format; much easier to submit to journals. @AndrologistUK #phdchat

@lizith - @NSRiazat @andrologistuk For conferences, I tend to focus on aspects not for thesis & am working on a couple of draft articles #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Can anyone suggest any things that they feel should be avoided when writing for journals eg being over ambitious, unanalytical etc #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Publishing is also an outlet for all the writing which was not included in the final thesis #phdchat

@lizith - @sakinasofia because I want to get findings out there, but not all findings will go in thesis and post-thesis publications #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - Ah! RT @jlwestwood: RT @NSRiazat: Welcome to #phdchat - the topic for tonight is 'publishing your work: what are journals looking for'. #PhD

@merry30 - @NSRiazat I think (as someone said earlier) that a strong well defined methodology is important. Have seem some very woolly stuff! #phdchat

@lizith - We have a session for PGRs at my uni with a rep from one of the big publishers to talk on this subject - should be interesting #phdchat

@sakinasofia - @NSRiazat yes, there are data that I can use that I did not in the thesis..am publishing a book chapter due to that #phdchat

@sakinasofia - @lizith ok so conference for non-thesis stuff & journals for thesis stuff? #phdchat

@AndrologistUK - Interesting case studies are a good excuse for essay type papers @NSRiazat @srossmktg. Wish I had time... after my thesis! #phdchat

@merry30 - @lizith That's a good idea - not sure we have that, but would be useful. ::plotting:: #phdchat

@lizith - It's worth looking for special editions of likely journals - my only article so far was very much a punt - but it worked! #phdchat

@dratarrant - @bevgibbs @sakinasofia I think it's best too aim high! Get in, great, don't, get good feedback and go to next choice after rewrite #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - My program requires us to submit at least one publication in order to advance to candidacy! #phdchat

@lizith - @sakinasofia at the moment because I want to keep my powder dry & confs are good way of testing water #phdchat

@dratarrant - @merry30 @nsriazat I'm finding it hard to write my methodology in different ways for different papers! #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - But they will allow us to do a multi-paper thesis, so long as all the papers are tied together well. #phdchat

@dratarrant - @AmandaMichelle wow that's high pressure! #phdchat

@sakinasofia - @lizith like this idea...going for it too #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - Oh, and any papers used for the dissertation have to be post-candidacy. We're not allowed to research for dissertation prior to. #phdchat

@dratarrant - @AmandaMichelle tricky in social sciences when ideas progress and change throughout #phdchat

@sakinasofia - Tips on publishing http://t.co/EhJi3Tvo #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Carefully studying the journal 'house style' also useful. #phdchat

@merry30 - Where do people stand on research student journals? Obv good experience, but where do they stand on "impact" etc? #phdchat

@srossmktg - @merry30 What's a research student journal? #phdchat

@srossmktg - Actually reading the journal helps to know style, content, methods used, types of contributions, etc. #phdchat

@sakinasofia - @NSRiazat I was advised to also quote from the journal itself #phdchat

@londonaesthetik - @AmandaMichelle I think that's the difficult aspect of the multi-paper thesis, cohesive. Finding that tight thread to bind is hard! #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - @dratarrant yes it is! I just finished my 1st year & worried about meeting that. #phdchat

@srossmktg - @londonaesthetik Nah, it's easy, conceptualize the whole thesis, then break it down into chunks. @amandamichelle #phdchat

@londonaesthetik - I've only just started working on a paper... It's pretty much done barring the formatting stuff. but it was from a chapter #phdchat

@londonaesthetik - Important!!! RT @srossmktg: Actually reading the journal helps to know style, content, methods used, types of contributions, etc. #phdchat

@merry30 - @srossmktg A journal just for research students to publish in - master's & PhD #phdchat

@Vic_McC - The I-just-bought-books-not-relating-to-my-phd guilt. #PhdChat

@dratarrant - @srossmktg @londonaesthetik @amandamichelle haha, that took me 3.5yrs....writing the thesis!! #phdchat

@srossmktg - Just got a publication in a good journal. 4 years to publication. #phdchat

@srossmktg - @merry30 British thing? #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - @londonaesthetik I don't see how people do it! Unless the have some masterplan in advance. I'm not planning that at all, lol! #phdchat

@srossmktg - @dratarrant We've got about 2. (Ive got about 1.5.) @londonaesthetik @amandamichelle #phdchat

@mitchellfriedmn - @NSRiazat Being too long...clarify appropriate length of submissions #phdchat

@AndrologistUK - I'm starting with a literature review from a slightly different angle than others have done. Doesn't need ethics approval! #phdchat

@merry30 - @srossmktg Don't know - maybe? I didn't think so but perhaps it is. #phdchat

@londonaesthetik - yes! I am having issues with that! RT @mitchellfriedmn: @NSRiazat Being too long...clarify appropriate length of submissions #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - @srossmktg @merry30 actually, I've heard of a student journal here in the US. Can't remember what it was, though. Couldn't cite. #phdchat

@londonaesthetik - Not that I know of. RT @merry30: @srossmktg Dont know - maybe? I didnt think so but perhaps it is. #phdchat

@merry30 - @AmandaMichelle @srossmktg I know - I can't remember a UK one either. Will check Delicious... #phdchat

@mitchellfriedmn - @londonaesthetik @nsriazat Currently editing a piece that has been accepted :) #phdchat

@londonaesthetik - Nice work! I need to submit!! RT @mitchellfriedmn: @londonaesthetik @nsriazat Currently editing a piece that has been accepted :) #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - #phdchat have a mental block when it comes to publishing - taking mine to conference as a poster to start

@AmandaMichelle - Anybody have issues w/ having to adjust a paper for submission? I'm thinking citations, style, and focus. #phdchat

@lizith - @merry30 @amandamichelle @srossmktg We've got one at Sussex - Excursions - http://t.co/xBE68O1A #phdchat

@merry30 - @AmandaMichelle @srossmktg There's the Library Student Journal (started at Uni of Buffalo). Obv library science only. #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - I'm also unclear on the presentation vs. journal differences. #phdchat

@srossmktg - @AmandaMichelle Just have to do it. #phdchat

@londonaesthetik - @AmandaMichelle I do, its really annoying me having to re-format everything. I save it for the real downtime, as its tedious #phdchat

@londonaesthetik - I'm involved in the start-up of a journal at Bournemouth University for grad students. #phdchat

@merry30 - @lizith @amandamichelle @srossmktg That looks really interesting - lucky you! #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - @lizith @merry30 @amandamichelle @srossmktg oh how nifty! I think the one I saw had something to do w/ social sciences. #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - At what stage in PhD should U start 2 think about writing papers? #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - Oh wow! Just found a whole list of student journals! http://t.co/9o5Jln2f #phdchat

@srossmktg - @LBA_OX12 All of them. Always looking toward tenure... #phdchat

@lizith - @londonaesthetik I think student journals are growing in popularity - good op to see all sides of journal prod'n and get published #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - This looks awesome! RT @lizith: @merry30 amandamichelle @srossmktg We've got one at Sussex - Excursions - http://t.co/AAQHujPH #phdchat

@lizith - @LBA_OX12 As soon as you have something to say #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - #phdchat thought of publication scares me!

@TurnipRail - Well looking at the chapter with 'editing' pen marks all over it, I have decided it would just be better to sleep... #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - @londonaesthetik that sounds like a good approach. I just worry about this elusive thing called downtime, lol. #phdchat

@londonaesthetik - At the moment I've not been able to get to any of the meetings due to research travel commitments, but am on for editing once up! #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - From day 1 RT @LBA_OX12: At what stage in PhD should U start 2 think about writing papers? #phdchat

@rossguastar - #phdchat explain a poster presentation, I am not sure what that is.

@londonaesthetik - @AmandaMichelle I'm not familiar with such a word... "downtime"? What dictionary is that in? #phdchat

@londonaesthetik - yes, im behind! RT @AmandaMichelle: From day 1 RT @LBA_OX12: At what stage in PhD should U start 2 think about writing papers? #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - <~ #also. But i have no choice, if i want to graduate, lol! RT @Judiebbrell: #phdchat thought of publication scares me!

@ICTwitz - NNNNNOOOOOOOOO Just come on twitter and realised Ive missed #phdchat Gutted :-(

@AmandaMichelle - visual, static presentation w/ you on hand to answer ?s RT @rossguastar: #phdchat explain a poster presentation, I am not sure what that is.

@lizith - @ICTwitz there are a couple of minutes left and you can always catch up by looking in archive on the wiki #phdchat

@NSRiazat - 8.30pm brings us to end of #phdchat for this week - many thanks as always to all for valued contributions - have a great week everyone. :-)

@EmmaBurnettx - So I missed #wimbledon and #phdchat tonight. That's not nice

@AndrologistUK - Husband says can we do #whatshallwehavefordinnerchat, nice meeting you all, hope to contribute more next time #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - @londonaesthetik LOL, exactly! #phdchat

@lizith - @EmmaBurnettx to miss one is excusable, but both!!! Next you'll tell us you missed tour de France too :) #phdchat

@merry30 - @NSRiazat Thank you! #phdchat

@s_holloway - @LBA_OX12 As soon as you have a chapter? #phdchat

@ICTwitz - @lizith I know, thank you :-( I like to get involved. I need to organise myself better. #phdchat

@lizith - MT @AmandaMichelle: visual, static presentation w/ you on hand to answer ? >>> great explanation of poster presentation! #phdchat

@EmmaBurnettx - @lizith ha ha! That would just tip me over the edge! :) #phdchat

@lizith - Right taking rest of evening off - conf prep can wait for tomorrow :) #phdchat

@DrSustainable - @TGJBrock @nsriazat Some institutions introducing quotas - 4 paper per year etc.. #phdchat

@DrSustainable - @NSRiazat Publishing during PhD is good if you can manage itdemonstrates impact and contribution to knowledge #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - @AmandaMichelle #phdchat luckily not the case for me! or would fail

@moorejh - MT @gawbul @qui_oui #PhD101: Build academic net; use online tools, go to confs, +keep in touch with people you meet. Don't be shy! #PhDchat

@gawbul - @AmandaMichelle @LBA_OX12 I was fortunate enough to get a paper published in my first year :) Trying to get another this year too! #phdchat

@moorejh - @gawbul @qui_oui I was told early in my career that I was travelling too much. I didn't listen. Boy were they wrong! #PhD101 #PhDchat

@londonaesthetik - that's insane. RT @DrSustainable: @TGJBrock @nsriazat Some institutions introducing quotas - 4 paper per year etc.. #phdchat

@Roretto - My supervisor advised me to publish my literature review and methodology chapters. So I'm thinking after the upgrade 2 work on them #phdchat

@moorejh - #PhD101 #PhDchat see http://t.co/f2g3vBXA http://t.co/sRSM6MvW - I like many of these points for building an academic career.

@moorejh - MT @margagual Believe in yourself. Don't be afraid to challenge dogma. Your supervisor has been away from bench for 20 yrs #PhDchat #PhD101

@JaneDavis13 - @lizith @EmmaBurnettx sorry to shout #phdchat

@ianrobsons - Sketched out a helpful note on a three stage analysis for narrative data based on a tiny scribble on a post-it! #phdchat #gowithit

@moorejh - love the stick figures #phd101 #phdchat RT @Protohedgehog @DNLee5: The PhDs Guide to Academic Conferences http://t.co/A4Jwobs6

@DrSustainable - Anyone have quota for number of publications/year? #phdchat #acwri #academia #research

@LBA_OX12 - How does getting a paper publish fit with not revealing too much of your ideas @ early stage in your research? #phdchat

@DrSustainable - @londonaesthetik To be clear, quota 4 academic staff post PhD.... #phdchat

@lindathestar - Unsure of your topic or ideas? 'Sip sherry in a dark room' #phdadvice #phdchat

@Photonique - Anyone hear from this cold-calling academic publishing house http://t.co/CdwcDs47 ? Downsides of #open-access #scam #PhDchat

@AndrologistUK - @LBA_OX12 good question! #phdchat

@londonaesthetik - brilliant! I will switch to port though! RT @lindathestar: Unsure of your topic or ideas? 'Sip sherry in a dark room' #phdadvice #phdchat

@merry30 - @londonaesthetik I'll join you in a port! @lindathestar #phdchat

@londonaesthetik - Delightful! RT @merry30: @londonaesthetik I'll join you in a port! @lindathestar #phdchat

@CET47 - @klbz it was interesting to try and concisely summarise my research and there was time for questions after it was difficult to do #phdchat

@mitchellfriedmn - @londonaesthetik @nsriazat Thanks! Very exciting; based on my dissertation! #phdchat

@Peter_Tennant - @DrSustainable I'm expected to first-author two and second-author four per year #Acwri #PhDchat #Researcg #Academia

@KL_Wheat - Useful tips in this Prezi "How to Publish a Discoverable Journal Article" http://t.co/8JsqyxW4 via @SAGE_News #phdchat

@Karen_Smits - Reading the last papers for #EGOS2012 after sight seeing in Helsinki :) #phdchat

@ScienceAtheism - to do tonight: analyse 5 more chromosomes and write them in my report #phdchat

@DrSustainable - @Peter_Tennant wow! How do you find that..along with teaching etc? #phdchat #acwri

@HendraAgustian - I'd love to immerse myself in d glorious discovery of #HiggsBoson particle, but my research requires me 2 stay focussed. #PhDchat #PhDadvice

@PeppeGanga - Journals look just for their profit.Some high IF journals care more about fancy & sexy techniques than the real scientific message #phdchat

@ai1sa - via @londonaesthetik poster presenting http://t.co/sVRN55Gp putting abstract on a poster is like putting a haiku on a limerick #phdchat

@PalgraveTheatre - For all those doing a PhD... RT @thesiswhisperer: PHD Comics: 2 Minute Thesis Competition http://t.co/3NoegLB0 #phdchat

@PalgraveLit - For all those doing a PhD... RT @thesiswhisperer: PHD Comics: 2 Minute Thesis Competition http://t.co/aHqEYIqb #phdchat

@DavidCRoberts - Can you help please? Do you know of any recent research on business incubator success / faliure? #phdchat #3EP #Entrepreneurship #

@Lafrenchfille - PI Quotes - 1 "Always think you're stupid" http://t.co/t94RqVbc via @wordpressdotcom #PhD #PhDchat

@DriesDeRoeck - tomorrow's theme song : http://t.co/znmtr4Xm #commission #phdchat

@Peter_Tennant - @DrSustainable I don't really have any teaching, but it's quite tough alongside a PhD! #Acwri #PhDChat #Research #Academia

@DrSustainable - @Peter_Tennant didn't realise that was alongside your PhD! :0 #Academia #Research #phdadvice #phdchat #acwri

@DrSustainable - @Peter_Tennant I turned down PhD scholarship @ncl - glad now! #acwri #phdchat #phdadvice

@Peter_Tennant - @DrSustainable I guess the expectations will change as my PhD progresses, also can use PhD to produce papers (I hope!) #Acwri #PhDChat

@catspyjamasnz - Book Review: How to Write a Lot #SummerReading For #AcWri http://t.co/VeM6pQkW via @zite #phdchat by @laurapasquini

@Peter_Tennant - @DrSustainable It depends on what funding you're on, mine is 'shoestring', hence other committments. #Acwri #PhDChat #Research #Academia

@DrSustainable - @Peter_Tennant Advice from my supervisors was write each chapter of thesis as if standalone paper... #phdadvice #phdchat #acwri

@ai1sa - ooh love magic, now i have a table of figures in the thesis. Now to make them all a little more consistent. #phdchat

@HendraAgustian - @Peter_Tennant @DrSustainable Wow! That's an enormous quota for publications. How do you live up to that? #PhDchat

@filination - Definitely, most are clinically depressed RT @thesiswhisperer isthere a problem with mental health amongst PhD students? #phdchat

@JohnWLamp - More important than what journals look for, what journals to look for. Choose what's best for your research, not by impact factor. #phdchat

@tmontgomeryrn - @AmandaMichelle @judiebbrell my program gives the choice of a traditional dissertation or publishing three research articles. #PhDchat

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