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Keeping up-to-date with Research

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'Sharing strategies for keeping up to date with research in your field'


#phdchat tweet log - 15th August 2012


@NSRiazat - Welcome to #phdchat - the topic for tonight is 'sharing strategies for keeping up to date with research in your field' #Phd #highered

@NSRiazat - @coocho - can add 'co-authoring' as a topic for next poll. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Anyone else use Zetoc alerts to keep up to date with journals? #phdchat

@MarkRTurner - @NSRiazat what is Zetoc? #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Conferences and networking with academics in a similar field to yours brings both positives and negatives. #phdchat

@ICTwitz - @NSRiazat Hello Nasima. No, i don't use Zetoc. Never heard of it. Any good #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @MarkRTurner ~ Zetoc Alerts is a database which emails you a contents page of the journals specified when they are released. #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - @NSRiazat I tend to use Zetoc as my main research tool, as find it really easy to use and more comprehensive than the uni's own #phdchat

@Protohedgehog - How I keep up with Palaeo research: RSS feeds for journals, including key word searches, and Twitter of course! #phdchat Blogs are great too

@NSRiazat - @MarkRTurner ~ saves you having to look each one up individually. Contents page straight to your email inbox. Think its UK only? #phdchat

@ICTwitz - @NSRiazat @SarahAlden1 I must admit, I use Google Scholar, but it falls down on up-to-date articles #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @ICTwitz ~ Hi. :-) Zetoc is wonderful for keeping you up to date with journals and new articles as they are published. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @SarahAlden1 ~ I also prefer Zetoc - can then download anything that looks of interest from databses. #phdchat

@ICTwitz - I have now got zetoc web page open to look at after this chat #phdchat

@Protohedgehog - Getting the abstracts for relevant conferences, globally, is great too. Can ID future collaborators, and cheaper than attending! #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @Protohedgehog ~ liking idea of blogs for keeping up to date with research. Recommend any good ones? #phdchat

@sbrookswilson - @Protohedgehog #phdchat RSS feeds are great - very quick and easy to manage info, shame many of those issuing the info don't utilise!

@NSRiazat - @ICTwitz ~ I also use Google Scholar but use databases as well as the obscure articles are often hidden in the databases. :-) #phdchat

@ICTwitz - There always is the issue of getting too much research for your project. Sometime you just have to stop searching and start writing #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @erinlpc ~ yes think it is UK only which is a shame as is it is a good resource. Can university subscribe to it? #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @ICTwitz ~ let me know what you think of it. #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - @sbrookswilson @Protohedgehog yes, I like RSS feeds too, but seem to have so many of them (all seem relevant!) #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @NSRiazat ~ conference papers are a gold mine of information too...if only to follow up references if not relevant material. #phdchat

@Protohedgehog - @NSRiazat Oh goodness, there's so many out there! Only ones I can recommend are Palaeo and Geology, not general science interest #phdchat

@erinlpc - I find a lot of interesting things via blogs, twitter, google reader etc. but feel like I'm still missing a lot #phdchat

@ICTwitz - My research area are too wide, so I need to explore a wide range of journals, which feels like a never-ending process! #phdchat

@strictlykaren - @NSRiazat I hadn't heard of zetoc but looks very useful, I just sign up for journal content alerts & do reg searches on databases #phdchat

@erinlpc - @NSRiazat not sure, might have to look into it a bit more. If it's half as good as everyone says it it, it's worth it #phdchat

@BSAPGForum - #phdchat I always try to keep in email contact with recently published academics close to my field. e.g. forthcoming publications.

@ICTwitz - @erinlpc Indeed, that's one of the main challenges #phdchat

@Protohedgehog - @SarahAlden1 @sbrookswilson Best thing to do is set them to update just once a day, saves time by scanning all at once #PhDchat

@NSRiazat - Link to Zetoc Alerts ~ http://t.co/lgaLtJ2T #phdchat

@erinlpc - This: @NSRiazat ~ conference papers are a gold mine of information too...if only to follow up references if not relevant material. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @SarahAlden1 ~ recently been getting to grips with databases in my area of educational leadership. Like ERIC and JSTOR #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @NSRiazat @ICTwitz Anyone else have a problem finding/accessing google scholar? #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @Protohedgehog ~ haven't considered blogs as way of keeping up to date with field. I tend to focus on journals and books - my bad. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @NSRiazat @ICTwitz Also need to look out of your field.sometimes going to conferences outside of field will give diff perspective. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @erinlpc ~ definitely recommend it. I work full time and Zetoc was invaluable for email alerts for journal content pages. #phdchat

@ICTwitz - @Comprof1 @NSRiazat Not really. Sometimes I refine the search. Problem sometimes is finding journal which uni does not subscribe! #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - fairly new to twitter, but have to say its a great way to keep up to date with new areas of research in my topics of interest #phdchat

@npmaven - Appears in my menu. URL http://t.co/YU9dn7vy RT @Comprof1: @NSRiazat @ICTwitz Anyone else have a problem accessing google scholar? #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @erinlpc ~ hvaing said that I still do an occasional trawl of databases regularly as a backup. #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - @NSRiazat I have looked at these, but don't really utilise them - maybe I will have another look! #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @ICTwitz @NSRiazat I'm lucky we have a good interlibrary loan system. #phdchat

@Protohedgehog - @NSRiazat They're a secondary source. Analytical, events, reviews, blending of opinions and discussion. All compliments primary lit #PhDchat

@MarkRTurner - @erinlpc @NSRiazat Thank Erin. Have looked into it now, as i'm based on UK I am able to gain access. #Zetoc #phdchat

@ICTwitz - @Comprof1 @NSRiazat Conferences are mainly off my radar! Is there a web link for future events? #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @npmaven @NSRiazat @ICTwitz This year disappeared from menu. Now have to go through "other" and "search tools" to find it. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @BSAPGForum ~ contacting authors directly = brilliant to keep up to date. Professor sent me an article I couldn't locate via email. #phdchat

@erinlpc - @NSRiazat I need to work on my database skills. Just don't seem to find the relevant articles as easily as I should... #phdchat

@sbrookswilson - @SarahAlden1 totally agree with use of twitter as information management tool #phdchat

@Protohedgehog - @sbrookswilson @sarahalden1 Yep. The program RSS Reader is getting old, but still does the job pretty well. Runs in the background #PhDchat

@DrJeremySegrott - @Comprof1 @NSRiazat @ICTwitz #phdchat - it is a bit tucked out of the way under 'even more', isn't it?

@NSRiazat - @Comprof1 ~ not had problems with Google Scholar recently. #phdchat

@ICTwitz - @NSRiazat @BSAPGForum I always feel cheeky to contact authors directly. #phdchat

@jenkidd - Most academics won't mind you emailing to ask for copies of conference papers so you don't always have to wait for publication #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @ICTwitz @NSRiazat I keep up on various organizations that will have call for papers/special journal topics. My expertise is broad #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @ICTwitz ~ yes getting hold of articles the uni doesn't subscribe to are a nightmare but OU has a good set of databases. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @DrJeremySegrott @NSRiazat @ICTwitz It used to be right at the top of the search (search for more in "scholar") Y did they change? #phdchat

@Protohedgehog - Tip: find out who tweets about new articles in your field, and set up alerts (eg text) - you never miss one that way, and no hassle #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @Comprof1 @ICTWitz ~ interlibrary loans = fantastic throughout PhD. Uni delivers via post books/articles/conference papers. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @ICTwitz @NSRiazat @BSAPGForum Don't. I used to do it as a grad assistant & have had some contact me. The worst they do is not ans. #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - oh! #phdchat: i think this might be mainly for the US folks... how do you vet your research assistantships? like, what should i ask?

@jenkidd - Seek out your subject librarian and make friends! #phdchat

@DrJeremySegrott - @Comprof1 @NSRiazat @ICTwitz #phdchat - I guess you could bookmark it - I really should do that.

@AmandaMichelle - crap, am i interrupting the regular #phdchat session? i'm sorry. this is why i shouldn't tweet from work.

@ICTwitz - @Protohedgehog Indeed, and it would be nice if those tweeters got involved with this chat to share their work #phdchat

@erinlpc - Has anyone had success with the new google scholar feature that recommends relevant articles for you? http://t.co/jZcJwewI #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @Protohedgehog ~ using grounded theory - using literature (+ conference papers) as secondary data to compliment primary. #phdchat

@ICTwitz - Any online articles (web-based, not pdf) I now save to Pocket, which is a nice app for Android/iPad etc. #phdchat

@jenkidd - remember they need your citations! @ICTwitz: @NSRiazat @BSAPGForum I always feel cheeky to contact authors directly. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @Protohedgehog ~ particularly like conference papers as some have given me a different perspective on some of my concepts. #phdchat

@ICTwitz - @erinlpc Ooh, brilliant. Looks like a new feature! Thanks for sharing :-D #phdchat

@ICTwitz - @jenkidd Valid point. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @AmandaMichelle Do you mean choosing something you can use later? My assist. was nothing to do w/ my interests. Learned alot, tho #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @MarkRTurner ~ I'm sure you'll find Zetoc a useful resource. :-) #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @NSRiazat @Protohedgehog Many conferences have papers available online (some for free, some you can get thru library) #phdchat

@almutei - @erinlpc Kind of, one of the recommended articles I had already found and downloaded. #phdchat

@erinlpc - @ICTwitz looks like it will be useful once you have a portfolio. As a new student it isn't particularly useful as I've got nothin' #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @ICTwitz ~ BERA (British Ed Research Assocn) & BELMAS (British Education Ldershp and Mgt Society) do conferences in my field. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - #phdchat Our school now used Proquest for dissertations and they will make them searchable on Google. Dissertations are untapped resource

@NSRiazat - @ICTwitz ~ not sire where a general list of conferences would be published. Sometimes they appear on #phdchat thread. #phdchat

@sbrookswilson - @ICTwitz brilliant tip. Sadly only avail for those on Apple with iOS5 :-( #phdchat

@almutei - @NSRiazat @MarkRTurner Ooh! Just saw that Zetoc also has RSS feeds for its journals. Easier than finding it on journal site. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @erinlpc # I track down a relevant articles and search for 'similar articles' or citations. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @erinlpc ~ but it took me a while to get used to using databases - they are very 'precise' in their search terms/language #phdchat

@strictlykaren - @ICTwitz don't feel cheeky, I have done this a few times and always found the authors to be more than happy to send me their work #phdchat

@ICTwitz - @NSRiazat @MarkRTurner ~ Ooh, just spotted that Zetoc does RSS alerts. I'm still a dinosaur, like RSS alerts - Easily happy :-D #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @erinlpc @ICTwitz I wish someone had told me at beginning to find something to save & label references to access later #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - @comprof1 i'm thinking more along the lines of choosing a good partnership, what to consider in terms of advisors, etc. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @NSRiazat ~ have to remember not to allow all the 'new' info from keeping up to date to detract me from the focus of my RQ's. #phdchat

@Gtrombone - #phdchat Try to stay in touch with interdisciplinary researchers, related to your field, many things overlap

@almutei - @ICTwitz @NSRiazat @MarkRTurner I'm not the only one! :) #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Has anyone had formal database search training as part of PhD? #phdchat

@ICTwitz - @sbrookswilson Ooh, sorry #phdchat

@erinlpc - @Comprof1 @ICTwitz Yeah, I use Mendeley to track everything and annotate. Seems good so far #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Spent an afternoon with an academic librarian in my field at Uni library - they really know their stuff in terms of key authors etc #phdchat

@Comprof1 - Another good way to keep up is find authors & go to their websites. Usually have their current research & conferences. #phdchat

@strictlykaren - @NSRiazat Not as part of phd but spent time with subject librarian as need to conduct a fairly systematic approach to search #phdchat

@almutei - @erinlpc Get some articles from supervisor. Work backwards through citations, then search for new papers by important authors. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @NSRiazat @ICTwitz Best way is ask those in dept. Also, id conference papers & go to conference website. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @ICTwitz @MarkRTurner ~ excellent. :-) #phdchat

@almutei - @NSRiazat There was something way back in the beginning ... #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @NSRiazat I found it was easier to start with Google Scholar, then go to library (or online). #phdchat

@erinlpc - @almutei that's what I'm working on - I need to settle on one stream and focus on it for awhile #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - when I find a particularly relevant article I go through the bibliography with a fine tooth comb to see what they are reading #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @ICTwitz @BSAPGForum ~ Apparently they don't mind talking about their research. Guess they can only say no. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Are there any authors around tonight - how do you feel about being contacted directly about your work? #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @DrJeremySegrott @Comprof1 @ICTwitz ~ duly bookmarked. :-)n #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @SarahAlden1 I do that also. I also id journals & look thru id journals for relevant articles (using database search) #phdchat

@tressiemcphd - ... everyone cannot move freely about this country. http://t.co/CIxN7XL3 #phdchat #highered

@NSRiazat - @Comprof1 # have to say a general literature search on Google scholar has always been my starting point - then databases. #phdchat

@strictlykaren - @NSRiazat "remember not to allow all the new info from keeping up to date to detract me from the focus of my RQs" > good point #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @NSRiazat I've had some people contact. The only problem sometimes is copyright by journals. I usually give them my final draft #phdchat

@Protohedgehog - @jenkidd @ictwitz @nsriazat @bsapgforum Chances are you'll have similar interests too. Can chat about more than just the article #PhDchat

@Donna_Peach - I use http://t.co/ayHNE9wH & relevant journals feed their latest publications via email, also good place to link with researchers #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @strictlykaren ~ as @lizith said last week - academic librarians are the absolute unsung heroes of university libraries. #phdchat

@strictlykaren - @NSRiazat have been contacted a few times and always send my work out although most is freely available thro databases #phdchat

@almutei - @NSRiazat If possible, always make a preprint available. Such as through http://t.co/G8K4Gp7V (and link to it on website) #phdchat

@sbrookswilson - @strictlykaren @nsriazat - hear hear! #phdchat

@strictlykaren - @NSRiazat: "academic librarians are the absolute unsung heroes of university libraries." > absolutely, will get an acknowledgement #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @Protohedgehog @jenkidd @ictwitz @nsriazat @bsapgforum Networking is always useful. Speak to others about your research #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @almutei ~ it came a bit too early for me in the first year. I needed the database search session in Yr 2/3 mainly when writing up. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @SarahAlden1 ~ that's a great technique to unearth useful material which may otherwise have not been located. #phdchat

@ICTwitz - Sorry, was just busy following #phdchat folks :-D

@jonnymccormick - I've just updated my blog with 'Learning from a Literature Review'. #PhD #phdchat #phdadvice

@strictlykaren - Have to say, I have got many useful articles thro #phdchat folk, often journal I'd never heard of #phdchat

@jonnymccormick - I've just updated my blog with 'Learning from a Literature Review'. https://t.co/Fsnh0I4H #PhD #phdchat #phdadvice

@ICTwitz - Perhaps we should have a future session/s allowing people to talk about their individual fields? @NSRiazat ? #phdchat

@ai1sa - Ive also used librarything and digolet and http://t.co/lYVHTDRS to see the what the people i read are reading or following #phdchat

@leahmacvie - I'm late for #phdchat, what's the topic?

@jenkidd - @Protohedgehog @ictwitz @nsriazat @bsapgforum good point about shared interests. Authors also need contacts/resources to tap into #PhDchat

@SarahAlden1 - @Comprof1 yes, I do that do, usually end up with so many articles - its like a snowball effect! #phdchat

@strictlykaren - @leahmacvie Keeping up to date with research publications in your field #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @ICTwitz ~ great idea - will add to #phdchat poll for next time. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @leahmacvie How do you keep up with research/resources in your field? #phdchat

@ewel83 - For some reason writing is particularly difficult today #phdchat #dissertation #linguistics

@moorejh - #research #academia #writing #scichat #phdchat #phdadvice #edchat #science RT @sciam Scientists as writers http://t.co/H6wkGG0A

@NSRiazat - @leahmacvie - tonight #phdchat is about strategies for keeping up to date in your field. #phdchat

@leahmacvie - Thx! RT @strictlykaren: @leahmacvie Keeping up to date with research publications in your field #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - @NSRiazat yes, I always manage to find something that I feel I should have located before! (but somehow didn't find it!) #phdchat

@ICTwitz - @ewel83 Whereas procrastination is easy? ;0) #phdchat

@leahmacvie - I'm sure it's been mentioned-I use Twitter to monitor discussions in my field. It's not for every field, but mine is open learning. #phdchat

@leahmacvie - Twitter helps to link to me to blogs and experts in my field- it's a dynamic tool. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @SarahAlden1 @NSRiazat One overlooked resource are professors in at ur uni. Sometimes others diff dept have overlap research. #phdchat

@the15hfloor - I like google reader and RSS feeds from journals / research orgs / press. I also set up alert search terms on google scholar #phdchat

@leahmacvie - I'm also using Evernote to track all of the blogs and sites I come across through Twitter. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @ankleskater ~ we had it also as part of MA programme - I got best databases to use from my former uni not current one. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - Anyone have a strategy for finding hashtags in your field? This has been problem with twitter. #phdchat

@leahmacvie - Serendipity RT @sarahalden1: @NSRiazat yes, I always manage to find something that I feel I should have located before! #phdchat

@Protohedgehog - One thing we're overlooking is using your own research to attract people in your field - yell about your research to the world! #PhDchat

@Comprof1 - I also look for research websites & follow on twitter. #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - @ai1sa I have not heard of digolet, will check this out #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @Protohedgehog Where and How? #phdchat

@almutei - @the15hfloor Did you see earlier that Zetoc has RSS feeds for journals? I'll check that out soon. #phdchat

@strictlykaren - @leahmacvie I had been using delicious but have Evernote too, do you think it is better #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Keeping up to date and revisiting sections already written is important as socio-political changes occurred during life of my PhD. #phdchat

@almutei - @Comprof1 @Protohedgehog Here! #phdchat

@ai1sa - @SarahAlden1 digolet & delicious: useful for bookmarking websites, newspaper articles, also lets you search others bookmarks #phdchat

@the15hfloor - But you can't beat an appointment with your subject specialist librarian. Had some fab training from my university library @dulib #phdchat

@ICTwitz - Using ifttt . com is a good tool for automatically linking services up, should you find something of interest! #phdchat

@Protohedgehog - @Comprof1 Tweet, blog, send to people you think may be interested, conferences, use your supervisor. Endless possibilities! #PhDchat

@zakphd - @Protohedgehog this is what I was thinking how do I keep up to date when I am researching on a hidden population/ a hidden problem? #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - @leahmacvie @NSRiazat I have nightmares that during upgrade process someone will ask 'so why haven't you included article xyz' #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - @NSRiazat yes, I am looking at housing policy and the field is changing almost daily (or so it feels!) #phdchat

@NSRiazat - #phdchat (cont) http://t.co/aPTl0grA

@the15hfloor - @almutei amazing I will set one up right now. Thanks for the tip. #phdchat

@ICTwitz - @SarahAlden1 @leahmacvie @NSRiazat I'm sure that rings true with all of us! "You didn't read article x....idiot!" LOL! #phdchat

@almutei - @SarahAlden1 @leahmacvie @NSRiazat Just be honest: "I haven't seen that yet. But this sounds really interesting." #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @strictlykaren @leahmacvie - been using dropbox or just print out anything that is relevant. #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - @ai1sa thanks for the info, will have to look into it, however many resources you find, there are always more it seems! #phdchat

@leahmacvie - For me, Evernote is better because I use some of the other Evernote tools: Hello and Food. RT @strictlykaren: #phdchat

@leahmacvie - If #Google had the same thing for docs, I'd use it in a heartbeat and ditch everything else. @strictlykaren #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @zakphd @Protohedgehog always surprised @ research on topics didn't think was availableGood place to start are dissertations/thesis #phdchat

@strictlykaren - @NSRiazat @leahmacvie dropbox is great, never have problems with version control in drafts anymore #phdchat

@almutei - @NSRiazat @strictlykaren @leahmacvie Only print what you will read within the next week. Piles grow fast. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @SarahAlden1 ~ same in education - feels like it changes 'every day' in educational leadership....I write it and it's out of date. #phdchat

@the15hfloor - One last thing. I've started using http://t.co/YTnLZyx8 which is a bit like Pinterest but for articles #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @SarahAlden1 @NSRiazat Worse is when you think you have unique idea and suddenly its everywhere just as u go to present! #phdchat

@leahmacvie - Our cohort is using Google Drive to store and sort readings- I highly recommend it for storage, too RT @nsriazat: @strictlykaren #phdchat

@KL_Wheat - #phdchat - Hi all, for PDF management once the articles start flowing http://t.co/ZjRDaAgK

@strictlykaren - @suebecks @leahmacvie ah the power of social networking! We are just on weekly #phdchat just now :)

@leahmacvie - That they do! I try to put as much on my Kindle as I can! RT @almutei: @NSRiazat @strictlykaren #phdchat

@almutei - @strictlykaren @NSRiazat @leahmacvie Agreed. Dropbox saved me once or twice already. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @almutei @leahmacvie @SarahAlden1 ~ agree best to be honest and say not read that yet. Can't read everything. :-) #phdchat

@NicolaParty - PhDs and Postdocs in standardising #minoritylanguages :http://t.co/cy06eyvZ http://t.co/ECKHTvHc #linguistics #phdchat

@leahmacvie - You know Sue?!! RT @strictlykaren: @suebecks @leahmacvie ah the power of social networking! We are just on weekly #phdchat just now :)

@ndcollier - CFP: National Youth-at-Risk Conference http://t.co/ig3TxUGL | #phdchat #edchat #highered #edreform

@leahmacvie - Twitter, I love you for connecting me with friends across the pond Edinburgh @strictlykaren and Sheffield @suebecks !! #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - @NSRiazat have had to go over my literature with 'updates' so many times I have nearly given up :) #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - @Comprof1 @NSRiazat After struggling to find people with similar research interests not had that problem (yet!) #phdchat

@laurapasquini - Reading: Push for #OpenAccess to Publicly Financed Research Swells Abroad - http://t.co/eN6FNqUm #highered #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Goodness it's 8.30pm already! Where did that hour go - 8.30pm brings us to the end of #phdchat live chat for this week. #phdchat

@zakphd - @Comprof1 @Protohedgehog #phdchat struggling to find the literatures in my chosen topic. but extremely under researched topic

@chrisajbrown - @NSRiazat @ictwitz I think this is an important point. It can be hard to find conferences relevant & accessible to own work. #phdchat (cont)

@leahmacvie - No, not awkward.... no BS honest! RT @sarahalden1: @almutei @leahmacvie @NSRiazat #phdchat

@ICTwitz - A great chat tonight folks. Thanks for the ideas. A few sites to now explore. Speak soon :-D #phdchat

@strictlykaren - @suebecks @leahmacvie @strictlykaren @laurapasquini another #phdchat colleague

@leahmacvie - We are only human. We have jobs and lives and interests outside of ed! :) RT @sarahalden1: @almutei @leahmacvie @NSRiazat #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Thank you to all for valued contributions/thoughts as always - great to catch up with you all on #phdchat. Have a great week everyone. :-)

@Comprof1 - @SarahAlden1 @NSRiazat My adviser told me at one point halfway thru, no more outside resources I didn't look again until after anal #phdchat

@chrisajbrown - @NSRiazat @ictwitz conferences aren't be all & end all but will be where you find similar academics & researchers. Key networking #phdchat

@strictlykaren - @NSRiazat Thanks again for another good chat #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - @leahmacvie @almutei @NSRiazat that makes me feel better! will stop worrying so much #phdchat

@TuftsGSAS - @drosvally @noah_daniels @SaraRoseCav @dani2socks Q: How do you stay up-to-date with research in your field? #PhDChat @NSRiazat

@laurapasquini - @strictlykaren @suebecks @leahmacvie Those #phdchat colleagues are spreading like wildfire... in a good way. Great to be connected to ya'll!

@strictlykaren - @Comprof1 Good advice, as you need to keep moving through the process #phdchat

@SarahAlden1 - This was my first live #phdchat and it has been great, really informative and feel I am not alone! thanks

@Comprof1 - @zakphd @Protohedgehog That's good. What is the topic? Perhaps not available in ur field but other related field. change vocab #phdchat

@debbiefuco - Just submitted Chapter 4 (Findings) to committee! They aren't officially in session, but they said they would take a look at it. #phdchat

@debbiefuco - @SarahAlden1 That's the beauty of #phdchat

@Protohedgehog - @zakphd Nothing should be hidden in science/academia. You're using taxpayers money and they deserve to know everything #openscience #PhDchat

@Comprof1 - @SarahAlden1 @leahmacvie @almutei @NSRiazat My committee did ask me about an article I didn't read during my defense. Had others. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @SarahAlden1 ~ #phdchat thread runs 24/7 informally with the live chat on a Wednesday. Hope to see you during the week on #phdchat thread.

@debbiefuco - @NSRiazat Sorry I missed most of #phdchat today. Couldn't stop writing...which is a good thing : )

@SarahAlden1 - @NSRiazat definately, now I have had a taste I am hooked! #phdchat

@ai1sa - hooking in to methodology reading gp also been useful for me, even though Im in difft country, i get the readings :) via dropbox #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @debbiefuco @NSRiazat Congrats! That was the chapter that allowed me to take a breath. #phdchat

@laurapasquini - Like @debbiefuco I'm sorry to have missed #phdchat today too @NSRiazat - I was creating an assessment. Will check the transcripts!

@chrisajbrown - I think the difficulty of networking at conferences is also overlooked. Confidence in own work when meeting experts may be daunting #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @SarahAlden1 ~ excellent. :-) #phdchat

@Protohedgehog - @zakphd Ah, I may have misunderstood. If it's a hidden topic then even better! Scientists love the unknown :) #PhDchat

@Comprof1 - Two other sources I forgot. Be a reader for conferences and a journal. Sometimes positions available from Prof editors as assistant #phdchat

@sbrookswilson - @nsriazat thanks for coordinating a great #phdchat have a good week one and all :-)

@ai1sa - @Protohedgehog @zakphd star & strauss doi:10.1023/A:1008651105359 hav excllnt article on why some info is better not visible #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @chrisajbrown Important to get card to start communication AFTER conference. Not always conducive DURING. #phdchat

@Protohedgehog - @NSRiazat I'll storify this shortly - will nice to have a record of the conversation :) #PhDchat

@NSRiazat - @laurapasquini @debbiefuco :-) #phdchat

@ai1sa - @zakphd there is no literature in my area (use of sms/txt for counselling) #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @ai1sa @zakphd But there is related research in comm, counseling and ed psych. Right? #phdchat

@ai1sa - @Comprof1 that accounts for 30,000 word lit section re change, counselling , media studies.... #phdchat

@zakphd - @Comprof1 @zakphd @Protohedgehog sorry couldn't catch up with you as tonight is my 1st night in #phdchat. the topic is #dementia & ethnicity

@GradSchoolNinja - @amandalastoria For a doctorate in publishing - what is your dissertation project? A traditional diss. Or a publishing project? #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @Protohedgehog ~ @gawbul and @lizith archive the live conversation on the #phdchat wiki - haven't had a storify before.

@Comprof1 - @zakphd @Protohedgehog Believe it or not I just saw an article about dementia, ethnicity, & music. Link between culture & brain. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @zakphd ~ sorry my fault - use Twitterfall to make the tweets go slower during live chat to read them all. It's a bit hectic. :) #phdchat

@zakphd - @ai1sa thanks, yes interesting as they know they're having it but they don't know it is called dementia? sorry slow learning post #phdchat.

@NSRiazat - Those new to #phdchat may want to look through archived chats on the #phdchat wiki http://t.co/ObkqLQw6

@NSRiazat - #PHDCHAT: Nasima Riazat - A doctoral networking forum: the o... http://t.co/Xdr8rmM8

@Protohedgehog - @NSRiazat @gawbul @lizith I have noticed before, it's good. Will see what I can do in terms of maintaining conversation flow here #PhDchat

@jenkidd - #phdchat why not volunteer to be blogger for conferences or write reviews?

@windybayou - .RT @justinohearn: My first blog post on grad student snobbery. http://t.co/z4chHZgA #phdadvice #phdchat #gradlife

@jenkidd - #phdchat see if your institution has any funds (maybe also outside your dept?) to host seminar-u decide who is invited to speak/write cfp

@lizith - @Protohedgehog great to see you taking an initiative :) have always wanted wiki owned by #phdchat community :) @nsriazat @gawbul

@erinlpc - @richmondbridge @NGhoussoub ha! That's a start :) #stillinbeta I guess #phdchat

@langtry_girl - 'I slept like a log the night I submitted' #phdchat or #50shadesofgrey ?

@djsage86 - 10 month review doc, drafts of chapters 1 and 2 all submitted to supervisors. Holiday time #phdchat

@ARCSacademy - Now Accepting Applications for 2012 PhD Sustainability Academy. #phdchat spread the word. http://t.co/HW833Edr @IveyPhD @iveybusiness

@susieeldred - Watching "The Joneses" for research. Seriously. #phdchat

@katmduffy - Any UK PhD students have any advice regarding looking for funding to attend international conferences? #phdchat

@dbaptista - A must read - First published personal account of an entire PhD experience http://t.co/qxlwD8c2 #PhDchat #PhDelta #fb

@amandalastoria - @GradSchoolNinja traditional diss for PhD in publishing. i'm kinda 1st person to do it so supervisors & i tailored program to fit. #phdchat

@gmsainz - @Carhusa83 nete a redes sociales en twitter que dan consejos y tips como #phdchat o #phdadvice .

@GradSchoolNinja - @amandalastoria Got it, so are you going to research and write about the history of the publication of Alice in Wonderland? #phdchat

@amandalastoria - @GradSchoolNinja contemp editions of #wonderland. looking at how design and production values impact market for & meaning of text. #phdchat

@phenatypical - alternative bingo card! #phdchat RT @BostonJoan: #ASA2012 BINGO FOR GRAD STUDENTS: http://t.co/niOqlnPi #sociology #ASAbingo

@MissMachiine - There's now a little website up and running for @ForensicJewelry - take a wee look! http://t.co/7pTE9yNn #PhDChat

@amandalastoria - @GradSchoolNinja victorian publishing history of #wonderland is a comp, though. #phdchat

@ForensicJewelry - Our website is now up and running! Why not have a little peek? http://t.co/ijEqPe58 #PhDChat

@GradSchoolNinja - @amandalastoria That's cool! I did some research on the hist of publications of the Arabian Nights - was interesting stuff #phdchat

@GradSchoolNinja - @amandalastoria:contemp editions of #wonderland. looking at how design and production values impact market for & meaning of text. #phdchat

@ArtandPerfume - Learning how to write an academic book http://t.co/nrWjLMVC #phdadvice #phdchat #academia @thesiswhisperer

@HelenCoverdale - @daciatakesnote @HanneEriksen have u tried drawing pictures? Flowcharts r not quite 1by1, but helps me figure out idea-order #phdchat #acwri

@Mabel_XYX - Marriage vs a phd #phdchat : quite funny! http://t.co/lOi8v73w

@yusunbin - Bad academics: "they simultaneously published nearly identical papers in four different journals" http://t.co/XEDyB1eP #plagiarism #phdchat

@MetaMikeBiggs - @zaana more tweets and chat on #phd and #phdchat please !

@BronwynHinz - Dreamt about tied grants and walking up stairs last night. Too much PhD? #phdchat

@Donna_Peach - @SarahAlden1 Hi Sarah, same here, its impossible to stay on top of all social media outlets #phdchat

@jonnymccormick - I've just updated my blog 'Learnings from a Literature Review' - check it out. https://t.co/Fsnh0I4H #PhD #phdchat

@drsimmo - This was written in 1999; is it still relevant now? Has anything changed? "Don't Become a Scientist!" http://t.co/jJsIPYWG #ECRchat #phdchat

@short_devil - 46 days till #PhD submission: Hmmmm procrastination and youtube are not a good combo. #phdchat Almost done with another chapter though :D

@qui_oui - What does it take to get to grad school & do well there? "Bursting a bubble": http://t.co/mmRZ9W0H #PhDchat from the archive at SpecDic

@sarahvannier - Somedays I write & think "I'm good at this. I can do this." Other days I want to run off & join the circus. Today has been both. #PhDchat

@LBIndustrie - My advice to #PhD #writers #authors Part 2: 6)Don't lose your identity 7)Be creative 8)Love the journey 9)Share any probs #PhDChat @PhDForum

@salvarez28 - @AnnetteHenryRD I use @zotero for notes. That way no matter where I am I can access my notes electronically #phdchat

@salvarez28 - Grad Student Bingo, the newest game on the block. Must be next to Grad Student Barbie! http://t.co/EjIuD80A #phdchat #twitterstorians

@LBIndustrie - My #Writer #author #script #PhD peeps you're not alonethere's a huge creative community all over the world to lift you up#PhDChat@PhDForum

@Elite_Research - Elite Research Explains Online Surveys http://t.co/VnPngtqZ #highered #datacollection #phdchat

@LehighUWriting - Attention #Lehigh grad students: we read EVERYTHING! grant proposals? Diss chapters? Abstracts? Conference papers? WE LOVE IT! #phdchat

@jacquietran - forgot that i won the people's choice award for my 3 min thesis presentation mths ago! #goodday #yam #phdchat http://t.co/EXEH7REw

@hypnotyst - Ok, now I'm really going to do work for the next 25 mins. really. #pomodoro #phdchat

@pedepede2 - My list of digital tools for research students/supervisors + personal profile of use. What are your faves? http://t.co/hDmmd8fj #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - What is the best way to deal with agressive academics? http://t.co/OCwRABdz #phdchat #phdadvice

@trentmkays - Challenge to a duel? RT @thesiswhisperer: What is the best way to deal with agressive academics? http://t.co/8scAWv4X #phdchat #phdadvice

@rmit_csit - Abhi came from India to study in Melbourne. He loved it, he stayed http://t.co/rh6SGbMz #HigherEd #India #Internationalstudy #ictev #phdchat

@TeachGuz - great post RT @thesiswhisperer What is the best way to deal w/aggressive academics? http://t.co/zqaecNmm #phdchat

@ScottTimcke - @smsaideman on job talk suggestions, http://t.co/1uooBuB9 #PhDChat

@jnosketurner - That love/ hate feeling you get when you find a very "useful" (read "what's the point of my project now!?") research paper #phdchat

@smsaideman - @ScottTimcke thanks. I should have followed them myself a few times #PhDChat

@hypnotyst - Keep rewriting paragraphs instead of finishing my citations. It's making the work much better, but still. #phdchat #twitterstorians

@snarkyphd - Excellent post. RT @thesiswhisperer: What is the best way to deal with agressive academics? http://t.co/t78KTxGM #phdchat #ECRchat

@DrJMLewis - Ignore them! @trentmkays RT @thesiswhisperer What is the best way to deal with agressive academics?http://t.co/2jghQ7vk #phdchat #phdadvice

@annaramona - Okay #phdchat community, what are your thoughts about Zotero as a way to manage references? use it with endnote? papers 2? or instead?

@catspyjamasnz - Academic Arrogance http://t.co/3WCjeCVT by @thesiswhisperer - tx for insights. have seen "blood in the water" happen too often... #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - this is a thing? hmmm... maybe #phdchat should do? RT @myexpresslane: I am late to the 30 day writing challenge. I'm starting mine today.

@yusunbin - Why Im Staying in Academia from @simplystats http://t.co/V3IVOCSD #phdchat #ecrchat

@PJ_Weatherill - Article published! Visual mapping as a data collection tool.Qualitative Social Work 11,(4)DOI: 10.1177/1473325010396602 pp 431-444 #phdchat

@jacquietran - Insightful. Gr8 advice #yam MT @thesiswhisperer What's the best way to deal w/ agressive academics? http://t.co/DWqN3Ybb #phdchat #phdadvice

@thesiswhisperer - What is the best way to deal with agressive academics? http://t.co/88PHIx2D #phdchat #phdadvice

@marksmithers - @thesiswhisperer I like to play with their tiny minds by telling them that MOOCS are going to put them out of a job #phdchat #phdadvice

@Dr_Margrit - Gd response to pervasive problem MT @thesiswhisperer: What is the best way to deal with agressive academics? http://t.co/hGohaxjQ #phdchat

@AnujaCabraal - I could relate to this: RT @thesiswhisperer What is the best way to deal with agressive academics? http://t.co/JexpuBhc #phdchat #phdadvice

@jacquietran - LOL! MT @marksmithers: @thesiswhisperer I like to play w/ their tiny minds by telling them that MOOCS will put them out of a job #phdchat

@ErinLynnAus - Looking for postgrad/honours students for research assistant work....... contact me directly #phd #phdchat

@RMITsgr - A great new blog by @Thesiswhisperer. What is the best way to deal with agressive academics? http://t.co/UjP0Xpar #phdchat #phdadvice

@sarahthesheepu - If u are 1 of my many #phdchat or #ECRchat followers & remember ur a levels esp if results weren't great tweet abt it today show u succeeded

@jswann - @sarahthesheepu #phdchat my A level results were awful. Only got As after I left exams behind. Just submitted #phd

@deray28 - "@Oatmeal: Let's Build a GODDAMN Museum (for Tesla) | http://t.co/SnRtsQnc" #PhDchat #science #astronomy #NASA #astronomy #microbiology

@AnujaCabraal - My new blog post about research methods course content http://t.co/TwoUeqx5 (Ping @tseenkhoo @thesiswhisperer) #ecrchat #phdchat

@ResearchEx - Best of our blogs: Ask Aunt Rex - Public speaking http://t.co/L8UJqEIv #phd #phdchat #phdadvice #acwri #ecrchat #phdpostdoc #academia

@jnosketurner - More depressingly good finds this arvo. Great timing (not!) 6 days til confirmation. Chocolate required NOW #phdchat #HDRdungeon

@lizith - @sarahthesheepu results day 1968 saw me with DDEE. 12 mths work got uncond uni offer which led to senior mgmt in vol sect via MSc #phdchat

@lizith - @sarahthesheepu so important to know A level isn't end, but point on journey, with lots of options & by-ways ahead #phdchat

@JoTayl0r0 - And, email from a conference committee involving a ! And a :-) okay or not? Your thoughts #acwri #phdchat

@lizith - @sarahthesheepu PhD and/or work demand different skillsets from just being good at exams - slow & steady can win race #phdchat

@raj087 - "...Every day you see one more card/ You take it on faith, you take it to the heart/ The waiting is the hardest part.." #totallimbo #phdchat

@EmmaReid01 - Good luck to everyone presenting at CCT today at Oxford @katmduffy @acontradiction1 Leighanne, KAthy et al @StrathBusiness. #phdchat

@kathleenmcil - I've got meetings in Oxford tomorrow afternoon - is there anywhere nice to work with wifi in the morning? #twitterstorians #phdchat

@Cattleinrivers - Just a thought - how many PhD's are completed (submitted, viva'd, corrected) within three years? #phdchat

@ThomsonPat - related post http://t.co/JQHDcnnd @thesiswhisperer: the best way 2 deal with agressive academics http://t.co/YGOVw2es #phdchat # phdadvice

@KL_Wheat - "Don't Become a Scientist!" http://t.co/77QvnMB1 via @drsimmo #ECRchat #phdchat #phdelta

@Culture_Ada - good piece RT @thesiswhisperer: What is the best way to deal with agressive academics? http://t.co/ydYq9nVW #phdchat #phdadvice

@lizith - Today I am making another attempt at writing my findings chapters - wish me luck #phdchat

@gawbul - @lizith Good luck :) #phdchat


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