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'Methodology: a general discussion around quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods'


#phdchat tweet log - 3rd October 2012


@NSRiazat - Welcome to #phdchat the topic tonight is 'methodology: a general discussion around quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods' #PhD

@evalantsoght - @NSRiazat #phdchat I'll be following from a distance, still have a few things to finish

@evalantsoght - @NSRiazat #phdchat I've done experiments on concrete - so everything is quantitative and number crunching

@lizith - @NSRiazat I'm around - my work is all qual, but happy to chat #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - Anyone else using mixed methods? #phdchat

@sherazbhatti - @profserious Good read! #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Topic for #phdchat tonight is 'methodology: a general discussion around quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research'. #PhD

@ai1sa - I'm fully qual (Actor-network theory) #phdchat

@redinoztweets - @NSRiazat I keep reading things about how many qual. Interviews are enough but how many did you do and what discipline are you in? #phdchat.

@NSRiazat - @lizith ~ Hi Liz - hope all going well. Mine is qualitative too. :-) #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @myrsearch ~ Hi - please follow and use the #phdchat hashtag in your responses to be included in the chat tonight. #phdchat

@sherazbhatti - Organize your research http://t.co/09GyPKFK #phdchat

@redinoztweets - @LBA_OX12 I'm doing interviews + media analysis, both largely qualitative. What is your mix? #phdchat

@redinoztweets - @LBA_OX12 @NSRiazat how much space in your thesis have you allocated to each method? 50/50? #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - @redinoztweets QUAL + quan - interviews and survey What's your research philosophy starting point? #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - @redinoztweets I haven't worked that out yet - I'm just applying for ethics approval #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @redinoztweets ~ discipline is educational leadership but needed to do interviews in some depth. #phdchat

@lizith - @redinoztweets @nsriazat I did 25 interviews (between 40 mins and 2 hours each) - disability studies is closest discipline :) #phdchat

@redinoztweets - @LBA_OX12 pretty screwed up really, phenomenological, feminist, and a bit auto ethnography, or something like that, keeps changing #phdchat.

@lizith - @redinoztweets @lba_ox12 @nsriazat not sure it works like that - I've a mix of systems (1 chap & interviews (3 chaps) #phdchat

@lizith - @redinoztweets how far are you into your phd? @lba_ox12 #phdchat

@lizith - @NSRiazat things are pretty good - see today's blog http://t.co/1H8Ccadr #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - @lizith Just starting 2nd yr as part-timer. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @LBA_OX12 ~ not doing mixed methods but have been reading a great book by David Plowright on mixed methods. #phdchat

@ai1sa - i did 23 interviews, and analysed >6000 text messages #phdchat

@lizith - @redinoztweets worth asking her how many she is looking for and why - some people seem to work with magic numbers #phdchat

@ai1sa - i stopped looking for data when i had a breadth of the network covered (number less important than breadth for my study) #phdchat

@Paully232000 - . @sherazbhatti I need some way of organising my research just started. Thanks #phdchat

@lizith - @redinoztweets can you use hashtag please - otherwise we can't pick up your tweets for archive #phdchat

@ai1sa - ias loking at change, i also stopped when the shift had become relatively stable #phdchat

@redinoztweets - @lizith she was thinking 50+ because of her background, luckily my 2nd supervisor has defended me. Don't plan to do any more now. #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - Is anybody doing just quan? #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - I've been advised that I need 20 - 30 interviews - so I'm aiming for 25 including pilot study #phdchat

@sherazbhatti - @Paully232000 great, download the Citelighter toolbar and let me know if you need any add'l help! #phdchat

@ai1sa - mixed methods desirable to the uni because it allows more breadth that can be offered in post doc life. But risk is contradictions #phdchat

@lizith - @LBA_OX12 @evalantsoght said she was and @srossmktg I think is quant - there are prob others #phdchat

@redinoztweets - @lizith mine is all spread across 3 thematic analysis chapters but hoping the split will end up close to 50/50 within the chapters. #phdchat

@lizith - @redinoztweets it can be difficult when sup has expectations - I had problems with my systems methodology with one of mine #phdchat

@srossmktg - @lizith Yeah, I do mostly quant. (Sorry, had advisor meeting, now Skype interview, missing #phdchat :( ) @LBA_OX12 @evalantsoght

@evalantsoght - @lizith @LBA_OX12 @srossmktg #phdchat indeed, just quan here - I tested concrete specimens, then analyzed results over and over

@lizith - @srossmktg good to see you - if only briefly :) #phdchat

@alrightPET - I did a PhD in Quantitative Positron Emission Tomography. For the quantitation, I concluded: if you can't be right, be consistent. #phdchat

@Paully232000 - .@sherazbhatti will do thanks #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - What's everyone's research philosophy /approach. I'm finding that I'm taking a pragmatic approach #phdchat

@sherazbhatti - @Paully232000 would love any feedback! #phdchat

@redinoztweets - @ai1sa also risk of oversimplification due to too much data to analyse and not enough time. Is this where triangulation comes in? #phdchat.

@FionaCosson - The Vitae website is horrid - very difficult to navigate, terrible search engine. Only want some REF info #loveHE #phdchat

@strictlykaren - @LBA_OX12 see article, how many interviews are enough http://t.co/vuNvRRnh I also did 25 #phdchat

@ai1sa - @redinoztweets i agree risk of going to shallow on explaining multi methods and on the analysis with mixed methods #phdchat

@DrNostromo - @LBA_OX12 When it comes to research what other approach is there? #PHDChat

@strictlykaren - @LBA_OX12 Used phenomenology & used interpretative phenomenological analysis @ analysis stage, provided good discipline & structure #phdchat

@ai1sa - I did not use triangulation, my methodology allows for the partiality (bias + ltd experience/view) of a fully situated researcher #phdchat

@Paully232000 - #phdchat anyone else using action research

@LBA_OX12 - @DrNostromo Agree completely..... #phdchat

@redinoztweets - @ai1sa i'll have to remember that, one of my outcomes is a generational shift in attitudes to/definitions of femininity #phdchat

@ai1sa - @redinoztweets sounds great study!! #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - @ai1sa So what methodology are you using? #phdchat

@chrisajbrown - My PhD started solely with aim of quant analysis. But nature of topic and changes has effectively required interviews too. #phdchat

@ai1sa - @LBA_OX12 am using actor-network theory (i get to b an actor in the network also) my experience neither > nor < impt than any other #phdchat

@chrisajbrown - Is anyone else employing methods perhaps outside their comfort zone? - quant instead of qual for example. #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - #phdchat 4 years into prof doc - but thinking on giving up! really struggling to get balance with ft work and family

@DrNostromo - @LBA_OX12 Think this is one of the things doing hands on research teaches you, if something doesn't work try a different approach #PHDChat.

@ai1sa - @peoplegogy yes, multiple data sources works 4 me but differences important also... as arguing experience of reality is multiple #phdchat

@lizith - @Judiebbrell you're too far in to give up! Can you intermit? I've just had a few months off - really helpful http://t.co/1H8Ccadr #phdchat

@ai1sa - @Judiebbrell i am just completing 8th yr part time. Life was very full at times. #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - @lizith #phdchat not sure - seeing supervisor on Friday will chat then about it. Just feel worn out with trying to juggle

@LBA_OX12 - How did you work out which research philosophy/approach 2 use I decidedwhen I my research questions led 2 methods 2 use #phdchat

@chrisajbrown - @LBA_OX12 I've now combined quant 2ndry data & qual interviews. Kind of out of need for my theoretical approach which has developed #phdchat

@ai1sa - @peoplegogy sounds like a large data capture, what method/s are you using? #phdchat

@lizith - @Judiebbrell Let's hope supervisor is sympathetic - everybody's circs are different and some of us need a bit of space #phdchat

@redinoztweets - @chrisajbrown you mean like face to fact interviews.... maybe that's why I have so few of them ;). And now I have to analysis them #phdchat.

@ai1sa - @LBA_OX12 my question led to the method- so did my supervisor... #phdchat

@evalantsoght - @Judiebbrell @lizith wishing you all the best, hope you'll find a good balance and rediscover the joy in all of this #phdchat

@SueFolley - @Judiebbrell I know how you feel - I have done 5 years part time, work full time and have 3 kids but have now submitted.. #phdchat

@lizith - @LBA_OX12 that's the qn I keep dodging - I haven't a clue what my philosophy is! #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - @lizith I hope so but almost gave up 18 months ago so not sure she will support me as been struggling for a while #phdchat

@SueFolley - @Judiebbrell could you take a short break from it to regroup and give it some thought before making a decision? #phdchat

@chrisajbrown - @redinoztweets for me its 2ndry data analysis. Done before but not in such depth. More comfortable now introducing interviews too. #phdchat

@lizith - @Judiebbrell no harm in asking. Is your work something you could come back to if you chose to stop at moment? #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - @SueFolley Gives me a bit of hope - got 4 kids and busy ft job. Need to get motivated #phdchat

@chrisajbrown - @redinoztweets Interviews can be hard to sort out to be fair...and the transcribing...endless! Are you using Nvivo? #phdchat

@lizith - could folk remember we need the hashtag #phdchat in order to capture tweets for archive - thanks!

@redinoztweets - @Judiebbrell agree, take leave to regroup, I went through a tough stage around 2 years FTE when I wondered if it would ever end #phdchat.+

@ai1sa - @peoplegogy yes that would match what you are doing with the data collect #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - @evalantsoght @lizith think I am so disspointed that I can't spend the time to enjoy the oppertunity #phdchat

@lizith - for any newcomers, we archive the Wed chats on http://t.co/Zhn5ul4a - do take a look! #phdchat

@SueFolley - @Judiebbrell how much progress have you made? It seems a shame to lose that - but I do understand, it can be difficult :) #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - Anyone else using or going 2 use Dedoose - like me? #phdchat

@ai1sa - @Judiebbrell yes it can be a struggle feeling neither family life, work life nor study life are getting what is needed #phdchat

@redinoztweets - @Judiebbrell +now I have 6 months PT to go, it's 5.30am and despite the 2 yo on my lap, I'm all fired up about the PhD again. #phdchat.

@Judiebbrell - @redinoztweets #phdchat nice to know you got through it

@srossmktg - @evalantsoght @lizith @LBA_OX12 Were there any specific quant questions? I do mostly experimental and psychometric survey work. #phdchat

@kraontheroads - ever had the idea of writing your thesis at beautiful spots? http://t.co/3L6ROF3u #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - @SueFolley its a Prof Doc so done 2 years taught, had my interim evaluation now just need to do the actual study - oh and write up! #phdchat

@LBA_OX12 - Using quan to explore /validate findings from qual phase #phdchat

@strictlykaren - @Judiebbrell I have had 2 breaks, mat leave & break for personal circs,although its prolonged phd I think it & me are better for it #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - @redinoztweets Did that with my MSc baby was 15 months and was an early riser - best time to study lol #phdchat

@srossmktg - @LBA_OX12 How are you using it? #phdchat

@SueFolley - @Judiebbrell Mine is an EdD. Then I would ask if you can suspend for a year whilst you give it some thought.... #phdchat

@redinoztweets - @SueFolley @Judiebbrell so it can be done Sue? When I didn't think I could do it, my supervisor convinced me she did #endisinsight #phdchat.

@LBA_OX12 - @srossmktg survey based on issues arising from interviews #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - @SueFolley its certainly something I will ask about on Friday #phdchat

@SueFolley - @redinoztweets absolutely!! just keep plodding - you WILL get there! At times you think you won't but you will :) #endisinsight #phdchat

@SueFolley - @Judiebbrell gteat -at our Uni we can take up to 7 years part time and suspend for 2 periods of 1 year if necessary :) #phdchat

@lizith - my supper has just walked through door (courtesy DH) - I'm off. thanks for chat! #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - @SueFolley will have a look at our regulations see if I can take a break - but worried that funing from work wouldn't restart #phdchat

@NSRiazat - #phdchat - 8.30pm brings us to end of live chat for this week. Apologies - had a lot of work to do tonight. Will catch up thread later on.

@SueFolley - @Judiebbrell yes worth a check. Or else could you take longer to do it to take the pressure off? Just explore your options :) #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - @SueFolley Thanks will do #phdchat

@laura_jarvis - @chrisajbrown I'm dabbling with visual methodology and 'walkabouts' capturing views with live visual prompts #phdchat

@ai1sa - @laura_jarvis i have a little visual ethnography going on in my research also #phdchat

@chrisajbrown - @laura_jarvis quite the contrast to my secondary data analysis & interviews planned. I like seeing the difference & initiative used #phdchat

@redinoztweets - @Judiebbrell @SueFolley Take a short break guilt free with a fixed end date and arrange to meet your supervisor the day you return #phdchat.

@Judiebbrell - @redinoztweets @SueFolley think if i could negotiate a block of time from work would get ethics forms done. would feel better #phdchat

@laura_jarvis - @chrisajbrown if interested read Les Back etc @SociologyGold some excellent visual res there. Also Emmel @ leedsuni&Rose @ openuni #phdchat

@redinoztweets - @NSRiazat Is there a list somewhere of what people are researching? Or can we do a twitter your topic in 140 challenge? #PhDChat

@Judiebbrell - @redinoztweets @SueFolley also worried about telling supervisor I am struggling again!!! feel an idiot! #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - @redinoztweets @NSRiazat Good idea #phdchat

@SueFolley - @Judiebbrell Don't feel bad. I think honesty is the best policy. Doing a doctorate is tough, especially with a job & kids to juggle #phdchat

@ai1sa - @Judiebbrell life happens, u r not an idiot, u just hav a full life #phdchat

@ai1sa - @redinoztweets mine: becoming textually active; change & the use of emergent technologies in a counselling helpline (Youthline, NZ) #phdchat

@PhDForum - @ConstanceIloh @AlexMWilliams_ So pleased you have made a connection its just what we're here for #phdforum #phdchat #ecrchat #emchat

@Judiebbrell - @ai1sa Thanks just need to take stock and get on with it! feeling sorry for my self tonight - kids playng up and work tough #phdchat

@Judiebbrell - @SueFolley Thanks for your kind words #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - Live #PhDchat / Webinar with @litreviewhq tonight instead of standard Australian #phdchat to join in, read this: http://t.co/5Luj9naK Pls RT

@redinoztweets - @Judiebbrell think about how you frame it, time to regroup, planning time, hopefully with soon it will stop feeling like a struggle #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @redinoztweets - please do have a twitter challenge on topic in 140 :) but think people have put it on #phdchat wiki #PhDChat

@NSRiazat - @lizith - promise to read blog over weekend - great to hear things good on PhD front. :) #phdchat

@neilgmcpherson - @GeraldineClark7 @LynneStobbart: @bsa @MedSoconline Should students publish from their PhDs before completion? #phdadvice #phdchat

@DrSustainable - Agree 'Universities and social media: Academics need to be bold in use of social media' http://t.co/e28SrOCO #ecrchat #phdchat #phdadvice

@burnyourbones - Interesting stuff on how to deal with sexism when teaching. http://t.co/U4r8aujk #phdchat #academia #teaching

@PhDForum - @peoplegogy @MyDoctorate @Impressionist6 You'll feel super motivated before you know it & we're here to share the ups & downs :-) #phdchat

@PhDForum - @AnnaFMackenzie We are so lucky to have so many followers with great tweets to share :-) #phdforum #phdchat #ecrchat #acwri

@AmandaMichelle - hey #phdchat #kindle readers: how do you deal with books that don't have TOC, page #s, or ch list?

@PhDForum - @AmandaMichelle We will then wait very patiently until you have time but keep us posted :-) #happyshopping #phdchat

@PhDForum - @Impressionist6 @peoplegogy @MyDoctorate We know you are Jen, you're on a fabulous journey - keep us posted on your experiences #phdchat

@short_devil - Seriously, this cold is really starting to get annoying :( #phdchat #phd #thesis #deadline

@Impressionist6 - @PhDForum Will do! Thanks! #phdchat

@SystemsFunking - @short_devil Can I suggest a hot toddy solution http://t.co/r36oOawu #phdchat

@AmandaMichelle - Organization of American States Academic #Scholarship Program: Maestras del ITESM #phdchat - Scholarships... http://t.co/bBpobYMu

@dbaptista - Why you should and should not date a scientist. http://t.co/X09WlPNO #ecrchat #PhDchat #fb

@JacquelynGill - @PlanktonMath #phd2013 is for folks who are defending in 2013, so maybe not the best? Maybe #phdchat? Or #phdjobs (vs #ttjobs and #ecojobs)

@PlanktonMath - @JacquelynGill #phdchat is a bit too much for people doing one. Too much for an undergrad to sift through.

@SystemsFunking - @short_devil: Ooooo I like the look of that! :D Thank you :) NP, Anything I can do to keep the #phdchat peeps going :p

@gingerly_onward - What's a MOOC and why might it benefit you to know? http://t.co/OVdwSOXF #PhDchat #ECRchat

@litreviewhq - @thesiswhisperer I'm looking forward to it, less than 12 hours to go #PhDchat http://t.co/dBzWbqwL


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