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Formally and informally publishing 7th Nov 2012 (redirected from Formally and Informally Publishing)

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'All aspects of formally & informally publishing - book chapters/journals/conferences/blogging etc'


#phdchat tweet log - 7th November 2012


@NSRiazat - Welcome to #phdchat - topic tonight 'all aspects of formally & informally publishing - book chapters/journals/conferences/blogging etc' #PhD

@NSRiazat - Talking of publishing - I need to add more to blog. Concentrating more on writing up chapters at the moment. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - What point during doctoral studies do we start to think about publishing work to wider audience? Early on? Middle or near the end? #phdchat

@NSRiazat - How do we make the decision WHERE to publish our work - is this more as opportunities for publishing arise or 'planned publishing'? #phdchat

@blalockmoore - In one of my depts. I was told I should be publishing in my second year and I was already in my fourth year in my other program! #phdchat

@blalockmoore - But I took the approach of doing it when I had finished work & finding the best fit for the work and audience. #phdchat

@miss_mcinerney - @NSRiazat I'm thinking right from the outset and have put together lists of trade magazines/conferences etc. #phdchat

@lizith - @NSRiazat on my original topic, I had journal article, book chap, HEA workshop in first year, but then that went belly up :( #phdchat

@lizith - @NSRiazat never got my act together in same way on actual topic - now just frantically trying to finish writing and editing thesis #phdchat

@lizith - @NSRiazat would be good if had published work to cite, but I don't #phdchat

@lizith - @miss_mcinerney that sounds the way to go! @nsriazat #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @lizith ~ same - prioritising writing up chapters and editing and then will think about publishing thesis findings. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @miss_mcinerney ~ that sounds like a good plan. Wish I had done more of that early on. :-) #phdchat

@NSRiazat - Is anyone doing some informal publishing in blogs/wikis etc alongside or leaving this for the time being? #phdchat

@lizith - @NSRiazat my blog tends to look more at #phd experience than my research, but did use wiki during research #phdchat

@qui_oui - @NSRiazat choosing where to send papers, when it's academic journals, I find that's the hardest part. #PhDchat

@miss_mcinerney - @lizith @NSRiazat It helps having a journalist husband a copy of The Writer's & Artist's Yearbook" sitting around the house #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @lizith ~ I'm trying not to publish too much on my blog and waiting until have published elsewhere. #phdchat

@MarkRTurner - Just finished first conference abstract. I didn't realise how hard it was to talk about research in such a small word count. Tips? #phdchat

@MWilson_History - @Nadine_Muller Maybe jobs outside academia - with skills & PhDs? #phdadvice #phdchat

@lizith - @miss_mcinerney @nsriazat that sounds really handy :) #phdchat

@ahm531 - @NSRiazat I've been thinking of starting to blog about my research work. But I don't how to start! #PhDchat

@andienevitt - I'm having a postmodern fan/academic Twitter identity/ethics crisis lately. How do you negotiate yours? #fanstudies #PhDchat

@NSRiazat - @MarkRTurner ~ anyone who knows me will confirm that I 'don't work well with word counts' haha. Always a battle to condense. #phdchat

@blalockmoore - @ahm531 @NSRiazat I always felt like I should too. Now that I'm almost done, I wish I had. Maybe just start! #phdchat

@explorstyle - Do people think of publishing as a matter of research that's ready to share or of #acwri that's capable of relating that research? #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @christine_phd ~ yes agreed - so taking cautious viewpoint and holding back for the time being. #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @Glen_Dhu ~ yes agree - have heard that on #phdchat a few times. People wary of publishing informally via blogs. #phdchat

@MWilson_History - @NSRiazat I do a blog (am PhD student) but haven't blogged recently. @ahm531 I just jumped in & did it - no training etc. #phdchat

@MarkRTurner - @lizgloyn Hi Liz, thank you for this, I will certainly look it over now :) #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @ahm531 ~ think a lot of people blog about their experiences as a researcher as opposed to the research itself. Anyone? #phdchat

@qui_oui - @ahm531 Easy, just set up a Blogger page (or something) and start ;-) That's what I did... #PhDchat [blog here http://t.co/CvjG3jNe]

@martin_eve - @NSRiazat may be discipline specific, but as soon as you have something with which you're happy is my take. #phdchat

@elebelfiore - @MarkRTurner I'd recommend this http://t.co/DppidCYy by @ThomsonPat -advice on what she calls "tiny text" is superb in my view #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @ahm531 ~ I just started trying out blogging and ended up publishing a few things in it very early on. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - Sorry I'm coming in late. Just reviewed first article NOT to be published. Make sure 1st and foremost research is ready. #phdchat

@ahm531 - I think blogging can help arranging your thoughts and optimizing your reasearch work through online discussions #PhDchat

@MarkRTurner - @elebelfiore Thanks very much Elanora......Christmas is coming, I will put it on my list! #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @MarkRTurner ~ very much so - but have to say my edited drafts do read better once I have taken all the extra stuff out. :-) #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @NSRiazat @ahm531 I found it useful to put up drafts of my research Memo writing in grounded research publicly http://t.co/beFxqQIo #phdchat

@rglweiner - All of technology in the world simply cannot replace my #oldschool pen & paper to do list. #edtech #phdchat

@Comprof1 - My problem is I was very prolific at beginning,now I have Phd just seem paralleled. One prof just told me it took her 1 yr to pub. #phdchat

@ahm531 - @NSRiazat How safe is it to publish your results or research ideas on a blog you own? #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @Comprof1 Oops, paralyzed, not paralleled! #phdchat

@deray28 - Finally! #phdchat #phdjourney #phd http://t.co/IOADnm28

@ThomsonPat - @elebelfiore Thankyou muchly. I do love a tiny text. #Phdchat

@lizith - @ahm531 what do you mean by safe? @nsriazat #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @ahm531 @NSRiazat In my case very. I got very good feedback and final draft was really very different #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @ahm531 ~ blogging also a great way to get informal feedback on writing colleagues. #phdchat

@explorstyle - @NSRiazat Informal publishing leads to an #acwri practice that is frequent and flexible (but that doesn't address the drawbacks). #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - Good article on academic perfectionism http://t.co/AYkcheNQ via @zite #phdchat

@srossmktg - Hey all, late... what's the topic? #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @ahm531 ~ guess you could perhaps limit access to blog until you have finished thesis - concerns about copying and copyright etc? #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @NSRiazat @ahm531 Do you mean finding possible coresearchers? #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @srossmktg writing for publishing #phdchat

@andienevitt - think I'm waiting for a push from my sups to start publishing. Thought of blogging, but I don't think I'd be able to update enough #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @NSRiazat @ahm531 I may be wrong, but I think if you put something at the bottom claiming ownership, others must cite you. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @andienevitt Do they have coauthor opportunities for you? #phdchat

@lizith - @Comprof1 @nsriazat @ahm531 blogs are copyright material as much as any other publishing - & equally open to plagiarism #phdchat

@AshJones26 - #PhDchat I got told to concentrate as much as possible on getting data,publishing during PhD is a bonus, it can always be done after

@miss_mcinerney - @Comprof1 @NSRiazat @ahm531 I recently saw a journal that said it wouldn't publish article if you've put any findings on a blog #phdchat

@miss_mcinerney - @NSRiazat @ahm531 You can use the Creative Commons Licencing footers to good effect.They're simple to use: http://t.co/kLjrsXzO #phdchat

@miss_mcinerney - @andienevitt Why wait? #phdchat

@lizith - @miss_mcinerney @comprof1 @nsriazat @ahm531 which journal/publisher was that? #phdchat

@andienevitt - @Comprof1 Not that I know of, but we have fairly different research interests because I'm cross disciplinary #phdchat

@NSRiazat - @AshJones26 ~ enough tasks to be getting on with at the moment so leaving publishing untll after viva. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @miss_mcinerney @NSRiazat @ahm531 Then go back in the data and rework it so you have new findings building on blog #phdchat

@miss_mcinerney - @NSRiazat @MarkRTurner A trick: do a search on the word 'to' and shorten so it doesn't use it anymore. Surprisingly effective! #phdchat

@ThomsonPat - In many fields you have to publish during phd if you are after postdoc funding. Of course some do phd by publication. #Phdchat

@Comprof1 - @andienevitt I coauthored article on online research methods, but part of my research, but now my names out there. #phdchat

@MarkRTurner - @miss_mcinerney @NSRiazat Yes! Also works with "and" surprising how often we use it without noticing. #phdchat

@srossmktg - Writing for publishing? That's essentially what people in my field are doing. It's why we went to multi-essay format. #phdchat

@martin_eve - @lizith @Comprof1 @NSRiazat @ahm531 #phdchat also, if you blog, you're protecting against a scoop in some ways. You published first.

@Comprof1 - @MarkRTurner Start with conclusion. Abstract closer to conclusion than intro. Find top 3 ideas important in your paper. #phdchat

@miss_mcinerney - @MarkRTurner PhDComics Abstract MadLibs? http://t.co/cwQBDgig #phdchat

@andienevitt - @Comprof1 something to think about then. Still feels early days for me though, in full-time terms I'm only 6-7mths in #phdchat

@joannafrye - Your thoughts? --> Benefits & limits of grad student twitter chats | http://t.co/24xB51lB via @mzinshteyn #highered #gradchat #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @Comprof1 @andienevitt Having a tough time typing today! Research methods NOT part of my research and topic totally different. #phdchat

@srossmktg - @martin_eve Depends. If you blog, you may have seeded the idea--can't protect a scoop in execution. #phdchat

@MarkRTurner - @miss_mcinerney haha, I hate reading PhD comics......Just to true to life now! That one especially....#phdchat

@Comprof1 - @andienevitt @Comprof1 Perfect time to start. You'll be final name, but see what's needed to publish. By time end, have experience #phdchat

@ThomsonPat - I think blogging about processes and decisions could help in final text and viva. Why this method, why this sample, why this theory #Phdchat

@martin_eve - @srossmktg #phdchat yep, I'll go with that. Again, discipline-weighted for science w/ non-academic/applied use though.

@srossmktg - @Comprof1 Agreed. That's how I'm on the published paper I'm on (as author 3 of 4). I helped draft a lot of front/back @andienevitt #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @andienevitt @Comprof1 If novice, coauthor. Your role may be research, lit review, co-researcher, writer. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - Don't forget, live #phdchat tonight 8pm to 9pm, Melbourne time with me and @AcadSkillsMelb. Topic "how to write a lot" #acwrimo

@AshJones26 - #phdchat although there is the issue of getting onto postdocs if you have not pub'd during PhD

@srossmktg - @martin_eve "Discipline-weighted", agreed. (I like that phrasing.) #phdchat

@andienevitt - @Comprof1 incidentally, I'm going to be using online qualitative methods, once my ethics docs are approved #phdchat

@qui_oui - @AshJones26 I just assumed we had to publish; the more the better; but I haven't, for various reasons. Just the blog. #PhDchat

@KatyHolliday - @NSRiazat conferences are great for early prelim work. Chance for external feedback, abstracts hone writing etc #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @andienevitt Here's the link to article http://t.co/yN3GwPzj His field was primary science education. Mine: writing, business comm #phdchat

@andienevitt - @miss_mcinerney Put simply... lack of incentive and initiative at the moment! haha #phdchat

@andienevitt - @Comprof1 Thanks! Bookmarked for future reading #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @qui_oui @AshJones26 Take blog drafts and put together in article. Then upload. Worse can happen is great feedback from reviewers. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @qui_oui @AshJones26 Reviews are blind so don't have to worry about reputation so article draft doesn't have to be perfect. #phdchat

@qui_oui - @Comprof1 @AshJones26 Sure, but I have a tough time finding places to send stuff. That's always a big prob. Journals = narrow. #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @andienevitt @Comprof1 Conferences are good to find editors for book chapter. #phdchat

@srossmktg - Why would one not be working toward publication of ideas/research? Don't other fields preach "publish or perish"? #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @andienevitt @miss_mcinerney If you're interdisciplinary, most important to work on articles w/in each discipline to learn styles #phdchat

@ThomsonPat - @Comprof1 blog is really different genre to article. This might not be easy to do. Have to understand what an article is and does. #Phdchat

@LeMoustier - . @NSRiazat Publish ASAP, & target journals not edited vols etc. Stark truth in many disciplines is the NUMBER of pubs counts most. #phdchat

@andienevitt - @miss_mcinerney It's an ethnopgrahy of a fan culture of books and their TV adaptations. Game of Thrones case study. #topicinatweet #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @qui_oui @AshJones26 You might be surprised A colleague had an article about use of pronouns in teaching science ed article. #phdchat

@qui_oui - @Comprof1 @AshJones26 yeah, but I hate waiting 6 months to find out it wasn't the right journal. Not sure how to get around it! #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @qui_oui @AshJones26 What is topic? Look to your lit review. I had great success in sending to jrls listed in my lit review. #phdchat

@srossmktg - @LeMoustier @NSRiazat Not only number of pubs, but quality of pub location. 1 A-level pub could be equal to 5 A--level pubs. #phdchat

@andienevitt - @Comprof1 @miss_mcinerney Yes, am seeing that from different approaches each sup has to chapter structures etc #soc-sci vs #eng-lit #phdchat

@miss_mcinerney - @andienevitt Cooool. Why not write about your research for a fan magazine? Might get you some cool leads? #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @qui_oui @AshJones26 1) send topic idea (not article) to editor & ask for feedback 2) talk w/ editors at conferences 3)be patient #phdchat

@andienevitt - @miss_mcinerney Nice idea. Waiting for ethics approval before I announce my presence for now though. Not long to go *hopefully* #phdchat

@LeMoustier - @srossmktg @NSRiazat Yes, but my point is online peer-reviewed journals better than book chapters for lots of quick & visible pubs. #phdchat

@AshJones26 - Adive for all RT@Comprof1:1send topic idea (not article) to editor & ask for feedback 2talk w/ editors at conferences 3)be patient #phdchat

@qui_oui - @redinoztweets @ahm531 Blogging well is not easy in my opinion. & it does take time. Different purpose from other publications #phdchat

@srossmktg - @lemoustier In my field, neither really counts much for tenure. We have few online journals, not given much weighting. @NSRiazat #phdchat

@lizith - #phdchat goodnight all - thanks for the chat

@annaramona - Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Professor...in #academia. http://t.co/pYOXSWQS #phdchat

@DNORMANJR - What point during doctoral studies do we start to think about publishing work to wider audience? Early on? Middle or near the end? #phdchat

@shaileshak - Re blogs: Taxonomy of academic blogging practices http://t.co/0aI9Z12y Dec2012 SHRE Conf. by @ThomsonPat @thesiswhisperer (+others) #phdchat

@NSRiazat - 8.30pm brings us to the end of #phdchat for this week - thanks to all for joining us tonight and sharing thoughts/ideas. #phdchat

@chrisajbrown - @NSRiazat @ahm531 Sorry, been busy & missed #phdchat. I started a blog recently just to keep writing. Just about phd experiences. (cont)

@chrisajbrown - @NSRiazat @ahm531 Found it useful & worthwhile just to to write about an experience or discussion sparking further thoughts. #phdchat

@TeachNorthern - I am writing an academic practice blog, according to this taxonomy via @shaileshak :-) http://t.co/2Eli9TrY #phdchat http://t.co/pW8476mJ

@drwcarter - Getting all As in Graduate school means nothing if you do not complete the dissertation with a pass. #phdchat #phdforum

@SarahVLuna - new to #SAS ? Check out the free (27 page) chapter of the Little SAS Book http://t.co/YakBDFwW #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @DNORMANJR The earlier the better. First as assistant, then as primary or sole author. Takes time to pub and learn pub skills #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @srossmktg @LeMoustier @NSRiazat Been out of loop in business field. Where do you find ratings of publications? #phdchat

@Comprof1 - @qui_oui @AshJones26 Perhaps not. But they have some common theories. Ur unique which is what they are looking for. If not, no loss #phdchat

@srossmktg - @comprof1 Here's a recent one for marketing: http://t.co/spWo41nH Esp Tables 9 and 12 (in academe). #phdchat

@KristinaHazza - The last 2 days have been amazing @PhDJourneyAbdn, hope everyone enjoyed it and took something away from it #phdchat #PhDJourney THANK YOU!

@Pressmoi - Amazing to see so many great chats today! #TCFchat #phdchat #cmgrchat

@MsFloraPoste - The @glasgowuni sociology seminar series is one of the best organised and attended academic events I go to. #academia #phdchat

@SystemsFunking - Wow before I even notice I've lost October & am speeding into November, but have enough data for 4 MSc students, got some spare? #phdchat

@annaoverseas - So please with how Shut Up & Write is going. This week someone else brought the snacks and cleaned up afterward! #phdchat

@SystemsFunking - Week long experiments are bad for your health; I'm +2lbs in a week! #phdchat #brainfood

@MelbSchGradRes - @thesiswhisperer @AcadSkillsMelb Good morning! Live #phdchat tonight, 8pm - 9pm in #acwrimo. Topic How to Write a lot. Tune in then!

@thesiswhisperer - @MelbSchGradRes @AcadSkillsMelb it's an Australian research educators' party then - totally awesome :-) #phdchat #acwrimo

@GustafRydevik - So, no four hours of paper writing/editing for #acwrimo, but at least 2.5hrs - above my promised average! We're improving... #phdchat

@KtlnG - The costs of perfectionism | inside higher ed http://t.co/jxlBpuhq #gradhacker #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - .@thesiswhisperer @MelbSchGradRes It's an educators' party, and everyone's invited! #phdchat #acrwrimo 8pm tonight

@ewel83 - Just spent 3 hours listening in on a #stats class...ill def have to go back next week. My data needs it! #linguistics #phdchat

@whiteRabbitMad - Great success of the #PhDJourney Conference!!! 2 days of vibrant #phdchat !!! Thanks to all participants!!A Huge thanks to @PhDJourneyAbdn

@ewel83 - @TuftsGSAS I most definitely want to continue doing research and teaching. I find the more I do it the more I want it. #gradlife #phdchat

@ewel83 - Time to start writing abstracts! Trying to motivate my colleagues to apply to #GASLA in Florida and #CLA in B.C. #linguistics #phdchat

@RMITsgr - How much sleep do we really need to work productively? http://t.co/5piBP4QB via @bufferapp #phdchat #productivity

@RMITsgr - Have a look @RMIT 2012 #3MT finalist on YouTube http://t.co/ub0q4TVF #Threeminutethesis #RMIT #research #HDR #phdchat

@jacquietran - hmm, thoughts @phdsleepy? MT @RMITsgr: How much sleep do we really need to work productively? http://t.co/pmYFH9sX #phdchat #productivity


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