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How to write a lot 8th November 2012 (redirected from How To Write A Lot)

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'How to Write A Lot'


#phdchat Aus tweet log - 8th November 2012


@thesiswhisperer - Tonight live #phdchat is talking about "how to write a lot" in honour of #acwrimo - thanks @phd2published for facilitating that!

@PJ_Weatherill - Love #phdchat and #ecrchat on one evening. Good evening all! #Phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @thesiswhisperer @MelbSchGradRes Thanks for having us along! #phdchat

@researchwhisper - Live Australian #phdchat: STARTING IN A MINUTE or so. Will be on #acwrimo - tips and techniques for writing more. I'll be using @tseenkhoo

@thesiswhisperer - I also called this #phdchat "how to write a lot" because of Paul Silvia's great book of the same name http://t.co/N3wpNP6l

@ActionsFLE - trop vrai ! RT @laetitiagerard: RT @PhDelirium PhD CARTOON Paule emploie dans n'importe quoi !!!! #Phdchat #doctorat http://t.co/mrgaNKzA

@OlanScott - Looking forward to both I am! RT @PJ_Weatherill: Love #phdchat and #ecrchat on one evening. Good evening all! #phdchat

@researchwhisper - Actually, Oz #phdchat started...! (oops)

@psychengineer1 - Hi - so looking forward to finding out how everyone is doing #PhDchat #phdchat

@MelbSchGradRes - @thesiswhisperer Yes, thanks! Looking forward to a fun chat! @AcadSkillsMelb #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - Whoops - newbie mistake there. @AcadSkillsMelb is asking the first question on live #phdchat (don't forget to include the hashtag!)

@bron2042 - Who has some tips to share on 'how to write a lot'? #phdchat

@pelf81 - Hello Australian #PhDchat, you've got a participant from Malaysia! :D

@HolmesTruscott - New to #phdchat but long time lurker! Will be cooking dinner while keeping an eye on the discussion over the next couple of hours. #ecrchat

@Priv8LawTutor - Rt @researchwhisper: Live Australian #phdchat: STARTING IN A MINUTE or so.

@thesiswhisperer - I see that @researchwhisper is lurking in #phdchat and #acwrimo - hope she will chip in too...

@PJ_Weatherill - So are many on #phdchat doing #acwrimo ? I'm finding it productively motivating so far... #Phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - So over to you @AcadSkillsMelb - what do you want us #phdchat people to mull over first. How do we write a lot? #acwrimo

@PJ_Weatherill - @HolmesTruscott welcome! #Phdchat

@lucybuykx - Hi @HolmesTruscott good to see this is global - I'm eating my breakfast & writing some non-thesis stuff while watching #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - A PhD student came to see me today. He's been at it since 2005, 'Does my 1st draft need all the quotes?" #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - Those who are following me for zombies or novelty cake decorating (!) - I'll be #phdchat-ting, then possibly #ecrchat-ting this evening.

@ccandhealth - Joining #phdchat for a while, a very welcome break in my morning routine! #acwrimo

@bronscott - The #acwrimo spreadsheet is keeping me motivated! #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - If you are just joining us, you can watch #phdchat on this page http://t.co/6C1VzbDh @tseenkhoo

@PhD2Published - Yay! RT @bronscott: The #acwrimo spreadsheet is keeping me motivated! #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - So I guess the question is, is writing a lot different from writing carefully? #phdchat (And does that matter for finishing?)

@ccandhealth - @PJ_Weatherill I am. Also find it motivating despite not reaching my word count goals every day #acwrimo #phdchat

@alexburns - . @thesiswhisperer Silvia's book is great: simple desk, block out time, discipline, overcome specious barriers #acwrimo #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - Great first question for #phdchat from @AcadSkillsMelb "is writing a lot different from writing carefully?" #acwrimo

@tseenkhoo - @thesiswhisperer Thank goodness for you, Ingster. *bookmarks* Makes it so much easier to follow chat. #phdchat

@litreviewhq - Time boxing techniques like pomodoro help me focus and write more #PhDchat

@dunques - #acwrimo has helped me set some short term goals with achievable methods #phdchat

@charlottefrost - #phdchat #acwrimo I raised the 1930s Dorothea Brand technique yesterday - draft 1st without inner critic, edit 2nd with inner critic

@thesiswhisperer - And does writing carefully, or writing a lot matter more for finishing? @AcadSkillsMelb asks #phdchat #acwrimo

@dhutchman - Dear #phdchat, sorry to but in. Any preferences on publishers for collected editions. Any tips at all actually? #firsttimeeditor

@wee_chun - So how to write alot? #phdchat

@bron2042 - @AcadSkillsMelb Does it depend what stage of writing you are at? #phdchat

@ccandhealth - @AcadSkillsMelb Not writing carefully (whatever that means) does mean an increase in word output. Revisions later for quality #phdchat

@TeresaSomes - yes - writing carefully and constant editing means emphasis is on perfection in writing rather than ideas flowing #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @charlottefrost Did the 1st draft no inner critic work well for you? #phdchat

@peyron - @thesiswhisperer @AcadSkillsMelb Doing "a lot" of some crappy thing doesn't make it better #phdchat

@kyliebudge - @AcadSkillsMelb I would have to say it is. And it's harder to write carefully. But writing a lot first can help you generate ideas #phdchat

@MelbSchGradRes - @thesiswhisperer @AcadSkillsMelb One of the best things I was ever told (and now tout about) is 'you can't edit a blank page'. #phdchat

@bronscott - My #acwrimo writing has been writing a lot, then writing carefully ie editing. So he's, different! But both required #phdchat

@ThomsonPat - @dhutchman what discipline? Sage generally dont do editeds and neither do Elsevier, unless a handbook. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @AcadSkillsMelb I am not sure I write very carefully... I tend to write fast. This can be a problem #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @bron2042 How many words do you have left to write? #phdchat

@seh_mc - Writing a lot is a skill I've had to cultivate, writing carefully is my default. #phdchat

@charlottefrost - @AcadSkillsMelb I pretty much always write (academic stuff) that way, I have 2 get ideas out & over-thinking slows me down #phdchat #acwrimo

@TeresaSomes - and it actually is very difficult if you're not used to it. Hence not hitting word targets every day #phdchat

@SarahPFinlay - I find it easiest to just get all my ideas down - write a lot - and then go back and edit - the 'careful' part #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @AcadSkillsMelb for me it's a problem later on when I find I have written a lot of "throat clearing" and not much "content" #phdchat

@alexburns - . @AcadSkillsMelb Writing carefully: more attention to logic, sentences, paragraph structure, appropriate referencing #phdchat #acwrimo

@pelf81 - @thesiswhisperer I'd go for quality rather than quantity. #PhDchat

@thesiswhisperer - @AcadSkillsMelb I feel my approach leads to a lot of editing time which, ultimately slows me down #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @peyron True--but how 'crappy' is your first draft, actually? Lots of people write much better than they think they do! #phdchat

@bron2042 - Yes! MT @MelbSchGradRes: @thesiswhisperer @AcadSkillsMelb One of the best things I was ever told is 'you can't edit a blank page'. #phdchat

@PhD2Published - MT @bronscott: My #acwrimo writing has been writing a lot, then writing carefully/editing. So he's, different! But both required #phdchat

@seh_mc - @charlottefrost yeah, that sounds like what I've had to learn. #phdchat

@ccandhealth - @peyron Maybe there are two diff. concepts: a lot for the sake of no. and a lot in terms of ideas? @thesiswhisperer @AcadSkillsMelb #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - I like to write reasonably well, if just to create the habit to write well as often as possible -makes editing easier #phdchat #Phdchat

@MelbSchGradRes - @thesiswhisperer @AcadSkillsMelb And I know very few people who write first drafts that don't need editing--that's a vote for both! #phdchat

@bron2042 - @AcadSkillsMelb All or most of it ;) Only 14 months in! #phdchat

@TeresaSomes - although as an academic used to marking undergradutes essays, its hard to re-read work written quickly! (painful, actually) #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @erin_turbitt @AcadSkillsMelb generally yes I would agree! (don't forget #phdchat tag or no one will 'see' you)

@AcadSkillsMelb - Love hearing different people's experiences. Worth remembering that writing & editing & referencing mean different thinking hats. #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - I've become a great believer in what @charlottefrost mentioned: 1st draft w/o critic, edit and from 2nd draft with critic. #phdchat

@OlanScott - I like to get the ideas on paper quickly and edit soon after rather than blitzkrieg writing day & lose the track of thoughts later #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - I TRY this! #phdchat RT @pelf81: @thesiswhisperer Id go for quality rather than quantity. #Phdchat

@bakeryme - As a newbie, is it important to set writing targets (an amount of words) from the get go? #phdchat

@charlottefrost - @seh_mc It keeps me motivated- I can c progress quicker, then I polish it up. Slower writing & I accidentally web surf!;) #phdchat #acwrimo

@thesiswhisperer - @AcadSkillsMelb one thing I have learned to do, however, is take very careful notes. These make a big difference later #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @bron2042 If you're at the beginning you should totally scribble lots. Even perfectly edited stuff won't make it to your thesis #phdchat

@stratbuzz - But you can draw sketches on it MT @thesiswhisperer One of the best things I was ever told is 'you can't edit a blank page'. #phdchat"

@dhutchman - Thanks @ThomsonPat #phdchat media and communication/cultural studies/social sciences

@bronscott - Even my supposedly 'quality' first drafts are pretty crap when I read them later :) #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - It used to take me a long time to even get to writing stage. Now, after blogging regularly, not so much. #phdchat 1/2

@PhD2Published - MT @SarahPFinlay: I find it easiest 2 just get all my ideas out - write a lot - & then go back & edit - the 'careful' part #phdchat #acwrimo

@seh_mc - You can only get away with writing carefully (on first pass) for small projects. I used to carefully craft emails, seems silly now. #phdchat

@psychengineer1 - @PJ_Weatherill : Speed,I think, also depends on how comfortable you are with a topic #PhDchat #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @bakeryme I find setting targets very helpful - if only to start measuring how fast I CAN write #phdchat

@lizb_2010 - #phdchat First tweet for me here... I'm frustrated at regurgitating what others have written.. #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @thesiswhisperer I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cornell Method of taking notes for #shutupandwrite and fast writing http://t.co/nelEkQTx #phdchat

@bron2042 - @AcadSkillsMelb Yup. I like to write a lot. Sad to think most of it won't see the light of day! #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - 1st draft reads 'bloggy'. But further work gives it the depth/weight necessary for academic work. Plus: retains some 'chattiness'. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @bakeryme having a good idea of how fast you can write is an important part of being a professional - you can estimate deadlines #phdchat

@mes_sherwood - @thesiswhisperer @AcadSkillsMelb I find I need to write messily so that I can refine ideas, but def produce a lot of mess #acwrimo #phdchat

@laetitiagerard - Good article on academic perfectionism http://t.co/KajDMxSF via @zite #phdchat RT @thesiswhisperer

@kyliebudge - I think the key thing is writing practice, however you can get it #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @lizb_2010 Then you should totally throw away the notes and write fast about what you want to say, then integrate the quotes. #phdchat

@ThomsonPat - @dhutchman Ok university presses not that keen on editeds nor alta mira, berg. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @lizb_2010 'others' meaning the Literature? #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @lizb_2010 'others' meaning the Literature? #phdchat

@lizb_2010 - #phdchat My best writing occurs when I plan what I want to write in careful detail first #phdchat

@LyeTweek - Honours student lurking here, love the insights #phdchat

@MeganJMcPherson - @lizb_2010 Erica McWilliam described that today as going over the bones, moving them from one place to another #mcwilliam #Phdchat

@tseenkhoo - Ahem, forgot the "2/2" on that last tweet. Sorry about that. #phdchat #rookiemistake

@thesiswhisperer - @PhD2Published @tseenkhoo totally agree #tabit #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - @lizb_2010 true, I try to ensure basics like sentence and para structure are ok, means I edit for ideas and polish at end #phdchat #Phdchat

@bronscott - My #acrwimo goal today ended up with me deleting 3700+ words of a first draft. Scary but necessary! #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @laetitiagerard Kerry Ann Rocquemore is my hero. She's the reason I do this job! #phdchat http://t.co/zc1CSJGf

@thesiswhisperer - Wow - #phdchat is running fast and furious tonight. Great first question @AcadSkillsMelb, now to @MelbSchGradRes ...

@dunques - I feel like writing my PhD and coming from a non academic background I am learning a new language, so write a lot and then review #phdchat

@seh_mc - @ccandhealth @peyron yeah it has to be content. Padding is a waste of time and I don't think anyone is suggesting otherwise. #phdchat

@Anne_Matthew - @MeganJMcPherson @lizb_2010 this is why I love scrivener #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - Do you have a provocation for our #phdchat @MelbSchGradRes? What do you think about writing a lot? #acwrimo

@tseenkhoo - @ThomsonPat @dhutchman Possibly Taylor & Francis? You used to be able to pitch editeds at them; had various dedicated series. #phdchat

@lizb_2010 - #phdchat 'others' yes meaning lit. I feel documenting others work so much 1st takes time & energy away fm solving new probs. #phdchat

@Culture_Ada - writing a lot isn't a problem for me, editing is! often lack clarity of my own arguments. but it's part of being junior researcher #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @aclerktherwas I'll have to get back to you on that - #phdchat is on. If I forget, boop me again please!

@kushy_k - My problem: trying to perfect "academese" from the start when writing my thesis. Slows me down a lot & demotivates me :( #phdchat #acwrimo

@PJ_Weatherill - Im including editing in #acwrimo goals RT @bronscott: My #acrwimo goal today ended up with me deleting 3700+ words ... #Phdchat

@mes_sherwood - I'm terrible at writing carefully, writing fast is my default, I'd love more balance #acwrimo #phdchat

@seh_mc - @PJ_Weatherill once I've broken through the block and words are flowing, then I let myself think about quality a little more. #phdchat

@MelbSchGradRes - We get Thesis Boot Campers to map a chapter before writing. Headings, subheadings--the skeleton. Then add the flesh: aids cohesion. #phdchat

@ThomsonPat - @tseenkhoo @dhutchman yes routledge do a lot of editeds, palgravemacmillan will consider. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @kushy_k I save the 'academese' for my note taking. Try to write my own thoughts 'in the plain' before tarting up a bit #phdchat

@Anne_Matthew - @lizb_2010 and hard as it is to say, it takes courage to believe what you have to say is just as, if not more, important #phdchat

@kyliebudge - @kushy_k don't get too stuck with the 'academese' of writing. write like a person who has readers & then it will be good. #phdchat

@bronscott - @PJ_Weatherill Yep, editing is definitely writing for me too #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @kushy_k Why not write in your own voice? Shoving in some 'While Brown has argued's & 'hierarchies of power' later is pretty quick! #phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @Culture_Ada my problem too, I currently have a rubbish first draft & a lot of extra 'good' notes - how to bring them all together? #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - @seh_mc I so get that! #phdchat #Phdchat

@ccandhealth - @mes_sherwood I think that's me as well. First fast and furious, later drawn out and more careful. Sure you're not terrible though! #phdchat

@bron2042 - Any chance of an example? @PJ_Weatherill: Im including editing in #acwrimo goals #Phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @bakeryme depends on what you are doing. I always aim for min 1000 a day, but I am a pro now: when amateur it was much less #phdchat

@MelbSchGradRes - @thesiswhisperer In other words, I'm not a huge proponent of 'writing a lot without a plan'. Though everyone is different, yes? #phdchat

@Ax38 - Sultans of Swing by the Dire Straits. Probably one of my favorite writing songs. Any other recommendations? #PhDchat http://t.co/SHSde28V

@Culture_Ada - recommend Silvia's book, time blocking (focus booster), #madwriting sessions, keeping track of word count #phdchat

@ThomsonPat - its good to write to understand - acwri - then write a tiny text ( abstract argument not an outline) for each chapter of thesis. #phdchat

@bronscott - @AnimaSophia I find Scrivener a great tool for doing this #phdchat

@seh_mc - @OlanScott that's a really good point, if you leave hasty words too long before editing, you have to work harder to polish them. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - Hey there @MelbSchGradRes - did you have a question you would like to put to the #phdchat crowd?

@shiralee_poed - #phdchat @MelbSchGradRes I'm using that technique atm in an attempt to have first full draft of thesis completed by Feb 2013.

@AcadSkillsMelb - @AnimaSophia @Culture_Ada Do the notes belong? If yes, write a 2nd bit less rubbish draft and see what happens. #phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @ccandhealth @mes_sherwood it's drawing the mess into useful cohesion that's foxing me. Keep looking at it all and panicking #phdchat

@domkauter - @Ax38 my favourite, describes my situation very well usually #phdchat http://t.co/plclX0Zz

@Anne_Matthew - @thesiswhisperer @bakeryme so there's still hope yet! #phdchat

@kushy_k - @thesiswhisperer @kyliebudge @AcadSkillsMelb Thanks, all! Will definitely give it a go today! #phdchat #acwrimo #phdchat

@bakeryme - @Ax38 I have never been able to write and have music playing. #phdchat

@PippiLongsock - @thesiswhisperer @bakeryme I find word targets debilitating. Time targets work better for me #phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @bronscott yep I love Scrivener. It just gets confusing after I've sent a 'compiled' draft to supervisors #phdchat

@OlanScott - @seh_mc yes, I like to edit as I go. Every 500 words or so. And regularly to not forget my original idea #phdchat

@mes_sherwood - @ccandhealth I think it's more that I almost produce too much, ideas get lost, takes ages to pull argument together #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - ok, thanks @MelbSchGradRes - sorry I missed that! You were pointing to the issue of planning for writing #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - As Phd student, I said 'yes' to comment on peers' work + started refereeing for journals. Really boosts editing 'eye'. #phdchat

@essiepett - @MelbSchGradRes You have a thesis boot camp?! There should be more of them #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @kushy_k @thesiswhisperer @kyliebudge You GO! #phdchat

@MelbSchGradRes - @thesiswhisperer I'd be interested to know how everyone gets started for a 'writing a lot' session. It seems the hardest part! #phdchat

@PhD2Published - MT @MelbSchGradRes: We get Thesis Boot Campers 2 map B4 writing. Headings, subheadings...Then add the flesh: aids cohesion #phdchat #acwrimo

@thesiswhisperer - It seems @MelbSchGradRes is a fan of planning (so am I) when and how do you plan your writing? #phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @AcadSkillsMelb @Culture_Ada it's where to put the notes. Currently have a big mindmap with a LOT of cross refs #phdchat #headache

@psychengineer1 - @mes_sherwood : happens to me too... #phdchat

@bronscott - @AnimaSophia I use the split screen function on Scrivener to bring drafts and notes and restructured chapters together #phdchat

@ccandhealth - @bakeryme that's interesting, I find music very motivating at times #phdchat @Ax38

@Anne_Matthew - @bakeryme @ax38 it's the only way I can write #phdchat probably just habit

@ThomsonPat - @AnimaSophia step back and write an abstract or use @explorationsofstyle reverse outline/my backward mapping approach #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - Do people want to share their writing planning methods? I wish @explorstyle was here. Her 'reverse outlines' are great #phdchat

@HolmesTruscott - @lucybuykx @PJ_weatherill thanks for the warm welcome! dinner in the oven time to concentrate on #phdchat

@PhD2Published - MT @thesiswhisperer One of the best things I was ever told is 'you can't edit a blank page'. #phdchat #acwrimo

@MsCastan - @thesiswhisperer @kushy_k I write as plain & fast as possible. I can always edit/improve language later. Impt to get ideas on paper #phdchat

@dooglelover - I'm big on a writing plan and structure but this freaks one of my students. So I ask her to just write a story and we edit it #phdchat

@JKiwiisabird - @MelbSchGradRes @thesiswhisperer I think planning is key, the words flow more easily with a road map to follow #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - @MelbSchGradRes I find that setting aside a big block of time doesn't = more writing productivity. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @PippiLongsock @bakeryme I used to find that to be the case, but I only started being truly prolific when I started having targets #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - I'm a fan of the 'written out in full sentences argument, that then is expanded, exponentially' plan. #phdchat

@mes_sherwood - @PhD2Published @Culture_Ada I definitely feel this too, good to hear it might improve with time though! #phdchat

@seh_mc - @thesiswhisperer @bakeryme oh yeah, wow, I am SO bad at estimating how long something will take. I dread the qn from supervisor. #phdchat

@ccandhealth - @thesiswhisperer @MelbSchGradRes how: through writing in sentences and visual outlines or maps #phdchat .when: prior to and during writing

@Anne_Matthew - @bronscott @animasophia it's a brilliant tool #phdchat

@Culture_Ada - this http://t.co/eHlO6W5l by @thesiswhisperer changed my approach (sequential to simultanous) and increased my productivity #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - @Ax38 I wrote Hons thesis to Celtic guitar music and now can't #acwri without it! Weird! #Phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @AnimaSophia @Culture_Ada Honestly, turn your mindmap into Cornell Notes, they are magic. They are a plan! #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @JKiwiisabird @MelbSchGradRes how do you make the 'road map'? #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - @MelbSchGradRes Lots of writing, for me, depends on being ready to write, having arguments that are keen to make it to the page. #phdchat

@lizb_2010 - @JKiwiisabird totally agree; even to listing 2-3 key points and quotes for each para. (Ideal world) #phdchat #phdchat

@ccandhealth - @thesiswhisperer @explorstyle I use reverse outlines for larger projects but not for small items #phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @AcadSkillsMelb Cornell notes? #phdchat

@kyliebudge - the tweetchat waterfall for #phdchat (Aus) is going mental tonight. Can hardly keep up.

@ccandhealth - @tseenkhoo @MelbSchGradRes agreed, large chunks of time can be intimidating even. #phdchat

@alexburns - . @MelbSchGradRes I plan by asking: What's the gap? Where do the next ideas come from? How can I extend on what I have written? #phdchat

@OlanScott - @PJ_Weatherill I religiously listen to City and Colour when writing and do all my pomodoros timed to it as well ;) #phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @ThomsonPat thanks that sounds like a good idea #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @PhD2Published would you also call that 'the snowflake' method of planning? #phdchat

@MeganJMcPherson - @AnimaSophia http://t.co/s731vcYU #Phdchat

@charlottefrost - First up I mind-map w/(purple) pen on paper & get ideas out, then I outline (more pen/paper) then I write - now w/comp! #acwrimo #phdchat

@Anne_Matthew - @ccandhealth @thesiswhisperer @explorstyle how does a reverse outline work? #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @AnimaSophia @AcadSkillsMelb I did publish that post on the cornell method didn't I? #phdchat

@shiralee_poed - #phdchat @MelbSchGradRes draft table of contents for entire thesis. Reading lit each night and note taking. 1/2

@erin_turbitt - @ccandhealth @thesiswhisperer @explorstyle What is a 'reverse outline'? #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - @thesiswhisperer @explorstyle I didn't know that was a 'thing'! I do that (reverse outline) - for fic writing, too. #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @AnimaSophia Cornell Notes are a way of turning notes into a structured synopsis. I use it like a writing plan http://t.co/nelEkQTx #phdchat

@shiralee_poed - #phdchat @MelbSchGradRes Next day using promodoro technique to write in own words 2/2

@seh_mc - @lizb_2010 the trick to that may be to read more, you start to see things others haven't. #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - @OlanScott so weird writing habits aren't all that weird! #phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @MeganJMcPherson oooh now that looks clever #phdchat thank you :)

@ThomsonPat - Plug for the tiny text: Locate, Focus, Anchor, Report, Argue. #phdchat

@PhD2Published - @thesiswhisperer yes, it is v.snowflake-esque that's true! #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - For those who are interested in 'reverse outlines' you can read about them on @explorstyle's blog here http://t.co/Uz0tRzNX #phdchat

@MelbSchGradRes - @thesiswhisperer Road map? Eg. limit to 3-4 (max) points for the chapter. Use these as headings & each evidence item a sub-heading. #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @thesiswhisperer Not sure! Will have to check! #phdchat

@essiepett - @shiralee_poed Really good idea, wish I'd done this earlier on in my PhD #phdchat

@PhD2Published - AINT DAT DA TROOF! RT @PJ_Weatherill: @OlanScott so weird writing habits aren't all that weird! #phdchat #acwrimo

@lucybuykx - @thesiswhisperer I write pages of handwritten notes, then sketch structure on flipchart paper (need space to organise!) #phdchat

@OlanScott - @PJ_Weatherill I'd suggest they are more 'normal' than you'd think #phdchat

@ThomsonPat - reverse outline/backward mapping is seeing what the headings and subheadings are from your writing - see if they are right order #phdchat

@lucybuykx - @thesiswhisperer @melbschgradres sketching with pen & paper is liberating to get ideas out compared to typing into computer #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - @kyliebudge I'm having trouble, too! #phdchat

@dooglelover - Part of a writing journey is realizing less is more for an editor/reader. Write it all down but delete repetition & obsolete words #phdchat

@MelbSchGradRes - @shiralee_poed Yes to thesis overview! You need to know where the chapter you're currently writing fits in your overall thesis. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - I'm enjoying playing with @scrivenerapp's new product 'scrapple' for making outlines http://t.co/BbQYnwLM #phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @thesiswhisperer @AcadSkillsMelb I must have missed it. Think you people are digging me out of a hole this morning/tonight #phdchat

@Ax38 - What works for me when writing are songs without vocals. #PhDchat http://t.co/fwfdoY2D

@MeganJMcPherson - @ThomsonPat loving it! Have added one more: significance as my last point to really thump it into my head #Phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @ThomsonPat I'm taking this to chew over it when things aren't so fast. It looks like microcosms of whole worlds of knowledge #phdchat

@psychengineer1 - @lucybuykx: Am doing the same thing - it gives a broad template + barriers #phdchat

@bronscott - @lucybuykx yep! Have already filled one sketchbook with mindmaps and drawings, really helpful to clarify ideas for me #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @ThomsonPat love me a tiny text :-) #phdchat

@PhD2Published - MT @thesiswhisperer: Interested in 'reverse outlines'? Find them on @explorstyle's blog here http://t.co/GMMLJhcu #phdchat #acwrimo

@thesiswhisperer - @PhD2Published @lucybuykx scrapple mimics pen and paper - that's what I like about it #phdchat

@ThomsonPat - 2 then check what's missing; common problem examples in book http://t.co/ASSVrFXd #phdchat

@mes_sherwood - @PhD2Published @PJ_Weatherill @OlanScott Yay! Kind of feels like we're confessing in Academic Writer's Anonymous #phdchat #acwrimo

@seh_mc - @MelbSchGradRes and you have to keep coming back to your plan - if you stray too far, it's like you don't have one. #phdchat

@ccandhealth - @Anne_Matthew RT"@ThompsonPat reverse outline/backward mapping is seeing what the headings and subheadings are from your writing[.] #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - @lucybuykx couldn't write without my flip board & coloured pens! #Phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @MeganJMcPherson @ThomsonPat I like phrasing last one as "what's new?" I find this helps in workshops in addition to Pat's list #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @Ax38 I wrote my whole PhD to about 7 hours straight of Tori Amos on loop. Sleeps with Butterflies takes me to the zone. #phdchat

@PhD2Published - Group hug! RT @mes_sherwood: Yay! Kind of feels like we're confessing in Academic Writer's Anonymous #phdchat #acwrimo

@thesiswhisperer - @mes_sherwood @PhD2Published @PJ_Weatherill @OlanScott LOL! #phdchat

@Ax38 - Also, you can consider yourself the king or queen of writing if you can write while listening to this. #PhDchat http://t.co/D4LZO0nV

@ccandhealth - @bronscott @lucybuykx I also keep a notebook around but don't use it as much these days #phdchat visualization works though!

@PJ_Weatherill - @mes_sherwood confessing weird writing habits is also sharing great ideas! #Phdchat

@Anne_Matthew - @ccandhealth @thompsonpat :) thanks. #phdchat

@Culture_Ada - MT @thesiswhisperer: read more abt 'reverse outlines' on @explorstyle's blog here http://t.co/iV5WG9Z9 #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - @dogpossum Chatty really helps in aca work - it's otherwise trying too hard, isn't it? Aca work I love most exudes accessibility. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @AcadSkillsMelb @Ax38 I listened to the soundtracks from 'Grey's anatomy' on REPEAT #phdchat

@dooglelover - @PhD2Published @thesiswhisperer #phdchat #acwrimo yes and don't just sit there, turn on the computet

@AcadSkillsMelb - Scrivener just makes me hyperventilate. I get all anxious that things are disappearing. #phdchat

@ThomsonPat - @thesiswhisperer yes... we do - so what, now what, who cares!! we're cruel. #phdchat

@bronscott - @thesiswhisperer I find the pen and paper bit is what works for me. Need to get off the computer sometimes :-) #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - Ok - I guess it is my turn to ask a question, although I don't feel we have really exhausted the planning thing #phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @thesiswhisperer @ThomsonPat Ladies, anymore detail about the tiny text? #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - @bronscott @thesiswhisperer I think using diff sets of motor skills is stimulating for writing #Phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @bronscott First draft defs on paper, pencil, sit on the sofa, pref at 2am. (Not such a good plan now I have a job!) #phdchat

@essiepett - @PJ_Weatherill @mes_sherwood Agreed - I really wish the writing skills advice I'd had early on had been more honest #phdchat #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - I am interested in the 'deferment strategies' that some of us indulge in. A way to 'warm up' to writing - or avoid it? #phdchat

@domkauter - @AcadSkillsMelb I find myself using all the features way too much. No writing gets done :( #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - Howard Becker talks about people sharpening pencils and having the right kind of paper for writing as classic deferment strategies #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - Never done mind-map thing. Have just nodded along with @thesiswhisperer + @jasondowns convos about it. Do ppl find them helpful? #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - @essiepett ditto #Phdchat

@bronscott - @PJ_Weatherill absolutely!! #phdchat

@ThomsonPat - @AnimaSophia its in thesis whisper slides i think but from my two books on acwri. must blog it. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - In this digital age it's less likely you are sharpening pencils, so what do you do when you are warming up (or avoiding?) writing? #phdchat

@SarahPFinlay - A way to warm up - I think when you do something totally unrelated it gives you a chance to mull it all over #phdchat

@dooglelover - @tseenkhoo @thesiswhisperer @explorstyle #phdchat reverse outline was what I used for my PhD after doing a Masters in the dark

@mes_sherwood - @AcadSkillsMelb I just started to use it, love it, but my 13,000 words in it seem a bit messy now, think I need to plan better #phdchat

@kyliebudge - @thesiswhisperer like going for a walk to churn over ideas before writing? #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - I taught an Honours class once where about 50% HAD to spend 30mins-2hrs cleaning their room before they could start. #phdchat

@PhD2Published - MT @tseenkhoo: Chatty helps in aca work - otherwise trying 2 hard, isn't it? Aca work I love most exudes accessibility #phdchat #acwrimo

@Ax38 - Soundtracks are generally great because they are intended for the background and usually lack distracting vocals. #PhDchat @thesiswhisperer

@thesiswhisperer - Since we have decided this #phdchat is a bit like 'academic writers' anonymous' it's time to let it all out!

@ccandhealth - @tseenkhoo I found it helpful to envision structure of entire dissertation #phdchat #mindmap

@tseenkhoo - @thesiswhisperer But this is so important. And coffee in the right mug. And the window open just so... ;) #phdchat

@PippiLongsock - @thesiswhisperer making a cup of tea does it for me #phdchat

@bakeryme - @thesiswhisperer spending time on social media ;-) #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - Main deferment for me is a tidy desk - the floors and chairs etc can be messy tho! No peripheral vision when writing! #Phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @ThomsonPat thanks Pat. Will put it on the expanding list of useful help from this morning. Absolutely amazing help today #phdchat

@bronscott - @tseenkhoo mind mapping help me write a big part of my it review after I'd sat for weeks trying to get started! #phdchat

@PGEMelbourne - @AcadSkillsMelb @Ax38 And I'll never be able to listen to the Elizabeth movie soundtracks again--thesis writing loop. #phdchat

@AnneOsterrieder - @thesiswhisperer Check Twitter, faff around with music player to find right music, make tea, clean desk. #PhDChat

@PhD2Published - MT @SarahPFinlay: A way to warm up - when you do something totally unrelated it gives you a chance to mull it all over #phdchat #acwrimo

@thesiswhisperer - @AcadSkillsMelb wow! I think there's a good @phdcomic on that one #phdchat (but as @mjberryman says, there's one for every occassion)

@alexburns - . @thesiswhisperer Main deferment strategy: explain #PhD ideas to cute, pet dog, get dog attention in return #acwrimo #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @tseenkhoo Only if it's a map, not a spider-all-over-the-shop -agram... imho #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - @charlottefrost <g> Trickiest thing is turning off the critic for 1st draft!! Mine's extremely stubborn. #phdchat

@JKiwiisabird - @thesiswhisperer #phdchat for a while there i did a warm up by setting a timer and writing about ANYTHING for 5 min

@AnimaSophia - @thesiswhisperer I get trapped down the worm hole of knitting websites. Sigh. #phdchat

@ccandhealth - @thesiswhisperer #PhdChat? ;) I also make tea. On good days I don't go online first, start writing at once. Other days = checking email etc

@PGEMelbourne - @Ax38 SNAP! And I'm the same with the Bonobo. Emancipator is my other electronic go-to for thesis writing. @thesiswhisperer #phdchat

@ThomsonPat - @ccandhealth yes!!! i ask doc researchers to write long abstract of whole thesis then abstract for each chapter. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @PJ_Weatherill so cleaning is actually a little pointless then? #phdchat #nojudgment :-)

@PhD2Published - <3 RT @alexburns: Main deferment strategy: explain #PhD ideas to cute, pet dog, get dog attention in return #acwrimo #phdchat

@HendraAgustian - So, here I am, in 2nd year PhD, changing supervisor, transferring to another university. #phdchat #research

@tseenkhoo - @dooglelover @thesiswhisperer @explorstyle "doing a Masters in the dark"? That sounds awfully sad. No-one gave direction? #phdchat

@bronscott - I do wonder if my preference for pen and paper sometimes comes from doing my first degree back in the '80's!! No choice then!!! #phdchat

@dooglelover - You can see logical presentation from using an outline. When I read a chapter I give global feedback then look at each page #phdchat

@JKiwiisabird - @thesiswhisperer #phdchat lubricates the wheels and gets things rolling, plus shows how many words it is possible to put on the page

@PJ_Weatherill - @thesiswhisperer Now there's a thought! #Phdchat

@PGEMelbourne - Hi all, been a little malfunction with @MelbSchGradRes so I'm tweeting from this account for the rest of #phdchat.

@AmieOShea - @thesiswhisperer I love sharpening pencils! Used reading or little edits 2avoid writing. Now I mix it up-everything in moderation! #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - I'm getting some good confessions in the #nojudgmentzone that is #phdchat: cleaning, tea, finding music, knitting sites...

@peyron - @HendraAgustian What doesn't kill you makes you stronger #phdchat #acwrimo

@wcyeong - @thesiswhisperer #phdchat 1. munching on chocolates and wondering why my headache won't go away. 2. be a twitterer 3. channel surfer. :)

@PippiLongsock - @ccandhealth @thesiswhisperer yes! I find I need to start writing b4 checking emails etc, otherwise I never start writing #phdchat

@erin_turbitt - Definitely email checking to warm up, no way I can write if I'm thinking about an email I have to reply to #phdchat

@dooglelover - I really like this idea of thinking about writing to an audience. Who are they and what do you need to say to engage them #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @PhD2Published @alexburns oh that's too cute. Will be one smart doggie by the end #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - @ccandhealth @bronscott @AcadSkillsMelb A-hah. Actually, I can see value 4 lit.review. I think my mindmaps would tend to 'spider'! #phdchat

@Culture_Ada - warming up for me can only be eliminating all distractions (logging off etc). AND using ear plugs: helps me get into the flow #phdchat

@AmieOShea - @tseenkhoo @thesiswhisperer yes! Washing, eating, watering the plants, cups of tea. Perils of working at home #phdchat

@SarahPFinlay - @alexburns the dog is definitely a distraction ... or a great sounding board...he likes all my ideas when I add the word 'walkie'! #phdchat

@SpeakerConolly - Write early, write often! Good advice I was given a long time ago tho don't always follow grr #acwrimo #phdchat

@PGEMelbourne - @HendraAgustian Fresh start, clean slate, all the platitudes. Seriously, though, all the best. Hope the changes are positive! #phdchat

@mes_sherwood - @AcadSkillsMelb I battled with this hard, but after training myself, can now sit in mess and write, result! #phdchat

@essiepett - @thesiswhisperer Amazing thanks for pointing this out, had heard about something new but lost the link. Used to do this in prezi... #phdchat

@PippiLongsock - @bronscott I have the same preference from the same decade! #phdchat

@shiralee_poed - #phdchat @thesiswhisperer I'm a clean desk person too. Find it helps clear my mind - marking #outofsightoutofmind

@AnimaSophia - @tseenkhoo @thesiswhisperer @jasondowns YES, YES & YES. Mind maps really help see the structure of a whole book/chapter/thesis #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - I became an expert on sourdough bread, companion planting & ponds for microfauna. Got me away from the desk when I needed to puzzle #phdchat

@dooglelover - @networkedres @thesiswhisperer @explorstyle #phdchat thanks am favoriting this for later consumption

@tseenkhoo - @onekind @thesiswhisperer @jasondowns QDQDA? (Re mindmaps: I'm wary it's 'deferment' strategy rather than tool that hones argument) #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - @AnneOsterrieder Yes! That says it all... Faff before writing! :-) #Phdchat

@charlottefrost - @thesiswhisperer I most certainly do *not* surf costume jewellery websites when I'm supposed to be writing! ;) #acwrimo #phdchat

@Culture_Ada - wow #phdchat really is busy today! difficult to keep track :)

@PGEMelbourne - @dooglelover Yes! And, at the end of the day, what do you need to say to your audience to CONVINCE them/PERSUADE them. #phdchat

@essiepett - @SpeakerConolly True, but: I wrote early and wrote often but didn't know how to write smart... #phdchat

@OlanScott - I turn on City and Colour's discography. Helps me get into writing/working zone. No other music seems to work for me. #phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @SarahPFinlay @alexburns oh dear, I go and fuss the cats. Busted #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @tseenkhoo I have a tendency to fragment, so I only plan in full sentences in my full document, anything else is a disaster. #phdchat

@trishmorgan - @thesiswhisperer If warming up, I start w pen & paper to make list of things I shd be doing. If avoiding, I clean & tidy ANYTHING! #phdchat

@TeresaSomes - procrastibaking. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - more deferment strategy confessions: #nojudgementzone #phdchat chocolate, talking to the dog, companion planting & ponds for microfauna...

@psychengineer1 - I find worrying that my papers are probably going to get rejected straight off holds me back from writing sometimes #phdchat

@OlanScott - @Culture_Ada You're totally right Try the smart pause or increase the refresh speed to make reading easier. #phdchat

@kyliebudge - @charlottefrost I'm loving these self confessions! Mine is printmaking blog sites #phdchat

@bronscott - My sketchbook of mindmaps and ideas is great to look back on, shows me how far I've come when I think I'm not progressing at all! #phdchat

@PhD2Published - MT @erin_turbitt: def email checking 2 warm up, no way I can write if I'm thinking abt an email I have 2 reply 2 #phdchat #acwrimo

@mes_sherwood - @thesiswhisperer making tea, lurking on Twitter, also reading thesiswhisperer, but that's good right? #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - @AmieOShea @thesiswhisperer I miss pencils, and the heady smell of fresh shavings. #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @mes_sherwood YAY! Train yourself out of bad habits and write well! #phdchat (Also, accept your eccentricities for a few years) #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @psychengineer1 embrace the rejection. Be pleasently surprised if it DOESN'T happen. It's the only way #trustme #mylife #phdchat

@peyron - When you enter the zone, don't stop writing under any circumstances, you don't know when the muse will come back #phdchat #acwrimo

@dingram - My supervisor told me at Stage 2 (QUT pre-conf, mainly lit rev & research plan) to "stop reading & start writing". #phdchat

@HolmesTruscott - @Culture_Ada Ear plugs and a large cup of tea mean business time for me as well #phdchat

@catspyjamasnz - Drat. Dutch explosion has made me miss #phdchat

@essiepett - Learning that a lot can be done in 15 minutes helps to get into the habit of writing whenever and wherever #phdchat

@charlottefrost - @kyliebudge Ooooh, nice. Etsy is always a killer too right! #phdchat

@kjbarbour - @thesiswhisperer I just finished a very complicated jigsaw... No article, chapter, or presentation, but that sucker is done! #phdchat

@MeganJMcPherson - @kyliebudge how about "the gram"? My instagram friend, that is a biggish distraction #Phdchat

@tseenkhoo - @AnimaSophia @thesiswhisperer @jasondowns Wow! Great to see such an endorsement. Will try it out. #phdchat

@MinxMarple - @thesiswhisperer clean the house. tidy my computer (a special favourite). paint my nails. edit old bits of video I won't use. #phdchat

@Ax38 - @PGEMelbourne M83, R4DJ, C2C, Apparat, Module are a few of me other electronic go-to's. #PhDchat

@TeresaSomes - I'm a little sad I didnt get all this good advice two and a half years ago, when I started by thesis :( #phdchat

@kyliebudge - @MeganJMcPherson @charlottefrost don't even start me on instagram and etsy as 'warm ups' to writing #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @psychengineer1 Also, just read an article; that journal articles that were resubmitted had higher citations. It's a good thing! #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - More great deferment strategy confessions on #phdchat #nojudgementzone: email, pencil sharpening (still), print making blog sites

@erin_turbitt - so, does anyone have tips for negotiating with supervisors about writing from home? #phdchat

@dingram - Anyone else doing a thesis by publication? It's one way of forcing you to write early, and get brutal feedback. #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @TeresaSomes I would have KILLED to have had any of the stuff I know now back when I was doing mine! #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - @AcadSkillsMelb I have 2 many 'notes-y' conf papers that never became anything else. My most successful articles are written fresh. #phdchat

@stealthpooch - @thesiswhisperer add to that: posting Avant cards to relatives, reading newspapers in the uni library, chocolate, chocolate #phdchat

@PGEMelbourne - @charlottefrost I confess I have several more vintage dresses for summer than I would if not procrastinating. Oh Etsy. @kyliebudge #phdchat

@KatyHolliday - @thesiswhisperer Create a new filing system for journal articles (aka piles on desk) #phdchat #procrastination

@mTullia - worked for JK Rowling's fiction MT @lucybuykx sketching with pen & paper is liberating #phdchat #acwrimo #nanowrimo http://t.co/he5kMKiV

@kyliebudge - @ccandhealth @charlottefrost :-) #phdchat

@dooglelover - I always know a student is not writing or thinking when they start going over APA reference issues #deferment strategies #phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @thesiswhisperer there's knitting websites, cat fuss, list making, cat litter tray cleaning (seriously), snack & drink acquisition #phdchat

@PhD2Published - @TeresaSomes You'll never get all you need when doing a PhD so don't feel bad! You're finding out now & that's the best part! #phdchat

@catspyjamasnz - @MeganJMcPherson ooh I dont have you on my instagram yet *wanders off #phdchat to instabrowse*

@lucybuykx - @thesiswhisperer @phd2published will give that a go. thanks #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @erin_turbitt What's your discipline? (It won't be Arts, there writing from home is normal!) #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - I think I need to do a blog post on these deferment strategies! #phdchat #nojudgmentzone phd comics, instagram, etsy, jigsaw puzzles #tabit

@FirstCommJob - @thesiswhisperer @acadskillsmelb Write a lot to begin with then chose the better pieces for carefully editing =) #phdchat #acwrimo

@OlanScott - @erin_turbitt Start small. A few days, then show progress, gradually expand while showing progress. Output = trust. #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - @erin_turbitt Surely where you are most productive is most important issue? #Phdchat

@MeganJMcPherson - @erin_turbitt have agreed meeting dates and do the work. I don't write on campus. #Phdchat

@ccandhealth - @erin_turbitt What are other PhD students doing? If somebody else can, you can point that out. Or say you'll be at the library? #phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @erin_turbitt I've adopted the stealth-student option. Like Mission Impossible but with more writing #phdchat

@dingram - @erin_turbitt Just do it! My supervisor doesn't care where I write, just that I do. He's always overseas anyway. #phdchat

@seh_mc - @AnimaSophia @bronscott that was my problem with Scrivener as well. #phdchat

@dooglelover - @thesiswhisperer #phdchat email and errrrrr Twitter!!!!

@OTEllenN - Jealous of inspiring #phdchat & #acwrimo chatter about writing...stuck marking & DESPERATE to write. :( #socloseyetsofar

@PhD2Published - MT @peyron: When U enter the zone, dont stop writing under any circumstances, U dont know when the muse will come back #phdchat #acwrimo

@thesiswhisperer - It's racing towards 9pm people - #phdchat always goes so fast @AcadSkillsMelb and @PGEMelbourne - let's sum up

@PJ_Weatherill - @thesiswhisperer Goes to show how creative academics actually are! #Phdchat

@_sjt_ - I have come to the conclusion that I would rather write my thesis in blog form. Actually, no. Much rather just blog. #AcWriMo #phdchat

@reezaml - #phdchat Deferment-face 'resting' on laptop. Getting going from gridlock - doing it somewhere new.

@kyliebudge - @mTullia waving back and smiling #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - I was wondering if people would like to offer their favourite 'take away' from #phdchat tonight? How will it help your #acwrimo efforts?

@catspyjamasnz - After poo-pooing the you must have dedicated space for writing, my partner got me a desk. Turns out I do need a space for writing #phdchat

@mTullia - worked for JK Rowling's fiction MT @lucybuykx sketching with pen & paper is liberating #phdchat #acwrimo #nanowrimo http://t.co/tcyyTUxr

@PhD2Published - <3 RT @TeresaSomes: procrastibaking. #phdchat #acwrimo

@AcadSkillsMelb - How do you sum up the amazing stuff that happened tonight? #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @_sjt_ amen to that! #phdchat

@psychengineer1 - @thesiswhisperer: Yep - got to start looking at these little procrastinators in disguise for what they truly are - thanks Inger #phdchat

@dooglelover - @thesiswhisperer #phdchat one of my students had his whole house of carpet replaced and cancelled 2 meetings bcoz of this

@AnimaSophia - @thesiswhisperer oh no, these posts make me realise I do A LOT more deferment than I thought. #phdchat

@Anne_Matthew - @dooglelover @thesiswhisperer ditto add long runs, obsessing over reference management #phdchat don't really suffer from the cleaning thing

@peyron - Other time waster: crying the PhD pain away in the university toilets #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - For me I enjoyed the observations people made about planning their writing #phdchat - interesting to compare techniques

@PGEMelbourne - Just making sure everyone knows it's me - @MelbSchGradRes is out of action right now. @thesiswhisperer @AcadSkillsMelb #phdchat

@tseenkhoo - #phdchat trending tonight. Gosh, wonder why? #tweetwaterfall #myeyesmyeyes

@bronscott - @catspyjamasnz I finally turned my spare bedroom into a study. Can't believe the difference to my productivity.. And mental health! #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - @thesiswhisperer I'm not going to fight the techniques & deferments that ACTUALLY work for me #dontfightit #Phdchat

@coolnabeen - my biggest distraction is facebook, any syggestions #phdchat

@dingram - @psychengineer1 If you don't get at least one rejection you can't be sure you are pitching the paper high enough. #phdchat

@catspyjamasnz - @thesiswhisperer my deferment strategy: reading @thesiswhisperer blog #phdchat

@lucybuykx - @ccandhealth @bronscott notebooks linear, can be pain, have ordered one of http://t.co/mcUUcjCK so I can org scribbles non-linearly #phdchat

@erin_turbitt - @AcadSkillsMelb science #phdchat

@VickiMcDermott - @PhD2Published @peyron agreed!! #phdchat

@psychengineer1 - @dingram: Yes - me :) #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - @coolnabeen turn off notifications & set times for FB #Phdchat

@SarahPFinlay - Best tip for me tonight was to use whatever time you have RT @essiepett: a lot can be done in 15 minutes... #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @coolnabeen give it space - but put boundaries around it. Like only facebook at certain times #phdchat

@catspyjamasnz - @wragbags @bronscott yep. I had to admit defeat on that one. (btw thank you @marksmithers) #phdchat

@Jurisprude1 - Oh! I missed out on #phdchat...great tips all...will be sifting through great tips for beginners like me! Cheers all! HAGW! : )

@seh_mc - @dooglelover I like this tailored approach, very thoughtful! #phdchat

@PippiLongsock - @thesiswhisperer my 'take away' is that we all struggle with this stuff - just in slightly diff ways with slightly diff solutions #phdchat

@PGEMelbourne - @bronscott I love a dedicated space. But then sometimes I really need company and a cafe! I guess that's why Shut Up & Write works. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @dingram @psychengineer1 absolutely true #phdchat

@kyliebudge - @tseenkhoo I am LOL-ing all over the place about the #phdchat channel tonight. Cathartic!

@alexburns - . @thesiswhisperer Reverse outlining and lots of other writing tips for #acwrimo #phdchat and in-progress drafting

@cooperecon - @coolnabeen Yep, there's an app called Self Control that firewalls out websites #phdchat

@kjbarbour - @catspyjamasnz I was jealous of yours, so bought myself a computer and converted the spare room. It's lovely now! #phdchat

@ccandhealth - @erin_turbitt @JKisiisabird @caracourage read this by @explorstyle http://t.co/WhcGLpkS #phdchat

@shiralee_poed - #phdchat Not really a tip but very grateful for this forum #notsoisolatedafterall Thank you all!

@catspyjamasnz - @Nadine_Muller I love #phdchat for finding new voices to follow :-)

@thesiswhisperer - @PGEMelbourne @MelbSchGradRes @AcadSkillsMelb ah - thanks for that reminder #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @coolnabeen There are also programs to turn off parts of the internet while you're working. Trying to find link... #phdchat

@Ax38 - For those using @iAWriter for writing, there is a free update that includes amazing responsive design and many other neat features. #PhDchat

@dooglelover - @psychengineer1 #phdchat editor told me if its sent back 2you, even with lots of changes & horrible comments - the journal likes your paper

@thesiswhisperer - @PGEMelbourne @bronscott erica mcwilliam had some interesting observations about cafes earlier today - remind me to share sometime #phdchat

@PJ_Weatherill - @Jurisprude1 good thing about twitter is it will still be there in the morning! #nevertoolate #Phdchat

@catspyjamasnz - @kjbarbour never thought ANYTHING about my #phd habit would inspire everyone. #phdchat

@ccandhealth - @JKiwiisabird read this by @explorstyle http://t.co/WhcGLpkS #phdchat

@PGEMelbourne - @PippiLongsock Sometimes the knowledge that 'you're not alone' in the PhD is a trigger for calm and productivity. @thesiswhisperer #phdchat

@FerreiraCEM - One of the most difficult things you can do: revise your paper from 6 months ago. #shocking #phdchat

@bronscott - Does all this tweeting count as #acwrimo goal today?? :-) #phdchat

@mes_sherwood - @thesiswhisperer that writing is not easy, but I'm not alone in that, and there are so many resources to help #phdchat #acwrimo

@tseenkhoo - @kyliebudge I LOVED the pond + microfauna deferment strategy (was that you, @AcadSkillsMelb?). Mine often involved cactus. #phdchat

@PippiLongsock - @PGEMelbourne @thesiswhisperer amen to that #phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @thesiswhisperer reverse outlines, Cornell notes & the soothing of a troubled soul #phdchat

@BronwynHinz - @thesiswhisperer Goodness! I forgot to join #phdchat tonight? Has it been recorded in some way for future reading? Drifting to sleep now.

@MeganJMcPherson - @thesiswhisperer cafe post is a tabit #Phdchat

@ccandhealth - @erin_turbitt Not crazy at all as responses show. Maybe just ask him if you write from home 2 days/week or even 1 at first? #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @PippiLongsock so true that - not every 'solution' works for everyone either I find #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - I'm taking away Kerry Ann Rocquemore's new series on perfectionism http://t.co/zc1CSJGf and The tiny writing thing #phdchat

@PGEMelbourne - @AcadSkillsMelb @coolnabeen For Mac, 'Self Control': http://t.co/RZ3QePxt Not sure about PC. #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @AnimaSophia remote *hugs* #phdchat

@seh_mc - @OlanScott @PJ_Weatherill I fantasise about a pomo app/program that stops/starts or switches playlists according to time. #phdchat

@MeganJMcPherson - @tseenkhoo I like succulents #Phdchat

@AnimaSophia - @thesiswhisperer oh & that searching for the magic software that will make my academic life complete is probably deferment #phdchat

@Jurisprude1 - #PhDchat my tip today: I use the pomodoro technique..works a treat for me! Attention span = 25 minutes. That's all folks! Cheers!

@tseenkhoo - @MeganJMcPherson @thesiswhisperer Can't wait to see that one. #phdchat

@ccandhealth - @lucybuykx @bronscott For real scribbling I use colored paper in A4 and just get going. Pretty notebook = must if used regularly. #phdchat

@AcadSkillsMelb - @tseenkhoo @kyliebudge Goody--other garden geeks! #phdchat #nooneisalone

@tseenkhoo - @MeganJMcPherson @StefaniePillora @thesiswhisperer Will do. :) #phdchat #mcwilliam

@Jurisprude1 - @BronwynHinz @thesiswhisperer You and I both...I hate missing out. At least we've got the tips still here! : ( #phdchat

@thesiswhisperer - @AnimaSophia ahem, yes #guiltyascharged #phdchat

@lizith - @gawbul Steve is there any chance of capturing this morning's OZ #phdchat session - complements yesterday's UK session - writing & pub'n

@PJ_Weatherill - @seh_mc Love it! #Phdchat

@OlanScott - A bit off topic, but the book The Four Hour Work Week has lots of takeaways for us academics (time when checking email, & more) #phdchat

@PhD2Published - Sure, why not! ;-) RT @bronscott: Does all this tweeting count as #acwrimo goal today?? :-) #phdchat

@essiepett - @peyron I'm not sure: for me learning to trust that it will come back or that I can write without it is key #phdchat #phdchat


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