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Effective research skills 23rd January 2013 (redirected from Effective Research Skills)

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'Better research - greater impact - developing your skills to become effective researcher'


#phdchat tweet log - 23rd January 2013


@NSRiazat (23/01/13 19:33:40) - Welcomes to #phdchat - topic for tonight is 'better research - greater impact - developing your skills to become effective researcher #phd (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (23/01/13 19:33:44) - @SueFolley I bet!! Absolutely brilliant news!!! Hope you are celebrating (even on a school night!) #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (23/01/13 19:34:44) - @NSRiazat Just finished reading the first article on #phdchat paper http://t.co/GEZqKNEQ So wish I had read this 5 years ago (original tweet)

@SueFolley (23/01/13 19:35:28) - @EmmaBurnettx not yet but may have a tipple later - or may save for Friday night! :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@linguistics12 (23/01/13 19:36:12) - @annatatton1 - how should 'impact' be measured? Some of the most important research findings have been stumbled across accidently #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:36:44) - @SueFolley @EmmaBurnettx With your daughter's snow man? #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (23/01/13 19:36:57) - @NSRiazat Having been immersed in methodology stuff recently has certainly helped me clarify the issue of better research #phdchat (original tweet)

@Protohedgehog (23/01/13 19:37:27) - Drive-by comment - First, you have to figure out what 'impact' means. Then you can try and measure it. Then you can assess it. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:37:35) - @linguistics12 @annatatton1 Good question about impact. Sometimes wanting "impact" can cripple you. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:38:40) - @XarahC @NSRiazat How do you define "better research"? Sometimes our definition is diff than established. #phdchat (original tweet)

@SueFolley (23/01/13 19:38:46) - @Comprof1 @EmmaBurnettx lol - I think the snowman polished the bottle off - will have to start another one! #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (23/01/13 19:38:56) - @linguistics12 #phdchat I feel flattered to be asked Ibrar: I think it's how we communicate the findings to the public and action taken (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (23/01/13 19:39:04) - What skills do we need 2 become better researchers, 2 create impact? #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (23/01/13 19:40:46) - How do we define a 'good' researcher? #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (23/01/13 19:41:00) - @Comprof1 @linguistics12 #phdchat How so? Can you give an example? (original tweet)

@Judiebbrell (23/01/13 19:41:32) - @NSRiazat #phdchat one that does more work than me! (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:41:58) - @LBA_OX12 Self awareness, knowng our preconceptions, building in triangulation are vital skills #phdchat (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (23/01/13 19:42:34) - Isn't impact more than communicating? Can it be influencing or having some other kind of effect..? #phdchat (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (23/01/13 19:42:55) - @Comprof1 Yes, good ones..... #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 19:43:25) - aaah! i'm finally around for #phdchat again! \o/ what are we talking about today? *scrolls* (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:44:15) - @NSRiazat 5 parts to good researcher: ability to define problems, design research, collect relevant data ethically, analyze & comm #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (23/01/13 19:44:18) - @NSRiazat #phdchat Gd researcher: rigorous, self-critical, willing to take advice but knows when to just nod and smile, creative ... (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 19:45:01) - Just musing on this - are there 2 different skillsets - research (discovery) and dissemination/communication #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 19:46:14) - yes. RT @lizith: Just musing on this - are there 2 different skillsets - research (discovery) and dissemination/communication #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:46:37) - @SarahLaneCawte @NSRiazat Self critical vital. Willing to admit mistakes or others perceptions. #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 19:46:47) - i think my hangup about this whole research thing is not being sure whether i know enough to be doing it in the first place! #phdchat (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 19:46:53) - @LBA_OX12 I agree - something about application rather than just informing. Should the good researcher have all the skills? #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (23/01/13 19:47:06) - @bookworm_29 congratulations Claire! #phdchat (original tweet)

@linguistics12 (23/01/13 19:47:20) - @annatatton1 - according to enlightenment traditions, purpose of education and research is primarily inquiry, creation and critique #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (23/01/13 19:47:28) - @LBA_OX12 #phdchat My research will have had an impact if others feel it leads them to question & critically reflect on their practice. (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (23/01/13 19:47:43) - Perseverance and ability to sustain this over the long haul. #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (23/01/13 19:47:46) - #phdchat what if we considered the impact of research to be demonstrated (in part) by how it was integrated into teaching? (original tweet)

@Judiebbrell (23/01/13 19:47:49) - @Comprof1 @SarahLaneCawte @NSRiazat #phdchat what happens if you are so self critical you can't move forward? (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:48:08) - @lizith Communiction includes engaging with others to get different perspectives/levels of understanding #phdchat (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 19:48:26) - @AmandaMichelle I think that's a problem we all face - do I know enough? Can I do it properly? etc, etc. It's more than imposter #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (23/01/13 19:48:43) - @Comprof1 @NSRiazat Should've written better 'researcher', just thinking about robust appr to research with ethical considerations #phdchat (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (23/01/13 19:48:46) - Thinking of different definitions of impact in REF (UK) ..... #phdchat (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 19:49:14) - @Comprof1 yes - there is communication with peers, but also communication beyond academy #phdchat (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (23/01/13 19:49:20) - @AmandaMichelle Or thinking that ur topic &/or data aren't significant enough.... #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:50:03) - @_erica_lewis I'd feel better because my thesis has not really gone anywhere except Uni depository! But I do use it in my teaching #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:51:46) - #phdchat I know Phd requires contribution to knowledge, but anyone do research just b/c they're interested? All mine has been that basis (original tweet)

@linguistics12 (23/01/13 19:52:00) - Re impact in research - watch out for reductionist perspectives #phdchat (original tweet)

@srossmktg (23/01/13 19:52:12) - Hey all, what's the topic? #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (23/01/13 19:52:29) - @NSRiazat Esp if PT! Can be a very long-haul! Needs huge motivation & commitment.#phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (23/01/13 19:52:51) - @Comprof1 cool - how do you use it in your teaching? & would you like to see it considered as part of the impact of your research? #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:53:06) - #phdchat Is impact really necessary to be successful researcher? Some most successful researchers rn't known until they die. (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (23/01/13 19:53:08) - @linguistics12 #phdchat Yes but is it also to move forward - via impact on society, community and the world? (original tweet)

@mjwalton13 (23/01/13 19:54:30) - Does impact have to start at the end of the research process? Can it start earlier through work with interested parties? #phdchat (original tweet)

@linguistics12 (23/01/13 19:54:38) - In educational research, most of us got into this business due to research beneficiaries anyway! ie an issue in the classroom #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (23/01/13 19:54:46) - @Comprof1 I think the two come together: you're fascinated & can't find an answer someone else provided - so you go find your own #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:54:49) - @_erica_lewis My teaching is experientially based. So I gain insights into student use of concepts when we generalize in class. #phdchat (original tweet)

@profology (23/01/13 19:55:11) - Are your students actually learning? Does College Put Kids on a Party Pathway? http://t.co/WBbg4WpM #highered #faculty #pedagogy #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:55:41) - @mjwalton13 So impact could be just asking the questions! #phdchat (original tweet)

@CMBuddle (23/01/13 19:55:41) - @Comprof1 @qui_oui one thing to mention- I've continually been surprised by which of my papers get cited ie. impact not predictable #PhDChat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (23/01/13 19:56:24) - @linguistics12 #phdchat Yes! (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (23/01/13 19:56:48) - @mjwalton13 participative action research says yes & I'm sure other methods might too #phdchat (original tweet)

@DrDaveHowells (23/01/13 19:56:56) - #phdchat good researchers may only have some, not all of the needed attributes, hence teams! I am a poor completer-finishe..... (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (23/01/13 19:57:23) - @Comprof1 do u need to be known? I'll settle for just a few more people engaging with the issues, even if they know nothing abt me #phdchat (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 19:57:24) - @Comprof1 personally, I've problems with academic research if it doesn't have impact - but I've always been a little anti-academic #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:57:34) - @CMBuddle @qui_oui I cowrote a paper that was just to help w/ admin (business ethics). Became very popular. #phdchat (original tweet)

@linguistics12 (23/01/13 19:58:13) - @Comprof1 - absolutely. The obsession with - often premature - answers is a bane of our educational age #phdchat (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 19:58:17) - @DrHelenKara I'm in #phdchat at moment & will be multi-tasking with #eswphd in a few minutes :) (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 19:58:24) - @CMBuddle @qui_oui My current research on distributed groups and knowledge building doesn't seem to be a "hot topic" right now #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (23/01/13 19:59:22) - @_erica_lewis If u r interested & have enough data for PhD, chances r that others will be interested & u will contrib 2 field #phdchat (original tweet)

@ThomsonPat (23/01/13 19:59:49) - @Comprof1 critical + feminist researchers always ask in whose interests we produce knowledge. This reframes the notion of impact #Phdchat (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 19:59:53) - @SarahLaneCawte @comprof1 completely agree with wanting to see more engagement - the issues & responses are important to me #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:00:11) - @linguistics12 By asking questions, we give credence to the issue. #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 20:00:11) - my prob: significant, but unfundable RT @LBA_OX12: AmandaMichelle Or thinking that ur topic &/or data aren't significant enough.... #phdchat (original tweet)

@DrHelenKara (23/01/13 20:00:25) - @lizith Multi-tasking, yoga for the mind ;-) #phdchat #eswphd (original tweet)

@CMBuddle (23/01/13 20:00:41) - @Comprof1 @qui_oui it's an impt point re: training grad students- u cannot predict what work u do will (most) influence discipline #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (23/01/13 20:00:55) - @DrDaveHowells Great to have another #dementia person on #phdchat. What's the highest impact/best research you've read recently? (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (23/01/13 20:01:12) - @ThomsonPat How does it reframe impact? #phdchat (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 20:01:38) - @DrHelenKara guess it's the nearest I get to gymnastics much of the time :) #eswphd #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 20:02:03) - @_erica_lewis @mjwalton13 i'm doing (plannin) PAR for my research. it's the only reason i came to the #phd in the first place. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:02:04) - @ThomsonPat Can you expand? I sort of understand what you're saying (we're silenced if it doesn't fit the estblished knowledge) #phdchat (original tweet)

@CMBuddle (23/01/13 20:02:10) - @Comprof1 @qui_oui therefore strive for quality all the time - must be proud of all your work even if u think some is "low impact" #PhDChat (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (23/01/13 20:02:29) - sorry to be late to the #phdchat - this is the first night I've been able to come (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (23/01/13 20:02:46) - @SarahLaneCawte @comprof1 impact might be multiplied by scale, but prob depends on what you research & who you are reaching #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (23/01/13 20:03:20) - @DoctoralNet In some instances. May depend on yr partic research. I wd like to inform the debate in my field & am not FT academic #phdchat (original tweet)

@DrHelenKara (23/01/13 20:03:23) - @lizith That would be you and me both. *creak* *groan* #eswphd #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:03:30) - @CMBuddle @qui_oui Or low public impact but perhaps high impact to a niche or small group #phdchat (original tweet)

@ThomsonPat (23/01/13 20:03:59) - @LBA_OX12 if we produce knowledge for equity we want to make sure it does more than sit on a shelf, we want to get it out there(1) #Phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (23/01/13 20:04:29) - @lizith faculty I work w/ debate about this all the time. If good research doesn't get communicated, then little impact. #phdchat (original tweet)

@DrDaveHowells (23/01/13 20:04:33) - @annatatton1 #phdchat Best #dementia read is http://t.co/e0zjEMMc Greatly inspired by the methods and crunching my SPSS till the early hrs! (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 20:04:41) - @DrHelenKara LOL! #eswphd #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (23/01/13 20:04:51) - @SarahLaneCawte good point - same principle as you're not the only person thinking he question #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 20:04:58) - what is "impact" anyway, #phdchat? i think we (should/can) have our own personal goals, but like y'all said, we can't predict or direct. (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (23/01/13 20:05:15) - @ThomsonPat Thx. Knowledge for equity? #phdchat (original tweet)

@ThomsonPat (23/01/13 20:05:31) - @LBA_OX12 and into the hands of people who might benefit from it. We might work with them as partners in research to start with #Phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:05:48) - @ThomsonPat @LBA_OX12 but system currently is against "getting it out there" unless fits commercial mold (at least in US). #phdchat (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 20:06:10) - @LUDissertation is part of that discussion who to communicate with, when and how? I need to get my stuff out there, but unsure how #phdchat (original tweet)

@DrDaveHowells (23/01/13 20:06:16) - #phdchat The best researchers are the ones nice enough to talk stats with me! (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 20:07:02) - ...of course i wonder abt the 'direct' part. we choose which journals to pursue, conferences to present, etc. that effects impact. #phdchat (original tweet)

@ThomsonPat (23/01/13 20:07:27) - @Comprof1 eg community organisations, professional bodies,media, exhibitions, range of publications, social media #Phdchat (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (23/01/13 20:07:29) - @xarahc @NSRiazat That is wht I think is fun about research methodology- how it helps us clarify so much/our assumptions not least #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:07:45) - @lizith That's why I feel I have impact in teaching. At least teaching about groups and knowledge so next gen understands. #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (23/01/13 20:08:12) - @HallGed interesting #phdchat now about #impact (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (23/01/13 20:08:18) - @AmandaMichelle me too - planning PAR - & a big part of why I'm doing my Phd #phdchat (original tweet)

@DrDaveHowells (23/01/13 20:08:36) - #phdchat It's a big ask for unrewarded 'subjects' (or colleagues) to agree to research, so 'influence' and 'credibility' must be important. (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (23/01/13 20:08:53) - @Comprof1 system of tenure? Or system of publishing? #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (23/01/13 20:09:11) - @DrDaveHowells Oh - give us qual researchers some credit too! ;-) We might not talk stats so much but we have gd stories! #phdchat (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (23/01/13 20:09:29) - @lba_ox12 bettr researchers? systems that work, how to judge scale and work with it, working with stakeholders, #phdchat not often mentioned (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (23/01/13 20:10:01) - .@DoctoralNet welcome - this is one of my favourite places to spend Wednesday night #phdchat (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (23/01/13 20:10:16) - @DoctoralNet Which stakeholders? #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:10:16) - Do you think impact might be more important in UK than other countries? #phdchat What about importance of impact in funded vs. unfunded? (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (23/01/13 20:10:52) - @_erica_lewis .@DoctoralNet And counts as sort of PhDing..... #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (23/01/13 20:11:23) - @DrDaveHowells #phdchat what about qualitative researchers? Can they have impact in #dementia too? (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:11:24) - @LUDissertation Academia so system of tenure and system of hiring/tenure/promotion #phdchat (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (23/01/13 20:11:32) - @Comprof1 Unfunded as self-funded? Why the distinction? #phdchat (original tweet)

@Judiebbrell (23/01/13 20:11:35) - @_erica_lewis @DoctoralNet #phdchat using PAR too so impact gained from research process - would be good to share thoughts? (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 20:11:40) - @_erica_lewis ooh, what area(s)? and how are you finding 'standards'? my dep't is not good into PAR. #phdchat (original tweet)

@ThomsonPat (23/01/13 20:12:01) - @LBA_OX12 c Morwenna griffiths' book getting off the fence, if you position self as critical feminist post critical epistemology. #Phdchat (original tweet)

@0lhos (23/01/13 20:12:09) - #phdchat may I ask which late, great & famous past researchers have had the biggest Impact, & what that tells us about what Impact means? (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (23/01/13 20:13:34) - @ThomsonPat Thx #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:14:03) - @LBA_OX12 In US at anyrate research=commercial/social impact. Self-funded research is more for individual knowledge. #phdchat (original tweet)

@xseniz9587 (23/01/13 20:14:47) - FINAL CHAPTER OF MY #PhD HAS BEEN DRAFTED. I HAVE A WHOLE DRAFT (almost). EXCITEMENT! #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (23/01/13 20:14:49) - @Comprof1 My institution has no tenure for faculty. I publish/research b/c I want to not b/c I have to. #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (23/01/13 20:14:54) - @AmandaMichelle there are a couple of us knocking around #phdchat I think @ThomsonPat is our resident expert (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (23/01/13 20:15:23) - @comprof1 #phdchat - my research too always driven by pure interest/need to know to go deeper into a topic (original tweet)

@Posterfolio (23/01/13 20:15:24) - Men more likely than women to commit research fraud, study finds http://t.co/9B7ZfEvP #phdchat #iamscience #scio13 #openscience #openaccess (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (23/01/13 20:15:27) - @DrDaveHowells #phdchat Can you explain that last tweet? Can you give an example? (original tweet)

@BiologistJohn (23/01/13 20:15:35) - #PhDchat - Is work experience essential when applying to university? http://t.co/1N9c5bIN via @guardian #HigherEd #education (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:15:52) - @0lhos There was a woman mathmatician that Einstein used in his research. Her research did not impact her time b/c she was a woman #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (23/01/13 20:16:39) - @DoctoralNet @NSRiazat fun isn't a word that I would rush to use re methodology ;-) But it can be strategically interesting #phdchat (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (23/01/13 20:17:27) - @mjwalton13 #phdchat depends on subject bt research that starts on the impact at the end loses the op to involve all the real stakeholders, (original tweet)

@HallGed (23/01/13 20:17:39) - @annatatton1 thanks for the heads up. Be interesting to see what thoughts come up about #impact during #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:18:05) - @DoctoralNet so perhaps field of study also changes the importance of impact or form it takes #phdchat (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (23/01/13 20:18:51) - @drdavehowells #phdchat - got to agree 200% on teams, not just in research (original tweet)

@KL_Wheat (23/01/13 20:19:08) - Great opportunity for #ECRchat #phdchat with @tom_hartley MT"Have PhD? MRI aging & Alzheimer's, 1 year 23K internship http://t.co/jqHcWyOl" (original tweet)

@ianrobsons (23/01/13 20:20:19) - @JaneDavis13 I am celebrating by being man ill. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:21:02) - @DoctoralNet @DrDaveHowells Problem is if you have everyone good at research design but not analysis/completer! #phdchat (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (23/01/13 20:22:00) - @judiebbrell @_erica_lewis #phdchat - impact from PAR 3+ levels, personal=reflection/reflexion cycle, PAR group=outcomes, #acri=journals (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (23/01/13 20:22:03) - @Comprof1 @doctoralnet Agree.Big diffs bet(e.g.) research that aims to explain phenomena & research that aims to influence practice?#phdchat (original tweet)

@LPquarterly (23/01/13 20:23:01) - The @LPquarterly website has the NEW #CFP 2013 deadlines: http://t.co/JEffCDrg Send your manuscripts #phdchat #acwri #OpenAccess #gradchat (original tweet)

@Judiebbrell (23/01/13 20:23:30) - @DoctoralNet @_erica_lewis #phdchat Good way to describe it - thanks (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:23:58) - @SarahLaneCawte @DoctoralNet Yes. Perhaps difference in personality of researcher. #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (23/01/13 20:24:07) - @DoctoralNet well either we talk about the research/teaching nexus & deliver, or we should stop pretending #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 20:24:10) - sorry, had to step away from #phdchat for a few. at least now i know why they haven't fixed my bathroom yet. (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (23/01/13 20:24:26) - @DoctoralNet @DrDaveHowells I agree, but in doctoral programs are valuing team writing/research or emphasizing solo work? #phdchat (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (23/01/13 20:24:52) - @comprof1 the woman is anonymous thing impacted work in all fields- few became a Curie #phdchat (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (23/01/13 20:25:56) - @xarahc #phdchat -research gets to be fun - like an extreme sport is fun (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:27:14) - @DoctoralNet So public impact was not as important. I have been a researcher for over 30 yrs (since HS) because I find it interestg #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 20:27:42) - O_O RT @LUDissertation: @Comprof1 My institution has no tenure for faculty. I publish/research b/c I want to not b/c I have to. #phdchat (original tweet)

@HallGed (23/01/13 20:27:48) - @LBA_OX12 I think #impact is more than communication there has 2 b a change as a result of the communication #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (23/01/13 20:28:08) - @Judiebbrell @doctoralnet can I add a fourth? Taking it to scale, beyond the original PAR group & to interested grassroots others #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (23/01/13 20:28:25) - @Comprof1 @SarahLaneCawte @DoctoralNet Difference in purpose of the research; the researcher's personality not an issue. #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 20:28:48) - i'd agree w/ this. RT @Comprof1: @DoctoralNet so perhaps field of study also changes the importance of impact or form it takes #phdchat (original tweet)

@Judiebbrell (23/01/13 20:29:12) - @_erica_lewis @doctoralnet #phdchat very true (original tweet)

@XarahC (23/01/13 20:29:18) - @Judiebbrell @DoctoralNet yes, I'm looking forward to the fun part (analysis) which is hopefully just around the corner :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@linguistics12 (23/01/13 20:29:31) - @Comprof1 - oh but it may have, albeit usurped. But that's another issue... #phdchat (original tweet)

@DrDaveHowells (23/01/13 20:29:39) - @LUDissertation #phdchat I guess, phd is about finding your strength and seeing the areas you would be better off leaving to someone else. (original tweet)

@XarahC (23/01/13 20:29:53) - @Judiebbrell @DoctoralNet unless the analysis provides fun-free adrenaline of course lol #phdchat (original tweet)

@HallGed (23/01/13 20:31:00) - @lizith @LBA_OX12 #impact is a team game. A good researcher needs 2 know who can help them 2 fill a skills gap #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (23/01/13 20:31:04) - @AmandaMichelle @_erica_lewis hmm, both clearly important selection criteria too. It seems PAR remains perennially unpopular in aca #phdchat (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (23/01/13 20:31:13) - @_erica_lewis #phdchat- I agree, ed research to me has the most impact at the personal level on teaching not policy or institutions (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:31:14) - @XarahC @Judiebbrell @DoctoralNet I find the design/data collection the most fun. We'd make a good team if u agreed to do analysis #phdchat (original tweet)

@linguistics12 (23/01/13 20:31:45) - @DoctoralNet - good ideas, Steven Johnson says, seldom come from one person and one place. It's the same with "impact" #phdchat (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (23/01/13 20:32:18) - @lizith Agree completely.... #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (23/01/13 20:32:39) - @DrDaveHowells Have to be acceptable in all areas to finish the dissertation, but after that you can leave parts to someone else! #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (23/01/13 20:32:57) - @LUDissertation @comprof1 @doctoralnet Yes - that's what I meant. That's why no 1 set of answers to what is gd or what is impact. #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 20:33:54) - @XarahC @_erica_lewis *sigh* yeah, i'm seeing that more & more, the further i poke. think i'll be making up lots as i go along. #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 20:34:34) - @XarahC @_erica_lewis but i'm trying to gather as much as possible for reading/prep purposes ahead of time. #phdchat (original tweet)

@IExpand (23/01/13 20:35:35) - Reference management on mac: Review of Sente vs Bookends http://t.co/bXX2XG70 #phdchat #phdadvice #research #macapps (original tweet)

@XarahC (23/01/13 20:35:57) - @Comprof1 @Judiebbrell @DoctoralNet :) yes, I also really enjoyed designing & carrying out fieldwork, seems so long ago now though #phdchat (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (23/01/13 20:36:17) - @linguistics12 #phdchat totally agree - do you know the book Group Genius? Really convincing (original tweet)

@DrDaveHowells (23/01/13 20:36:21) - @LUDissertation that's where being around other good researchers would help to #phdchat but Team must have enough time to devote to research (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (23/01/13 20:37:04) - Well, need to get back to class prep. Tomorrow's first day of semester. #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (23/01/13 20:37:42) - @AmandaMichelle @_erica_lewis plenty of people have made a big change in the world by sticking to their principles :) #Freire #phdchat (original tweet)

@GalvinMary (23/01/13 20:38:30) - Masses of anxiety around beginning #ethnography. That leap from literature to participant is a daunting one #PhDchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 20:39:26) - THIS! RT @XarahC: @me @_erica_lewis plenty of people have made a big change in the world by sticking to their principles :) #Freire #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (23/01/13 20:40:12) - #phdchat Thanks everyone. Gd to think abt these issues. Lots to ponder & all part of developing as a researcher. (original tweet)

@DrDaveHowells (23/01/13 20:41:59) - #phdchat Impact may be analogous to (genetic) shift and drift. Small changes are important to refine the model, but the big changes excite! (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 20:42:05) - alright, time to finish this #storify/blog post & get on with something that will earn me a grade or advance something else. great #phdchat! (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (23/01/13 20:42:18) - Thanks! This was my first #phdchat but not my last! (original tweet)

@XarahC (23/01/13 20:43:36) - @LUDissertation thanks for link, looks very useful @AmandaMichelle @_erica_lewis #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (23/01/13 20:44:49) - @AmandaMichelle @_erica_lewis Pedagogy Of The Oppressed was the most inspirational book I read at the start of my phd journey #phdchat (original tweet)

@rglweiner (23/01/13 20:45:28) - Good meeting w advisor who already read my full #dissertation draft. I have my marching orders. Now to turn around ANOTHER draft. #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (23/01/13 20:47:13) - @SueFolley & for me too! But remember you're not allowed to disappear from #phdchat ! (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 20:48:47) - @SueFolley brilliant news - congratulations - you so so deserve that phd!!!! #phdchat (original tweet)

@SueFolley (23/01/13 20:51:00) - @EmmaBurnettx I won't - I will keep an eye on it and participate if I am able :)) #phdchat (original tweet)

@SueFolley (23/01/13 20:51:39) - @lizith thanks Liz - your turn next :)) #phdchat (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 20:52:20) - @SueFolley I think there are others ahead of me in queue - I haven't got viva date yet - but some have :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@SueFolley (23/01/13 20:54:30) - @lizith well won't be long for you now, the real hard slog is done :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 20:58:30) - @SueFolley True - trying not to think ahead too much :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@SueFolley (23/01/13 20:59:35) - @lizith Probably wise. It was six months from submission to this point for me. #phdchat (original tweet)

@drkatyvigurs (23/01/13 21:02:07) - @lizith @suefolley this is key viva practice time! Start transition from writing to defence of writing! Mock vivas galore #phdchat (original tweet)

@0lhos (23/01/13 21:03:14) - @DeniseT01 @BennClaire #eswphd interesting convo on #phdchat about Impact (and good researcher) just now, oddly REF not mentioned that much (original tweet)

@scholastic_rat (23/01/13 21:09:53) - What advice to give First Year Humanities PhD students in Employability workshop on friday? What do you wish you'd been told? #PhDchat (original tweet)

@FionaFNoble (23/01/13 21:09:54) - How Chuck Wendig Edits A Novel: http://t.co/9A6lJEjb Although this discusses literary writing, useful for academic writing also #phdchat (original tweet)

@PhDForum (23/01/13 21:10:20) - @JBWhetham Keep up the good work, we have our fingers crossed for you :-) #phdforum #phdchat (original tweet)

@PhDForum (23/01/13 21:11:40) - Any advice for @Benjy83 who is finding 2nd draft phase draining? #phdadvice #phdforum #phdchat :-) please RT (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (23/01/13 21:13:30) - another two successful chats on #phdchat & #eswphd. Perhaps we should do one every Thursday at 7.30pm GMT, first collaboration #socphd? (original tweet)

@lizith (23/01/13 21:14:03) - @drkatyvigurs @suefolley you're right - pull myself out of my sloth & get my act together! :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@lreyzin (23/01/13 21:17:15) - Am I the only one who enjoyed my PhD, had a nice advisor, was happy, etc.? MT @Protohedgehog post on PhD life http://t.co/F48xt8SE #PhDchat (original tweet)

@Donna_Peach (23/01/13 21:23:12) - @socialpsychUK The chat date is in my diary one topic idea: "the use of social media in contemporary social psychology" #spschat #phdchat (original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (23/01/13 21:25:19) - @anna_addis There's no research on that - but all kinds of behaviour are possible when people get very stressed #phdchat (original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (23/01/13 21:25:57) - @_erica_lewis @jasondowns @NUS_Liam a lot of us are working to just that end. My whole working life is dedicated to that #phdchat (original tweet)

@veletsianos (23/01/13 21:26:17) - @lreyzin nope - i had an amazing time doing my PhD with @chasingseals #PhDchat (original tweet)

@chasingseals (23/01/13 21:30:05) - You earned it all and made it enjoyable! RT @veletsianos: @lreyzin nope - i had an amazing time doing my PhD with @chasingseals #PhDchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (23/01/13 21:35:23) - "@SarahLaneCawte: @NSRiazat Esp if PT! Can be a very long-haul! Needs huge motivation & commitment. #phdchat" very true (original tweet)

@tdrape100 (23/01/13 21:38:32) - trying to get hired in a #TT track position http://t.co/C2IooKYg #phdchat #highered (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (23/01/13 21:39:01) - "@Judiebbrell: @NSRiazat #phdchat one that does more work than me!" LOL...can't definitely relate to that. :) (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (23/01/13 21:39:17) - @thesiswhisperer & I really do appreciate your work: how do we promote it so PhDs know it could be better & advocate for change #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (23/01/13 21:40:00) - @XarahC - quite like the #phdchat paper for browsing relevant newsworthy articles. (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (23/01/13 21:41:14) - @XarahC - agree - been working on methodology and it really is key to better research. Research design is essential. #phdchat (original tweet)

@FionaFNoble (23/01/13 21:42:25) - A short note about article conclusions by Linda McPhee http://t.co/CBIJiMHH via @sharethis #phdchat (original tweet)

@ProfDcotton (23/01/13 21:48:59) - Congratulations! >>RT @SueFolley: woo hoo! - got confirmation of acceptance of my thesis amendments - I have my doctorate!! :))) #phdchat (original tweet)

@LanaCook (23/01/13 21:49:30) - Having a dependable #writing group is so essential for progressing on your #phd. Shout out to @LizzieHopwood and Jenna Sciuto! #PhDChat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (23/01/13 21:49:30) - @thesiswhisperer Me too! One student, one program, one faculty member at a time. #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (23/01/13 21:50:39) - @_erica_lewis @thesiswhisperer I think faculty have to stand up and demand change, looking at their own practice first #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (23/01/13 21:54:04) - @Benjy83 Move back and forth between revising and writing new stuff if possible. Revising is progress, not just new pages. #phdchat (original tweet)

@strictlykaren (23/01/13 21:59:38) - @SueFolley congratulations Sue, this is great news! #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (23/01/13 22:04:10) - @Judiebbrell *can #phdchat (original tweet)

@MsFloraPoste (23/01/13 22:09:16) - Some really worthwhile reflections on the writing process from @missing_words http://t.co/9HbzkT9B #phdchat #phdadvice #academia (original tweet)

@SAGEManagement (23/01/13 22:10:17) - Articles on #Gender, #Inequality hand-picked by the editors of Administrative Science Quarterly http://t.co/ecUF9ly4 #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (23/01/13 22:14:25) - @LUDissertation @thesiswhisperer students are allies in this & if we knew about other models we could offer them as solutions #phdchat (original tweet)

@MsNegin (23/01/13 22:20:52) - This whole dissertation thing is making my head hurt. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Script__Land (23/01/13 22:21:26) - @ianrobsons and #phdchat I can help out with all that transcription. I love interviews and qualitative research. (original tweet)

@MsNegin (23/01/13 22:22:50) - It's odd to be looking forward to a weekend of work, just to get all these thoughts out of my head and on to paper. #phdchat (original tweet)

@jswann (23/01/13 22:23:29) - @palbion on to final doc documentation as soon as brain clears #phdchat I love the one about clearing my desk! #distancestudent (original tweet)

@jswann (23/01/13 22:26:05) - @palbion There seem to be a lot of forms. Must make a list. Cristy's a star! Knows the process so well #phdchat (original tweet)

@stefdirusso (23/01/13 22:26:47) - oh. MY. LORD! WHY DIDNT SOMEONE SHOW ME THIS EARLIER?! http://t.co/Q6I9Go0p #phd #phdchat (original tweet)

@FionaFNoble (23/01/13 22:28:04) - Ten Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques http://t.co/9RNya3BK via @copyblogger #phdchat (original tweet)

@markjbradford (23/01/13 22:31:51) - This looks really useful! The 'Academic Phrasebank' (@UniofManc) http://t.co/36RacQkD via @stefdirusso #PhD #phdchat (original tweet)

@Ci_Sport117729 (23/01/13 22:36:41) - Nothing like a good meeting with the sup to spur me on :D #phd #phdchat #academia #highered (original tweet)

@rjhogue (23/01/13 22:38:24) - Feels odd to pay a conference to publish a paper ... feels kind of unethical, and yet seems to be the norm #phdchat (original tweet)

@laurapasquini (23/01/13 22:57:30) - MT The @LPquarterly website has the NEW #CFP 2013 deadlines: http://t.co/32IaefVmSend ur manuscripts #phdchat #acwri #OpenAccess #gradchat (original tweet)

@innoittamana (23/01/13 22:58:06) - poster done and printed, all set for the BACR- EORTC tomorrow..... i can sleep #phdchat (original tweet)

@IandPangurBan (23/01/13 23:05:15) - MT @Protohedgehog PhD students: Have you, or will you make your data openly available? #opendata #oadebate #phdchat (original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (23/01/13 23:06:06) - How to socialise at a conference dinner - a post by @nextscientist http://t.co/ODDJiSCy #phdchat #phdadvice (original tweet)

@scottcowley (23/01/13 23:06:25) - Nice! RT @ClairDogg: There's now an official way to cite a tweet in academic papers. http://t.co/asLMt7n9 #phdchat (original tweet)

@ElizabHk (23/01/13 23:07:45) - Rainy days are good for writing. There's no distractions outside to entice you out the door. #phdchat (original tweet)

@justinohearn (23/01/13 23:14:49) - On the topic of coping with disappointment, what are some of your favourite cocktails/drinks befitting ease of academic stress? #phdchat (original tweet)

@QCMRI (23/01/13 23:15:57) - Post-doctoral research position available in our #cancer lab, on acute myeloid #leukaemia http://t.co/9Z8rTJI7 #AML #kinase #phdchat... (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (23/01/13 23:16:35) - @justinohearn i mix cranberry juice, sour mix, pomegranite mix, & patrn. #phdchat (original tweet)

@dietitianEnzo (23/01/13 23:18:46) - Went for a #walk to take a break from my thesis and beauty reminds me why all the hard work is worth it #phdchat http://t.co/aIXTvUt5 (original tweet)

@Moll_Hackabout (23/01/13 23:19:31) - I THINK I JUST FINISHED MY PHD THESIS CAN WE GET A HOLLA OR MAYBE A LOLCAT UP IN HERE? #PhDChat (original tweet)

@DuringMyPhD (23/01/13 23:28:34) - Your #PhD is spinning out of control? You're not the only one! http://t.co/lxd69Pqi || #LabLife #PhDchat #ACwri #ECRchat #PhDforum (original tweet)

@adsomnia (23/01/13 23:31:41) - @Moll_Hackabout Hurrah! And congratulations! #PhDChat (original tweet)

@Stu_Draper (23/01/13 23:32:38) - Cool! RT @scottcowley Nice! RT @ClairDogg: There's now an official way to cite a tweet in academic papers. http://t.co/iQCm35wQ #phdchat (original tweet)

@ElizabHk (23/01/13 23:33:48) - Just read the abstracts of upcoming HDR seminars in my faculty. There's some awesome research happening! Very inspiring! #phdchat (original tweet)

@erin_turbitt (23/01/13 23:37:52) - Very very quiet recruiting session, luckily the tv is on in the waiting room so I can watch the tennis! #phdchat #phdforum (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (23/01/13 23:44:25) - @annatatton1 thats a good idea, to collaborate on similar subjects and themes #phdchat #eswphd (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (24/01/13 00:14:36) - #phdchat anyone got any resources on visual dissertations? i'm on google right now, but... (original tweet)

@RomeroEnilda (24/01/13 00:30:17) - How to refresh your brain in 10 minutes "meditation for the modern world" #phdchat #dissertation http://t.co/IEAnVQ13 (original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (24/01/13 00:31:05) - The January Thesis Whisperer newsletter is out: persuasive writing, dating while academic and more ... https://t.co/tJ8mZA7P #phdchat (original tweet)

@zaana (24/01/13 01:19:11) - first v.rough draft of #designthinking #litreview complete! now to turn 24.5K waffly words into 10K words of argued awesome :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@Sara_Barnard (24/01/13 01:41:03) - At Info session for prospective grad students today a prof said 'a phd is the easiest thing you can do at your age'.How we laughed! #phdchat (original tweet)

@qui_oui (24/01/13 01:44:27) - "Australia's Ph.D. Pipeline Problem": more on the "do we have too many PhDs?" debate... http://t.co/LU0HmVLw #PhDchat #HigherEd (original tweet)

@amuir_netecol (24/01/13 01:46:59) - My favourite #bibliography manager - Wikindx - has just reached version 4 - http://t.co/DF6F14Mk #phdchat (original tweet)

@GeoffSchoenberg (24/01/13 01:51:24) - Some times I swear this is all I'm doing #phdchat http://t.co/mLhYpscn (original tweet)

@lindathestar (24/01/13 01:58:15) - @HelenHickson Sorry about the hole you are in. Hope things pick up for you soon. This phd business is an emotional rollercoaster #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (24/01/13 02:04:53) - @Sara_Barnard what in the world? was there an explanation? not that any reasoning for that is valid... #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (24/01/13 02:05:57) - @smokanmirrors @PhDForum and see APA requires past tense for everything. #phdchat (original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (24/01/13 02:13:14) - Excellent response by @bjkraal to the negative post by Liv that i tweeted yesterday http://t.co/EgfwC3GF #phdchat (original tweet)

@cobraforphd (24/01/13 02:31:02) - 291 words + counting. My goal is to actually finish @ a decent hour tonight. Have to get up early-ish tomorrow. #phd #dissertation #phdchat (original tweet)

@Aus_RWS (24/01/13 02:52:58) - New report by ACOLA on career support for researchers. For a copy email mail@acolasecretariat.org.au #ECRchat #highered #phdchat (original tweet)

@me_udesign (24/01/13 02:58:26) - You'd think after the thesis, writing would get easier. Nope. #writing #phdchat #stuck (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (24/01/13 03:04:45) - so ummm... my version of word 2011 doesn't have block quote as a style option. any suggestions? #phdchat #acwri (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (24/01/13 03:09:51) - oh wait, nevermind. i always forget APA only needs the 1/2 indent on the left side, not the right. every paper. carry on. #phdchat #acwri (original tweet)

@KezNoo (24/01/13 03:14:06) - Sometimes words really aren't enough when researching #EOL care. http://t.co/5HJu1RHy cc @CancerCouncil @uwsnews #hpm #phdchat (original tweet)

@MoralPsychLab (24/01/13 03:33:46) - Almost time for meeting with supervisor to discuss drafts of method and result sections for study 1. Fun! :D #phdchat (original tweet)

@DancinInMyHead (24/01/13 03:41:25) - Post conference networking and enthusiasm #phdchat #SSWR2013 (original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (24/01/13 03:56:05) - The January Thesis Whisperer newsletter is out: persuasive writing, dating while academic and more ... http://t.co/m7ZrLFpu #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (24/01/13 03:56:37) - #also RT @DancinInMyHead: Post conference networking and enthusiasm #phdchat #SSWR2013 (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (24/01/13 04:00:58) - We continue to improve our free membership website for phd students #phdchat #phdforum #dissertation #phdthesis - http://t.co/jjT7Wzoy (original tweet)

@scottcowley (24/01/13 04:06:27) - Just finished reading another paper that I don't understand. There is so much fundamentally wrong with this style of learning. #phdchat (original tweet)

@RMITsgr (24/01/13 04:14:04) - Tips for those tough post-PhD, pre-postdoc days http://t.co/b9LP8Ztn via @timeshighered #phdadvice #phdchat (original tweet)

@MClmntCznr (24/01/13 04:14:07) - I may have no idea what day it is, but I just emailed that paper to my supervisor, so I win. #phdchat #hystericaldancing (original tweet)

@ai1sa (24/01/13 04:26:41) - @SueFolley today is day 104...guess it was not the riveting read i aspired to produce. #phdchat (original tweet)

@ai1sa (24/01/13 04:27:19) - @SueFolley when do you get to wear the floppy hat? #phdchat (original tweet)

@ai1sa (24/01/13 04:54:21) - @me_udesign i feel your pain :) #phdchat this writer just takes to the writing more seriously. Q for Post-docs: Does it ever get easier? (original tweet)

@alexburns (24/01/13 05:01:57) - . @ai1sa @me_udesign I have interviewed lots of Post-docs. The first million words or so are the hardest :) #phdchat #ecrchat #acwri (original tweet)

@ai1sa (24/01/13 05:02:09) - @lreyzin i love/d mine also. #phdchat (original tweet)

@celloandbow (24/01/13 05:02:13) - @JeffreyKeefer I managed to get them done, but I'm struggling to get my last 300 words before I go to bed tonight. Thanks :-) #phdchat (original tweet)

@ai1sa (24/01/13 05:03:28) - @alexburns in that case i must be a slow learner, i am sure i have surpassed the million mark! #acwri #phdchat #ecrchat (original tweet)

@MelbSchGradRes (24/01/13 05:08:02) - Another brilliant depiction of the realities of graduate research:) Thank you @phdcomics http://t.co/uoeRq9nY #phdchat (original tweet)

@AnujaCabraal (24/01/13 05:14:05) - In case you missed it, my first post for the year about #NVivo for a #LitReview and #ResearchMethods http://t.co/60Gb3rY0 #PhDChat #ecrchat (original tweet)

@ai1sa (24/01/13 05:14:28) - @rjhogue ive not experienced that (yet?) Done a few, hope its not a new trend #phdchat (original tweet)

@ai1sa (24/01/13 05:15:40) - @Moll_Hackabout thats super, time to celebrate :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@MoralPsychLab (24/01/13 05:35:12) - I listen to The National a lot while writing. Can anyone recommend another, similar, band? #music #phdchat (original tweet)

@celloandbow (24/01/13 05:35:19) - 200 words short of my goal tonight. Need sleep for phone interview tomorrow morning. #phdchat (original tweet)

@TeresaSomes (24/01/13 05:59:06) - oops, carried away with cleaning, distracted from thesis. #procrastination #hadtobedone #phdchat #phdforum (original tweet)

@lindathestar (24/01/13 06:09:09) - Re-reading Ezzy 2003 Qualitative Analysis. Love the opening 'dance' poem. #phdchat #qualitative (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (24/01/13 06:35:58) - i know i just spent nearly 4 of the past 5 weeks traveling, but all i want to do right now is go away somewhere far from academics. #phdchat (original tweet)

@ItMayBee (24/01/13 07:08:01) - Excited to talk about my phd as a guest lecture tomorrow. Clearly I've got some distance from the submission trauma! #phdchat (original tweet)

@me_udesign (24/01/13 07:09:00) - @ai1sa Wish I can say am writing, just mentally. But I am not sure if my supervisor will buy that. :) #stuckonwriting #phdchat (original tweet)

@SueFolley (24/01/13 07:15:36) - @ai1sa not till July - but can use the Dr title before that when I get the official letter through :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@SueFolley (24/01/13 07:16:24) - @ai1sa don't assume that - Christmas probably took a big chunk of time up for people, so delayed stuff. I really hope you hear soon #phdchat (original tweet)

@SystemsFunking (24/01/13 07:30:10) - Midpoint EngD Reflections http://t.co/4j87Eij1 via @SystemsFunking #phdchat #engd (original tweet)

@evalantsoght (24/01/13 08:11:01) - A brief guide to better concentration - with exercises! http://t.co/s43Qj45B #phdchat (original tweet)

@HenrietteRoued (24/01/13 08:12:18) - @evalantsoght: A brief guide to better concentration - with exercises! http://t.co/SegkdB2a #phdchat - good tips! (original tweet)

@TeresaSomes (24/01/13 08:26:32) - Feel guilty have not worked hard enough :( #phdforum #phdchat (original tweet)

@AngieBartoli (24/01/13 08:29:22) - Anyone got any experience with using photo elicitation in research? Any book recommendations? #phdchat (original tweet)

@cave_dweller31 (24/01/13 08:30:57) - Dragging my tired and frail body to work! #phdgrind #phdchat eleven authors to go! (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (24/01/13 08:38:01) - @Paully232000 I want a scheduled chat time for #socphd - that's when you learn most I think and twitter shows its true colours like #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (24/01/13 08:44:36) - @AngieBartoli talk to @dancininmyhead about photo elicitation! she just did an awesome presentation last week. #phdchat (original tweet)

@PhDelirium (24/01/13 08:47:02) - PhD CARTOON. J'ai pas pu bosser y avait neige ! #phdchat http://t.co/TT27o0sO (original tweet)

@PhDForum (24/01/13 08:57:59) - @TeresaSomes Guilt is a heavy burden, we suggest dumping it somewhere & freeing yourself up to write wonderful things :-) #phdforum #phdchat (original tweet)

@CUSchoolMusic (24/01/13 09:08:00) - Rachelle is discussing WoMen of Harlech: Gendered Spaces and Historic Places in Welsh Choral Music (1870-1901) #phdchat (original tweet)

@katmduffy (24/01/13 09:18:32) - Starting the day the transcribing way. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@CUSchoolMusic (24/01/13 09:19:09) - Choral tradition in Wales often equated with masculinity so fascinating to hear about the women who contributed to the tradition #phdchat (original tweet)

@WoodinRivers (24/01/13 09:24:44) - Working from home on a draft paper. Would be professional of me to change out of the bathrobe. #phdchat (original tweet)

@CUSchoolMusic (24/01/13 09:27:00) - Next up is Ruth Morris who will be discussing Postminimalism in Music #phdchat (original tweet)

@annascottpiano (24/01/13 09:49:05) - Flu-y thesis writing continues. Funnily enough I'm writing about Brahmsian Bodies. #PhDForum #phdchat #phdadvice #musicology (original tweet)

@vitaenwhub (24/01/13 09:51:35) - Call for papers: SPARC 2013 5-6 Jun: Theory, practice, impact (for PGRs), deadline 11 Mar http://t.co/qRGBJJvk #phdchat (original tweet)

@CUSchoolMusic (24/01/13 09:52:02) - Michael Torke, William Duckworth, Max Richter - these composers all suggest different definitions of Postminimalism #phdchat (original tweet)

@weeladybird1981 (24/01/13 09:59:10) - #phdchat #loveHE MT @davidgauntlett: PhD scholarships in media-related things at Uni of Westminster: http://t.co/ewed0JqG Deadline 15 Feb (original tweet)

@missing_words (24/01/13 10:07:17) - Ready to start transcribing interviews... #phdchat #socphd #blackcoffee http://t.co/kaFIL62e (original tweet)

@WISPS_UK (24/01/13 10:07:20) - Read great advice on starting a PhD by @albarodtjer on our site http://t.co/f4tuL14Q #phdchat (original tweet)

@FionaFNoble (24/01/13 10:08:18) - Wrangling with cinema, death and spectrality (again!) this morning #phdchat (original tweet)

@keith_wilson (24/01/13 10:09:58) - Would people agree that completing a #PhD is one long, hard slog, or does that sound too strong/negative? #phdchat (original tweet)

@SueFolley (24/01/13 10:17:45) - @keith_wilson No I would agree with that - think not necessary a slog for everyone but will apply to a lot of folk :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@mia_out (24/01/13 10:21:53) - #PhDchat MT @MikePress PhD / dissertation student? Problems with your writing? Well, this could possibly save your life http://t.co/y7sE47lV (original tweet)

@CathyUre (24/01/13 10:22:30) - #phdchat #phdforum #mediapsych Hi, would appreciate the benefits of your experience please. I'm very interested in committing to a PhD..... (original tweet)

@CathyUre (24/01/13 10:24:18) - #phdchat #phdforum #mediapsych ..but am geographically tied. Do Uni's support students who are unable to be on campus regularly? .... (original tweet)

@CathyUre (24/01/13 10:25:24) - #phdchat #phdforum #mediapsych ... and what are the major issues to consider? What's your experience of completing a PhD at a distance? (original tweet)

@katrinoja (24/01/13 10:41:13) - don't want to do anything today. want to cover myself with a pile of blankets until it looks like I'm not there #phdchat #writingabstracts (original tweet)

@PhDelirium (24/01/13 10:42:01) - PhD CARTOON. J'ai pas pu bosser y avait neige ! #phdchat http://t.co/TT27o0sO -- (original tweet)

@GeographyBites (24/01/13 10:42:16) - The Academic Phrasebank - what a lifesaver when writing up! http://t.co/q2k5G6ZI via @mia_out #phdchat #phdadvice (original tweet)


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