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PhD Literature Review

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'The PhD literature review: writing, reading and structure'


#phdchat tweet log - 30th January 2013


@NSRiazat (30/01/13 19:34:42) - Welcome to #phdchat - topic for tonight is 'the PhD literature review: writing, reading and structure. #phd #highered (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (30/01/13 19:34:43) - #phdchat any tips on writing that lit review? Is the main thing not to worry cos we're going to amend it in our final year anyway? (original tweet)

@leahmacvie (30/01/13 19:35:37) - @andienevitt Any milestone is a good milestone. Every time I complete a semester, I look at it as one checkbox checked. :)#phdchat (original tweet)

@srossmktg (30/01/13 19:35:57) - Easy: in committee and scheduled for defense next Thursday. RT @drwcarter: It's 9:05 do you know where your dissertation is? #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:36:08) - Do your best but don't be wedded to it because we'll have to change it toward the end! #phdchat (original tweet)

@leahmacvie (30/01/13 19:37:11) - I am looking forward to all of the tips presented today on the PhD lit review here at #phdchat! (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:37:49) - @leahmacvie me too! #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (30/01/13 19:37:59) - doing lit review 1st draft now. Had to break with my usual planning/writing style because couldn't manage all the info in one go #phdchat (original tweet)

@leahmacvie (30/01/13 19:38:19) - As a new candidate, I would ask for your recommendations/suggestions for developing a lit review. Should I be thinking about it now?#phdchat (original tweet)

@AshJones26 (30/01/13 19:38:36) - Plan a loose structure, write everything you can, send it to supervisor for changes. Dont worry. It will change loads. #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:38:59) - .@andienevitt That's interesting--how did you change it, if you don't mind my asking? :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (30/01/13 19:39:06) - @leahmacvie Yes indeed! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming #Dory #phdchat (original tweet)

@Queen_Claire (30/01/13 19:39:06) - #phdchat help! Where do I put publication dates in Sente? Am having a too thick to do a PhD evening. Pfft. (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (30/01/13 19:39:22) - #phdchat I recommend Chris Hart 'Doing a Lit Review' specifically page 27 (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 19:39:55) - @annatatton1 #phdchat Some ple think I am writing thesis back 2 front 'cos writing up findings before lit rvw. Findings inform further rdg. (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:40:22) - #phdchat @leahmacvie Never too early to start! I like to keep a 1 paragraph summary of each of each useful book on an index card. :) (original tweet)

@Abigail_Scheg (30/01/13 19:40:33) - @leahmacvie it's always a good time to start a list for lit review. There will always be more to read. #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 19:40:51) - @leahmacvie U shd think abt it right from the start and develop system for keeping consistent notes. U can add to it all way thro. #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (30/01/13 19:41:25) - @maggieyancey Usually do all reading/critiquing in one drawn-out chunk, then plan b4 I write the whole thing in a few days #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:41:35) - @NSRiazat hi everyone. Sorry I'm a bit late #phdchat (original tweet)

@slrichter (30/01/13 19:42:11) - Just discovered #phdchat via @leahmacvie. Great resource! (original tweet)

@AshJones26 (30/01/13 19:42:11) - Get an ethos account (FREE) (http://t.co/C1JALdTY). Its a database for phd thesis'. See how its done by people that have passed #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 19:42:18) - Working on thesis as an ongoing chapter even in final stages. Seems to evolve weekly. #phdchat #phd #highered (original tweet)

@andienevitt (30/01/13 19:42:19) - @maggieyancey have had to read/write/read/write and build it as I'm going. Feel like it's going to be over-write, then chop it down #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:42:22) - @EmmaBurnettx @NSRiazat Hi Emma, Welcome! #phdchat (original tweet)

@Judiebbrell (30/01/13 19:43:06) - Late too tonight - sorting kids! Hi everyone #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:43:14) - @andienevitt I like that! Good strategy. #phdchat (original tweet)

@aeratcliffe (30/01/13 19:43:36) - Consider a programme such as #scrivenerapp to make your notes. You can easily shuffle around, cut/paste, etc. #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 19:43:36) - Turning notes from reading and thinking into coherent chapter was challenging. Multiple sub headings structure helped. #phdchat #phd (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:43:48) - Very helpful to summarise each useful paper you read on a single critical review document as you go & relate it to own study... #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:43:59) - @maggieyancey thanks Maggie :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@strictlykaren (30/01/13 19:44:20) - @annatatton1 yes, I am now having to refocus,y review, what I said would not be relevant isn't grrrr #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 19:44:35) - @AshJones26 I love ethos! So brilliant to access all those hard to get at theses without using up all inter-lib loan credit. #phdchat (original tweet)

@leahmacvie (30/01/13 19:44:40) - Yay- welcome!! RT @slrichter: Just discovered #phdchat via @leahmacvie. Great resource! (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 19:44:43) - Recommend 'Ridley, D 'The Literature Review' - bit basic for post grad but still good general intro. #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:44:45) - @aeratcliffe I used NVivo to organise both my literature views - was brilliant! #phdchat (original tweet)

@strictlykaren (30/01/13 19:44:47) - Sorry I'm late, what's the official chat tonight #phdchat (original tweet)

@PhDForum (30/01/13 19:44:52) - Anyone have any inspiration to share with the wonderful @HelenaDarby1 #phdchat #phdadvice #phdforum (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:44:53) - @EmmaBurnettx Yes, exactly! I'm trying to convert my index cards to digital.... lol #Phdchat (original tweet)

@Judiebbrell (30/01/13 19:45:21) - @AshJones26 #phdchat love BL but too easy to waste a day just looking at other peoples work - procrastination! I am an expert in it! (original tweet)

@PhDForum (30/01/13 19:46:00) - @KTeePower very frustrating but you will get there #tenacity #resilience #phdforum #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (30/01/13 19:46:06) - @strictlykaren thanks Karen, will try not to worry at this stage. #phdchat. Someone said to me PhD was 50% confidence - is that right? (original tweet)

@leahmacvie (30/01/13 19:46:09) - Great advice,@sarahlanecawte. I have been using#Evernote to track my reading. Would you recommend connecting concepts now, as well? #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:46:11) - @strictlykaren @annatatton1 But time researching/reading's never time wasted eg Edison's finding a lot of things that didn't work! #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 19:46:26) - @EmmaBurnettx #phdchat Yes - really good idea. So important not to waste time trying to find something u read 2 yrs ago. (original tweet)

@aeratcliffe (30/01/13 19:46:32) - @EmmaBurnettx I need to play with NVivo more to see how to use it for lit review. #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:46:55) - My topic was really broad so sups advised me to do two very structured lit reviews. Was excellent advice & helped keep it focused #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:47:22) - @maggieyancey I started with index cards too! #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 19:47:26) - @NSRiazat Sometimes basic is good! : ) #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (30/01/13 19:47:38) - @NSRiazat RT: "Multiple sub headings". Me too. I also highlight phrases in my own work so I can regularly check my structure #phdchat (original tweet)

@leahmacvie (30/01/13 19:47:41) - Thanks @abigail_scheg @maggieyancey I keep virtual notecards using #evernote, but possibly need to begin outlining. #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:48:06) - @aeratcliffe I only used the basic indexing to enable me to generate themes. Was so very helpful #phdchat (original tweet)

@strictlykaren (30/01/13 19:48:08) - @annatatton1 yes, I have nearly packed it in a few times, very close but now less than 6 mths from viva #phdchat (original tweet)

@Abigail_Scheg (30/01/13 19:48:35) - @leahmacvie never too early to start. Things will always change a bit. #phdchat (original tweet)

@shaileshak (30/01/13 19:48:36) - A model I found useful http://t.co/6q17hZ2Z Doing Literature Review - Scope, Map & Focus by @ThomsonPat #phdchat (original tweet)

@ThomsonPat (30/01/13 19:48:51) - Check out Ben's resources at litreviewHQ http://t.co/RPRRm8By. I have some posts on lit reviewing on http://t.co/h87FN9MK #Phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:48:58) - @SarahLaneCawte exactly! Also amazing to go back & see how different you read/interpret something after a while! Very differently.. #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:49:15) - @EmmaBurnettx cool! I still like physical act of writing-moving/creating an object with info that helps me retain. then i digitize! #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (30/01/13 19:49:28) - @aeratcliffe @EmmaBurnettx I wrote a review/paper on NVivo as a lit review tool which got v.good feedback, if you're interested? #phdchat (original tweet)

@annascottpiano (30/01/13 19:50:05) - @PhDForum @helenadarby1 I frequently turn to @thesiswhisperer! Maybe this? https://t.co/dFgJngVY #PhDForum #phdchat #phdadvice (original tweet)

@AshJones26 (30/01/13 19:50:13) - Mendeley is great for keeping notes on papers, and can be search through quickly. Which I found key for writing lit rev #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (30/01/13 19:50:29) - @strictlykaren #phdchat Congratulations Karen! Great to hear, thanks for sharing. (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:50:29) - @strictlykaren @annatatton1 wow! Not long now Karen! #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 19:50:40) - @leahmacvie I use broad headings cos focus & direction of study emerging as I analyse findings. Needs to be flexible but coherent #phdchat (original tweet)

@aeratcliffe (30/01/13 19:50:44) - @andienevitt Yes plse for NVivo as lit review tool. tony@tonyratcliffe.com #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:50:55) - @andienevitt @aeratcliffe @EmmaBurnettx I'm always interested in new tools for managing data! #phdchat (original tweet)

@strictlykaren (30/01/13 19:51:36) - @EmmaBurnettx I know, I am a bit paralysed at discussion ch just now #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:51:56) - @maggieyancey same :) also like to scribble all over my papers & books! ...& stick fancy post-its everywhere lol #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:52:33) - Mendeley, Evernote, Scrivener, NVivo--advantages to each? Will they work with mac? #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:52:43) - @strictlykaren keep going - you will get there (soon!) :)) #phdchat (original tweet)

@Judiebbrell (30/01/13 19:53:10) - @aeratcliffe @andienevitt Really? never thought of using NVivo for lit review - need to investigate #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 19:53:16) - @EmmaBurnettx Yup! My focus changes daily as findings emerge. Bit last-min tho - emerging at same time as writing-up! #phdchat (original tweet)

@leahmacvie (30/01/13 19:53:19) - @sarahlanecawte Especially for my field- technology. This is great advice. #phdchat (original tweet)

@ThomsonPat (30/01/13 19:53:51) - I also blogged a lit review during #acwrimo which may be of interest http://t.co/MeLl1n08 #Phdchat (original tweet)

@ruthmassierose (30/01/13 19:54:24) - @andienevitt: I wrote a review/paper on NVivo as a lit review tool which got v.good feedback, if you're interested? #phdchat <- yes pls (original tweet)

@AshJones26 (30/01/13 19:54:37) - @maggieyancey Mendeley is great. Im sure it works with mac. Plus you can get it on tablets and phones via Scholarley app #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:54:40) - @SarahLaneCawte means you're doing it right (so they say!) #phdchat (original tweet)

@DanielEBurke (30/01/13 19:54:53) - @amyEelkins Looks great! Belated follow on http://t.co/EChJAiId DONE.(PS - Looking forward to a live link to the Teasdale Pottery!) #phdchat (original tweet)

@leahmacvie (30/01/13 19:55:07) - @maggieyancey #Livescribe: take notes and send them directly to #evernote with the voice recording. #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (30/01/13 19:55:13) - @EmmaBurnettx @maggieyancey me too - I'm very old school, pencil on books and papers with post its is about as hi-tech as I get! #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:55:19) - This blog post by @TANYAGOLASHBOZA has an interesting method for organizing lit review! http://t.co/bnSleJGd #Phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 19:55:33) - @EmmaBurnettx Let's hope so! #phdchat (original tweet)

@strictlykaren (30/01/13 19:56:09) - @SarahLaneCawte ha! Me too, even tho finding ch is done, I am"refining" theory all the time #phdchat (original tweet)

@aeratcliffe (30/01/13 19:56:14) - @maggieyancey Mendeley doesn't integrate w/ Scrivener for references. NVivo needs Parallels or other virtual Windows on Mac. #phdchat (original tweet)

@slrichter (30/01/13 19:56:50) - Just found article on how blogging helped write a dissertation: http://t.co/ad7r3kLR #phdchat Perhaps start lit review as blog? (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:56:55) - @annatatton1@maggieyancey & the post its you get theses days are pretty cool! Lots shapes, sizes & colours - I get quite excited! #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:57:35) - @aeratcliffe Cool. Thanks Tony! Which tool would you say is best for mac? #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (30/01/13 19:57:45) - @LuxePHD #phdchat Thanks for the heads up - good to know! (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 19:57:49) - #phdchat sorry I'm late, overwhelmed w/ work right now. I'll be in & out of convo tonight. But wanted to share. (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:58:06) - @EmmaBurnettx I'm totally postit addicted. I like hot pink ones. I also have Hello Kitty. lol #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (30/01/13 19:58:09) - @Judiebbrell @aeratcliffe Had to do it for a mandatory research training module, but was actually a very interesting exercise #phdchat (original tweet)

@leahmacvie (30/01/13 19:58:23) - Have to go. Thanks you everyone for your thoughts. This was helpful and motivating today. #phdchat (original tweet)

@sssSaMar (30/01/13 19:58:32) - PhDs; what they don't tell you http://t.co/qbeuM3fN #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:58:57) - @maggieyancey ha ha!! #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 19:59:04) - #phdchat Any tips for really focused/desperate rdg 4 lit rvw in last stages? How do u cut stages? Any1 go straight from rdg 2 useable notes? (original tweet)

@aeratcliffe (30/01/13 19:59:11) - @maggieyancey I like combo of Scrivener, Papers, EndNote, and Word. Other views will vary. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 19:59:14) - After lit review, categorized/cross ref articles. Then used color tabs for concepts. When needed to go back to lit, easy to find cr #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 19:59:29) - @Comprof1 good evening :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (30/01/13 19:59:54) - @maggieyancey @EmmaBurnettx exactamondo! Don't you love paperchase? #phdchat. I spend all my money in there! (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 19:59:56) - Neat idea! MT "@slrichter: http://t.co/mPiqBdTb #phdchat Perhaps start lit review as blog? #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (30/01/13 19:59:58) - @annatatton1 yes I have that book on my desk, the library aren't getting it back:) #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:00:19) - @EmmaBurnettx @maggieyancey I think we need a sub-group 4 stationery geeks! I'm one too! :-) #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 20:00:49) - @SarahLaneCawte I used color coded postit tabs. #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 20:01:01) - @SarahLaneCawte @EmmaBurnettx @maggieyancey Yes! Stationery addiction for the win! #phdchat (original tweet)

@aeratcliffe (30/01/13 20:01:18) - @maggieyancey Some argue no need for EndNote in the mix, but I still like how it works for me. #phdchat (original tweet)

@DrDaveHowells (30/01/13 20:01:22) - #phdchat Lit reviews: hook up 2 screens. Write headings on one. Put PDFs on other. Put names of PDF refs under headings. Write sections. (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (30/01/13 20:01:33) - @NSRiazat rumsey book how to find info is good also for lit review #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 20:01:34) - @SarahLaneCawte @maggieyancey we'll need to tweet pics when we buy exciting stuff! Ha ha! I absolutely will :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (30/01/13 20:01:38) - Hovering tonite #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 20:01:44) - @annatatton1 @EmmaBurnettx I don't know paperchase, but I sense that I will as soon as I google it. #PhdChat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:02:02) - @Comprof1 #phdchat A strong post-it theme is emerging tonight! Love colour-coding. Thx 4 suggestion. (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 20:02:04) - @maggieyancey @slrichter Blogged much of my lit review sections first. Then cut & paste & edited for lit review. #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 20:02:10) - @aeratcliffe Thanks! Great info. Going to check out all those. #phdchat (original tweet)

@slrichter (30/01/13 20:02:45) - @Comprof1 I'm going to have to try that...we'll see if I can keep it up. Doing first draft of lit review this semester #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (30/01/13 20:02:53) - @SarahLaneCawte #phdchat I do - just have the papers/books/reviews you need to hand and write up from them. Get into the confidence bubble (original tweet)

@andienevitt (30/01/13 20:03:18) - @annatatton1 @maggieyancey @EmmaBurnettx I have just discovered how brilliant graph paper is instead of lined. It's a revelation! #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 20:03:27) - @EmmaBurnettx @SarahLaneCawte #phdchatpostitholics #phdchat (original tweet)

@sccontrol (30/01/13 20:03:35) - Today our Prof suggested to use tables to summarize literature in a structured Way. This gives a good overview ... #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 20:03:50) - @SarahLaneCawte Used it in last month a lot (only with notes, pgs on thesis). #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 20:03:50) - @caitlin_holton Thanks! Zotero is amazing. Love it. #PHDchat (original tweet)

@shaileshak (30/01/13 20:04:04) - To manage lit rev prep I use a 3 column table; Article ref. | Quotes/Paraphrases | Themes + Keywords; It helps to see key ideas #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:04:31) - @maggieyancey @emmaburnettx My profile pic gives an insight into my addiction! #phdchat (original tweet)

@Judiebbrell (30/01/13 20:04:32) - @sccontrol Yes we were taught to use synthesis tables which i found helpful #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 20:04:54) - @SarahLaneCawte - mine took a lot of restructuring - still working in it. #phdchat (original tweet)

@aeratcliffe (30/01/13 20:05:05) - @maggieyancey My pleasure. We can chat more later if you wish. #phdchat (original tweet)

@ruthmassierose (30/01/13 20:05:18) - @NSRiazat I use Doing Your Literature Review: Traditional and Systematic Techniques by Jesson etc al - it really helps #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 20:05:20) - @SarahLaneCawte keep finding new reading from Zetoc alerts which is taking up more time than I allocated. #phdchat (original tweet)

@TallMIGirl (30/01/13 20:05:36) - there's a great paper by Boote and Biele that includes a rubric for judging whether your lit review is complete or not #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (30/01/13 20:05:50) - @SarahLaneCawte @maggieyancey love it! #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:05:52) - @annatatton1 #phdchat Yay Anna! Let's all work on the confidence & we can take whatever comes! :-) (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (30/01/13 20:06:19) - @NSRiazat @SarahLaneCawte And Google Scholar alerts #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 20:06:21) - @Paully232000 ~ fab - is that one aimed more for post-grad? #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:06:27) - @andienevitt #phdchat How do you use it and why is it so helpful? (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (30/01/13 20:07:41) - @NSRiazat So long since I did lit review, but was a strong aspect of my thesis (comment in Viva) so must have done something right! #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 20:08:00) - #phdchat I started with lots of reading. Then started writing down ideas. Then developed areas to focus on. Then created questions. Holistic (original tweet)

@isharacomix (30/01/13 20:08:21) - Just read some of Kitchenham's work on systematic lit reviews in Software Engineering. #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 20:08:31) - Does everyone know about Zetoc alerts and Google Scholar alerts? Fabulously useful! #phdchat #twitterstorians (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (30/01/13 20:08:38) - .@NSRiazat #phdchat yes It was recommended to me for my msc and I found it valuable (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (30/01/13 20:09:04) - @DrDaveHowells didn't use quite the same system, but similalry organised PDF files and notes documents into groups to help #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (30/01/13 20:09:07) - @maggieyancey @EmmaBurnettx #phdchat sorry might be a UK thing only - paperchase is a very posh, upmarket and expensive stationery shop. Fab (original tweet)

@aeratcliffe (30/01/13 20:09:10) - @TallMIGirl Boote & Beiles Literature Review Scoring Rubric, http://t.co/GP1NIWDH #phdchat (original tweet)

@ruthmassierose (30/01/13 20:09:34) - @TallMIGirl: paper by Boote and Biele that includes a rubric for judging whether your lit review is complete or not #phdchat -great ref TY (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:09:40) - @NSRiazat I cd spend all my time doing lit searches - love them! It's the focus that is sometimes lacking 4 me, but urgency helps! #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 20:10:02) - @caitlin_holton Thanks Caitlin! :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@shaileshak (30/01/13 20:10:09) - I would recommend crosschecking any automatically imported references. At times source sites may have errors #phdchat (original tweet)

@sccontrol (30/01/13 20:11:20) - @aeratcliffe Tanks for Sharing #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 20:11:27) - I think maybe lit review is more focused/diff in UK than US. Many courses help in lit review in US. guided reading helps. #phdchat (original tweet)

@kesloane (30/01/13 20:11:27) - @shaileshak #phdchat I agree. I chose not to use Papers because it was a great organizational tool but I found loads of citation errors. (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 20:12:02) - @shaileshak Very true! It's easy to edit and fix bibliographic sources in zotero, and it works well with word. #phdchat (original tweet)

@DrDaveHowells (30/01/13 20:12:06) - @bookworm_29 #phdchat agree-gotta have a system. Good PDF 'coding' with year, journal title, title and author goes a long way with 1000s! (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 20:12:38) - @SarahLaneCawte @NSRiazat I agree. Sometimes helps to create questions at end. Helps to focus. #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 20:12:47) - @Comprof1 Excellent point! US readings courses are invaluable here. #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (30/01/13 20:13:35) - @SarahLaneCawte #phdchat Yes - a senior academic said to me that 50% of the PhD getting done was confidence in yourself. Is that right? (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:13:36) - #phdchat Am finding the Pocket app someone mentioned in #phdforum v useful 4 saving some of this great advice & info. Great idea exchanges! (original tweet)

@aeratcliffe (30/01/13 20:13:47) - Note that Boote & Beile's rubric is based on Hart (1999) #phdchat (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (30/01/13 20:14:10) - #phdchat for those starting out with lit review/critical reading Wray and Wallace's Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates is gd (original tweet)

@sssSaMar (30/01/13 20:14:44) - How to Make it Through the First Year of a Ph.D. Program http://t.co/PANQBq9u #phdchat (original tweet)

@sccontrol (30/01/13 20:14:57) - What Kind of articles do you choose for your litreview? Depending on Journal ranking, or sth. Else? #phdchat (original tweet)

@DrDaveHowells (30/01/13 20:15:01) - @SarahLaneCawte #phdchat searches are best done in front of the TV, download anything that takes your interest and 'code' it well for later. (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 20:15:01) - YES!!! #phdchat MT @annatatton1 A senior academic said to me that 50% of the PhD getting done was confidence in yourself. Is that right? (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 20:15:08) - @annatatton1 @SarahLaneCawte Yes. Especially when there are challenges/rejection. #phdchat (original tweet)

@shaileshak (30/01/13 20:15:22) - @kesloane I still use it as it saves typing; then checks it manually. Occasionally it had errors #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:15:33) - @Comprof1 #phdchat Helpful - thanks. Am using "does this help answer my research qus?" as a mantra! (original tweet)

@TallMIGirl (30/01/13 20:15:47) - Anyone else doing Grounded Theory and struggling with the Lit Review? #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (30/01/13 20:16:19) - @SarahLaneCawte Mostly because it's nice to doodle around the grid lines, and it looks neater when I write outside the lines ;) #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (30/01/13 20:16:29) - @SarahLaneCawte I open new doc, put ref. list entry at top. Then take notes, putting all quotes/summaries in APA format w/ p. #. #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 20:16:34) - @TallMIGirl @Comprof1 Totally different. Advantages to both systems, but I LOVED my readings courses! #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 20:16:56) - @sccontrol Sometimes best ideas not in top rated journals. Also sometimes POORLY written/argued article is insiperation #phdchat (original tweet)

@shaileshak (30/01/13 20:16:57) - @maggieyancey I started with zotero. It was too good that I felt lazy and started to over collect literature without evaluating #phdchat (original tweet)

@ruthmassierose (30/01/13 20:17:37) - @TallMIGirl: Anyone else doing Grounded Theory and struggling with the Lit Review? #phdchat <- yes but it's done at a different point (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 20:17:57) - @sccontrol I used bibliography of good articles to find new lit. Also, sometimes we forget older books/journals #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 20:18:01) - One really useful habit I acquired in my US university readings courses was writing a 500 word summary/review of each book. #PhDChat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (30/01/13 20:18:03) - @Judiebbrell @aeratcliffe It's useful for organising notes, but care needs to be taken with relying on the tool instead of yourself #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (30/01/13 20:18:31) - @SarahLaneCawte I use that system for articles not dissertation, but I can copy and paste my quotes straight into working draft. #phdchat (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (30/01/13 20:18:38) - .@TallMIGirl oo I need to look up grounded theory as part of post-viva corrections-totally new 2me so any guidance would be fab?! #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:18:41) - @DrDaveHowells That sounds dangerously like multi-tasking! Bet it doesn't work if u r watching Uni Challenge. Gd point:perspective #phdchat (original tweet)

@drwcarter (30/01/13 20:19:02) - #socphd #phdchat #phdforum What would you write if you weren't afraid of being wrong? Write that today and edit it tomorrow. (original tweet)

@socphd (30/01/13 20:19:09) - Do you have stories of great collaborations to share? Why not inspire others and guest blog for @socphd #socphd #socchat #phdchat (original tweet)

@sccontrol (30/01/13 20:19:49) - @Comprof1 Good tip :-) thank you #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (30/01/13 20:19:57) - @sccontrol Decide on criteria. Years, methodology, population, topic, country, etc. Look at research question to guide you. #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (30/01/13 20:20:00) - @Comprof1 @SarahLaneCawte #phdchat any more tips to resolve a lack of self confidence? (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:20:08) - @andienevitt #phdchat Ah - that's the kind of answer I like. Was afraid it was something v technical that I had missed till now. (original tweet)

@TallMIGirl (30/01/13 20:20:20) - @bookworm_29 Books: The Discovery of Grounded Theory (Glaser and Strauss) and Basics of Qualitative Research (Corbin and Strauss). #phdchat (original tweet)

@shaileshak (30/01/13 20:20:31) - MT @drwcarter: What would you write if you weren't afraid of being wrong? Write that today and edit it tomorrow #phdchat (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (30/01/13 20:20:31) - @andienevitt @Judiebbrell @aeratcliffe had experience of atlas.ti, but not for lit review - could be useful tho if used right #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:20:45) - @LUDissertation #phdchat That sounds great -& v.organised. Thanks! (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 20:20:52) - @TallMIGirl My advisor told me not to worry. You'll probably redo entire lit review Use intial to develop research ?'s & methodolgy #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (30/01/13 20:21:18) - @maggieyancey Sound advice. I do this, and if I get stuck I write my summary like I'm talking to myself about what I just read #phdchat (original tweet)

@DrDaveHowells (30/01/13 20:21:27) - @sarahlanecawte Most of the work is 'structural'. Save the cognitive effort for when you really need it! #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (30/01/13 20:21:41) - @maggieyancey Good strategy! Can't read your way to completed dissertation, have to write every time you read or you'll forget #phdchat (original tweet)

@ruthmassierose (30/01/13 20:22:13) - @TallMIGirl @bookworm_29 classic refs. Also try Birks and Mills (2011?) which is very readable #phdchat #GroundedTheory (original tweet)

@Judiebbrell (30/01/13 20:22:33) - @annatatton1 @Comprof1 @SarahLaneCawte #phdchat It's hard I've nearly quit so many times Talk to others collect thier stories see its normal (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 20:22:31) - @annatatton1 Realize that everyone else who has GOTTEN Phd also was never sure what they were doing, just pretended better. #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:23:05) - @Comprof1 @sccontrol 1st thing I do with bk/article is read refs to check I am aware of all that's relevant & note new things.#phdchat (original tweet)

@drwcarter (30/01/13 20:23:20) - Chronicle article on Blogging and #Dissertation Writing #phdchat #phdforum #socphd http://t.co/cBXdLkgF (original tweet)

@TallMIGirl (30/01/13 20:23:35) - @bookworm_29 also articles by Luckerhoff & Guillemette, Heath and Cowley, and Kelle. #phdchat #groundedtheory (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (30/01/13 20:23:37) - @TallMIGirl @Comprof1 think I will stop reading now as I am getting worried about how to make necessary corrections now! :D #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 20:24:14) - @LUDissertation @maggieyancey Keep a blog of the summaries and your thoughts/kernals of insight. #phdchat (original tweet)

@TallMIGirl (30/01/13 20:24:27) - @Comprof1 I'm still trying to write my proposal/confirmation paper lit review... #phdchat #groundedtheory (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (30/01/13 20:24:48) - @ruthmassierose @TallMIGirl hopefully this will help with the task in hand too - thanks :D #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (30/01/13 20:24:55) - @SarahLaneCawte Erm.. yes.. of course it's fantastic for mapping complex arguments and plotting the structure of stuff. And things. #phdchat (original tweet)

@TallMIGirl (30/01/13 20:25:13) - @bookworm_29 @ruthmassierose Best of luck! #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:25:25) - @Judiebbrell @annatatton1 I always try to remember supervisor saying 2 me abt some1 I know: if he got PhD anything is poss! #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:25:59) - @andienevitt Ha ha! :-) #phdchat (original tweet)

@drwcarter (30/01/13 20:26:15) - If you are getting ready for your #dissertation defense be sure to spiral bind your draft copy before the defense #socphd #phdchat #phdforum (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (30/01/13 20:26:54) - @TallMIGirl So develop your theoretical basis & methodology & what you want to determine & why its important. #phdchat (original tweet)

@slrichter (30/01/13 20:27:02) - @Comprof1 @annatatton1 I remind myself that if they can do it, I certainly can #phdchat (original tweet)

@strictlykaren (30/01/13 20:27:29) - I found looking at other thesis thro ethos helped a lot, cld see how others using simialr approach had done sections of thesis #phdchat (original tweet)

@annatatton1 (30/01/13 20:27:29) - @Judiebbrell @Comprof1 @SarahLaneCawte Thanks for all your replies ;-) #phdchat (original tweet)

@maggieyancey (30/01/13 20:27:40) - #PhDchat is fabulous. Great to be connected with a community of academics who encourage each other & share ideas & protips! (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (30/01/13 20:27:42) - thanks you to @TallMIGirl and @ruthmassierose for the refs on Grounded Theory tonight - proves again how helpful #phdchat can be! :D (original tweet)

@TallMIGirl (30/01/13 20:28:36) - @Comprof1 Thanks! #phdchat #groundedtheory (original tweet)

@PhDForum (30/01/13 20:29:20) - @drwcarter Thank you for all your continued advice it's very generous of you to share #inspiring #motivating #phdforum #phdchat (original tweet)

@strictlykaren (30/01/13 20:29:24) - Here is another useful paper on conceptual frameworks, I developed mine from lit review http://t.co/FpKdQajD #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:29:39) - @DrDaveHowells Yup - good advice! #phdchat (original tweet)

@PhDForum (30/01/13 20:30:01) - @SarahLaneCawte It was first tweeted to us by the lovely @swrisci #greatshare #phdforum #phdchat (original tweet)

@gtombs (30/01/13 20:30:19) - Reached that point in my thesis where I really cannot continue until I've defined the thus-far undefinable term. Uh-oh #phdchat (original tweet)

@aeratcliffe (30/01/13 20:30:51) - Now I am through my APG transfer, will be looking at lit review again. #phdchat (original tweet)

@ruthmassierose (30/01/13 20:33:27) - @TallMIGirl useful refs for you on #groundedtheory Charmaz (2006:169) & Birks & Mills (2011:24) #phdchat (original tweet)

@shaileshak (30/01/13 20:33:28) - Useful paper on Conceptual Frameworks http://t.co/fs55Kdy0 by Shosh Leshem & Vernon Trafford #phdchat (via @strictlykaren) (original tweet)

@ruthmassierose (30/01/13 20:34:28) - @bookworm_29 @tallmigirl you're really welcome! I love #phdchat (original tweet)

@SarahLaneCawte (30/01/13 20:37:10) - After an hour of #phdchat I feel so much better-equipped to deal with challenges of P/T PhD. Great company & wisdom. Thanks everyone. (original tweet)

@web20education (30/01/13 20:39:59) - Blog post:Top 10 #socialmedia #curation apps to unleash #ipad Power http://t.co/KEUob8k7 #edtech20 #ukedchat #togchat #fetc #phdchat #edchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (30/01/13 20:40:29) - #phdchat is A-mazing. One hour spent talking about lit reviews. Now to get on with writing one! (original tweet)

@CClements29 (30/01/13 20:40:46) - Have been organised and already ordered my archive documents for tomorrow. Looking forward to making a full day of it. #phdchat (original tweet)

@KathyEnget (30/01/13 20:43:57) - @SarahLaneCawte @PhDForum I did the same thing. Pocket has been a great add. Now I need to find the time to read all the advice. #phdchat (original tweet)

@tressiemcphd (30/01/13 20:45:42) - Same. You haven't lived until you summarize Karabel's "Chosen" on one page. Great for comps & lit review writing #phdchat @maggieyancey (original tweet)

@explorstyle (30/01/13 20:57:29) - My new post has lots of links and some thoughts on developing autonomy during doctoral study: http://t.co/nJbpeBPf #phdchat #ecrchat #acwri (original tweet)

@PhDelly (30/01/13 21:03:13) - Everyone praising #phdchat, I never had any answers to my questions. Too much of a noob? (original tweet)

@PhDelly (30/01/13 21:04:31) - What kind of doctoral training did you get as you started your PhD? #phdchat #phdforum (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (30/01/13 21:05:37) - @PhDelly u need to use #phdchat and tweet them in the hour to really get them noticed - I'll answer some if I can for you (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (30/01/13 21:06:59) - @PhDelly 2night'ts talk was lit reviews, but 2answer that for you - did a MA that was prep. Other guidance from sups and workshops #phdchat (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (30/01/13 21:12:05) - @PhDelly we use #phdchat all of the time, but the main discussion happens Weds night - @NSRiazat posts details and a topic to vote for (original tweet)

@PhDForum (30/01/13 21:16:07) - @KathyEnget @SarahLaneCawte Ah yes, is there an app which will create time? #phdforum #phdchat (original tweet)

@Judiebbrell (30/01/13 21:16:13) - @PhDelly #phdchat took a while for me to get into it just keep turning up on a Wed night good for inspration/motivation if nothing else (original tweet)

@rmit_csit (30/01/13 21:20:18) - RMIT attracting top #ICT talent in pursuit of a world-class research agenda http://t.co/DfUiBy7V #HigherEd #research #phdchat #education (original tweet)

@jlwestwood (30/01/13 21:22:22) - @drwcarter this is really great advice I'm going to try it out #PhDChat #phdforum #socphd #socchat (original tweet)

@Judiebbrell (30/01/13 21:26:10) - @PhDelly #phdchat Mine is a Prof Doc so 2 years taught program followed by 3 years reserach supported by additional training on specifics PT (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (30/01/13 21:35:27) - crap. i missed #phdchat. what was the topic? (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 21:37:53) - @AmandaMichelle - oh no :) - literature reviews. #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (30/01/13 21:38:48) - omg, NOOO! *anxiously awaits the wiki post* RT @NSRiazat: AmandaMichelle - oh no :) - literature reviews. #phdchat (original tweet)

@academiccoaches (30/01/13 21:40:09) - Ever wonder what it was like to work with an academic coach? http://t.co/GUMWwX18 #highered #prodchat #ecrchat #acwri #phdchat #femlead (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 21:40:15) - @PhDelly - usually a good response rate on #phdchat - let me know your questions and we'll see if anyone on #phdchat can help. :) (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 21:41:31) - @PhDelly - mine was mainly through supervisor discussions, online uni Moodle and just reading and annual residential. #phdchat #phdforum (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 21:42:02) - @gawbul @hapsci - excellent :) #PHDCHAT (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 21:50:29) - Just pondering after @PhDelly's question - is a writing a #phd more of an 'art' than a 'science' - thoughts anyone #phdchat? (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 21:51:05) - @PhDelly @AmandaMichelle - yes there is a #phdchat curated by @lizith and @gawbul (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 21:53:17) - http://t.co/ObkqLQw6 link to #phdchat wiki @PhDelly (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (30/01/13 21:55:53) - @Comprof1 @TallMIGirl I have come to the 'end' of my lit review but know will come back &change it in the future.Always new reading #phdchat (original tweet)

@gawbul (30/01/13 21:58:09) - @AmandaMichelle Lol! I haven't uploaded the logs to the wiki for a couple of weeks, so not that good :-S @nsriazat @phdelly @lizith #phdchat (original tweet)

@gawbul (30/01/13 21:58:44) - @AmandaMichelle I have had the "flu" though :-P @nsriazat @phdelly @lizith #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (30/01/13 22:00:45) - @gawbul @nsriazat @phdelly @lizith interesting use of quote marks here, steve... lol! #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (30/01/13 22:01:46) - @SarahLaneCawte @NSRiazat Is hard 2 decide when 2 stop looking 4 and reading literature. I know ideal is til dont find anything new #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (30/01/13 22:02:51) - @PhDelly @Comprof1 @TallMIGirl Yes, when i am happy that I have finished it, which I know is not yet #phdchat (original tweet)

@kyliebudge (30/01/13 22:04:15) - This morning's #phd writing spot. I can hear the pistachio biscotti calling me across the cafe. #phdchat http://t.co/WmngiW2P (original tweet)

@gawbul (30/01/13 22:05:37) - @PhDelly Much better now! Will add to list for tomorrow! Sometimes I need a kick up the arse ;-) @amandamichelle @nsriazat @lizith #phdchat (original tweet)

@gawbul (30/01/13 22:06:31) - @AmandaMichelle Should have been "the flu" I guess! I was proper poorly though :-( @nsriazat @phdelly @lizith #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (30/01/13 22:08:07) - @PhDelly since september on and off amongst doing other things, but i know it is not finished yet, or finished as I would like #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 22:08:37) - "@paulkelly2012: @NSRiazat The PhD is the science. Writing it is a curious mix of art and tradition." Like this description. :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@gawbul (30/01/13 22:08:45) - @AmandaMichelle I love your Twitter header image btw! Saw that on Google+ recently!? Reminds me of my brain, lol ;-) #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (30/01/13 22:09:10) - @PhDelly next for me is my interviews for my project, then analysis, conference presentation prep #phdchat amongst other things (original tweet)

@gawbul (30/01/13 22:10:04) - @hapsci You'll ace it... might as well call you Dr Heather already ;-) :-P @nsriazat #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (30/01/13 22:10:56) - @PhDelly where are you at with your phd? #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 22:11:31) - "@gawbul: @hapsci You'll ace it... might as well call you Dr Heather already ;-) :-P @nsriazat #phdchat" agreed - best wishes. :) (original tweet)

@gawbul (30/01/13 22:13:58) - @Judiebbrell I used Gantt Project from http://t.co/MrilZjhp! Free and cross-platform :-) #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (30/01/13 22:18:09) - "@nancyarts: Little ask of the #highered half of you: who are your top 5 academic tweeters? #journorequest TY" #phdchat (original tweet)

@kyliebudge (30/01/13 22:20:21) - Cafe writing disappointment - the table & chairs are not quite ergonomic enough for long stints of laptop-ness. Sad face. #phdchat (original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (30/01/13 22:20:25) - Nice post on using twitter professionally HT @strictlykaren and @christiehazel http://t.co/nXtuhNj7 #phdchat (original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (30/01/13 22:29:52) - "anything that allows you wield tools or make loud noises" fab advice on being a loser (grant loser that is) from @researchwhisper #phdchat (original tweet)

@QSRInt (30/01/13 22:33:11) - Enjoy! RT @PammyBarnes Nvivo training @UniWestScotland - Its going to be the making of my PhD research analysis! #phdchat #nvivo #research (original tweet)

@innoittamana (30/01/13 22:37:01) - HIFs and tumour hypoxia seems to be a hot research topic, just had 3 excellent talks on it in the last week #cancer #phdchat #phdlife (original tweet)

@jaivirdi (30/01/13 22:48:40) - "@UA_magazine: What to expect from your first teaching assessments: popular article http://t.co/zXgZTx2k #cdnpse #PhDchat" by @JonRTurner (original tweet)

@Contention_J (30/01/13 22:59:36) - @NSRiazat @PhDelly And if we were to approach this question differently? Is there really a contraposition between art and science? #phdchat (original tweet)

@qui_oui (30/01/13 23:01:44) - Finally I have some time to sit and write, so here's hoping it works. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@arejayem65 (30/01/13 23:02:52) - Listening to Muse while doing #phd not a good idea. Free me, free me, free me from this world... #phdchat (original tweet)

@RMITsgr (30/01/13 23:03:38) - Great blog about work-life balance - A Personal Experiment in Happiness | Inside Higher Ed http://t.co/6BENFkgZ by @bonesdonotlie #phdchat (original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (30/01/13 23:06:18) - Have you broken any of your new year's resolutions yet? Try a theme instead... New TW post: http://t.co/y7WXcTya #phdadvice #phdchat (original tweet)

@Have_CISA (30/01/13 23:08:42) - New bookstore placement! : ) #PhdChat #GradChat #BookStores #EPUB #Diesel http://t.co/h6llbQLb (original tweet)

@socphd (30/01/13 23:09:35) - @DrJeremySegrott @UCLanSocialWork @annkristin_dk @jeckythump Thank you for the RTs very much appreciated :-) #socphd #socchat #phdchat (original tweet)

@qui_oui (30/01/13 23:14:13) - This is good, on PhDs & public communication: "Teaching Ph.D.'s How to Reach Out" http://t.co/yabgjj1l #PhDchat (original tweet)

@socphd (30/01/13 23:16:50) - @DocInsanity @UoLPGconference @jennachiapas @NehaKunvardia Its wonderful of you to RT thank you very much #socphd #socchat #phdchat (original tweet)

@socphd (30/01/13 23:20:15) - @diavonnak @StephMulrine @PJ_Weatherill @Paully232000 Thank you for the RTs your support for #socphd #socchat is brilliant #phdchat (original tweet)

@socphd (30/01/13 23:24:13) - Exciting news to be shared at social sciences tweetchat #socchat on Thursday 31 Jan at 7.30pm GMT #socphd #phdchat #acwri #ecrchat PLS RT (original tweet)

@bakeryme (30/01/13 23:24:38) - A comic about internet content creation, much of the content will resonate with those of us completing a PhD. #PhDchat http://t.co/f3phAa7G (original tweet)

@zaana (30/01/13 23:34:35) - draft #designthinking lit review chapter due today. on track. will just be head down for a while #pomodoro-ing it up. #phdchat (original tweet)

@IExpand (30/01/13 23:36:01) - @PhDelly We have a series of PhD courses as well as workshops dedicated to work in progress throughout #phdchat (original tweet)

@caracourage (30/01/13 23:40:44) - @PhDelly a research methods module, access to any others across the Uni. Cohort team building just as important tho #PhDchat #phdforum (original tweet)


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