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Learning from different disciplines 24th April 2013 (redirected from Learning from Different Disciplines)

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'What can we learn from those researching different disciplines to our own?'


#phdchat tweet log - 24th April 2013


@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:30:25) - Hi Everyone. Welcome to this week's #phdchat : What can we learn from those researching different disciplines to our own? (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:32:18) - at a recent methods seminar there was chat about involving comp sci in online methods, to enable understanding of algorithms etc #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:33:41) - Does anyone have experiences they can share of cross-disciplinary research? #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:35:20) - @andienevitt My committee consisted of Org behavior, writing, and ed specialists (2 from ed, 1 from mgmt dept). #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:36:17) - @andienevitt helped with methodology (diff perspectives) and analysis. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:37:52) - @andienevitt now I have many venues to present findings. #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:38:02) - @Comprof1 Did you find there were differences in direction/interests? How were they managed?#phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:38:41) - I hadn't thought of that. Great point! > RT @Comprof1@andienevitt now I have many venues to present findings. #phdchat (original tweet)

@socialtheoryapp (24/04/13 18:39:12) - @andienevitt how other disciplines combine theory and method in research, could be illuminating#phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:39:32) - @andienevitt one drawback I'm finding is lack of interdisciplinary jobs in academia. They want focus in one academic area #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:40:46) - @andienevitt I had very broad research questions. Could go in many ways with analysis. Refined questions towards one field of study #phdchat (original tweet)

@ChereLouise (24/04/13 18:41:11) - how and how often do you make a back-up of your phd-stuff? I'd really like to use some cloud stuff, but don't know what #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:41:22) - @Comprof1 When I applied for my PhD my uni was excited because I straddled faculties, maybe things are changing? #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (24/04/13 18:41:57) - @andienevitt ~ As an part time distance student I don't really come across people in different disciplines to my own area. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:42:06) - @andienevitt I can go back in an reanalyze data based on new questions in new field (i.e. org mgmt, ed policy, applied psych, cmc) #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:42:33) - @socialtheoryapp: Definitely, this is something I notice in discussions about methods particularly#phdchat (original tweet)

@socialtheoryapp (24/04/13 18:42:36) - @Comprof1 @andienevitt they're changing, but slowly. But makes sense, given how strong disciplinary identities are #phdchat (original tweet)

@Kalipizzaro (24/04/13 18:42:48) - Would love to do this MSc if only there was more time and oh yeah I was not doing a #phdchat tuthttp://t.co/kgWbC6cEfP @GlasgowUni (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:43:43) - @NSRiazat Yes it can be tricky in that respect. Do you find Twitter is broadening your access to others though? #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:44:39) - @andienevitt My school supported also. Just hiring academic practices don't cross. Do faculties straddle fields at ur uni? #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:44:46) - So it then furthers longevity? > RT @Comprof1: I can go back in an reanalyze data based on new questions in new field #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:46:20) - @NSRiazat @andienevitt Not familiar w/ UK phd. Are Phd classes interdisciplinary? In US take courses in other fields if approved #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:46:43) - @Comprof1 Not too sure about the inner workings. There does seem to be outreach and inter-mingling at workshops though #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:47:23) - @andienevitt Or I can see where jobs/grant money is and tailor writing to those using same data.#phdchat (original tweet)

@socialtheoryapp (24/04/13 18:47:58) - @andienevitt @comprof1 would also be interesting to compare similarities across disciplines - around paradigmatic concerns eg #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:48:30) - @andienevitt What is focus of workshops? R they led by different faculty from different fields? #phdchat(original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:48:36) - What are the barriers to cross-disciplinary research? Which do we want to keep? Which do we want to overcome? #phdchat (original tweet)

@MaramAlmansour (24/04/13 18:49:49) - how about "why did I ever decided to do that?" #PhD #phdchat http://t.co/zvGH1SYkfq (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:49:53) - @socialtheoryapp @andienevitt My sister is a speech pathologist. I did diss on workplace writing. Often she'd say, SP does that. #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (24/04/13 18:50:05) - @andienevitt ~ did present briefly to others in small topic cohorts/supervisors - useful for feedback & different perspectives. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:50:30) - @socialtheoryapp @andienevitt What might be ground breaking on one discipline is old hat to other discipline. #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:50:50) - Agreed >RT @Comprof1@socialtheoryapp @andienevitt What might be ground breaking on one discipline is old hat to other discipline. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:51:31) - @NSRiazat @andienevitt Sometimes describing to non-experts in field allows you to be clearer in description. #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:51:50) - @socialtheoryapp @comprof1 Yes. Almost like we need to randomly select different people and leave them in a room to has things out #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:52:14) - @NSRiazat @andienevitt I presented to different fields of study and each gave different resources on same topic. #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:52:25) - @Comprof1 @NSRiazat Almost like having someone beta-read your work? #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:53:15) - @NSRiazat I bet that was useful. Do you think there is such a thing as too many perspectives? where do we stop? #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:53:23) - @andienevitt @NSRiazat Exactly. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:54:40) - One problem w/ cross disciplinary research is different assumptions that may not be verbalized. Important to clarify assumptions. #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:54:55) - Has anyone ever found themselves having to defend their own methods against those of another discipline? #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:56:07) - @andienevitt @NSRiazat Ultimately with committee members/reviewers/examiners. Can't veer to far from their assumptions #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:56:13) - @Comprof1 Yes, can be easy to become complacent within your own field. Could be v valuable experience to have to lay it all out #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 18:57:32) - @andienevitt @NSRiazat Problem I had was differences in perception same word Had to have glossary in dissertation define EVERYTHING #phdchat (original tweet)

@socialtheoryapp (24/04/13 18:57:35) - @andienevitt kind of an occupational hazard in the education field! #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:58:07) - @socialtheoryapp Yes I suppose so! #phdchat (original tweet)

@JeffreyKeefer (24/04/13 18:58:47) - Saw this interesting conference CFP: Social Media and Society http://t.co/4eTJgPLDry Who plans to submit? #SMSociety13 #phdchat #ECRchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 18:59:22) - @Comprof1 @NSRiazat Was that a real problem, or a worthwhile exercise? Did you expect it, or come up against it? #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (24/04/13 19:00:06) - @Comprof1 @andienevitt @NSRiazat In the NHS I had to learn acronyms before i could start my project #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 19:01:10) - @Paully232000 @Comprof1 @NSRiazat Maybe academic cheat-sheets should be compiled at the start of every cross-disc project? #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 19:03:06) - Welcome to tonight's #phdchat 7.30-8.30pm (BST). The topic today is what we can learn from working with people in other disclines (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (24/04/13 19:03:09) - @andienevitt @Comprof1 @NSRiazat I have glossary as long as my arm of terminology learned, even though i used to work in a hospital #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 19:03:35) - Disciplines! > MT Welcome to tonight's #phdchat. The topic today is what we can learn from working with people in other disclines (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (24/04/13 19:04:19) - @andienevitt my project is a KTP which is a cooperation between an organisation and academia#phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (24/04/13 19:05:23) - #phdchat this means i have a supervisor from a university and from the NHS (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 19:05:36) - @Paully232000 Can you tell us how that is structured, day-to-day? #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (24/04/13 19:07:51) - @andienevitt monthly meeting between all, and supervision from nhs fortnightly, and left to my own devices with supervisor on hand #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (24/04/13 19:08:36) - @andienevitt #phdchat mostly left to my own as long as i do what is required or need assistance otherwise (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 19:09:39) - How do cross-disc research groups come together? Is it reactive, or proactive? #phdchat (original tweet)

@socialtheoryapp (24/04/13 19:12:40) - @andienevitt preferably they should be organic, but good institutions make space for that to occur#phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 19:17:27) - Within or between institutions? > MT @socialtheoryapp@andienevitt good institutions make space for that to occur #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 19:19:50) - Have you ever been pleasantly surprised, or unexpectedly disappointed at relations with other fields?#phdchat (original tweet)

@socialtheoryapp (24/04/13 19:21:09) - @andienevitt preferably both. Big question: is institutional competition a spur to interdisciplinarity?#phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 19:21:10) - I love talking to scientists, but am often surprised by their questioning of cultural studies methods, which come naturally to me #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 19:23:06) - @socialtheoryapp Very big question. Can't say I know the answer to that one #phdchat (original tweet)

@socialtheoryapp (24/04/13 19:24:32) - @andienevitt cultural studies and Game of Thrones are made for each other! #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (24/04/13 19:25:14) - @andienevitt @socialtheoryapp Not in the US. Innovation is a spur to interdisciplinarity. #phdchat(original tweet)

@socialtheoryapp (24/04/13 19:25:27) - @andienevitt yeah it is, unintended consequences and all that #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 19:26:06) - @socialtheoryapp I think you just quoted from my thesis proposal! Am having to combine eng lit, soc sci, media, cultural studs etc #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 19:28:31) - Any final thoughts on what we can learn the most from working with researchers in other disciplines?#phdchat (original tweet)

@socialtheoryapp (24/04/13 19:30:44) - @andienevitt Listen properly. Because we might actually learn something :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (24/04/13 19:32:07) - Thanks everyone for your contributions to tonight's #phdchat. Tune in next Weds, 7.30-8.30pm. We now return you to your scheduled viewing... (original tweet)

@socialtheoryapp (24/04/13 19:44:09) - @Paully232000 @deniset01 @0lhos you see that sounds like a lyric from a song right there :)#phdchat (original tweet)

@socialtheoryapp (24/04/13 19:58:38) - @DeniseT01 @paully232000 @gemma_mitch @weaver_beth aches and pains @anna_d_beck pay attention #phdchat (original tweet)

@0lhos (24/04/13 19:58:59) - @DeniseT01 @Paully232000 #eswphd Yes, Thank you #phdchat for e.g. (original tweet)

@PhDStudents (24/04/13 20:00:18) - Preparing for #graduation tips. Things to think about and know. #phdchat #grad #highered@insidehighered http://t.co/XUC1xOP85r (original tweet)

@andycoverdale (24/04/13 20:00:27) - MT @JeffreyKeefer Saw this interesting conference CFP: Social Media and Societyhttp://t.co/aLfkHUwlLG #SMSociety13 #phdchat #ECRchat #CFP (original tweet)

@antoinestenkamp (24/04/13 20:02:22) - Finally took control at my supervisors meeting yesterday... time to get back on track with this #PhDand be positive for 2013 #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (24/04/13 20:04:22) - spambot ~> @antoinestenkamp#phdchat (original tweet)

@MauiMescudi (24/04/13 20:14:33) - Bruh RT @arieswym: Rutgers PhD student is looking for stolen laptop w/ 5 years of research for dissertation. #phdchat http://t.co/C7m3tJNSdV (original tweet)

@iiLoveParis (24/04/13 20:16:05) - Damn. @arieswym: Rutgers PhD student is looking for stolen laptop w/ 5 years of research for dissertation. #phdchat http://t.co/IttoRinU56 (original tweet)

@BP_216_ (24/04/13 20:31:30) - Damn RT @arieswym: Rutgers PhD student is looking for stolen laptop w/ 5 years of research for dissertation. #phdchat http://t.co/0n0UMsyhZp (original tweet)

@iiLoveParis (24/04/13 20:35:42) - #RETWEET @arieswym Rutgers PhD student is looking for stolen laptop w/ 5 years of research for dissertation #phdchat http://t.co/IttoRinU56 (original tweet)

@PeteMagennis (24/04/13 20:44:56) - I have the fear #phdchat (original tweet)

@Prof_Polzin (24/04/13 20:55:43) - Poster printed, mounted, and ready for Friday's conference! #phdchat http://t.co/ko5fAuIHPH (original tweet)

@SarahVLuna (24/04/13 21:03:59) - Louis C. K. on Career Capital http://t.co/0qHs5toxH0 #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (24/04/13 21:08:04) - one of my faculty mentors said that she often learns the most abt her students via their papers (quiet folks, etc.) i now get this. #phdchat (original tweet)

@ai1sa (24/04/13 21:14:44) - @SueFolley @NSRiazat Thankyou :) it was a long time from submition (Oct 2012) to confirmation (April 2013). Many celebrations latr. #phdchat (original tweet)

@ai1sa (24/04/13 21:15:59) - @OTEllenN thanks Ellen, it seems a very very long journey. Just as well it was an enjoyable one ('cept for the waiting). #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (24/04/13 21:23:31) - almost got caught up in a student's gift of storytelling. gotta go back & make sure she actually answered the questions! #phdchat (original tweet)

@socphd (24/04/13 21:24:27) - Let's not keep this dynamic collaboration a secret invite others to join in please RT #phdchat #eswphd#ecrchat http://t.co/gKnXh7xrAo (original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (24/04/13 21:39:44) - Interesting RT @RetnaHananim@naomirwolf How Corporate Cash Increasingly Influencing University Research http://t.co/HAezzfCPJe #phdchat (original tweet)

@lov2teach (24/04/13 21:42:06) - @EwaDudaMikulin I am in the midst of coding my interviews. Heading into the final stages!! #phdchat#phdforum (original tweet)

@PaulWChan (24/04/13 21:46:24) - #phdchat @arcom_uk Researchers should be directly engaged, often embedded in the community...http://t.co/g6nEySPfqn via @BentFlyvbjerg (original tweet)

@justinohearn (24/04/13 22:13:34) - Is there any academic problem Queen's album The Game cannot solve? #phdchat #phdadvice (original tweet)

@qui_oui (24/04/13 23:09:03) - Owch RT @timeshighered: Half of #PhD theses do not make clear their works scholarly contribution:http://t.co/1s3fZQpvaJ #phdchat (original tweet)

@APottedHistory (24/04/13 23:13:54) - @benkoroberts I've yet to play Candy Crush Saga, do I need another procrastination tool? #phdchat(original tweet)

@billdurand_rigg (24/04/13 23:26:30) - Nothing like a good meeting with the sup to spur me on :D #phd #phdchat #academia #highered(original tweet)

@academiccoaches (24/04/13 23:39:02) - Don't get stuck in the Writing Roundabout! http://t.co/EEfuKUShYo #acwri #ecrchat #phdchat#phdforum #highered #writing (original tweet)

@lindathestar (24/04/13 23:49:04) - @pannapacker Have you a source for the 54% grad students depressed figure? Interested as a grad student #phdchat (original tweet)

@lindathestar (25/04/13 00:02:24) - Source for the 54% grad student depression vs 10% general pop-has links RT @pannapacker:@lindathestar http://t.co/mC23PS1VIC #phdchat (original tweet)

@RMITsgr (25/04/13 00:03:10) - #PhD: the extreme fieldwork edition http://t.co/kZMb4Xj5e6 by @thesiswhisperer #phdchat #phsadvice(original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (25/04/13 00:06:07) - Linda tells us how she broke all the rules about PhD fieldwork, and lived to tell the tale#phdchat#phdadvicehttp://t.co/sihQ0Otpdl (original tweet)

@magaela (25/04/13 00:33:14) - Great crash course in Mass Media Research - http://t.co/BbV23ZDTYk @PhDForum #phdchat (original tweet)

@isharacomix (25/04/13 00:40:25) - What better place to put a Computer Science Teaching Portfolio than @Github? Watch it evolve athttp://t.co/MD3XOYhA6E #phdchat (original tweet)

@jclcormier (25/04/13 00:51:44) - Fellow #gradstudents, what are some of the programs your #university offers for student#mentalhealth?? #phdforum #phdchat #cdnpse #highered (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (25/04/13 00:55:17) - #phdchat #phdforum r u concerned about getting a lot done this summer? http://t.co/w2ig4jqNnV will help! (original tweet)

@andycoverdale (25/04/13 01:00:57) - Feature: Are PhD vivas still fit for purpose? http://t.co/jhh6rVjfxz #phdchat (original tweet)

@academiPad (25/04/13 01:09:02) - This will happen: blogging and tweets will be value on par with academic publications - #OneDayhttp://t.co/bWqLBJTspz #phdchat #academics (original tweet)

@kslevin (25/04/13 01:12:53) - Horrifying. @arieswym: Rutgers PhD student looking for stolen laptop w/5 years of research for dissertation.#phdchat http://t.co/A6pJ8sprkL (original tweet)

@leahmacvie (25/04/13 01:58:36) - And for my next paper... In what ways can transformational leaders transform through modeling a certain behavior? #leadership #phdchat (original tweet)

@bronscott (25/04/13 02:06:37) - Big chapter finished :) #relief #phdchat (original tweet)

@lindathestar (25/04/13 03:02:52) - 'The influence of agency development across the life span on baby boomers' formation of new, unconventional, relationships' #phdchat (original tweet)

@CSMTTm (25/04/13 03:10:34) - Nothing like a good meeting with the sup to spur me on :D #phd #phdchat #academia #highered (original tweet)

@lindathestar (25/04/13 03:14:20) - Last tweet relates to ideas & work ahead, not a finished product. Today and many day's work to be done#phdchat (original tweet)

@jr3s0l (25/04/13 03:37:28) - I recommend you read or at least skim several #PhD Theses. It should make you feel confident you can complete one too! #PhDChat (original tweet)

@lindathestar (25/04/13 04:55:52) - @TheEndeavour I agree, old books have useful place in lit reviews, but have seen them discouraged in favour of recent journal pubs #phdchat (original tweet)

@lindathestar (25/04/13 04:57:10) - @TheEndeavour Putting current stuff in context is where the older (1980s) books are useful, esp in sex research. #phdchat (original tweet)

@lindathestar (25/04/13 04:58:37) - @TheEndeavour Books & mags from all of 20th century are a fascinating record of social history.#phdchat #alsoadistraction (original tweet)

@RMITsgr (25/04/13 05:14:02) - Improving your #academic writing: My top 10 tips http://t.co/Y4Ps9S6DUn by @raulpacheco #acwri#phdchat (original tweet)

@AnujaCabraal (25/04/13 05:16:23) - Keep a diary when researching. It helps keep track of where you have come from and the direction the research is heading. #phdchat #ecrchat (original tweet)

@Kalipizzaro (25/04/13 05:41:59) - Finding the right way to present data causing angst at moment, this might help - Qual data visualisationhttp://t.co/ZkJdkUBOf8 #phdchat (original tweet)

@thesis_drmz (25/04/13 06:05:18) - Paper Writing Tips: http://t.co/M06HXXVAlh #phdchat (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (25/04/13 06:05:31) - Our Finishing Faster members have a professor online on skype 40 hours a week #phdchat -http://t.co/Ix9WYRo2jU (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (25/04/13 06:05:31) - Our Finishing Faster members have a professor online on skype 40 hours a week #phdchat -http://t.co/jv4bsUecgq (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (25/04/13 06:18:29) - Great start to the day - 20mins of rapid free writing of ideas & concepts about my data that came to me when out running this morn #phdchat (original tweet)

@BrianwDolan (25/04/13 06:34:58) - @EmmaBurnettx Fantastic Emma, good on ya. Nothing like exercise to both clear and focus the mind!#phdchat (original tweet)

@BrandPhD (25/04/13 06:44:39) - @mogajigbenga Thanks so much - it's been a great week so far :) Met some great people and learned some cool techniques #phdchat (original tweet)

@ciripache (25/04/13 06:50:09) - Improving your #academic writing: My top 10 tips http://t.co/1W2uaIA7lU by @raulpacheco #acwri#phdchat via @RMITsgr (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (25/04/13 06:52:28) - @BrianwDolan couldn't agree more Brian #phdchat (original tweet)

@ianrobsons (25/04/13 06:55:12) - @EmmaBurnettx cheers. We're trying to set some sort of record for illness in our family. Pah. At least making progress writing up. #phdchat (original tweet)

@C_J_Cage (25/04/13 07:16:50) - Feedback from my supervisor within 4 days and advice that I am on course to submit by July. Hooray! A big relief! #phdchat (original tweet)

@Nadine_Muller (25/04/13 07:20:08) - "Are PhD vivas still fit for purpose?" No national standard, examiners' egos, other issues. #phd#phdchat #loveHE http://t.co/G6Y3f1E2qy (original tweet)

@JaneDavis13 (25/04/13 07:30:40) - @ianrobsons been working hard - otherwise fine thx. Sounds as though ur thesis is going well#phdchat (original tweet)

@ianrobsons (25/04/13 07:37:27) - @JaneDavis13 drafting a findings / discussion chapter. Far too many words already ;) #phdchat (original tweet)

@m_boeckmann (25/04/13 07:40:41) - Big conference abstract: almost there. Manuscript edits: finish line in sight. #acwri #phdchat #ecrchat(original tweet)

@IExpand (25/04/13 07:40:52) - Researching Professional Development? We have a #callforpapers out for 2014 @earli14 conferencehttp://t.co/Cci9t1d3UT #phdchat #socphd (original tweet)

@MsFloraPoste (25/04/13 07:40:53) - Have heard many viva stories+very few horrors: Are PhD vivas still fit for purpose?http://t.co/Kah8DrBk2n via @timeshighered #phdchat (original tweet)

@IExpand (25/04/13 07:43:12) - Please RT: Follow @earli14 for news and updates about the next #earli14 conference #socphd #phdchat#gradchat #phdforum #callforpapers (original tweet)

@urbaneprofessor (25/04/13 07:44:30) - Amazed by how many prospective doctoral students don't read the proposal advert. Does not look good #phdchat (original tweet)

@MsFloraPoste (25/04/13 07:45:05) - I can't remember the last time I went away and didn't take journal articles, notes, theory books, laptop etc. #phdchat #academia (original tweet)

@geordie_online (25/04/13 08:00:30) - I will proof read my essay #phdchat Hayfever will not defeat me. (original tweet)

@earli14 (25/04/13 08:08:55) - Follow @earli14 for news about our 2014 conference on Learning and Professional Development #socphd#phdchat #gradchat #phdforum (original tweet)

@socphd (25/04/13 08:09:35) - Male Primary School SENCOs needed to participate in new study please RT http://t.co/X1JbnCvu3J#education #senco #teaching #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (25/04/13 08:15:34) - Read chat for academic health science networks-collaboration needed to increase researchhttp://t.co/NzyJ7E2fIZ via @guardian #phdchat (original tweet)

@Imogennatalie (25/04/13 08:20:22) - If I can make 15,000 words into 7,000 wonderful clever words then the morning is saved & I won't care that my hair is doing *this* #phdchat (original tweet)

@JG_THE (25/04/13 08:26:32) - Is the viva still fit for purpose? #phdchat http://t.co/cBDh9gOE9E (original tweet)

@BSAPGForum (25/04/13 08:26:51) - Quote of the Day: 'what is called theory is generally verbiage fit for manuals' - Pierre Bourdieu#sociology #phdchat #academia @bourdieu (original tweet)

@HEckersley (25/04/13 08:27:45) - A tale of two cities: commentary or a call to action- what is the political aim of A tale of two cities?#phdchat #dickens #victorian (original tweet)

@OrgMotivation (25/04/13 08:46:07) - Struggling with writing up? Rowena Murray's "How to write a thesis" is brilliant! (thank you@DrRWhiting for the tip!) #phdchat (original tweet)

@ClareUytman (25/04/13 08:58:36) - Waiting for taxi to whisk me too the airport for conference in Madrid for first international presentation of PhD data, eek!! #phdchat (original tweet)

@OrgMotivation (25/04/13 09:05:10) - Just did a thesis wordcount... 68k, not bad at all. If only it were all perfect! #phdchat (original tweet)

@RichardScriven (25/04/13 09:12:44) - Continually searching for #synonyms (or words that have the same meaning) #acwri #PhDchat(original tweet)

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