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Right time to publish 1st May 2013 (redirected from Right Time to Publish)

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'When is the time right to publish?'


#phdchat tweet log - 1st May 2013


@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:30:33) - Welcome to #phdchat - the topic for tonight is '...when is the time right to publish...?' #phd #highered (original tweet)

@BeckyAGilbert (01/05/13 18:31:00) - Happy to see post-pub reviews via blogging, @PLOSONE comment system, etc. Open debate very helpful for #PhD students! #phdchat#ecrchat (original tweet)

@sesync (01/05/13 18:32:36) - #Job opportunity at @IanEcoCheck @UMCES: Science Integrator http://t.co/bM5ZYiPUIN #phdchat #scicomm (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:32:43) - 'I can't publish because I haven't done any 'real' research yet' is something that I've come across before. Thoughts? #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:34:05) - Also feeling that should be 'full immersion into the litarature' before publication is another perception....but when is 'enough'? #phdchat(original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 18:34:40) - @NSRiazat I haven't come across that, but have heard that because data not analysed fully, they have nothing to publish #phdchat(original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:35:14) - To get us started...at what point in the research process did people decide/or not decide to publish? #phdchat (original tweet)

@MyHarmReduction (01/05/13 18:35:42) - @NSRiazat I think that's a function of the 'imposter syndrome' we feel as well! #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (01/05/13 18:36:01) - @NSRiazat The more I read, the more need to read. Full immersion ain't possible IMO, but trying anyway is what sets scholars apart#phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:36:04) - @EmmaBurnettx ~ interesting perceptions as to 'when' people feel they are ready to publish. What about pilot studies? :-) #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (01/05/13 18:36:07) - @EmmaBurnettx @NSRiazat I think maybe people aren't focusing on small enough segments on their work? I try and break my work down. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 18:36:21) - @Neilwigg@EmmaBurnettx @NSRiazat publish early, publish often! :-) ~ 100% agree! #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:36:47) - @MyHarmReduction ~ Hi Sheila - please elaborate on 'imposter syndrome'. #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (01/05/13 18:37:22) - @NSRiazat I submitted my first paper a few months into my second year. Currently writing another paper (still in second year).#PhDchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:37:38) - @RyanPharmilton @EmmaBurnettx ~ have heard PhDs say they have managed to get three/four publications out of the completed thesis.#phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 18:37:42) - @RyanPharmilton@EmmaBurnettx @NSRiazat same - my publication brain was in gear very early one thinking about opportunities#phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:37:56) - < "@NSRiazat: 'I can't publish because I haven't done any 'real' research yet' is something that I've come across before. Thoughts?#phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:38:08) - @RyanPharmilton @EmmaBurnettx ~ focusing on different sections of thesis findings/literature for each publication. #phdchat (original tweet)

@MyHarmReduction (01/05/13 18:38:34) - @NSRiazat In this contxt, I mean that we (doct students) minimize our work and contribution among the giants we admire from afar#phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:38:43) - i have a thought paper that i wrote last year that i would LOVE to submit, but i don't have anyone i trust to look it over #phdchat(original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:39:02) - @andienevitt - agree with more read the more need to read. This is a long process so how long do we wait. :-) #phdchat (original tweet)

@MyHarmReduction (01/05/13 18:39:21) - @NSRiazat Feel like imposters playing along with the big kids. I know I struggle with this personally sometimes. #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 18:39:47) - @NSRiazat@RyanPharmilton just about to submit 3rd paper. First 2 structured lit review, next is a section of my findings #phdchat(original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:39:48) - @AmandaMichelle ~ hope we can help on #phdchat. What about supervisor? I think I would ask my supervisors to look over my work?#phdchat (original tweet)

@sheenagrad (01/05/13 18:39:48) - I ended up involved it lots of big projects and now don't have any small/simple projects for "easy" publication. #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:39:50) - hard 2 know what's publishable "@EmmaBurnettx@Neilwigg@EmmaBurnettx @NSRiazat publish early, publish often! :-) ~ 100% agree! #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (01/05/13 18:39:57) - @NSRiazat Definitely. Often people chose too much work that would be too large for a single paper. Easier to break it down. #PhDchat(original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:40:22) - i'm particularly worried b/c i have to submit in order to advance to candidacy. #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:40:47) - alas... "@NSRiazat: hope we can help on #phdchat. What about supervisor? I think I would ask my supervisors to look over my work?#phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:40:55) - @EmmaBurnettx @Neilwigg ~ publishing early = great opportunity for feedback (hopefully not scathing) to incorporate final thesis. #phdchat(original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 18:41:22) - I also think that publishing as you go adds more weight to your thesis ~ demonstration of a worthy contribution to knowledge #phdchat(original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:41:32) - @RyanPharmilton ~ excellent progress on publishing. Well done - how did you find the juggling publlishing with thesis work? #phdchat(original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:41:39) - @NSRiazat my advisor situation is weird. suffice it to say i don't really have one. i'm in year 2 & still searching. #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (01/05/13 18:41:56) - @NSRiazat Don't know for sure. I think the key would be in the writing itself - outline scope clearly, signal potential directions? #phdchat(original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:42:38) - @MyHarmReduction ~ good point - it's about contextualising contribution in terms of other work done in area. #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:42:39) - @Neilwigg @EmmaBurnettx @NSRiazat i have no research or lit, just thoughts/ideas based off coursework. #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 18:42:47) - @NSRiazat @neilwigg definitely good viva prep! #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:42:55) - o/ RT @MyHarmReduction: Feel like imposters playing along with the big kids. I know I struggle with this personally sometimes.#phdchat (original tweet)

@sheenagrad (01/05/13 18:43:20) - @AmandaMichelle are you worried about getting scooped? Maybe share it with someone is a tangentially related field. #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:43:42) - @EmmaBurnettx @RyanPharmilton ~ how did you make the decision as to when time was right to publish/right outlet? #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (01/05/13 18:43:45) - @NSRiazat It was hard at times as I was focusing on two streams of work. Also finding gaps in the work meant I had to go back.#PhDchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 18:44:17) - @AmandaMichelle@Neilwigg @NSRiazat but as you progress - ideas will develop then potential for publication later #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:44:19) - @sheenagrad hadn't really even worried about getting scooped, although that, too. i just feel like i may be missing something huge.#phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (01/05/13 18:44:59) - @EmmaBurnettx @NSRiazat @Neilwigg Agree. I am oddly looking forward to the peer review feedback. Will be great development tool.#PhDchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:45:04) - @EmmaBurnettx @Neilwigg ~ useful to get others perspectives apart from supervisors. #phdchat (original tweet)

@CharlotteBRF (01/05/13 18:46:00) - @rociorodtjer @rach_scottie check out #PhDchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:46:06) - true... just gotta happen w/in 1 yr! "@EmmaBurnettx: but as you progress - ideas will develop then potential for publication later#phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 18:46:07) - @NSRiazat@EmmaBurnettx @RyanPharmilton ~ was on finishing different chapters & knowing there was little out there about the topic#phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:46:26) - Does publication always have to be in academic journals - what about practitioner publications/blogs/wikis and other outlets? #phdchat(original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (01/05/13 18:46:35) - @NSRiazat @EmmaBurnettx I was investigating a class of drugs then moved onto another. Felt it good to publish the finished work.#PhDchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:47:15) - A doctoral student needs obstinate perseverance to succeed in publication - article rejection rate very high. #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 18:47:46) - @RyanPharmilton@EmmaBurnettx @NSRiazat @Neilwigg Took me a little while not to take feedback personally! #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:47:54) - Havign said that...it is persistence which sets apart those who get published from those who dont...? #phdchat #thinkingaloud (original tweet)

@sheenagrad (01/05/13 18:48:23) - @AmandaMichelle Then I say share it! Getting some feedback will kickstart your process #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:48:39) - *weeps* RT @NSRiazat: A doctoral student needs obstinate perseverance to succeed in publication - article rejection rate very high.#phdchat (original tweet)

@EKnight_OST (01/05/13 18:48:49) - We need more of these! RT @sesync #Job opportunity at @IanEcoCheck @UMCES: Science Integrator http://t.co/vhhichoNW8 #phdchat#scicomm (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:49:26) - How do we learn the different conventions/genres and styles of each journal for publication? #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:49:32) - that's such a great question @NSRiazat! alas at my uni, nobody cares if it isn't a journal. literally can count against us! #phdchat(original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 18:49:57) - @NSRiazat & focus & patience. Takes a lot of time to recreate PhD work to journal manuscripts. Are quite different #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (01/05/13 18:50:20) - @EmmaBurnettx @NSRiazat @Neilwigg Yes. That is something I am worried about. Thick skin required? #PhDchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 18:50:44) - @NSRiazat Match of journal/outlet and paper. Read multiple issues of the journal before trying to submit anything! #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:50:58) - @EmmaBurnettx ~ have been looking at a few favourite journals as been writing thesis at conventions/styles. #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:51:29) - @EmmaBurnettx ~ knowing precisely what editors and reviewers are looking for can be like looking for the proverbial lost needle. #phdchat(original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 18:51:52) - @NSRiazat If you're citing that journal a lot for your dissertation, it's probably a good fit for your publication! #phdchat (original tweet)

@DrAshCasey (01/05/13 18:52:20) - @RyanPharmilton @emmaburnettx @nsriazat @neilwigg review 4journals yourself. Great way of learning how it works from both sides#phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:52:28) - Writing process isnt something that I gave much thought to early on in the thesis but critical for publishing #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 18:52:50) - @NSRiazat @EmmaBurnettx Editors and reviews may not know themselves, "know it when I see it" #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:53:10) - @straightedgersx ~ audience is key. May a general starting point for deciding where to publish research. #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (01/05/13 18:53:15) - @LUDissertation @NSRiazat That's what I thought too. Cited a lot from one journal so submitted first paper there. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 18:53:38) - @DrAshCasey @RyanPharmilton @EmmaBurnettx @NSRiazat @Neilwigg I agree, reading work of others good way to improve your own.#phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 18:53:44) - @NSRiazat yep! #phdchat (original tweet)

@philipmurraycit (01/05/13 18:54:11) - @NSRiazat I was at a seminar this week which really pushed the publication agenda - just another pressure #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:55:08) - @DrAshCasey ~ can you tell us more about reviewing for journals? #phdchat (original tweet)

@HCPerrin (01/05/13 18:55:47) - Officially upgraded! As in, PhD progress, not "do you want a new phone?" Yay me. @socphd @phdforum #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:56:01) - @philipmurraycit ~ pushing publication is great but writer does need to be clear about their reasons for wanting to publish? #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (01/05/13 18:56:29) - @NSRiazat #phdchat I think early & often - possibly targeting different kinds of publications & conferences as your work evolves (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:56:51) - MOAR READING RT @NSRiazat: How do we learn the different conventions/genres and styles of each journal for publication? #phdchat(original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:56:58) - Just out of curiosity - what are people's reasons for wanting to publish? #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (01/05/13 18:57:21) - @DrAshCasey @EmmaBurnettx @NSRiazat @Neilwigg Great advice. Very different to reading papers for information. Should try it more.#PhDchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 18:57:22) - Is publishing always about career progression? #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 18:58:12) - @NSRiazat @philipmurraycit Start w/ a conference, very energizing! Then take that feedback and revise paper, submit for publication#phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 18:58:28) - @AMCELL @nsriazat yes to a certain degree. I guess it depends on journal requirements. I re worked mine quite considerably #phdchat(original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 18:58:57) - @NSRiazat Why do the research if you don't ever tell anyone about it? #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 18:59:14) - @amcell @nsriazat ....although perhaps that tells me these chapters still need re worked #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 18:59:33) - 1) my ideas = 'diff't' 2) prog req 3) job mkt "@NSRiazat: Just out of curiosity - what are ppl''s reasons for wanting to publish? #phdchat(original tweet)

@sheenagrad (01/05/13 18:59:35) - @NSRiazat isn't publishing just "part of the job"- what is the purpose of your research if you don't share it? #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 19:00:11) - it's about sharing on some levels, although it's only elites w/ access RT @NSRiazat: Is publishing always about career progression?#phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (01/05/13 19:00:12) - @LUDissertation @nsriazat #phdchat precisely - I want to share my excitement & when I have them findings (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:00:23) - @AMCELL ~ trust my supervisors @janshs @bikerwise implicitly for good and timely advice. #phdchat (original tweet)

@laurapasquini (01/05/13 19:01:03) - A Job in Academe? It'll Cost You - Graduate Students- http://t.co/pJ2wlljBam via @untgradschool #gradchat #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 19:01:05) - but it's also about validation. if a journal accepts your work, those 'experts' think you did something right. @NSRiazat #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (01/05/13 19:01:32) - @AMCELL @EmmaBurnettx I've heard this too. Know people who bulked out papers and others who rewrote them. Or just in appendices. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:02:05) - @sheenagrad ~ gaining recognition for the work you have done/stopping someone else taking credit for work by publishing. #phdchat(original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (01/05/13 19:02:32) - How 2 find time to write papers/articles when there's all the PhD stuff 2 do? #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:03:22) - Any thoughts about co-authoring? #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 19:03:28) - my biggest problem = coursework RT @LBA_OX12: How 2 find time to write papers/articles when there's all the PhD stuff 2 do?#phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 19:04:13) - ideally class papers = prelim for publishing, but that's not what those assignments ask for. unless i'm SERIOUSLY misunderstanding#phdchat (original tweet)

@philipmurraycit (01/05/13 19:04:47) - @LBA_OX12 Even more fun if you are a part-time Phd #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 19:07:27) - @philipmurraycit @LBA_OX12 Very fortunate as seen as important part of my job so have dedicated hours. Also part of a writing group#phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 19:07:50) - @NSRiazat Co-authoring or presenting with professor can be good. Lots of mentoring, feedback on your writing. #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:07:51) - @philipmurraycit @LBA_OX12 ~ ...apparently the REAL work begins AFTER PhD...!! :-O #phdchat (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (01/05/13 19:08:30) - @NSRiazat Now I'm starting 2 understand.... #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 19:08:53) - @NSRiazat In my limited experience, best with newer professor who needs pubs. They remember what it's like to be grad student.#phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:09:07) - Getting good feedback from a trusted colleague about your percieved contribution may help overcome fear of negative feedback #phdchat(original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 19:09:09) - @NSRiazat: Any thoughts about co-authoring? ~ preferred. Collaboration stronger than done in isolation? #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 19:09:37) - @LUDissertation @NSRiazat Co-authoring or presenting with professor can be good. Lots of mentoring,feedback on your writing. Agree!#phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:10:56) - @EmmaBurnettx @LUDissertation - co-authoring is a good way to pool strengths, contacts and skills. #phdchat (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (01/05/13 19:11:02) - @NSRiazat attempted it once but it can be difficult due to the commitments of the group #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 19:11:31) - @NSRiazat @philipmurraycit @LBA_OX12 After PhD: no singular goal, lots of projects in different stages. Challenging to keep up.#phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:12:23) - @EmmaBurnettx @LUDissertation - sounds like a great opportunity to work with and learn from experienced colleagues. #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 19:12:35) - @bookworm_29 @NSRiazat I've only had success in coauthoring with one other person, not a group. Too many voices and visions.#phdchat (original tweet)

@bikerwise (01/05/13 19:12:59) - @NSRiazat make sure articles are checked by colleagues, supervisors etc. No reason for high rejection rate. #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:13:10) - Co-authorship - what about issues of voice, ownership, politics and time that colaboration brings with it? #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 19:13:15) - @NSRiazat @EmmaBurnettx @LUDissertation also really important for developing research profile & thinking about future opportunities#phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 19:14:36) - @NSRiazat @philipmurraycit @LBA_OX12 May have less support too if few new people in workplace. Not like student groups in PhD#phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:14:47) - @Emmaburnettx - teamwork is a great sounding board for ideas, help to make writing decisions and just to 'listen'. #phdchat (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (01/05/13 19:14:58) - @LUDissertation @nsriazat attempted it with four of us but it just never happened! Everyone too busy with something else #phdchat(original tweet)

@danielcolquitt (01/05/13 19:15:26) - @LBA_OX12 @philipmurraycit Good training for an academic career #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:15:38) - @bookworm_29 ~ why was that? :-) #phdchat (original tweet)

@bookworm_29 (01/05/13 19:16:03) - @LBA_OX12 waited until after PhD over for that reason (can't do everything) but pluses to publishing during the PhD process #phdchat(original tweet)

@bikerwise (01/05/13 19:18:30) - @LUDissertation @NSRiazat This is a good idea. Your supervisor even! #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:18:44) - Also publishing is about what specifically makes your papers 'interesting' for the audience? #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 19:18:59) - @bookworm_29 @LBA_OX12 Very big for academic job hunt, if that's your goal. Not everyone's. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (01/05/13 19:19:41) - @NSRiazat Sorry I can't participate today, but under a mountain of work. Also have my son home after 3 months in Rome #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:20:00) - Learning to'read' journals with the eye of a 'writer' instead of a 'reader' helping with conventions/styles. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (01/05/13 19:20:33) - @NSRiazat But here is blog post addressing voice, ownership, agency, power from my dissertation http://t.co/AKPGYMgx1b #phdchat(original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 19:20:56) - @LBA_OX12 Submit conference proposal based on something you've already done (pilot study? lit review?) for starters. #phdchat(original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:21:45) - @Comprof1 ~ great to 'see' you tonight Virginia - hope you get the work done. :-) #phdchat (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 19:21:54) - @LBA_OX12 Many conferences have "roundtables," good for research in progress or even idea of your dissertation. Less intimidating.#phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (01/05/13 19:22:16) - @NSRiazat Also, currently reviewing article for journal. Make sure 1) write for part journal audience; 2) develop point of article #phdchat(original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 19:22:22) - @Comprof1 Nice to 'see' you. Hope you get your work done & brilliant news about your son. Enjoy having him home :) #phdchat(original tweet)

@bikerwise (01/05/13 19:22:49) - @NSRiazat Don't co-author with people you cannot come to agree with. Some difference is inspiring.Lots of difference is exhausting. #phdchat(original tweet)

@Comprof1 (01/05/13 19:23:25) - @NSRiazat I've read many articles this yr not appropriate for journal (good work, but not of interest), wrong format, focus 2 broad #phdchat(original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:24:04) - @bikerwise ~ agreed - some difference in thoughts is good but too much of a gap will be very exhausting and demotivating. :-) #phdchat(original tweet)

@Comprof1 (01/05/13 19:24:42) - @EmmaBurnettx What a change in attitude! Much more patient and confident. #phdchat (original tweet)

@crystalvk (01/05/13 19:24:44) - A beautiful spring day for writing the #dissertation#phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:25:59) - Do we go with 'academic' publishing = research based, small audience and values theory? #phdchat 1/2 (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 19:26:10) - @Comprof1 Brilliant. Perhaps I'll send mine there for 3 months too the! Ha ha #phdchat (original tweet)

@rach_scottie (01/05/13 19:27:03) - @CharlotteBRF @rociorodtjer about article writing during PhD? Timely! #PhDchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:27:10) - 2/2...or professional publications: practice orientated, a potentially larger audience and which value experience over theory? #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (01/05/13 19:27:55) - @NSRiazat Different forms of co-author 1) primary researcher/joint writng 2) joint research-each writes 3) 1 does quant/1 does qual #phdchat(original tweet)

@lynneahpd (01/05/13 19:28:10) - @NSRiazat sorry so late marathon training! If like me u r phd is additional to day job, publishing is good and can demonstrate #phdchat(original tweet)

@socphd (01/05/13 19:28:43) - Interested in qualitative research design then check out @NHopUts blog at http://t.co/OwFDFPNUPI #socphd #qual #phdchat #phdforum(original tweet)

@Comprof1 (01/05/13 19:28:47) - @LUDissertation @NSRiazat @philipmurraycit @LBA_OX12 I have same problem. Published during Phd. Hard to focus after #phdchat(original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (01/05/13 19:29:16) - @NSRiazat Both surely? I have currently published more in pharmacy professional journals. Be it articles or letters. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@lynneahpd (01/05/13 19:29:53) - @NSRiazat scholarly activity and transfer of skill set between academia and day job. Ialways encourage my staff to publish #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (01/05/13 19:30:38) - @AmandaMichelle Save papers for later and develop into article (get other grad students to help). #phdchat (original tweet)

@Bonnycastle (01/05/13 19:31:16) - #TLt13 example of academia in social media is #phdchat. Is this a result of Twitter existence or just a continuation of a need that builds (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:32:06) - @RyanPharmilton ~ agree - dangerous to just view academic publishing as the only/main outlet for findings/ideas. #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 19:32:09) - @Comprof1 the problem is that they're not at all useful for publication. the very nature of the assignments have seen to that #phdchat(original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 19:32:14) - @NSRiazat @EmmaBurnettx Be cautious though, it's co-authoring, not grad student authors and the prof puts his or her name on it.#phdchat (original tweet)

@bwuetherick (01/05/13 19:32:57) - GV: referencing the importance of peer networks on twitter as an example of community and support building (eg #phdchat#tlt13(original tweet)

@Comprof1 (01/05/13 19:33:33) - @EmmaBurnettx He now wants to do Masters in England. Went to London during spring break. #phdchat Anthro/History major. (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 19:34:27) - what i have to do rt now RT @NSRiazat: Do we go with 'academic' publishing = research based, small audience and values theory?#phdchat 1/2 (original tweet)

@LUDissertation (01/05/13 19:35:02) - @NSRiazat @EmmaBurnettx I sound really bitter today! Just have had a variety of experiences (mine & others) with this. #phdchat(original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 19:35:11) - Really enjoyed tonight's #phdchat on publishing. Great to speak to you all & also lovely to hear @Neilwigg 's perspectives. Thanks@NSRiazat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 19:35:14) - but 2/2 is where i will probably try to focus the majority of my work after i'm done w/ phd. @NSRiazat #phdchat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (01/05/13 19:35:15) - @AmandaMichelle You need to look for pub that fits them. Or, take idea and create article. You now have background knowledge. #phdchat(original tweet)

@Comprof1 (01/05/13 19:36:10) - @AmandaMichelle I turned many assignments into papers/articles. Not in my field but found journals/conferences to match article. #phdchat(original tweet)

@drwcarter (01/05/13 19:36:48) - Today is May 1st 2013. You can always hit the reset button at the start of the month. #socphd #phdchat #phdforum (original tweet)

@merry30 (01/05/13 19:37:07) - @NSRiazat What are opinions on publishing in 'mainstream' media? Any scholarly value? #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:37:50) - 8.30pm already (that was quick) - thanks all for valued contributions as always. Have a productive week everyone until next time. #phdchat(original tweet)

@lynneahpd (01/05/13 19:38:50) - @EmmaBurnettx @neilwigg @nsriazat sorry only to have caught last 5 mins enjoyed what you discussed #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:39:01) - @LUDissertation - don't sound bitter at alll. I think everyone appreciates people's perspectives and experiences. :-) #phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:40:25) - @MyHarmReduction - agree about collaboration and co-authoring helps with accountability. #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 19:41:38) - @MyHarmReduction @nsriazat definitely agree. I also feel quite honoured that my sups want to co-author! #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 19:43:28) - @lynneahpd @neilwigg @nsriazat marathon training has similarities to writing for publication I think! #phdchat (original tweet)

@lynneahpd (01/05/13 19:46:24) - @EmmaBurnettx @neilwigg @nsriazat yes indeed! I find I handle the stairs better after writing.#phdchat (original tweet)

@NSRiazat (01/05/13 19:59:20) - Topic for #phdchat on Wednesday 8th May (7.30pm-8.30pm BST) is 'organising a postgrad conference' hosted by @AbdulAzim (original tweet)

@PhDStudents (01/05/13 20:00:11) - Resolving #Academic Advisor #Issues is important when it comes to surviving your #dissertation or #thesis#phdchathttp://t.co/dgTHsNGici (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (01/05/13 20:02:16) - I'm in the thickets of data analysis - anyone else there with me? #phdchat (original tweet)

@eljeejavier (01/05/13 20:03:53) - @LBA_OX12 I'm in the data jungle too! Hang in there! #phdchat (original tweet)

@Nadine_Muller (01/05/13 20:04:20) - "Brains, Time, Money: Part-Time & Self-Funded #Postgraduate Study": here's my introduction to the series: http://t.co/rUv1YJDhGx#phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (01/05/13 20:06:47) - @eljeejavier @lba_ox12 me three!! :)) #phdchat (original tweet)

@LBA_OX12 (01/05/13 20:11:35) - @EmmaBurnettx @eljeejavier Finding it slow progress - Using Pat Bazeley http://t.co/N8kLxFocIt 2 help me find way thru #phdchat (original tweet)

@andienevitt (01/05/13 20:13:04) - @LBA_OX12 @EmmaBurnettx @eljeejavier Currently making travel arrangements and hiring guides so I can enter the data jungle too#phdchat (original tweet)

@merry30 (01/05/13 20:13:21) - @LBA_OX12 Yep. I feel as though I'll never get out. I need a woodsman with an axe... #phdchat (original tweet)

@PookyH (01/05/13 20:24:16) - Why oh why can there not be one internationally accepted way of referencing? #PhDChat (original tweet)

@erinmkingsley (01/05/13 20:26:38) - Read my new blog post on writing the diss without losing one's mind at http://t.co/lEeV2obfdL #phdchat (original tweet)

@sarah_robbo (01/05/13 20:28:28) - I hope @VoodooDollGirl is joining in #PhDChat #Networking (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (01/05/13 20:29:53) - So how many believe "part-time" instructor = teaching 4 courses? #phdchat #ecrchat #acwri (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (01/05/13 20:45:14) - LMAO, WHAT? nawl... RT @Comprof1: So how many believe "part-time" instructor = teaching 4 courses? #phdchat #ecrchat #acwri(original tweet)

@nlvanderford (01/05/13 21:01:08) - Introducing What Are All The PhDs?. PhDs, share your career path. http://t.co/jweNWRfQXI #PhDchat #PhDforum #postac #faculty #altac(original tweet)

@B_theLove (01/05/13 21:01:27) - I love my advisor. I've become the scholar I am in large part because of his support and inspiration. His pride in me means a lot. #phdchat(original tweet)

@academiccoaches (01/05/13 21:08:03) - In her latest @readywriting reflects on how her research and writing have evolved over time http://t.co/zPGqR1Ucka #acwri #ecrchat#phdchat (original tweet)

@IrishFemgineer (01/05/13 21:10:38) - .@cranfieldwater @KNL_MIRC @Frankiehass @pt_hutch @mcchino64 I recommend #phdchat and #ECRchat fpr PhD advice/support/tips :) (original tweet)

@Sandlot1313 (01/05/13 21:42:32) - Getting feedback on my writing is tough, but I know it's necessary. #phdchat #thickskin (original tweet)

@constancekassor (01/05/13 21:49:27) - day 1/100 of new dissertation plan. 1% complete, 99% left to go! #acwri #phdchat (original tweet)

@stepquietly (01/05/13 21:56:41) - Okay, time to get to writing. #phdchat (original tweet)

@LAStockley3 (01/05/13 22:01:23) - Can anyone recommend some useful statistics books for #PhD educational research? Any advice would be really appreciated :) #phdchat(original tweet)

@AbbeyDiaz_says (01/05/13 22:07:26) - I am enjoying my last few weeks of maternity leave. Very little time is being spent thinking about #phd . #phdmum #phdchat (original tweet)

@michaelmgrant (01/05/13 22:15:33) - Finally! Nvivo for Mac is coming. #phdchat http://t.co/kNJdKce4kK (original tweet)

@DiBlackmore1 (01/05/13 22:18:16) - Congrats RT @HCPerrin: Officially upgraded! As in, PhD progress, not "do you want a new phone?" Yay me. @socphd @phdforum#phdchat (original tweet)

@MadLovatics (01/05/13 22:28:46) - #PhDChat (original tweet)

@Comprof1 (01/05/13 22:35:02) - Glad to see someone sees the importance of SUNY for eco dev of NY https://t.co/kAkjbTr6GF #phdchat #SUNY No SUNY=bad news for upstate eco (original tweet)

@kpbushnell (01/05/13 23:00:54) - "This whole book is a draught--nay, but the draught of a draught. Oh, Time, Strength, Cash, and Patience!" -Cetology #mobydick #phdchat(original tweet)

@pollytext (01/05/13 23:03:39) - The librarian just called me an academic instead of a student. Only slightly embarrassed by how chuffed I felt. #phdchat (original tweet)

@hoosierphd (01/05/13 23:15:17) - 1st Americas #lingchat May 2 @ 6pm PST #linguistics #esl #efl #tesol #edchat #engchat #fycchat #phdchat #languages #langchat(original tweet)

@MDHS_SC (01/05/13 23:19:34) - MT @ayftan: Why project infrastructure quality matters in your PhD/research career http://t.co/5vRoEL36sY #phdchat @SciMelb @MDHS_SC(original tweet)

@Nadine_Muller (01/05/13 23:24:08) - "I have noticed that other students are quite taken aback with my self-funded, part-time status." #phdchat #higheredhttp://t.co/bQ42jvw1Iq (original tweet)

@Nadine_Muller (01/05/13 23:26:09) - "I highly appreciate the flexibility and unhurried nature of part-time #PhD research." Nazia Hussein http://t.co/bQ42jvw1Iq #phdchat#loveHE (original tweet)

@Nadine_Muller (01/05/13 23:28:26) - "Blog posts reveal a lack of socio-academic confidence among post-docs paying their own way". http://t.co/L77EJrjgdJ #phdchat #ecrchat(original tweet)

@nickblackbourn (01/05/13 23:34:10) - Becoming an Entrepreneurial Historian: A Creative Enlightenment http://t.co/ugczsp0CMm #twitterstorian #phdchat (original tweet)

@academiccoaches (01/05/13 23:40:06) - There's still time to sign up for our teleseminar-Aligning the Proposal: The Emerging Picture http://t.co/9U9Ve6bpFj #phdchat#phdforum (original tweet)

@ReinaldoNelo1a (01/05/13 23:43:49) - 10 transcripts charted, 5 to go...yay finally some #progress #phdchat #phd (original tweet)

@RMITsgr (02/05/13 00:03:05) - Great advise how to cope when life derails your plans http://t.co/IAwkWwHugu by @throughthe_veil via @GradHacker #PhDchat (original tweet)

@kyliesoanes (02/05/13 00:04:41) - Feeling insecure about thesis structure? Don't worry, you're just getting wiser RT @DocwritingSIG http://t.co/ZErDSCr4Bb #phdchat #acwri(original tweet)

@catspyjamasnz (02/05/13 00:27:21) - Laptop with 5 years PhD research goes missing... #phdchat http://t.co/lLMAhc7Qvy (original tweet)

@WilsonSpartas (02/05/13 00:30:06) - I recommend you read or at least skim several #PhD Theses. It should make you feel confident you can complete one too! #PhDChat(original tweet)

@getannief (02/05/13 00:54:27) - As a graduate student, I am truly appreciative of my advisor who pushes me academically, mentally, and professionally #PhdChat (original tweet)

@JeffreyKeefer (02/05/13 01:05:25) - @shannonsindorf Congrats! #phdchat (original tweet)

@JeffreyKeefer (02/05/13 01:10:17) - @Comprof1 Alas, PT at one may still mean FT between all. Talk about friends with no benefits! #phdchat #ecrchat #acwri (original tweet)

@JeffreyKeefer (02/05/13 01:19:27) - @LBA_OX12 With you in spirit, though not long away from it. You are almost there! #phdchat (original tweet)

@japonid (02/05/13 01:25:20) - There's an ad above the urinal at my campus pub. I've developed a Pavlovian response to be drunk when I see it. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (02/05/13 01:25:43) - @subu_ot well I do moderate a #phdchat every now and then, so good to know. Having trouble installing the sucker though! (original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (02/05/13 01:28:28) - Just dropped by @litreviewhq - always worth a visit http://t.co/efvXIpSt2D #phdchat (original tweet)

@elikaortega (02/05/13 01:51:49) - My mother on the phone doesn't ask how I am or what I'm doing anymore, she goes straight to "Are you writing?" #moms #phdchat #thesis(original tweet)

@joshuathoresen (02/05/13 01:53:02) - Teaching myself Structural Equation Modelling in #Rstats oh Multivariate statistics you confuse me.... #phdchat (original tweet)

@bprerna (02/05/13 01:54:12) - Must read #bloggers for #PhD students @thesiswhisperer @3monththesis @PhD2Published @networkedres @litreviewhq [#phdchat #phdtips#research] (original tweet)

@mgto_org (02/05/13 02:03:04) - Dailypic: The paradox of academia... http://t.co/onFkhE2V5C #phdchat #academia (original tweet)

@stepquietly (02/05/13 02:29:35) - Time to get back to writing so I can figure out how to actually describe a all the elements of this multimodal text. #thesis #phdchat (original tweet)

@jasondowns (02/05/13 02:30:51) - Going to listen to Prof Brian Cobitt talk about 'getting students through' #phdchat (original tweet)

@jasondowns (02/05/13 02:35:46) - Prof Corbitt is a fan of 'simple' over 'wordy'. #phdchat (original tweet)

@jbirdy81 (02/05/13 02:49:40) - Yep, sounds about right. #annotate #allthethings #phdchat http://t.co/SYuaoWEj88 (original tweet)

@KeethInk (02/05/13 03:04:53) - THIS. Stop telling me I should hate my career choice. #gradchat #PhDchat http://t.co/uiHIDE6ybU (original tweet)

@jswann (02/05/13 03:32:33) - Yay! My thesis is up http://t.co/oY0dDEL0hq #phdchat (original tweet)

@JeffreyKeefer (02/05/13 03:40:58) - @entropologie Let it be said, let the #phd be done. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Leslie1223 (02/05/13 03:43:23) - "@KeethInk: THIS. Stop telling me I should hate my career choice. #gradchat #PhDchat http://t.co/fXUnD3tNVd" (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (02/05/13 04:01:12) - just had a realization: i'm in the midst of my 2nd yr of a 3-yr LEARNING & TRAINING program. i'm not expected to be great yet.#phdchat (original tweet)

@JayWReid (02/05/13 04:10:59) - Looking at your PhD as a Research Apprenticeship http://t.co/Ub6sn2eVB6 #HigherEd #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (02/05/13 04:27:50) - oh, well look at that! RT @JayWReid: Looking at your PhD as a Research Apprenticeship http://t.co/MBF0eLWNi0 #HigherEd #phdchat(original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (02/05/13 04:33:58) - reading that last RT... i'm in year 2 of the 3-year coursework component of my program. i still have 2 more years of work after!#phdchat (original tweet)

@rwmonty (02/05/13 04:34:45) - These two articles about prepping for a dissertation defense have given me some last minute peace of mind #phdchat http://t.co/zqR5hFXpKU(original tweet)

@rwmonty (02/05/13 04:35:02) - #phdchat (continued from previous tweet) http://t.co/YtadLFMNWo (original tweet)

@LDBurnett (02/05/13 05:05:05) - Home from my last graduate seminar. Ever. Drinks were on me. #USIH #twitterstorians #phdchat #aboutdamntime (original tweet)

@gawbul (02/05/13 05:21:42) - I'm in a book thats on @amazonuk by the awesome @acanthephyra! How cool is that!!! http://t.co/l43OvpAHi2 #phdchat #phd (original tweet)

@KiraVClarke (02/05/13 05:49:31) - Interesting to see where Australia fits on the Global Gender Index from @timeshighered http://t.co/5mSfySctUR #ecrchat #phdchat #gender(original tweet)

@uflkel (02/05/13 05:50:54) - I can't be the only one... #phdchat #highered http://t.co/2BR2enrMO6 (original tweet)

@knitsoxalysha (02/05/13 05:52:34) - Anyone else get to make new words up for their #phd or is that just a #conversationanalysis thing? #phdchat (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (02/05/13 06:05:35) - Polishing your doctoral #thesis proposal? #phdchat - http://t.co/cyIYx8oLgI (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (02/05/13 06:05:35) - Polishing your doctoral #thesis proposal? #phdchat - http://t.co/EPqvAfilyV (original tweet)

@madame_chrissd (02/05/13 06:09:46) - #phd day been a bit slow and fiddly today but I have just broken the 60,000 word barrier. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Nadine_Muller (02/05/13 06:10:22) - "My name is Andrea Nevitt, and I am a self-funded, part-time Ph.D. student." #loveHE #phdchat #academia @andienevitthttp://t.co/ZAinnmXvud (original tweet)

@evalantsoght (02/05/13 06:19:09) - submitted my thesis to the publisher! #phdchat (original tweet)

@KateSelene (02/05/13 06:23:35) - How much should grad students publish? Should you worry about publishing too much? How selective should you be? #phdadvice #phdchat(original tweet)

@timeshighered (02/05/13 06:25:32) - PhDs prove relatively recession-proof: http://t.co/XSgPhNmXyu #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmyJoyHolvey (02/05/13 06:34:26) - @CMcEwan88 PhDs prove relatively recession-proof: http://t.co/y3ucRpBGmd #phdchat RT @timeshighered (original tweet)

@livelovesurf24 (02/05/13 06:35:49) - @StephWalker91 RT @timeshighered: PhDs prove relatively recession-proof: http://t.co/OhqborXSty #phdchat (original tweet)

@Tomi_Ola (02/05/13 06:35:57) - Performative Democracy [seriously scratching chin...] - anyone familiar with term? - please recommend good literature #phdchat #phdforum(original tweet)

@MsFloraPoste (02/05/13 06:42:38) - I'm getting increasingly uncomfortable about this topic.... | PhD students 'embarrassed' to be self-funded http://t.co/O1vd097QAC#phdchat (original tweet)

@AngieBartoli (02/05/13 06:43:06) - Spending time with Bertie today #phdchat #socphd (original tweet)

@MsFloraPoste (02/05/13 06:47:54) - I also question if battle lines are being drawn between funded/self-funded students - in discourse if not reality. #phdchat #loveHE (original tweet)

@martha_barr (02/05/13 06:50:25) - @timeshighered: PhDs prove relatively recession-proof: http://t.co/WDfLUPfPg0 #phdchat (original tweet)

@AmandaMichelle (02/05/13 06:56:59) - so i'm not a quantitative researcher, but i think i might like this instrumental variable approach... a bit leery, but intrigued. #phdchat(original tweet)

@MRWeatherburn (02/05/13 07:09:30) - Holy moly "@timeshighered: PhDs prove relatively recession-proof: http://t.co/vzSeRBv7Yf #phdchat" (original tweet)

@karppi (02/05/13 07:09:31) - Things connect. My current take on remix methodology begun in a co-authored piece on 'Playing Research' http://t.co/NwPOHjHeAA #phdchat(original tweet)

@aati004 (02/05/13 07:11:12) - #phdexperience#phdchat always exercise otherwise, only usable parts of the body will be hand, eyes and brain! Ouch Stretching arms hurt! (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (02/05/13 07:12:24) - Dave the dog is over the moon with his recent publicity! @QSRInt #NVivo #phdchat https://t.co/WFJcMcD5yh (original tweet)

@Joanna_Warson (02/05/13 07:13:43) - @timeshighered: PhDs prove relatively recession-proof: http://t.co/diQtEcDHWT #phdchat Well that's a relief... (original tweet)

@Nadine_Muller (02/05/13 07:21:31) - "I highly appreciate the flexibility and unhurried nature of part-time #PhD research." http://t.co/bQ42jvw1Iq #phdchat #ecrchat#phdforum (original tweet)

@nomynjb (02/05/13 07:24:18) - Anyone had this experience? http://t.co/nI90hGokyL #phdchat #PhDForum (original tweet)

@MissBioGeek (02/05/13 07:26:16) - Today: cell culture, microscopy, lab book, train home, white wine spritzer #phdchat (original tweet)

@QSRInt (02/05/13 07:35:09) - Say hi to Dave :)RT @EmmaBurnettx Dave the dog is over the moon with his recent publicity! @QSRInt #NVivo #phdchathttp://t.co/3bzHXUaxuH (original tweet)

@bobbyburnsnixon (02/05/13 07:39:20) - WhalePath Crowdsourced Research Platform: Get Your Research On!http://t.co/b8TtRCcsei @whalepath #phdchat #crowdsource#bayarea #bigidea #vc (original tweet)

@GemmellLizzie (02/05/13 07:39:55) - Interesting discussion on whether PhD vivas are still fit for purpose. 6 months to go and I'm dreading it! http://t.co/2KHEwHOidk#PhDchat (original tweet)

@DoctoralNet (02/05/13 07:42:20) - #phdchat #phdforum @effectsofNAPLAN: I agree completely with your post on @ThomsonPat big book work has +shttp://t.co/CFOuETZaYp (original tweet)

@lindathestar (02/05/13 07:53:43) - Posthumous PhD awarded to colleague today, & her daughter Honours. #graduation #notadryeye #phdchat (original tweet)

@EllaTasm (02/05/13 08:17:24) - Looking for word lists as I'm trying to avoid using jargon or saying "things". Here's one http://t.co/CD0cq5OXqI Any others? #phdchat (original tweet)

@phdscam (02/05/13 08:25:52) - Love PhD? Do it for the money , if you can find it #phdchat #phdadvice #phdscam (original tweet)

@phdscam (02/05/13 08:29:43) - PhDs aren't much interested in money? Seriously you must be joking Mr/Mrs PhD #PhD #phdchat #phdadvice (original tweet)

@andycoverdale (02/05/13 08:32:59) - Collected. Excellent series of blog posts on PhD by publication. via @ThomsonPat http://t.co/V7eGCoaIO6 #phdchat (original tweet)

@phdscam (02/05/13 08:34:12) - Winning prize for scientific research will be dream for most PhDs. Bad plan to pursue #PhD in the first place #phdchat #phdadvice (original tweet)

@ChereLouise (02/05/13 08:37:01) - listening to #shostakovich and reading #bachelard. favorite #phdprocrastination #phdchat ever heard of the rilke reversion? (original tweet)

@phdscam (02/05/13 08:39:33) - Like God delusion, PhDs delude themselves that supervisor has their best interest in mind. #phdchat #phdadvice #phdscam (original tweet)

@wcyeong (02/05/13 08:41:04) - writing essays should be fun when you've got the points scribbled all over the original paper. panda eyes coming soon. #phdchat (original tweet)

@phdscam (02/05/13 08:42:49) - Its hard to leave PhD. Its equally hard to get a job after PhD? #phdchat #phdadvice #phdscam .still want to be a fake doctor. (original tweet)

@germankiwi (02/05/13 08:59:55) - preparing my part of the group presentation on images and visual methodology for the #PhD seminar on Monday #phdchat #methodology#polsci (original tweet)

@tomezard (02/05/13 09:01:18) - .@NHM_London is offering 2 phd studentships, one with @Bristoluni and one with @unisouthamptonhttp://t.co/wiz7pJ48Xe. #phdchat#ecrchat (original tweet)

@aDeeWard (02/05/13 09:01:39) - @EmmaBurnettx: Dave the dog is over the moon with his recent publicity! @QSRInt #NVivo #phdchat https://t.co/eDdcJATUoX love working dogs (original tweet)

@MCeeP (02/05/13 09:05:23) - A blow by blow account of my PhD Viva #PhDchat http://t.co/nd1zXo8HY8 (original tweet)

@brenfosterl (02/05/13 09:10:00) - 700 words in an hour. Hell yeah. #phdchat #phd #progress #productivity (original tweet)

@RIJacobsen (02/05/13 09:27:24) - Writing my #PhD examination entry form, it's all becoming so real! Scary how time flies... #phdchat (original tweet)

@SusieMower (02/05/13 09:29:04) - In an ironic twist, I have been spending so much time reading and thinking about Sartre that I am no longer 'being-in-the-world'. #phdchat(original tweet)

@RuthKBrown (02/05/13 09:31:51) - Lost in the jungle, crawling through the undergrowth, wrestling cobras. #typicaldayintheoffice #phdchat (original tweet)

@MzTsolakis (02/05/13 09:34:31) - @maimoghli Apparently, PhDs are recession-proof: http://t.co/VOcnpAJMb4 #phdchat phew, maybe we won't be broke at the end of this... (original tweet)

@GeographyBites (02/05/13 09:42:39) - Another day of fieldwork in London! Happy to be out of the office on a day like this #phdchat (original tweet)

@BSAPGForum (02/05/13 09:49:21) - Arts & Humanities doctoral degrees provide 'enhanced...quality of life', #phdchat | http://t.co/JJ7sZjymon (original tweet)

@tom_rushby (02/05/13 09:54:40) - Didn't quite get my new poster finished in time but the old version will be back up at the postgrad research showcase today #phdchat(original tweet)

@acontradiction1 (02/05/13 09:54:59) - Loving Free Writing Today #phdchat #phdforum #phdadvice Check Out Roweena Murray's Books. (original tweet)

@CRASSHlive (02/05/13 09:59:56) - #CamPhDcasts @earlymodernjohn - @SpoonsOnTrays what is it like doing humanities PhD on collaborate project? http://t.co/wJFeyUNodF#phdchat (original tweet)

@HEckersley (02/05/13 10:05:44) - Just made a new blog on wordpress and published a post about Hard Times #hardtimes #charlesdickens #phdchat #edchat #victorians#19thC (original tweet)

@HEckersley (02/05/13 10:19:01) - My new Blog: http://t.co/sBlV2z3Frr #edchat #phdchat #victorian (original tweet)

@thesiswhisperer (02/05/13 10:24:01) - Hot off the press! Report on post doctoral employment from @Vitae_news - read a digest on @timeshighered http://t.co/QvMN3tNsSt#phdchat (original tweet)

@maevedunne (02/05/13 10:24:57) - PhDs prove relatively recession-proof | Times Higher Education http://t.co/ZIE1dixfTE #phdchat #phd #highered (original tweet)

@LoisAliceStyles (02/05/13 10:25:59) - @CarlRMay 5 mins till chinese 'stir frying concepts in the big non-stick wok of theory' #phdchat (original tweet)

@BauhausProq (02/05/13 10:38:15) - I miss academia. I don't know which potential supervisor I'm more excited about meeting on my day off tomorrow #phd #phdchat (original tweet)

@LoisAliceStyles (02/05/13 10:52:36) - Great piece on using 1st person in #thesis http://t.co/CCQasSlcQx #phdchat @vickypayne @annabelrule (original tweet)

@LoisAliceStyles (02/05/13 11:07:28) - @CarlRMay: Chronic diseases are evidence of medicines victory over acute infections & conditions #phdchat #wenurses (original tweet)

@InnovaBioSci (02/05/13 11:20:08) - Our webinar on Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer is now available to watch online! http://t.co/Y2nFkoPIiI #phdchat #biotech(original tweet)

@andycoverdale (02/05/13 11:22:59) - MT @UoNgradschool Vitae News - Doctoral graduates more recession proof says new research http://t.co/chkKBFg6f6 #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (02/05/13 11:26:26) - Fab (free) opportunity! (8th May): @QSRInt webinar. Live Q&A with #NVivo experts Bazeley & Jackson #phdchat http://t.co/4Qpv23xfWn(original tweet)

@ThomsonPat (02/05/13 11:30:27) - The big book thesis still has a place says @effectsofNAPLAN http://t.co/0qwNseDEad #thesis #acwri #phdchat #gradchat #dissertation(original tweet)

@Comprof1 (02/05/13 11:47:34) - @JeffreyKeefer #phdchat #phdconf Call for presentations Sloan-C conference on online learning May 20 deadline http://t.co/smRGUhhhAP(original tweet)

@vickypayne (02/05/13 12:16:17) - Technology takes human interaction and turns it into an algorithm #phdchat #normalizationtheory @LoisAliceStyles @annabelrule (original tweet)

@ascohen111 (02/05/13 12:28:18) - Just spent 30 minutes trying to find a complimentary definition of 'nerd' for my dissertation. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Imogennatalie (02/05/13 12:32:30) - Buuuut my office for the afternoon makes the student card issue all ok... #lovemyjob #phdchat http://t.co/mHLXxPHeYY (original tweet)

@CornishNel (02/05/13 12:40:31) - reading my sources, looking at fascinating phd blogs, how do you handle research envy and still engage with peers? #phdchat (original tweet)

@tonyratcliffe (02/05/13 12:52:00) - Just noticed, short clip of me mentioning #phdchat on page about new MSc in Learning Innovation at Leicester http://t.co/gUhpkNRDUC(original tweet)

@hoosierphd (02/05/13 12:53:42) - 1st regional #lingchat TODAY @ 6pm PST #linguistics #esl #efl #tesol #edchat #engchat #fycchat #phdchat #languages #langchat(original tweet)

@SianLewin (02/05/13 12:57:33) - I have just submitted my first ever article for publication. It was based on my MSc thesis so hope not too out of date. #phdchat #socphd(original tweet)

@qui_oui (02/05/13 13:07:00) - Also: there are plenty of times where just saying "this will sort itself out" and hitting SEND is the right approach... #PhDchat (original tweet)

@rebecca_tidy (02/05/13 13:13:03) - Invigilating and marking. Living the rock and roll lifestyle... #wildone #phdchat #gradschool (original tweet)

@timeshighered (02/05/13 13:13:17) - PhD students 'embarrassed' to be self-funded: http://t.co/9i6onTiPrw #phdchat (original tweet)

@Zann_jr (02/05/13 13:17:24) - @timeshighered #phdchat I'm self funded and pleased - no hand outs :) (original tweet)

@OceaneToffoli (02/05/13 13:19:27) - Thought it might interest you @AndreasNohr RT @timeshighered PhD students 'embarrassed' to be self-funded: http://t.co/JY9nTUS6fR#phdchat (original tweet)

@RubaTahaA (02/05/13 13:20:17) - #PhDChat Hi guys how are you! Are you going to have any talk soon. Keep be updated (original tweet)

@CHD05 (02/05/13 13:20:20) - MT"@timeshighered PhD students 'embarrassed' to be self-funded: http://t.co/hHhYHttL40 #phdchat"<perception that research not worth funding (original tweet)

@LDBurnett (02/05/13 13:21:10) - Having technical difficulties in the archives, need help. Plus I just want to vent. http://t.co/VxeiwmlzNp #usih #phdchat #twitterstorians(original tweet)

@_schizometric (02/05/13 13:25:26) - Getting some really good feedback about thesis too. Feeling slightly overwhelmed.... #dclinpsy #phdchat (original tweet)

@Coree_Brown (02/05/13 13:30:50) - That terrifying moment when you realise you have no clue what your PhD is about and start playing with formatting instead. #PhDChat(original tweet)

@cat_oakley (02/05/13 13:39:41) - Today I'm making a Frankenstein-paper, with bits from all sorts of completed work and planned work all stitched awkwardly together.#phdchat (original tweet)

@cat_oakley (02/05/13 13:42:03) - Wish there was one I'd made earlier though. #phdchat #phdcrafts (original tweet)

@jkrandd (02/05/13 13:45:00) - Me too @Nadine_Muller: "I appreciate the flexibility of part-time #PhD research" http://t.co/OXRSNzRWTW #phdchat but juggle kids/work v hard (original tweet)

@LoisAliceStyles (02/05/13 13:45:57) - #youaintseennothingyet #phdchat (original tweet)

@phdbuzzwords (02/05/13 13:49:06) - Transnational #phd #phdchat (original tweet)

@ayftan (02/05/13 13:49:11) - My experience getting industry-ready skills as a grad student: http://t.co/GqAuGk3Nc1 #phdforum #phdchat @VersatilePhD @thesiswhispererRT? (original tweet)

@AngieBartoli (02/05/13 13:53:34) - And yes I do know that the prize is the analysis! @MichellePyer @prosperatedam #phdchat (original tweet)

@AngieBartoli (02/05/13 13:54:12) - Spent most of afternoon conducting telephone interviews. That can only lead to transcription! @MichellePyer @ProsperaTedam #phdchat(original tweet)

@secretlondon (02/05/13 13:54:15) - @timeshighered nah it's the norm in my field. #phdchat (original tweet)

@APottedHistory (02/05/13 13:55:43) - Just had the confirmation through for #humsci - can't wait for the 2 day workshop #phdchat (original tweet)

@sengstro (02/05/13 13:56:00) - sad but a bit true for me.... RT @timeshighered: PhD students 'embarrassed' to be self-funded: http://t.co/hwA3TH79Ll #phdchat (original tweet)

@_zoethomas (02/05/13 13:56:07) - Off to @nusuk HQ to discuss the pros and cons of doing a PhD. It's going to be all pros from me. Interested to see what others say#phdchat (original tweet)

@PhDelirium (02/05/13 13:56:59) - PhD CARTOON/ Quand la fte de travail se transforme en Faites du travail !!! http://t.co/xdEXym9LBq #doctorat #phdchat (original tweet)

@arpatoz (02/05/13 14:05:35) - Two #PhD positions in Biodemography at Population Ecology Group http://t.co/vvA1VcUBbl University of Zurich http://t.co/Khd6fIxS0y#phdchat (original tweet)

@MUGradSchool (02/05/13 14:15:48) - Some good advice for future faculty via @chronicle http://t.co/Gke5Y5Jx0Y #phdchat (original tweet)

@medinchik (02/05/13 14:32:23) - How not to write a PhD thesis http://t.co/OsHnj2pA3G #PhDchat #PhDForum (original tweet)

@qui_oui (02/05/13 14:36:34) - Trying to write all day today in spite of the gorgeous weather OUTside (of course). Periodic deck breaks may be necessary #PhDchat (original tweet)

@EGPRN (02/05/13 14:39:04) - Download the full EGPRN KUSADASI programme & abstracts book: http://t.co/iJPa2bjh4w #primarycare #phdchat #meded #wonca (original tweet)

@vdgmeu (02/05/13 14:39:05) - Download the full EGPRN KUSADASI programme & abstracts book: http://t.co/npxRKqDKxQ #primarycare #phdchat #meded #wonca (original tweet)

@recology_ (02/05/13 14:39:20) - I should have done two masters, on in #ecology and one in #computersci instead of PhD in ecology #phdchat #regrets (original tweet)

@debbiefuco (02/05/13 14:48:33) - @recology_ Can you combine #ecology and #computersci in some way? #phdchat #noregrets (original tweet)

@APottedHistory (02/05/13 14:49:41) - Oh theories of Panopticon, how I've missed you... #phdchat #Twitterhistorians (original tweet)

@chrishumphrey (02/05/13 15:01:22) - Some great reflections on being 'career conscious' during your PhD: @PhDCareerGuide interviews @nlvanderford http://t.co/YG2thEeRzq#phdchat (original tweet)

@MrNonsoObi (02/05/13 15:02:34) - @timeshighered: PhD students 'embarrassed' to be self-funded: http://t.co/kHzppjBWMg #phdchat << Valid!!! I am so 'embarrassed' (original tweet)

@DrCJWalters (02/05/13 15:06:05) - Gender gap in #academia: depressing reading. This is why #gender & #feminism still matter http://t.co/wrBSEgfewG #ecrchat #phdchat(original tweet)

@RouxCaroline (02/05/13 15:08:48) - Even more so with all the recent "data analysis-related" controversies. Trying to understand #statisticshttp://t.co/HB2TRv4uao #phdchat(original tweet)

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