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Presenting your PhD as you progress 4th December 2013 (redirected from phdchat_tweets_2013-12-04)

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#phdchat tweet log - Wed 04 Dec 2013


@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:31:20) - It's 7:30pm so welcome to #phdchat Topic for tonight's discussion is 'Presenting your #phd as you progress' (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:31:36) - If you're new to #phdchat please pop in, introduce yourself & join in! Topic tonight is 'Presenting your #phd as you progress' (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (2013-12-04 19:31:43) - Just so much going on tonight: hustings for #lusuelections & #phdchat both happening at 7:30pm - sorry twitter (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:32:09) - So let's kick off with this question..... What are the benefits of presenting your #phd work as you progress? #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 19:32:56) - @EmmaBurnettx hi all, here at last for #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 19:33:20) - @_erica_lewis My non Pharmacy tweeters got savaged by #WePh last night. Time for my pharmacy tweeps to suffer #PhDchat :P (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:34:34) - @XarahC hi Sarah ~ good to 'see' you. Did you present regularly throughout your #phd ? #phdchat (original tweet)

@ClaretCarly (2013-12-04 19:34:56) - Hello all! Glad to be here for #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:35:58) - @ClaretCarly hi Carley. Great you could join us. Did you present regularly throughout your #phd ? #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 19:36:10) - @EmmaBurnettx Are we talking presenting internally or at conferences, or in other formats, or all of the above? #PhDchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:37:12) - @RyanPharmilton all of the above & any others :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@ClaretCarly (2013-12-04 19:37:42) - @EmmaBurnettx I've presented at 5 conferences (posters & talks) as well as giving seminars in my own department and at other unis #PhDchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (2013-12-04 19:38:18) - evening #phdchat i'm a 2nd year phd at Lancaster Uni researching women's leadership in social change orgs (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:39:08) - @_erica_lewis good to see you Erica ~ how's 2nd year going? #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 19:39:41) - #phdchat I've been asked some very good, and tough, questions when presenting at conferences. Sometimes don't get this internally. (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:40:14) - @ClaretCarly I'm about the same & definitely recommend it. Helps with so much.... #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (2013-12-04 19:40:51) - @ClaretCarly how far in are you? I've done 2 internal & 2 external & just had an abstract accepted for a big conf next yr #phdchat (original tweet)

@ClaretCarly (2013-12-04 19:41:36) - @RyanPharmilton Same here, all good practice for answering questions in the viva #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (2013-12-04 19:41:39) - @EmmaBurnettx so much better than 1st. how are you going? #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 19:42:26) - @EmmaBurnettx The tough questions are very good. Can often identify holes in your knowledge. Very important for theory development. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@ClaretCarly (2013-12-04 19:42:29) - @_erica_lewis in my 4th year and writing up now, submitting thesis in Jan #phdchat (original tweet)

@throughthe_veil (2013-12-04 19:42:34) - MT @TextandAcademic: Join us & @explorstyle "Confronting the Anxiety of Academic Writing" next Tues. 1pm ET http://t.co/4x8mu68d2j #phdchat (original tweet)

@JaneDavis13 (2013-12-04 19:42:38) - @EmmaBurnettx hi Emma, hi everyone. Sorry to be late, yr 10 geography has intruded! #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 19:43:02) - @EmmaBurnettx I don't think internal colleagues are any kinder, but some don't have the expertise to ask really pressing questions. #phdchat (original tweet)

@ClaretCarly (2013-12-04 19:43:31) - @JaneDavis13 Hi Jane! #phdchat (original tweet)

@HARTResearch (2013-12-04 19:43:34) - Calling Research students via @PhDStudents @PhDForum Are you trying to find a #job while studying? See #phdchat http://t.co/9kKoz29fYv (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:44:01) - Your conference presentation: How you planned it; how it goes.... #phdcomics #phdchat http://t.co/uccEF6hJI9 (original tweet)

@JaneDavis13 (2013-12-04 19:45:21) - @EmmaBurnettx I didn't get to present until I had submitted my thesis; it was really good to get feedback when I did get to present #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (2013-12-04 19:46:00) - @ClaretCarly very exciting - well done for getting this far #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:46:24) - @JaneDavis13 was not presenting until you submitted your choice Jane or just the opportunity not arise? #phdchat (original tweet)

@zbkoziel (2013-12-04 19:46:44) - Hi #phdchat ers. I am glad I could make it tonight :) Don't have much experience. Only presented two posters externally and internally. (original tweet)

@ClaretCarly (2013-12-04 19:47:09) - @_erica_lewis Thank you, nearly there! #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:47:41) - @_erica_lewis great to hear - it certainly helps progress. I'm finishing final analysis then focus on writing ~ all good so far #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 19:47:58) - @Amardeep131313 Yeah. If you're doing a very new or specialist study then it can be hard for others to ask questions. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 19:48:02) - #phdchat Hi, I'm year 2 of PhD. I have done in services and conferences throughout, and am now starting to look at publishing (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:48:28) - @RyanPharmilton definitely agree & vital for viva prep! #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 19:48:39) - @Amardeep131313 That's why presenting your work at conferences related to your research (in my case, clay) is really helpful #PhDchat (original tweet)

@Peter_Tennant (2013-12-04 19:48:41) - #PhDChat I think presenting your PhD, at any stage, helps to clarify it in your own mind & reevaluate the story. So I'd recommend it! (original tweet)

@e_cooper2 (2013-12-04 19:48:56) - @_erica_lewis Hi Erica, I'm just finishing my thesis on perceptions of massage parlours, using geog theory to understand stigma #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 19:49:09) - @EmmaBurnettx (sorry, my mum rang just as #phdchat started!) Yes, presented regularly (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 19:49:10) - #phdchat ALso find it helps when writing up - provides a trail of thinking throughout the research process (original tweet)

@Maaselo (2013-12-04 19:49:40) - New Study http://t.co/6UAUTxNrRo #phdchat (original tweet)

@JaneDavis13 (2013-12-04 19:49:43) - @EmmaBurnettx I was planning to run a seminar at Lancaster but work and family intruded and I just couldn't get there. #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 19:50:02) - @zbkoziel poster presentations a really good way to start! do you plan to present a paper soon? #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:50:31) - @flissbright good to see you Felicity. Publishing really helped me move forward. Also demonstrates contribution to knowledge #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 19:50:35) - @XarahC @zbkoziel I agree, poster presentations often a good way to talk for longer than an oral session would allow. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 19:50:37) - @EmmaBurnettx thats exactly how mine went at the weekend, planned meticulously beforehand, visions of how it should have gone;) #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 19:50:42) - @Peter_Tennant Presenting to different audiences requires you to think slightly differently about the research - also beneficial #phdchat (original tweet)

@wardla (2013-12-04 19:50:50) - Keeping animal colony organized takes a lot of time. Any management tips/data file examples? #lablife #gradschoolproblems #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:50:59) - @flissbright do you have a specific publishing plan? #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 19:51:12) - @Amardeep131313 However, general audiences are a great way to see if you can communicate your work properly and not lose them! :) #PhDchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 19:51:49) - @EmmaBurnettx I found that people ask questions that I hadnt even thought important, or as important as quentioner #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (2013-12-04 19:51:55) - @flissbright exciting - i still feel that's a way a way for me - what kind of articles/journals are you thinking of? #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:52:15) - @StratRH couldn't agree more! #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 19:52:30) - @StratRH @EmmaBurnettx Especially when it impacts on the time other presenters get, or moving between sessions! #PhDchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:53:37) - @StratRH which they illustrate with horrendous slides that hurt your eyes! #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 19:53:58) - @EmmaBurnettx Just submitted conceptual review. Yes, have a plan for review then two findings papers (to start with!) #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 19:53:58) - @RyanPharmilton @StratRH @EmmaBurnettx One of the presenters was stopped part way through at recent conference as time up #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 19:54:20) - @Paully232000 @EmmaBurnettx ugh, how most of them go! Anyone asking a 5 min long self-aggrandising question doesn't deserve answer #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (2013-12-04 19:54:38) - @e_cooper2 Hi Emily - congratulations, I always like to hear of people finishing. How has your journey been? did you present? #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:55:14) - @Paully232000 definitely helps think about other things although sometimes when something is suggested, you want to cover ears! #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 19:55:19) - @Paully232000 @EmmaBurnettx Agreed! I spend so much time in my 'topic' & find it so helpful to hear 'outside perspectives' #phdchat (original tweet)

@youthworkerpete (2013-12-04 19:55:24) - By the end of this week I WILL have written the first draft of my analysis. It may be rubbish, but it will be done! #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 19:56:02) - @Paully232000 @StratRH @EmmaBurnettx I think more conference/session chairs should do this. It's hard to do though. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 19:56:36) - @XarahC @Paully232000 @EmmaBurnettx Or those who take the floor to talk about themselves for 5min in the guise of asking a qn #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 19:57:23) - @Paully232000 interesting! Was it their own fault or because they were delayed starting? #phdchat @RyanPharmilton @StratRH @EmmaBurnettx (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 19:57:41) - @flissbright @EmmaBurnettx I need to do that more often,as I tell my students to get other people to read work to c if understood #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 19:57:52) - @flissbright @Paully232000 @EmmaBurnettx This is definitely my reason for presenting. Want to know if I'm missing anything! #PhDchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:57:53) - @flissbright @XarahC @Paully232000 ha ha - I think they belong to a secret club or something - there's a few of them about! #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 19:57:57) - @flissbright @EmmaBurnettx then I dont do it myself :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 19:58:21) - @_erica_lewis REview paper initially (just submitted after 18 months work!) then a couple of findings papers are planned. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 19:58:34) - @XarahC @RyanPharmilton @StratRH @EmmaBurnettx No i just think they had their 20 minutes and that was it #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 19:58:51) - So lots of benefits but disadvantages to presenting your #phd as your progress? Are there any? Challenges, yes...but disadvantages? #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 19:59:13) - When publishing during #phd, do you have a publishing plan? #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 19:59:16) - @youthworkerpete hurray! #positivementalattitude #phdchat (original tweet)

@e_cooper2 (2013-12-04 19:59:34) - @_erica_lewis 3 external, 3 internal. Submitting a session this year for 1st time+doing 2 more. Rollercoaster journey but great! u? #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 19:59:47) - @RyanPharmilton @Paully232000 @EmmaBurnettx Better to find out during PhD rather than at the viva! #phdchat (original tweet)

@Peter_Tennant (2013-12-04 19:59:51) - #PhDChat The tolerance for rambling is low at clinical conferences. I once presented where they disabled your PowerPoint as soon as time up. (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 19:59:58) - @EmmaBurnettx @flissbright @XarahC I hope i dont get one like that. All my questions were about my presentation, and interesting #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 20:00:04) - @EmmaBurnettx Someone might disagree and be very challenging. Can be disheartening but learning how to resolve this is important #PhDchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:00:18) - @flissbright fantastic! A clear plan makes it more achievable (in my experience) #phdchat (original tweet)

@lizcovart (2013-12-04 20:00:25) - Need fellowships? Conferences to present at? See this week's link roundup. http://t.co/GQUWzq2n5J #Twitterstorians #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:00:32) - @zbkoziel your research sounds fascinating - according to what I understand from your twitter bio anyway :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (2013-12-04 20:00:38) - @e_cooper2 that's quite a load - recommendations on how you picked them or lessons learnt? #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 20:00:45) - @EmmaBurnettx I worry that my thinking may change significantly (has already) - do I want early thinking 'out there'? #phdchat (original tweet)

@theinsightedge (2013-12-04 20:01:21) - #phdchat hi all. Presentation at conferences vital for feedback. PhD ers tend to put the kitchen sink in though. Me 2. One finding enough!! (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:01:40) - @flissbright @RyanPharmilton @EmmaBurnettx I want that and the experience of presenting and what can/does go wrong and right #phdchat (original tweet)

@Peter_Tennant (2013-12-04 20:01:55) - #PhDChat I guess there's the theoretical risk of having your ideas stolen. More of a risk in idea, not data, centric areas. @EmmaBurnettx (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (2013-12-04 20:02:33) - @Diabetes_Month like the Oscars where they play the music over you if you keep talking! #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:02:41) - @Peter_Tennant W.O.W. In at the deep end hey? #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:02:46) - @flissbright had same concerns but I think about what I presented I year 1, not totally different,just much more developed/refined #phdchat (original tweet)

@zbkoziel (2013-12-04 20:02:57) - @XarahC I am engineer working with scientists from different area (here clinicians). It's a very good experience :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@Peter_Tennant (2013-12-04 20:02:58) - @EmmaBurnettx I think you have to be very careful if your ideas can be easily appropriated by others. #PhDChat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:03:04) - @theinsightedge I am new to presenting, & did try to put too much in as my thoughts b4 it was 'what if i dont have enough to say' #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 20:03:28) - @Peter_Tennant Happened to me. Someone was doing something similar and was trying to pry specific ideas from me. Wasn't nice. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:03:35) - @theinsightedge in the end i did have to rush a bit #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:03:36) - @flissbright @RyanPharmilton @Paully232000 @EmmaBurnettx Better to find out during PhD rather than at the viva! #phdchat <= THAT!! (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 20:03:38) - @theinsightedge Sticking to 1 finding is hard (often feel need to share all the interesting findings!)-trying to do it more though #phdchat (original tweet)

@theinsightedge (2013-12-04 20:03:48) - @Peter_Tennant @EmmaBurnettx I had an academic copy down my poster in front of me!! Engaged him and he said he'd email. Never did! #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:04:02) - @Peter_Tennant have experience of the very same thing. Wasn't nice & my supervisor had to intervene to stop the other party #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (2013-12-04 20:04:04) - @flissbright i've just started thinking about this - any tips or resources to recommend? #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 20:04:17) - @XarahC @Peter_Tennant At least you know where you stand! #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:05:01) - @EmmaBurnettx Taking eye off the main focus is a disadvantage. In my case, building up for weeks - quite nervous at first #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:05:17) - @EmmaBurnettx @Peter_Tennant what were they trying to steal? #phdchat (original tweet)

@e_cooper2 (2013-12-04 20:05:36) - @_erica_lewis 2externals were small,1 international. Internal v.informal! Picked on topic or scholars present. Lessons learnt..(1/2)#phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 20:05:40) - @Peter_Tennant Definitely. Almost feel like a politician sometimes - give enough to satisfy question, but not all the detail! #PhDchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:05:40) - @EmmaBurnettx although good does come out of thinking about what to say and how to say it, obvs, even if it takes weeks #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:05:47) - @theinsightedge @Peter_Tennant goodness! difficult one isn't it ~ finding the balance of getting your work known & preventing that #phdchat (original tweet)

@JaneDavis13 (2013-12-04 20:06:03) - @_erica_lewis @flissbright I suggest that u present 1 aspect of research eg research method or conceptual framework within context #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 20:06:57) - @EmmaBurnettx @theinsightedge @Peter_Tennant Some people have mini copies of their posters to take away. Wonder what their fate is. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@e_cooper2 (2013-12-04 20:07:00) - @_erica_lewis 2/2..be more confident and ask more questions. Don't be afraid to "cold-call" email peers of shared interests #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:07:11) - @Peter_Tennant @flissbright are these clinical confs for phds or all? It does make sense, but it's nerve-wracking experience at 1st #phdchat (original tweet)

@theinsightedge (2013-12-04 20:07:24) - @Paully232000 me too. Learnt that less is more from a very supportive (and challenging) stream at #egos #phdchat we cover more in phd. (original tweet)

@JaneDavis13 (2013-12-04 20:07:33) - @_erica_lewis thx. Quite nervous of the big do and floppy hat! Will go next yr too and celebrate with others in cohort #phdchat (original tweet)

@ClaretCarly (2013-12-04 20:07:50) - @XarahC @EmmaBurnettx I've gone back to presentation notes whilst writing up; presenting helped me to think things through #phdchat (original tweet)

@zbkoziel (2013-12-04 20:07:57) - @EmmaBurnettx One of the disadvantages is probably no enough data and little analysis done. Then difficult to answer questions. #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 20:08:28) - @_erica_lewis Not really! My PhD structure works well for publishing plan - concept review, qual study#1, qual study#2. #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 20:08:51) - @_erica_lewis Methodology I'm using lends itself to publishing different aspects of research as well which helps #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:08:56) - @Peter_Tennant @Paully232000 ha ha! Just about everything! 'topic, methodolgy, methods, sample' #phdchat (original tweet)

@theinsightedge (2013-12-04 20:09:14) - @e_cooper2 @_erica_lewis one tip I got phd friend , when he came across an article he really liked, he wrote to author to say so! #Phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:09:21) - @EmmaBurnettx @Peter_Tennant very sad tale from the academy I guess. Who couldlive with that? Sorry to hear it happened to youEmma. #phdchat (original tweet)

@ClaretCarly (2013-12-04 20:09:36) - @zbkoziel @EmmaBurnettx One of my most used answers in the early days: "I haven't done that but I plan to later"! #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:09:44) - @ClaretCarly @XarahC same!! Actually doing that at the moment #phdchat (original tweet)

@JaneDavis13 (2013-12-04 20:09:54) - @_erica_lewis btw, when do u plan to graduate? #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 20:10:20) - @XarahC @Peter_Tennant For all. Have attended b4 as a clinician b4 being a rschr. Always easier to present if you've attended b4 #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:10:26) - @EmmaBurnettx @Peter_Tennant :) they will be taking your thesis, crossing your name out and writing theirs in place #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:10:59) - @XarahC @Peter_Tennant would never have believed that would happen. Thank goodness my supervisor took serious action #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 20:11:20) - @XarahC @Peter_Tennant 1st time at a conf, I do a poster. 2nd time more confident to do presentation. Like to know how conf works #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 20:11:43) - @EmmaBurnettx @XarahC @Peter_Tennant Staggering that people do that. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:12:13) - @EmmaBurnettx @XarahC @Peter_Tennant I would never have thought that happened either until you just said #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 20:12:26) - @Peter_Tennant I keep my methods sections very light so people can't replicate my work until published in a journal. #Sneaky #PhDchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:12:51) - @flissbright @XarahC @Peter_Tennant thats what I did, 1st time poster then concurrent #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:13:00) - @Peter_Tennant @Paully232000 wow - that's just incredible. I would definitely name & shame now (on Twitter!) #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:13:35) - @flissbright @XarahC @Peter_Tennant really unbelievable #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:14:45) - @EmmaBurnettx @Peter_Tennant I need to be more careful about what I say;) maybe i talk about my project too much b4 publications #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:15:00) - @Peter_Tennant @flissbright budget to attend was a problem for me if not presenting. Not everyone has that luxuryto scope out first #phdchat (original tweet)

@theinsightedge (2013-12-04 20:15:11) - @EmmaBurnettx @Peter_Tennant consolation i have moved on. In my thesis. was the research gap that got him. Non mgt conference #phdchat (original tweet)

@JaneDavis13 (2013-12-04 20:15:12) - @_erica_lewis may yet see you graduate. Our group plans to keep meeting until we are all thru (and beyond) #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:15:14) - Good points here'What can you learn from my experiences presenting at conferences as a phd student' #phdchat http://t.co/VscOCEkC0y (original tweet)

@zbkoziel (2013-12-04 20:16:06) - @EmmaBurnettx @flissbright @XarahC @Peter_Tennant I'd never though this could happen, either. #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:16:34) - @EmmaBurnettx #phdchat What about internal conf's? I cut my teeth 3 years running there before going out into the big bad world ;-) #phdchat (original tweet)

@flissbright (2013-12-04 20:16:55) - Thanks #phdchat - good food for thought for a Thursday morning! (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:16:59) - @zbkoziel @flissbright @XarahC @Peter_Tennant says a lot about the people though <integrity..... #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (2013-12-04 20:17:13) - @JaneDavis13 that's a great idea: you must have really bonded as a group. Tips on building community? #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:17:24) - @RyanPharmilton @Peter_Tennant I will have to start using my MI5 skills when talking about my work #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 20:17:58) - @XarahC I find internal conferences and other meetings really helpful for presenting work I might present externally. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:18:06) - @Peter_Tennant @flissbright guess depends on discipline and attitude to funding sharing! #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:20:48) - @Peter_Tennant @RyanPharmilton Had friend doing research with Ford, and he couldnt present/discuss anything #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:20:50) - What about #phd presenting strategies? Script v's off the cuff? #phdchat (original tweet)

@theinsightedge (2013-12-04 20:21:28) - #phdchat can use workshop at conference to get detailed feedback on draft journal article #egos had that as extra feature Really useful. (original tweet)

@Peter_Tennant (2013-12-04 20:21:57) - .@EmmaBurnettx It's a real shame that a few bad eggs can ruin the spirit of collaboration that should be at the heart of research. #PhDChat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 20:22:47) - @Peter_Tennant @EmmaBurnettx Agreed. I've met some really good people at conferences and can see links being made in future. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@zbkoziel (2013-12-04 20:23:02) - @EmmaBurnettx @flissbright @XarahC @Peter_Tennant I believed that scientists could be better than that :/ #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:23:21) - @EmmaBurnettx #phdchat at the minute script as I am new, but saw seasoned presenters obviously just off cuff (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:23:47) - @RyanPharmilton internal conf's certainly very supportive and no turning off electricity on you :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@theinsightedge (2013-12-04 20:24:20) - @EmmaBurnettx #phdchat. No pp available. Developed pp slides, gave them out. Talked from notes.. #phdchat good for those not read paper! (original tweet)

@Jess_Gagnon (2013-12-04 20:24:30) - .@EmmaBurnettx final year & I've been presenting internal & external. Feedback helps my analysis & writing. Networking is great too #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:25:22) - @Paully232000 I start with a script whilst preparing but rehearse so I don't use when presenting - not always been the way though #phdchat (original tweet)

@explorstyle (2013-12-04 20:25:47) - My new post looks at how we can manage the demands of multiple writing projects: http://t.co/kU5ulQ2Gly #acwri #AcWriMo #phdchat #ecrchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:26:19) - @Jess_Gagnon agree -100% great for building confidence too :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:26:36) - @Peter_Tennant @zbkoziel @EmmaBurnettx @flissbright I think it starts in the classroom with unrealistic pressure-levels, ppl panic #phdchat (original tweet)

@kyliebudge (2013-12-04 20:26:38) - @EmmaBurnettx I presented completion seminar yesterday. Used cue cards. Allows for combo of off the cuff & script. #phdchat (original tweet)

@Peter_Tennant (2013-12-04 20:27:00) - @EmmaBurnettx I use PowerPoint slides as prompts to deliver what is usually a strongly scripted, but memorised, presentation #PhDChat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:27:17) - @theinsightedge great to prepare for all eventualities! Sometimes better not having a pp #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 20:27:39) - I like using Prezi for my conference presentations now. Makes it seem more like a journey. Also avoids death by powerpoint. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:28:27) - @Peter_Tennant a bit the same - but use prezi instead of pp. I like to prepare a script for rehearsing #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:29:00) - @EmmaBurnettx I tried not to use it as much as possible when presenting, but was there when i needed it #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:29:12) - @RyanPharmilton prezi all the way for me too. Haven't used pp for a couple years now :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@theinsightedge (2013-12-04 20:29:21) - @EmmaBurnettx #phdchat soo true!! (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:30:32) - @Paully232000 can't wait until I can do what many wonderful speakers do - just stand up & perform. There are a few in my field #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:31:07) - So 8:30pm brings us to the end of #phdchat Thank you all for participating in some excellent discussions! Have a lovely evening :) (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 20:31:23) - @theinsightedge Once you get used to using it it's very good. I don't find it any more challenging than PP now. Enjoy it :) #PhDchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:31:34) - @EmmaBurnettx best presentation I ever gave was rehearsed:used storytelling,images with 2-3 words,paper prompts so didn't turn back #phdchat (original tweet)

@theinsightedge (2013-12-04 20:31:54) - @EmmaBurnettx great hosting thanks !! #phdchat (original tweet)

@zbkoziel (2013-12-04 20:32:21) - @EmmaBurnettx Thank for hosting tonight :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 20:32:23) - @XarahC @EmmaBurnettx The less words on a slide the better in my opinion. High impact images can work wonders. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:32:31) - @XarahC that's the kind of presentation that's right up my street! #phdchat (original tweet)

@_erica_lewis (2013-12-04 20:32:37) - @EmmaBurnettx thanks for hosting another fabulous #phdchat. thanks to all for participating. see you next week (original tweet)

@RyanPharmilton (2013-12-04 20:32:44) - @EmmaBurnettx Thanks for hosting again :) Some more good points again. #PhDchat (original tweet)

@zbkoziel (2013-12-04 20:33:24) - @XarahC @EmmaBurnettx I agree, less words and more pictures. I'd follow this rule :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:34:12) - Remember you can catch up with any of Wednesday's #phdchat discussions here. Also suggest future topics http://t.co/zU4J4cTUVk (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:34:17) - @EmmaBurnettx One i saw was just like was having a conversation with the audience rather than presenting, iyswim #phdchat so engaging (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:34:59) - @zbkoziel @EmmaBurnettx @RyanPharmilton I got offered a teaching job on the back of it, so if you have the time to practice, do! #phdchat (original tweet)

@Paully232000 (2013-12-04 20:35:04) - @EmmaBurnettx very enjoyable as usual, thank you for hosting. look forward to next week #phdchat (original tweet)

@kathy_godwin (2013-12-04 20:35:15) - A Graduate Student Left to 'Die on the Vine' Gets Her Day in Court http://t.co/anwOysCNtc #phdchat #highered (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:35:51) - @Paully232000 thanks Paul. Great to chat #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:36:36) - @RyanPharmilton thanks for helping Ryan :)) #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:38:13) - @kyliebudge Good advice. I know lots of people who like this too. Often don't use the cue cards but there just in case #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:38:43) - @SuperbugKiller the very worse!!! #phdchat (original tweet)

@XarahC (2013-12-04 20:39:25) - @EmmaBurnettx great hosting :) thanks Hope all's going well with analysis #phdchat (original tweet)

@MUGradSchool (2013-12-04 20:40:27) - Job Search Geographies, from @insidehighered http://t.co/ymMC3L8L4K #phdchat #jobsearch (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:40:58) - @_erica_lewis thank you & thanks for participating :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:41:44) - @XarahC thanks Sarah. Hope to be completely finished analysis by Christmas so fingers crossed! Good luck with your deadline too! #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:42:55) - @theinsightedge thank you and thanks for participating ~ it makes hosting easier :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@JaneDavis13 (2013-12-04 20:52:18) - @EmmaBurnettx thx Emma :D #phdchat (original tweet)

@EmmaBurnettx (2013-12-04 20:53:04) - @JaneDavis13 thanks for joining Jane :) #phdchat (original tweet)

@SMH_Historians (2013-12-04 20:53:44) - FRANKLIN virtual research room/digital repository for the @FDRLibrary - http://t.co/1qEhDwzgFx #DigitalHumanities #History #MilHist #phdchat (original tweet)

@Jess_Gagnon (2013-12-04 20:56:11) - @EmmaBurnettx yes & presentation confidence is something I need to build. Recent presentation was recorded & that's helpful too #phdchat (original tweet)


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